4 Wooden Box Ideas for Your Home

Every house needs proper storage for keeping equipment and household tools. Efficient storage will help in keeping things tidy and neat. Wooden box design ideas will help you in organizing your household tools. At the same time, it will also give an edgy and sophisticated touch for your home. Wooden boxes vary in many sizes and colors. Choosing the right wooden box is essential so that it suits the function of each corner of a house.

There are many rooms in the house. Each room has its function. Therefore, the right wooden box storage that should be suitable for every room. Also, it should match the criteria of what is needed. The idea of a wooden box is a keeper for all things. Starting from our kitchen equipment to dazzling jewelry. All should be in the correct size and measurements. For example, wooden box storage for the kitchen household must be broader and more rooted in length. On the other hand, a wooden box for jewelry should be smaller.

Wooden boxes are easy to find in local stores. However, you can save a lot of money by making it yourself. There are plenty of wooden materials to choose from. Although, it is best to use either timber or plywood. Both wood and plywood are the base wood materials that are easy to cut. They are easily shaped too, compared to other woods. Before you start to assemble your wooden box, figure out the purpose of your box first. Decide what the wooden box is for and where you want to place it. To make it easier, here are some wooden box ideas to suit your needs and inspire your home decors;

1.Wooden Box Ideas for the Living Room

The living room is one of the main rooms in the house. Also, it is the first room people see when going inside a house. Decoration placements are vital. Especially because it gives the first impression of a guest on how magnificent your home looks. Wooden box designs for the wall can provide a fresh yet comfortable look for your living room. The raw light wood color gives a nice texture for the wall. Add some green pot plants and photo frames to complete this alluring and straightforward look.

wooden box for living room
distressed blessed wood decorative box

People usually like to have a coffee table in their living room. They put a nice cup of coffee while chilling on the sofa. You can make the coffee table more appealing and less empty. Add a long rectangular wooden keepsake box like the picture above. Then, put a lovely aromatic candle inside, or you can put your remote tv there.

2.Wooden Box Ideas for the Kitchen

In every kitchen, there must be a storage box to keep the household tools in place. There are many types of cutlery tools. Therefore, it is easier to have an organized box for it. A wooden keepsake box with a divider inside is the best option to keep your cutlery tools in place. Not only that, this box help in organizing the fork and spoon in the right category. Also, they can easily fit inside a kitchen drawer that can save much space in your kitchen.

beautiful storage kitchen tools

There is another option for a wooden keepsake box. It will give the kitchen more space. This time the box is a bit taller in the width measurement and without any divider.

small kitchen wooden box ideas

This functional box can give more room and space for your kitchen. It provides a look that is a clean and neat finish. For a small kitchen, you can make the box in a smaller size to fit the size of the kitchen counter. You can put all sorts of things from the salt and pepper bottles to your cutting board. Put your cutting board upwards so that it can save more storage. It will also give your kitchen a little bit of decoration. Leave the raw wood texture as it is to provide a warm look for your kitchen.

To organize your food storage and snacks, you may use different boxes. Store these boxes inside your kitchen cabin or counter drawer. Categorizing your food will make it more appealing to your eyes. It can also help you find food and ingredients easily. Putting your food inside the kitchen cabin will also keep it out from direct sunlight.

small kitchen storage ideas

Use different sizes of wooden boxes since food products also vary in sizes. Pick a wooden box that is in the chestnut shade. The chestnut shade is a medium wood rustic color. The advantage of this color is that its light to the eye. It will help you focus on the food that you are searching for.

3.Wooden Box Ideas for the Bedroom

Clothing, jewelry, books, and photos are usually the things we keep inside our bedroom. Pictures and wall art pictures will look better. We can display it either on a square or rectangle frame wooden box. The wooden structures will give volume to the wall and a 3D effect. This is because the wooden box wall decor is much thicker.

beautiful wooden box for your bedroom

Besides the bed, people commonly have a mini side table to put their light lamp. There we can put a small wooden box to keep out precious jewelry. A wooden jewelry box has many sections. Hence, it will make organizing your earnings, pearls, and necklaces easier. This can also function as a wooden ring box if you add a little pillow inside. The pad will give some dimension to your ring display. It is best to have a jewelry box that has a see-through glass lid. It will allow you to see well the placements of your jewelry.

wooden box jewelry for your bedroom

Some people also have a desk to study inside their bedroom. In this case, a wooden toolbox will come in handy to keep all stationery things. An oak desk toolbox is a perfect solution. This box has many sections to organize a pen, pencils, colorful tapes, and many more. This box functions as a keeper as well as a vintage decor for your work desk.

amazing oak desk toolbox

A wooden keepsake box that looks like a treasure chest. It could be an excellent complement to your bedroom. A long rectangular box that comes with a lid can place in front of your bed. The dark walnut wood color brings comfort to your bedroom. This box has a cover that is connected to the box. It is simple to open and close it. You can put small pillow cushions, blankets, toys, and many things inside. On top of it, the box can function as a seat.

wooden keepsake box that looks like a treasure chest

4.Wooden Box Ideas for the Bathroom

There are many wooden box ideas for decorating your bathroom. Since there are many bathroom appliances, like toothbrush to towels, you have to organize it. You can have boxes to make things tidier. You can put the soap and shampoo bottles in a wooden tray box to create dimension. This tray box should be about half the size of those bottles. You can decorate the box however you like. Add a bit of lettering to create a fun and funky retro style to your bathroom bench.

Another thing that you can do is use a wooden box tray. The tray can be in a rustic white rustic wood color, or you can paint it white. You can put a flower vase, soap pumps, and some candles in a metal texture. The metal texture will give a simple yet elegant look to your bathroom.

wooden box tray for your bathroom
beautiful wooden box for your bathroom

To add a little bit of decoration in your bathroom, you can add a wooden box wall decor. This decor can be placed on top of a toilet seat. It can also be place on the side of your bathroom mirror. The color is hazelnut wood with a touch of dark metal, which creates the perfect balance. You can hang your towels, paper toilets, and bathroom appliance on this wooden wall rack.

wooden box decor in your bathroom
white wooden box wall decor

In every bathroom, it is best to have a container to pile your dirty clothes. You can have a box to put all your dirty clothes. It will make it easier for you to take it to the laundry room afterwards. A unique wooden box can spice up your bathroom. It will also give a great function. A wooden urn box can be the perfect solution. The wooden urn box can also be used as a trash can. Add a plastic bag inside the wooden urn box to keep good hygiene. It also makes it easier to throw out the rubbish when the urn box is full.

wooden urn box with rounded cylinder shape

A wooden urn box can come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. As seen in the example above, the wooden urn box is in a rounded cylinder shape. The color is light maple and dark brown. These two colors create an excellent balance and illusion of the wooden urn box.

There you go! Those are the 4 wooden boxes that you can have in your home. Do not forget to share this article. Have fun getting them!

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