The Comfortable of Study Room Ideas to Learn of your Children

Study room is a place that do learning activities such as do assignment, creating your creativity and reading a book. I think everyone need a study room of their house. This is important, because study room as the second place to do next work or assignment in outside of office or school. There are a lot of study room ideas to boosting your mood.

The reason you should decide of study room to your children, because your children need relax and comfortable place to do their learning. The study room that appropriate of them are:

1. Beautiful view
2. Natural light intensity should a lot of come their study room
3. The place should be comfortable
4. The study room is wide and it freedom from disturbing other activity of your house.

Study Room Design

Here some example as your reference to create a new comfortable study room ideas for your house as follows:

1. Stick A Motivation Board

Create a study room to be good looking and give a motivation for you to learn by motivation board. You can stick motivation board of your wall study room.

2. A lot of Colors

Crate a lot of colors of your study room as the way to create a comfortable and fight to do learning.

3. Folding Study Table

If you do not a lot space to be study room, you can use folding study table do your learning. This is a simple way to creating new study room and it does not need more budgeting to create it.

4. Corner Study Room

If dyou have a space of corner in your bedroom, you can create a corner study room that comfortable with desk and bookcases in above of your desk learning.

5. Double Decker and Study room

This creating of you if you only have a little space to create study room. You can utilize below of your desk as your comfortable study room.

The explanation above a little thing about study room ideas that as your reference in your house. Just create the comfortable learning place for your children without disturbing with another activities.

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Best Gray and Teal Living Room Ideas Image

Living room with a reasonable amount of gray and teal in it, teal is actually a relaxing colour tone that you may deliver in to just about any type of space you are actually wanting to ingrain along with a regenerative, comforting feel. As such, it’s a great different colors for a living-room, room, washroom, or even anywhere you are actually wanting to rest in vogue. Pair teal accents up along with a great grey shade in your restroom for a sophisticated look proper a fashionable seashore property or even home.

The vibrant comparison of this vibrant different colors against gray is ensured to add some effortless drama to your space while maintaining the area calm and also corrective. Usage pieces of teal space design like wall structure craft, structures, or even towels against gray repainted wall surfaces to make use of the attractive pairing of the particular blue shades in these two amazing shades. For example, this teal and also gray blend looks both comfy as well as super modern-day.

Here are some examples from our collection of Gray And Teal Living Room:

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Applying Lattice Fence Ideas to your Garden

Lattice fence is a fence which used to block your garden. It also has a function to keep your garden from animal that disturb your plants and flower in your garden. In applying a lattice fence, you are not only get a safety of your garden, but also you can get a beautiful thing of it.

If you like a classic style, lattice fence is the best choice to apply in your garden. The material of lattice fence is wood. This fence has not only classic style, but also it has many function to your garden. The installation of lattice fence is strong to keep your garden. It also as media of vines to grow creeping up in fence. The light circulation which get of lattice fence is a lot of, because the design of fence has many holes.

Before you decide to install lattice fence in your garden. Let’s read this article as your reference. There are lattice fence ideas that can be applying of your garden as follows:

Low Lattice Gate

Low lattice gate is a simple fence which can applied in your garden. This type is solution for you keep your garden from animal or other without blocking view of out. When you install low lattice gate, you are not only get a strongest and safety of it, but also you will get a beautiful thing of low lattice gate. Then, your garden looks so wide rather than isolated it.

Trailing Foliage Trellis

If you like the installation of fence as your media to help your vines grow up, the trailing foliage trellis is the best choices. You can trailing foliage trellis that opened, then it give a green color. When has finished to design it, you will get the interesting view after the vines have grown up.

Flowering Fence

If you like a flower that decorative of your garden, you can use flowering fence as fence in your garden. The installation of this fence is same with trailing foliage trellis, but flowering fence the decorative to stick of fence is flower. The coloring of flower will give a beautiful view of your fence and your garden. You can choose flower way to stick of your fence.

Based on the explanation above, it concluded that if you need to keep your garden from a disturbing animal or other let’s apply fence as your safety garden.

See what we have in store for you about lattice fence ideas.

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Circular Driveway Landscaping for Your Home Exterior Design Ideas

Driveway is an essential pathway to have at your house. Having a goo driveway can help you navigate your vehicles freely. Even so, there are driveway designs that you can implement for your house. For this article, you can have circular driveway landscaping.

Circular driveway landscape is applicable for your house. Its design is viable for anyone to use. The benefit of the driveways comes in handy. Aside from its functionality, aesthetic of this driveways is wonderful.

To have circular driveways landscape installed, you must understand the landscape of your house. The ideal planning that you must measure is whether it is viable or not to have it. The circular driveway landscape is quite big to install. You can not have it if the front yard of your house is too small. If it is big enough, you can go ahead and apply it.

The beauty of circular driveway landscape is its customization. The circle part of the driveway can be decorated according to your imagination. For instance, you could have a mini garden inside the circular landscape. You could plant different types of flower to enhance the beauty. Getting a lamp post is also worth it. It could light up the scenery at night to make you driveway a bliss. Planting a statue is also an option. It would show that your driveways have values for its beauty.

The perks of having the driveways comes from its circular design. The circular design allows you to drive around it. It eases the access of your car to your house. You can also make turns by driving through the driveway. For instance, if you want to go the other direction, just drive through it. The design of the circular driveway landscape is completely up to you. Always check on its viability before you plan to get one.

Here are some ideas for those of you who want to create circular driveway landscaping

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Trendy Hat Rack Ideas for Any Home

There are a great many hat rack ideas thoughts that you can attempt and you can look for any cap rack thoughts on the web. What is really a cap rack? A cap rack is a sort of rack or capacity where you can store your cap assortments. In the event that you have so many cap assortments at home, it will be an extraordinary thought to make such an overall quite straightforward cap rack.

Here is our collection of hat rack ideas:
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Front Door Awning ideas and Best Pictures

Here’s an images from Front Door Awning ideas;

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tobin high bluff
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20+ Fantastic Traditional Living Rooms You Could Have

Traditional Living Rooms have a distinct look. Hence, you can easily differentiate them. Two main ingredients of this style are the elegant design and overall continuous decoration. Everything seems to match with the others.

It’s pretty easy to incorporate a traditional interior style to the living room. It can also be a combination of two styles. Design the space to match your personality and character. Make sure everything is going in the same direction and all the things need to be in harmony.

There are so many ideas and inspirations you can get out there. Hereabouts are some most excellent ideas. So, a lot of times of searching would be saved. Choose one interior design that comforts your feelings.

1. Traditional Rug in Earthy Color

Traditional Rug in Earthy Color in living room

Check out this traditional living room idea. This french style space looks outstanding and comfortable. As seen, the earthy color palette all over the area is a quite dominating scene. Meanwhile, the classic carpet brings the room completely.

Well, carpet or rug is like the specific element of traditional decor. The most living room has one right in the middle. Choose the one with a distinguishable pattern that complements the scheme color of the entire living room.

2. Living Room with Vintage Vibe

Living Room with Vintage Vibe and sofa

All the decor items come in a perfect portion. That vintage sofa with a floral pattern that matches the window valance. The rest of the accent colors serve the traditional living room to a whole new level. Check out the fireplace and its surroundings.

Above the wooden mantel, there’s a couple of flower plants and houseplants on pots. There are some other elements including that outstanding window. Some pink flowers colorize the entire space.

3. Bright Scheme with Textures

Bright Scheme with Textures with rug and sofa

As you see, there are some textural lines on the wall, some kind of moldings. It’s a fantastic combination of elements. All of the architectural touches on the wall make a great background for the artworks.

Some abstract artwork projects blend beautifully with the entire elements. Both of the masterpieces can go side by side on the wall to a maximum background for them. Take a look at the beige sofa. It went perfectly calm to any other things on it.

Right at the couch, you can have pillows as many as you want. You should think about the precise arrangement and “how it’s gonna be”.

4. Classic Traditional Living Room with Fur

Classic Traditional Living Room with Fur

The element right in front of our very eyes is part of the living room. It’s an extra seating with furry cushion for a large group of people in your house. It’s got an inviting ambiance with a bright white scheme all over the room.

You can feel the traditional style from the decor choices and all the furniture connects. Check out that tall centerpiece right in the middle. It highlights the statement of this living room.

5. Cool Living Room Color Scheme

use earthy color element on living room

The choice of color combinations is also key to a successful traditional living room. Use the earthy color elements. That is enough to show a traditional character to space. To make it cool and comfortable, choose the softer shades.

Some patterns can be a nice decor to balance the other ones. As you can see, the pattern on the armchair match with the one on the rug. A little bit of color on the wall artwork is also an effort to give harmony to the entire room.

6. Symmetrical Living Room Design

traditional design with symmetrical element

One of the features you can get in traditional living rooms is the symmetry. Well, it’s not a must-have one but it’s great to see the symmetrical elements. It would make the space super pleasing to the eyes.

Just pair things up to create symmetry sense inside the room. As you can see, there are two twin elements here. You’ve got the industrial bookshelf and leopard-patterned stools.
The perfect choice to balance since the bookshelf looks like a cage for each of the leopard. Right in the center, you can see the classic elegant drawers with a mirror above it.

7. Modern Traditional Living Room

black and white scheme looks better on modern design

Combining traditional with modern style is not something impossible to do. Many people just love it how the designer put each element together. The french style door with rounded upper appears to be looking so stunning as the backdrop.

It creates an astonishing scene from this point of view. The twin doors are not too much. It’s just showing people about balancing all the furniture. It gives a massive and strong statement all over the space. The black and white scheme looks better with the bronze-framed artwork. It
The white wall and ceiling make the bold-colored elements becomes the star of this modern traditional living room.

8. Traditional Living Rooms with Classic Vibe

Traditional Living Rooms with Classic Vibe

Check out this classic living room. The elegance is out of this world in this one. Take a look at that chandelier. That element sparks the traditional style of this space. The choice of color seems so warm with the candle lights decor scheme.

Some more elegances are served in this living space. As you can see, the vintage furniture spread all over the room. Making it looks so classy with a classic vibe.

9. Calm and Cool Living Room

 Calm and Cool with elegant color

There’s a reason why this living room is calm and cool. That’s because of the existence of blue color in the middle of a calm color scheme. That riveted sofa becomes the star of the area despite the architectural wall as the background.

The artwork right at the back of the sofa also using cool tones that match with the sofa. It’s the effort to keep the cool vibe right in the center.

10. Traditional Room with Reclaimed Wood Beams

Traditional Living Room with Reclaimed Wood Beams

This living room has an enormous architecture. There’s a majestic reclaimed wood beam all over the space. That super tall white wood panel emphasizes the fireplace’s existence in this space. It’s a fantastic masterpiece of an amazing designer.

This house features the 2.5 story windows that give an awe-inspiring rustic space. In this traditional living room, you can get the feeling of farmhouse style, too. Two simple words to describe this one is “absolutely stunning”.

11. Elegant Small Living Room

small room is looking elegant with this color

A combination of chocolate, white, and blue looks so interesting in this small traditional living room. This style allows you to mix some colors but the earthy colors need to be the main scheme in the space. Add some coolness with blue tones and some interests with certain patterns.
An area rug right in the middle could be a complete addition to space. It decides the traditional be the main attraction. As you can see, there’s some light going inside the space through those big windows. It’s not too bright but it’s enough to light up the area a bit.

12. Balanced Traditional Style Scene

traditional style room with sofa and fireplace

The balance is very important in traditional style. If you want to add a bold element at one side of the space, then add the same piece to the other side too.

There are a lot of traditional home living rooms that use this method to complete the stylish scene of the space. As seen, the balance comes from each side of the fireplace. The designer decided to fill the wall with a built-in cabinet.

13. Luxury Traditional Living Rooms

luxury traditional living room with elegant sofa

It’s quite easy to find a luxurious house with a traditional living room. That’s because the elegance and classic elements are what luxury needs. That majestic artwork on the background wall is lighted with LEDs.

There’s also a light fixture right above the living space area and its furniture. The chairs and sofa design have all the elegance you need for luxury The green sofa in the middle connects with the background.

14. Traditional Space with Colors

Traditional Space with Colors and flower

Who said a traditional room can’t go colorful? Mostly, space would like to have a muted color scheme or more with earth colors. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t pop some colors in there.

You have broad options to do this. One simple thing is to use the pillows. Use the colorful coverings for them. Make sure they’re all in bold and balance them with other accessories like the centerpiece of a coffee table or wall artwork.

15. Traditional Living Room Furniture with Details

traditional style with furniture and elegant sofa

The detail in furniture is one of the essential things you need to achieve for the traditional style in the living room. In this luxurious house, the sofa has exposed carved wood frames that are perfect for such a style.

It elevates the luxury scene in this traditional style living room. The antique design of the chandelier matches the carved wood frames persona While the white wall and ceiling provide a great canvas for the elements.

16. Living Room with Clashing Patterns and Texture

Decorating Room with Clashing Patterns and Texture

People love to have a traditional room because furniture and decorative pieces can be individual. Just go with the restrained, color-coded design that won’t be a problem even though it doesn’t match. Decorating traditional living rooms is not as hard as you think.

The only thing that matters is the main color scheme. It has to be something neutral or earthy. So, it’s a great chance to embrace different colors and patterns you like to have. This living room has it all. Look at that velvet sofa. It stands out in this space.

17. Traditional Cottage Farm

Traditional Cottage Farm with plant

Are you interested in a cottage, farmhouse style? if you are, this one can be something fun. It features a unique fireplace that has a wood-burning stove. It’s enough to spread the heat all over the room.

This traditional living room has a nice cottage-style charm. It’s also filled with some plants that emphasize its botanical scheme. Pairing the cottage charm with plants is always a winner. On the wall, add flower images to strengthen the style.

18. Living Room with Low Ceiling

Traditional Living Room with Low Ceiling and source of lighting

For you who face an issue with a lower ceiling in a cottage style house, you may like this idea. It’s probably a great solution to try to compensate for it. Apply a bright shade like this one.

Don’t use dark colors. The light ones like white will give a reflecting effect on space. More importantly, the source of lighting. During the day, make sure a lot of lights come inside the living room. At night, the light fixture should cover this all up.

19. Coffered Ceilings in Traditional Space

 Coffered Ceilings in Traditional Space and significant furniture

The texture on the ceiling is the true classical element of this living room. It’s what drives people’s minds to amaze with the design. Incorporating such a strong impression inside a room is very risky. It would take over the entire interior scene.

On the contrary, the owner fills this living room with significant furniture. That creates a bit of balance to the ceilings. You have a lot of texture up there and many pieces of furniture down here.

20. Small Livingroom with Deep Gray Wall

Small Living room with Deep Gray Wall

Another idea for a small living room, you will love how this space arranged. The deep gray wall keeps the room away from being too bright. There’s only one window to support the sunlight during the day. It gives a nice warm atmosphere to space.

The rounded mirror on the wall looks so lonesome. There’s no other element of decor to accompany. Well, it’s done to keep the right amount of brightness that enters the space.

21. Tufted Elements in Bright Living Room

Tufted Elements in Bright Traditional Living Room with sofa

Check out the amount of brightness from the outside that is complemented by the sleek white color scheme. It becomes a perfect surface to colorize the living room and make it more special. The tufted seating brings out the elegance of this room.

The blue elements in this scene dim the brightness a little bit. The furniture design is the key to keep the space away from being too bright. This elegant traditional living room has enough elegance it needs.


There are many traditional living rooms you can choose to be your inspiration in designing the center of a house. All of those ideas are enough to get you ready welcoming such elegant style.

Which One of These mid Century Modern Flooring Concepts Suits You

Mid century modern flooring is a term, which is frequently mentioned recently. In the world of architecture, these words are indeed quite popular even for decades. The term itself refers to the floor arrangement system, which until now has been widely used by the public.

However, for some people, mid century modern flooring style maybe is just a style choice to adopt in home décor, but if we talk globally, there is a greater concept in which many philosophies, interesting things, and inspiration to understand.

However, understanding the concept will not be easy if we do not know the basics. Therefore, we first need to learn the nature of the modern mid-century. More than a space building style, but there are history, characters, meaning, and various aspects lying inside.

Therefore, before discussing the mid century modern flooring style and its various applications much, you need to know the basics. After that, you can find your character to be applied in your home décor.

1. Understanding the Concept of Mid-Century Modern

Understanding the Concept of Mid-Century Modern

In general, modern concepts refer to the function of space that supports needs and lifestyles. Therefore, most of these styles use minimalist style components where each part is designed to provide maximum comfort for the occupants.

Meanwhile, an open-plan concept is a spatial arrangement whose purpose is to provide flexibility, comfort, and ease of access between spaces. Circulation flow is very important so that every room will be merged.

Finally, a combination concept of the two has been emerged, known as the mid-century modern style. The main characteristic of this concept is the openness, where both the exterior and interior will merge in a wide viewing distance.

According to Greenberg (1983), a mid-century modern is a style of architecture, interior design, and product design that illustrates the development of the 20th century, particularly from 1945 to the 1980s. Here are some characteristics you should note.

  • The building has characteristics such as flat roof, angular details, regular geometric lines, and asymmetrical appearance.
  • As mid-century modern design integrated outside atmosphere into the room, wide glass and open spaces become an important part of this residential style.
  • The glass materials are dominating and allowing natural light to enter from various angles. Sliding glass doors is very popular.
  • Various views on the outside exist.
  • Warm and natural colors, like olive green, mustard, orange, yellow, or trendy colors, such as pink, gray, turquoise, and black are used.
  • Smaller but efficient restrooms and bedrooms are constructed.
  • Chandeliers, bubble lamps, Arco floor lamps are typical types of mid-century modern items to give a dramatic impression on the room.
  • Small kitchen filled with striking, shiny, and bright-colored cooking utensils. Simplicity is key.

The concepts above are then applied to various aspects of home architecture where the room is designed to be efficient and full of comfort. Even the application of mid century modern flooring will also rely on the characteristics.

The concept used was not without purpose. Space effectiveness, color selection, and all aspects are intended for one purpose, namely to build a positive personality.

One example is the selection of glass materials in many parts of the room. This is intended so that residents can interact with nature and cultivate healthy behaviors and habits. People will begin to interact with nature to reduce stresses.

Another example is the use of a bedroom that is not too broad. In the modern mid-century concept, these rooms are only limited to sleeping place sleep. One will not need to spend too much time on it.

Instead, the living room was expanded so that many family members gathered and spent time together. This is considered important to build harmony. Besides, there is a lot of rule whose purpose is to bring positivity to your house.

2. What is Mid Century Modern Flooring?

Modern Flooring with the right arrangement and high humidity

Flooring is one of the installation systems in a house, where its application must pay attention to all aspects that exist. In this case, we will discuss mid century modern flooring.

When it comes to style, everything will be relative, but if you decide to implement mid century modern flooring, then several standard rules must be obeyed.

Several styles in the modern mid-century concept have been discussed above. Now, it is time for us to adopt it in the flooring system. In essence, colors, materials, and everything must continue to support this popular theme in the 1950s.

In the mid century modern flooring concept, you have to choose everything carefully based on function. Beauty may be inserted but still, you must pay attention to the effectiveness. One of them is in terms of the selection of floor colors.

You cannot just choose a dark color for one room without reason. First, you should consider whether the color matches. The example is determining mid-century modern kitchen flooring. As the kitchen is easy to get dirty, bright color selection is not recommended.

Another case if you choose the reading room flooring. This location requires adequate lighting without having to waste energy. Therefore, in addition to the use of large windows, bright floor colors will also be very helpful.

In addition to color, material selection is also worthy of attention. You will not be able to use low-quality flooring like laminate flooring in the bathroom. High humidity there will quickly damage the floor.

For locations that are easily dirty or damp due to water, you should use waterproof materials, such as concrete or terrazzo. However, for space that is not used for many activities, you can choose cheaper materials.

If you have considered various aspects of choosing mid century modern flooring, then it is time to start working. Start to be creative with your home and create a comfortable home atmosphere in your style.

3. Matching Your Mid Century Modern Flooring to the House Items

Matching Your Mid Century Modern Flooring to the House Items

After installing the floor correctly, the next step is to combine it with the right furniture. As beautiful as any floor, if you do not make it harmonious, then everything will be in vain. The following are some suggestions that can be done to build a comfortable atmosphere at home.

Brownish Taste

The interior design of the mid-century modern style is dominated by brown furniture, from the sofa to the coffee table. However, it will look good if you put another brownish taste on the floor. You should not use the same color, but just make it harmonious.

Pair with a Beautiful Carpet

To support the modern feel, use decorations like downy carpets with herringbone motifs in soft colors. Do not hesitate to use a sofa bed and a regular sofa with different shapes and colors in one room.

Make It Feel Blue

Besides brown, another color that also supports this style is bright blue. You cannot only apply that color to the furniture, but also the floor. If you do not like to feel blue, you can also choose another like white.

Illuminates Them All

Bright nuance is one thing that must be present. When choosing floor colors, you should also consider this factor. Bright colors will energize anyone in the house.
Perform each step carefully so that the results are satisfying. You do not need to do it in a hurry. Change the spatial planning gradually to find the right mix and match. You can also change the design at any time if you start to get bored.

4. Additional Tips for Mid Century Modern Flooring

Additional Tips for Mid Century Modern Flooring

In addition to the points outlined above, there are some additional tips to make you feel comfortable with your mid century modern flooring. The following are some of them.
Leave It Broad

A broad view is one thing that should not be lost. Therefore, do not put too much stuff on the floor. Only place a few important and effectively arranged objects.

Don’t Paint the Unpainted

One of the main characters in mid century modern flooring design is to use nature themes. Therefore, you must keep it like that. If there are parts that are left natural, such as wood patterns, then leave them like that.

Do not be too hasty to change the existed colors and patterns. Let everything look natural.

Keep It Old

The next rule is keeping everything old. As mentioned above, we should let everything look natural. Not only the floor, should you not even rush to replace old furniture in the house. Let the classic atmosphere take root every day and give the impression of being one with the earth.

Don’t Be Too Shiny

Mid century modern flooring concept is all about nature and matte. Therefore, never put too much glossy paint on your floor. Your choice should be modern but never take it too shiny.

Don’t Be Too Trendy

Not intended to prohibit progress, but the classical style is one important rule. As mentioned above, let natural nuances manifest in the room. Overly change the furniture will disturb the natural impression inside your house.

5. Everlasting Mid Century Modern Flooring Ideas to Choose

Medieval floors with beautiful shapes and attractive arrangement

After understanding the techniques of mid century modern flooring, it is time to choose the right material for your home. The following are some of the most popular choices that are timeless. Let us see which one suits you!

Mid-Century Modern Hardwood Floors

This is also one best wood floor for mid-century modern. Aside from its natural look, it is capable to optimize heat transfer through the floor. This choice will bring durability, warmth, and great appearances at your home.

One of its advantages is being able to lock in the heat so that it will provide warmth when winter arrives. Besides, his appearance was also very attractive and gave the impression of luxury.

Mid-Century Modern Concrete Floors

The concrete is one of the good choices for those developing mid century modern flooring. Mid-century modern concrete floors also have exceptional resistance to scratches and other disturbances.

Because of its durability, maintenance is also not difficult. Mid-century modern kitchen flooring will be best suited to this one as it is easy to be cleaned. However, the quality is still inferior to terrazzo.

Mid-Century Modern Vinyl Flooring

The use of vinyl, or also known as VCT, is also highly recommended for mid-century modern floors. With an affordable price, you can get good quality. It is strong enough for various scratches, almost the same as terrazzo.

Mid-Century Modern Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is often compared to vinyl in terms of quality and durability. Longer lasting in nature, but the price is certainly more expensive. However, linoleum is vulnerable to water damage if the installation is not proper.

Mid-Century Modern Terrazzo Flooring

Among other types, mid-century modern terrazzo flooring is the best in quality. Any house with this type of floor will have a high luxury value. In addition to a slick appearance, it is also able to hold and drain heat to create a fresh and warm atmosphere in the house.

The process of making terrazzo is almost the same as concrete, where all the mixtures are blended with other materials such as glass and stone. Afterward, then it is polished to form a hard, strong, durable, smooth, and comfortable surface.

Mid-Century Modern Laminate Flooring

A laminate floor is one of the right choices for a mid-century modern home. It looks like ordinary wood but has a very different manufacturing process. This floor is made of solid wood layered by four different parts.

During the process, the four layers are stacked and put together through very high pressure and temperature. Each part has an important role to make a durable but beautiful appearance for mid century modern flooring style.

When it comes to quality, this type of mid century modern flooring is somewhat less good. Despite its aesthetically pleasing look, they are more susceptible to scratches, dust, dirt, and other disturbances. However, the price is much cheaper than ordinary wood.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there might still be several other options to try in your mid century modern flooring design. Relax; you can get many quality materials at low prices.
Those are the broad explanation about the mid century modern flooring style. This concept is indeed quite extensive and unique to explore. Now is the time for you to be creative in designing cool houses.