Two Story Garage

Two Story Garage

A house usually requires a garage as a secondary house. The utility a garage is undoubtedly very useful and handy to have. A garage has many functions for you, especially when you need another space for your car to park. It keeps the car safe and clean from outside dust. Most of the time, the garage that you are also used when you are making projects. The garage is big enough to do so. The space of a garage can be really helpful to occupy for those type of works. However, there are cases where you need more space. Hence, this article will introduce you to a two-story garage design.

The two-story garage design can now be built beside your house. It has the same utility as a normal garage. In fact, it now adds more capability compared to a normal garage. Usually, a single garage only offers a space to park. If you park your car outside, you can use it for other things such as creating a project. However, with another story added to your garage, you can explore many more. Your garage can now be your actual secondary house. You can build a room inside it to make it have the same feature as a house.

To have the two-story garage design, there are a few preparations that you need. To build the two-story garage you need to budget it. There are companies that offers you their designs for less. They could give you a great value for less money. After taking into considerations, it is time to design it. You can design the two-story garage into whatever you like. The two-story garage can be used as many things as possible. It could serve as a secondary house for you. If done so, you can proceed with building your two-story garage. Happy Building!

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The Elegant of Cinder Block Planter to Decor Your Garden

Cinder block planter is a place which made from block. The cinder block can placed in interior or exterior house. If you have a space of garden that need to give something. Planting using cinder block is the best choice to decor it. Then, to decor your garden using cinder block you do not need more budgeting in applying it. it is also easy to find in construction house store.

backyard projects cinder blocks

In applying cinder block planter of your garden you need a strongest extra to move it in one place to other place. If you find a difficult to move it, you can use borrow to recoil these block.

Before applying a cinder block planter, there are a material that you need as follows:

  • Cinder Block
  • Gloves
  • Tamper tool
  • Painting
  • Soil
  • Glue
  • Plant/ flower

There are a step create cinder block planter of your garden as follows:

1. Prepare Cinder Block of your Garden

In applying of cinder block, you can move it to the nice space of garden. Then, it arrangements to be neat. You can choose of vertical or horizontal style. Do not forget when moving it you should use gloves to prevent you from accident in planting.

2. Stick one cinder block to other

After you choose type of position cinder block in your garden, then you can stick it by glue. The function of sticks is to arrangement one block to other block to be a good planter.

3. Painting

To get the best coloring of your cinder block, you can add a color by painting. You can choose the appropriate color to your block.

4. Poor the Soil

Pouring the soil on cinder block to plan a plant of flower that you need. The important thing to poor it does not full and cover the surface block.

5. Planting plant

The last step, you can planting a plan or flower that you like. You will see a good view in your garden after applying cinder block planter of it.

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The Most Best Garage Man Cave Ideas Image

Would you like to have your personal space? Did you know that you could turn a part of your house into one? Introducing the concept of garage man cave. The idea of garage man cave is turning your garage into your personal playhouse. You can have various of things implemented in your garage man cave. It could be a getaway house placed with your entertainment devices. The place is designed according to your hobby and interest.

man cave condos car coming chronicle

The way to design your garage man cave is centred around you. First, remember that your garage is not occupied. If it is occupied, then you might have to find another spot. Any spot can do as long as it is free to use. Once it is decided, it is time for the makeover.

Start by underlying your garage man cave. Having it turned into your personal hobby hub is your way to go. For example, you would like the theme of technology. The theme is based on your hobby on technology. You can now choose on how the colour of your garage. For instance, you want to paint it grey. After done with your painting, you can move on to the decoration.

The decoration can be settled with your personal belongings. For this case you can place your gaming pc inside the garage. This would allow you to chill anytime in this spot. To make it more comfortable, add more ornaments. Get a couch so that you can hang out if you are tired. Inviting out your friends would make the room more fun. If it is not enough, adding a freezer would be handy. The freezer would allow you to store beverage so you can have it. There are many possibilities to decorate your room. Make sure that it suits you.

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All About The Garage Window Inserts, Designs, Tips, And Ideas

If you’re looking for a garage door window inserts replacements and more information about them, this is the right page to read. Everyone would agree with the statement “Good windows make good garage”.

Windows are like the essential part of a garage. They allow the light inside and it becomes the main ventilation of the space.

You will need window inserts to incorporate the element. It’s something that will make this garage connect with the house.

1. What are Window Inserts

window insert method leaves the original components in place

These are a fully operational window installed withing the existing sill and trim. You can change them without disturbing the old interior and exterior trim. Those remain intact. Having this feature in a garage would give you an easy update to space.

So, what’s the distinction between using full-frame windows and inserts? It’s in the install or replacement methods.

The window insert method leaves the original components in place. It’s to maintain the architectural integrity of the house. It also gives an improvement to the energy efficiency in opening the windows in your hose.

For the full-frame window, the method of replacement will include removing and interior and exterior trim and replacing them. But, it’s a more extensive design. Everything is removed which makes it feels like a new home construction.

2. The Benefits of Installing Garage Door Windows

instaling garage door window inserts will penetrate the natural light

When choosing the windows for the garage doors, you should consider the exterior appeal. It has to be the main factor in buying the products. For the interior, the main concern shouldn’t be on the look. It should be about the brightness of the space.

A window in a garage door will enhance curb appeal. Explore some design ideas that match the entire house’s exterior. Besides, it can also reduce energy use. The existence of the window will penetrate the natural light to get inside the room during the day.

There are three fundamental circumstances you will get to install the windows to your garage door. The first thing is a complete replacement of the current door. Then, upgrading the look of the paneled door. The third one is swapping out the damaged panels in the door.

Choose the design of the windows based on the affordability and the condition of the current door. You’ll know whether you need to change the entire element or just the windows.

The use of Ideal garage door replacement window inserts will make the replacement a lot easier.

3. What You Should Consider

pay attention to the room to be installed garage window inserts

When choosing window inserts for your garage doors, there are few things you should consider. As you know, this element will add extra curbside appeal to the exterior of the whole house. It’s like giving the scene from the outside a facelift.

There are different reasons why people choose to have it on their garage doors. Some people might have perceptions that are not the same as others. Thankfully, window inserts come with a wide array of styles.

There are styles for every need. If you want more visual appeal, the number one priority is how the window inserts match or complement the current frames. It will improve the appearance of the stage you desired.

If you plan to turn the garage into living space such as an art studio, exercise room, and other functions, you will need a lot of natural lights. So, choose the window inserts that allow a lot of brightness goes inside the space.

The plain glass insert is the best choice for this. It will fill up space with the light it needs. The garage area will fill more inviting and welcoming.

4. How to Pick the Right Window Inserts

choose the inserts that suit the garage doors profile

Focus on choosing the inserts that suit the garage door’s profile. So, the curb appeal would be in its maximum performance when it gives concern to the preexisting style.

If you have a sectional ranch profile garage doors, you may need larger window inserts. Probably, the measurement of large rectangular panels should be about 1.2m wide. Go with the plain style for those who simply want a lot of natural sunlight.

For the traditional style of a house, choose the curved Sherwood style. Another good choice is the four-panel wide Sunray.

But, for a garage with sectional Standford profile, there will be only three or six panels wide. Traditional Sunrise and the rectangular Colonial style should be on the list.

The sectional heritage profile garage doors will feature small rectangular panels that will need smaller windows. Suitable styles will be Sherwood and Sunray. What about the custom one?

Well, it will fit any style you desire since you work with a blank canvas. There is a freedom to pick windows with any types, sizes, and styles.

Another thing to consider is the full measurement of the garage doors. Any detail will give an impact on the entire structure. Pay attention to the spring system. You probably need to change it because it has the potential to damage the door.

5. How To Do Garage Door Window Inserts Replacements

window inserts replacement can be done without the aid of professionals

The question remains, “Can you replace window inserts yourself?” Yes, you can. You can safely do the replacement by yourself. However, some window inserts need professional help.

Some window inserts replacement can be done without the aid of professionals. To do it, you should use these steps. To make the job easier and reduce accidents, ask someone helping you out.

In doing this replacement, you will expose some sharp edges and broken glass. Be careful and wear protective gloves for your safety.

  • After choosing the right styles for the garage door, you should have someone to help you out. Ask them to hold the window from the outside. Then, you can begin to remove screws from the inside with a screwdriver.
  • Next, pull the inside retainer while someone is still holding it from the outside. Be careful with any broken glass.
  • After that, you can insert the new glass pane.
  • Have someone holding the outside frame again. Then, you can begin to reinsert the screws you’ve already removed before. Secure them with a screwdriver. Make sure everything is sealed securely.

6. Options for Privacy and Light

solution for privacy and lights is window frosting

If you want the window to provide lights and privacy too, there are options to pick. It’s understandable for those who want such features. The point is to keep the garage as a safe place for the vehicles and the related items that are expensive.

There are things you should do to handle this situation. Placing the window inserts on the top space of the door will make sure no one can see what’s inside. It has to be above eye level of people with average heights.

So, you will have the number of lights you need to go inside the space while managing the privacy well.

But, if you think it’s not a good option for you, you may want to try using blinds or curtains to improve its privacy. It’s practical but very effective. This idea is only great when you use the garage as a living space.

The addition of blinds and curtains will give you the freedom to control both the lights and the privacy of the garage space.

Adding a decorative window film is also a good option to try. It’s an element to add personality to the garage door. It’s a quick and easy solution for privacy. However, the number of lights you will get will be less than the other treatment.

Similar to window film, the tinting treatment is not only giving out privacy but also decrease heat and protects fading. You can even combine the tinted glass with window film.

Another type of solution for privacy and lights is window frosting. There two ways to do it, through sandblasting and applying a frosted glass film.

Both elements offer a similar result. There are still other treatments to choose but those 5 ideas are the best.

7. The Cost of Windows on Garage Door

One of the costs for making garage window inserts is the size

There is a wide range of styles for the window for many profiles of garage doors. The cost can be based on the quality of the material, the design, and the size. For example, the garage door plastic window inserts will cost less expensive.

If you need professional help in installing the window, there will be an extra cost to prepare.

We were doing a little bit of research. You can buy some garage window inserts online. It comes with various levels of prices. Once again, it’s according to the material used to structure the window. If you want more features, add some treatments to meet the needs.

For the installation and replacement, it may cost about between 25 to 55 dollars per window. If you’re installing the regular glass, it may cost lower. However, the double-pane insulated windows could cost a lot more money.

Is it possible to have DIY garage door window inserts? Well, it’s hard to make it from scratch since most products are professionally manufactured. However, if you have the skills and materials, you can make it yourself.

8. Some Useful Ideas for Garage Windows and Doors

One of the garage window designs inserts to keep the space energy efficient

Besides focusing on the garage window inserts, you have to choose the right design to keep the space energy efficient.

  • The shape of the garage door will still be square. The arched opening is the key to design detail.
  • Glass doors can be a nice option to consider. It will eventually give a smart look to your modern house.
  • Beside flat and raised panels, there’s a choice to have the tongue and groove ones. However, it’s gonna be quite vital for the custom design. It can be in vertical, herringbone, and horizontal configuration.
  • Consider having Garage door window trim inserts. Whether it’s in V, X, or cross rails, try out different designs on canvas.

9. Choose the Window Styles for Garage

choose the perfect design for the exterior look

There are tons of styles to fit the garage window inserts. You may need some tips or guides to choose the perfect design for the exterior look.

The first thing you have to do is determining the reason you want windows for the garage. If the goal is only adding lights into space, you just need a simple glass window with a clean-cut looking.

Next, you need to concern the architectural style. You should pick that one that reflects what the home has. It has to match the design aesthetic so the garage would become one with the entire house.

If you want it to be purely decorative garage door window inserts, avoid installing the regular ones. Pay attention to the design detail that brings the styles to affect the entire exterior look.

Energy efficiency should be one of the main reasons for installing windows. Make sure you achieve all the features you desired to have for the garage.

10. Faux Window Inserts for Decoration

Faux Window Inserts for Decoration

There are so many garage door window inserts kits available in online stores. You can choose the products and brands based on the good reviews they get. It’s gonna be easy to decide.

At online stores, you can find some faux products that look like a real garage window. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have a budget to install the real one.

The first recommended one is from the Coach House Accents. It’s a signature decor simulated window for the garage door. This product is made in the USA.

It’s designed for a single-stall garage door. According to the reviewers, it needs at least two people to install. It surely adds lots of character to your garage. The installation is quick which took about 30 minutes to apply 4 Garage door window panel inserts.

As seen, it looks so realistic. You have to look closely to know that’s not a real window. The price is so affordable and it offers a total of 15 years for the warranty.

The great durability is what makes this faux window so popular. You will still see its original white color a year after installation.

Even though it looks like a window from the outside, it’s still not a real one. You won’t get all the features your garage needs.

11. Conclusion

Overall, garage window inserts are an important part of the exterior. You should pick the right design that will benefit both inside and outside the space.