How to Apply the Rustic Wood Countertops Idea in a Modern Kitchen

The rustic wood countertops have reaped the pros and cons of interior room experts. Although it was quite common in traditional rural areas, this concept is considered no longer appropriate for modern society. For several reasons, many people considered it as a bad idea.

However, people have never completely abandoned the concept of rustic wood countertops because of its aesthetic value. Besides, along with the technological developments, the experts have succeeded in improving the various disadvantages ​​of using this furniture.

Therefore, it can be said that the use of rustic wood countertops in modern homes today is no longer impossible. Anyone can use it as part of home decor. However, before applying it, you first need to learn the ins and outs of it. Let us go with the discussion.

1. Understanding the Rustic Wood Countertops Style

brown kitchen table with decorative lights for wooden table and dining table with white walls for rustic wood countertops

The countertop is a flat surface like table used as the place of doing all kitchen activities. When cooking, this part is used for preparing food, chopping, placing all ingredients, and so on. Therefore, we need to use the best quality material for this part.

A Countertop should be heavy-duty, resistant to liquids, heat, sharp objects, and anything watery. Ideally, people use something like natural stone, marble, granite, quartz, or another solid surface. Natural stone is considered the best because of its hardiness.

Meanwhile, in rustic design, all modern things will be out. The room arrangement uses natural materials such as wood or stone as the main component. As it brings the concept of simple, natural, and has an earthy feel, most of the furniture is half-finished.

The same thing applies to the kitchen arrangement concept. The rustic wood countertops are often in the form of live edge wood slabs with irregular shapes. Its distinctive feature is performing furniture in natural shapes and appearance.

We will also find the same case for stone-based furniture. As the shape is a bit rough and unpolished, we will find it different from everything in contemporary kitchens. Broadly speaking, the concept of rustic design has the following points.

  • Prioritize natural nuances
  • There is no modern feel
  • Rustic-themed furniture is handmade but with a comfortable design.
  • Carrying natural color, and certainly predictable.
  • The furniture is made roughly or semi-finished. We can see this on the Rustic live edge table, which is irregular in shape.
  • Has a warm feel and gives a friendly impression to make anyone feel comfortable.

Those are some points that illustrate the concept of rustic. Using this style means, you can enjoy a variety of exclusive designs in furniture. Because it is handmade, you might not find two things in the same shape.

2. Pros and Cons of Rustic Wood Countertops

wooden table with brick accents

However, not everyone agrees that the rustic wood countertops design is suitable for modern society needs. Apart from the art value carried, many people think that this is not a good material to use. Here are some considerations before choosing rustic wood countertops.

The Benefits of Using Rustic Wood Countertops

kitchen table with a sink on the side

Before discussing the minus value of rustic wood countertops, it is better to review the positive things of this furniture. The following are things you may get:

  • Environmentally friendly – Because it is made from natural materials, the rustic wood countertops have environmentally friendly properties. It is biodegradable and can be recycled without giving a negative impact on the environment.
  • Having high art value – Most rustic wood countertops are handmade so they still include various features related to nature. Visible wood fibers are probably the reason that many people want to add it as a collection.
  • Emit peace and warm feel – Natural colors, such as brown or pastels, have the power to provide a warm and peaceful impression. The wood furniture, along with the rustic designs, will make you easier for you to feel calm.
  • Ease of material – The material used to make rustic wood countertops can be obtained easily in nature. It is different from the other materials such as quartz, marble, or granite that require a long process to be processed into furniture.
  • Exclusive design – Generally, rustic wood countertops are handmade. Despite the unfinished and unpolished shape, you will not find two of a kind of them. Besides the shape, you will not the same color and motives.

The Disadvantage of Using Rustic Wood Countertops

wooden table and dining table with white walls for rustic wood countertops

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, several things make rustic wood countertops considered less suitable for use in this era. Here are some reasons.

  • Limited material choices – Not all wood can be used as good countertops. To get the best results and performance, you must use special materials, both for wood and stone. They must have maximum durability because of their heavy usage.
    Some types of woods for countertops that are widely used are oak, teak, Brazilian cherry, walnut, and several others. The above materials not only have good resistance but also are also easy to process.
  • Need extra care – The intense use of countertops is considered a threat to this kind of material. Too many heavy-duty activities we will do on it. Fire, water, heat, cold, and all the cooking processes may decrease its quality over time.
    Besides, wooden material is not easy to clean so you have to use some special cleaners. Hence, caring for Rustic kitchen tables may be far more difficult. People sometimes add a special coat on the rustic wood countertops to make it waterproof.
  • Cannot stand with water and temperature – Wood is not a waterproof thing. However, the rustic wood countertops must accept contact with various liquids and temperature. Damage might not be seen in the beginning, but over time, the water seepage will cause various problems.
    Any damages that may appear because of water and temperature changes are ranging from weathering, mold, discoloration, and so forth. You may give a special coat on to it, but it will not completely solve your problems.
  • Stains appear easily – As we know, the countertops bear a heavy burden during the lifetime. The various processes carried out will bring up stains that cannot be lost easily. Any knives, foodstuffs, heat, and so on will meet and create annoying stains in the kitchen.
  • Vulnerable damage when shipping – Not just a matter of use, problems also arise even from the start. As rustic wood countertops are usually handmade, you might have difficulty in the shipping process. Apart from being unable to fold, many things could be happened, such as bad weather.
  • The complex manufacturing process – Related to the handmade process, most of the tasks are made naturally without a machine. This is not as easy and requires a long journey. Even if it is fast and practical, usually the quality of the rustic wood countertops produced will not good enough.
  • The price is also expensive – Based on various considerations, starting from the manufacturing process, shipping, and so on, you will find that the price to be paid is quite expensive.
    When compared as a whole, then the money spent will be equivalent to countertops made with other better materials such as quartz and natural stone.

Those are some of the pros and cons of using rustic wood countertops. Indeed, behind beauty, there may be a price to pay. However, even if you have to bear several negative values, there are still solutions that can be taken.

3. Choosing the Types of Woods for Countertops

This type of wood has a strong endurance

After understanding various things about rustic wood countertops, now you can determine whether you want to apply it at home. If you are an art enthusiast and want to bring the rustic concept to the home, then you need to learn some strategies, including how to choose a material.

For wood selection, you will be faced with several choices. Choose the right material to keep your rustic wood countertops longer. However, there is not much wood you can use for this furniture as not all kinds of wood have durable enough to do kitchen tasks.

As explained above, several recommended types of wood are oak, teak, Brazilian cherry, maple, and walnut. Because their amount is limited, maybe you will have a little difficulty when getting it.

In addition to using wood material above, reclaimed wood countertops are also quite commonly used. In this case, the wood used is recycled. However, the use of this material is reaping the debate, but at least it can be a solution to the lack of raw materials problem.

4. Which Rustic Countertops Style Should You Choose?

advantage rustic wood has many wooden designs

One advantage of using rustic wood countertops is that you have many choices of wood to enhance your design. Each wood style will give a different feel to the result. The following are some of the commonly used.

Reclaimed Wood Countertops

This reclaimed wood has the same strength as marble

The reclaimed wood countertops are one that has a distinctive appearance because it is a blend of recycled ones. This type of wood has been developed since the 1980s by using high technology.

Although made from recycled materials, it is known to be strong enough for various purposes. This wood is claimed to have the same strength as marble or granite. You cannot only apply it as rustic wood countertops for kitchens but also for bars or others.

Rustic Wood Slab Countertops

wooden slabs can be used for furniture

Another material that is also worth considering is wood slabs. It is the part of wood produced when logs are cut for the first time, which make the shape is irregular; one side is flat because of cutting while the one is round following the original shape of the wood.

Because of its irregular shape, initially, this piece of wood will be discarded or used for other purposes. However, over time, wood slabs began to be used for furniture. Rustic wood slab countertops are also an attractive choice for beautifying your home.

Rustic Live Edge Wood Countertops

wood edge life is usually less flexible with curved shape

Another design is the rustic live edge. For these countertops, you will use wood with its natural form. It makes the shape also look irregular because it adjusts its nature.
This design is artistic because it will be different from the others. However, the rustic live edge is usually less flexible about placement. The curved shape does not always fit to place anywhere.

Rustic Butcher Block

This wood material is a combination of several types of wood

Another design that is no less cool is the rustic butcher block. The material used is a combination of several types of wood at once, including maple, teak, birch, or walnut. Each kind of wood is formed into blocks and then combined with advanced technology.

This type of wood is known to have strong resistance so that it is used widely in the butcher business. However, now its use is quite common in homes as a part of rustic wood countertops ideas.

5. Applying Rustic Wood Countertops into Purposes

Implement Rustic Wood Countertops into your Goals

Despite all the advantages and disadvantages, rustic wood countertops remain an attractive choice for kitchen interiors or other parts. You can choose which materials and designs are suitable for your needs.

Rustic Wood Countertops for Kitchens

Wooden Countertops for Kitchen with decorative plants

For this purpose, you must choose one that has endurance. Reclaimed wood countertops can be an attractive choice because the materials are considered very strong. Even so, it is good you still provide a coating to last longer.

Besides, rustic butcher block is also a choice for decorating your kitchen. It is a kind of heavy-duty wood, which enables you to use some materials at the same time. The design is also beautiful enough.

Rustic Bar Ideas

rustic wood countertops Ideas with beautiful lamp decoration

Rustic bar ideas are also not a bad idea. Although most of the bars now prefer a modern theme, you can just adopt another to make it more interesting. Applying something old-fashioned will give some new nuances.

For this purpose, you might be able to choose Rustic live edge or use wood slabs to give a traditional feel. In this way, you will feel like you were in an old-age drinking place. It is a good idea, right?


The review of rustic wood countertops is interesting to observe. Before this, you may not think that these natural materials can transform into extraordinary masterpieces. This concept can be an inspiration for your artist residences later.

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