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Would you like to have your personal space? Did you know that you could turn a part of your house into one? Introducing the concept of garage man cave. The idea of garage man cave is turning your garage into your personal playhouse. You can have various of things implemented in your garage man cave. It could be a getaway house placed with your entertainment devices. The place is designed according to your hobby and interest.

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The way to design your garage man cave is centred around you. First, remember that your garage is not occupied. If it is occupied, then you might have to find another spot. Any spot can do as long as it is free to use. Once it is decided, it is time for the makeover.

Start by underlying your garage man cave. Having it turned into your personal hobby hub is your way to go. For example, you would like the theme of technology. The theme is based on your hobby on technology. You can now choose on how the colour of your garage. For instance, you want to paint it grey. After done with your painting, you can move on to the decoration.

The decoration can be settled with your personal belongings. For this case you can place your gaming pc inside the garage. This would allow you to chill anytime in this spot. To make it more comfortable, add more ornaments. Get a couch so that you can hang out if you are tired. Inviting out your friends would make the room more fun. If it is not enough, adding a freezer would be handy. The freezer would allow you to store beverage so you can have it. There are many possibilities to decorate your room. Make sure that it suits you.

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