Awesome Container Swimming Pool Design

Swimming pool is a dream recreational object to have in your backyard. Perhaps it is a great addition to have in your backyard. You can finally have your private swimming room. With having your personal swimming pool, you can just relax anytime of the day. However, it could be difficult to plan for a swimming pool. Hence, it might be the reason why you do not want to have one. For this case, you can now have your very own swimming pool. It is affordable and does not require any heavy digging site. Introducing the container swimming pool.

How To Build

The container swimming pool is the go-to option for you. It is a great option for those who wants to own a swimming pool, but reluctant to have one. Most of the time, it would require heavy machineries to be on your backyard. They would have to create a big hole in your backyard for your swimming pool. This time you are not required to do so. The container swimming pool can build without having a hole. The idea is to have a pool build over a container. The containers can then be installed in your backyard. Therefore, it is easy to get a container swimming pool.

Build Your Own Swimming Pool

To have your very own container swimming pool, there are things that you need to prepare. First of all, you need to measure how big your backyard is. The idea is to maximize the space that you have in your backyard. If done so properly, you can now apply it to the container size. The perks of having a container swimming pool is how you can design around it. You can install a see-through window on the sides of your swimming pool. The container swimming pool can be designed according to your demand. Happy designing!

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Interesting Mobile RV Outdoor Kitchen

RV or utterly known as “recreational vehicle” is a vehicle that can be used as a mobile house transportation. It is a vehicle that allows you to live inside it. Most of the RVs are used as a camping vehicle. The size of it is enormous compared to that of a normal car. Investing your money on an RV can get you travelling far away. It also helps you securing your budget for travelling expenses. Once you have an RV you do not have to spend money on hotels. In this article, you can utilize your RV further. You can now install your RV outdoor kitchen.

RV outdoor kitchen is an instalment that you can have. It works as a portable outdoor kitchen attached to your RV. Usually, recreational vehicle does not have much space for the kitchen. Your RV can now be modified in a way that it has a fully functional kitchen. What is even better is how functional it is. The RV that you have can be used and an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen would allow you to camp outside without no trouble. Your food can now be served with joy.

Intalling Portable Kitchen On RV

To install the RV outdoor kitchen, you will need a few preparations. You must plan your budget carefully to have it installed. Getting an RV might be costly, so is installing a kitchen on it. However, the investment will certainly worth the effort and your money. Make sure to install the kitchen of your desire. There are many designs to choose from. You could have the ideal electronic kitchen or the gas one. Either of them has the pros and cons. Electronic stove would require you to have more battery inside your RV. However, it would be a lot safer. The gas stove would minimize your budget because it uses fire. Even so, you need to provide safety equipment for emergencies. Happy designing!

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20 Smart DIY Corner Bench Ideas For Your

The corners of the room or the interior can be the first objective when decorating the room. You can install corner shelves that won’t take up an inch of your bedroom space and will provide a great station to display your decor. This time around, we’ll give you some DIY ideas to make your own corner bench out of new and recycled wood.

Take a look at these 20 DIY corner bench ideas that will be a great inspiration for your own space below.
mudroom corner bench
pallets patio corner bench with table

corner bench in our and
dining area with corner bench
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Trendy Hat Rack Ideas for Any Home

There are a great many hat rack ideas thoughts that you can attempt and you can look for any cap rack thoughts on the web. What is really a cap rack? A cap rack is a sort of rack or capacity where you can store your cap assortments. In the event that you have so many cap assortments at home, it will be an extraordinary thought to make such an overall quite straightforward cap rack.

Here is our collection of hat rack ideas:
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DIY Pedestal Table Ideas and The Essential Guide

Many people would think that a DIY Pedestal Table in a room is too old fashioned. They thought that this special element is not trendy enough for today’s interior designs.

Eating on the pedestal table can be very special for a lot of people who already know how awesome this furniture piece is. The design of this table has a strong statement. Just one thing can change the landscape of the space.

It’s such a great idea to incorporate this table with a cabinet, cupboard, and many others. Mostly, you will see a pedestal table in the dining room and living room. However, it can be flexible for other various locations such as the library, office, and so on.

In this post, you will find out how to deal with the DIY pedestal table and some ideas to support. Let’s take a look at them.

What You’re Dealing With

outdoor brown pedestal table with a side wall

Pedestal tables are useful, stylish, architectural furniture that is dear to our hearts. Some of the characteristics are the round, square, or oval top, the supporting column, and the low-lying DIY pedestal table base. All of the elements are what describes this thing.

Typically, the pedestal table has two size categories. For the one that’s around 19 to 30 inches, it’s the side table. The full-size table will be around 50 to 60 inches across. Choose which size suits your needs.

Why Choosing DIY Pedestal Table

a traditional small dining table and chairs in the room

There’s a reason why this vintage element become popular lately. Many people like to have this kind of table for their dining table. You can also use it for other spaces like an entryway. This furniture piece has a strong silhouette and balanced lines. It will stand out in foyers.

That compact space is notoriously difficult to decorate. Just top the table with a bunch of big flowers to emphasize the distinctive profile. Besides functional entryway, you can use a DIY pedestal table as a desk.

An office room would look less formal with this furniture piece. It’s a great idea for you who seek for a fashion-forward desk. Another purpose of the DIY pedestal table is a coffee table. The design is proven to be flexible for many various places.

As a small piece, you can have pedestal tables as nightstands or side tables. One more thing, the use of this furniture is according to the size and design too.

DIY Pedestal Table Ideas with Round Top

1. White Round Farmhouse Pedestal Table

White Round Farmhouse Pedestal Table next to the kitchen

Well, many homeowners decided to use the table as a breakfast nook because it won’t take a lot of space. There will be a lot of areas for legs for comfortable eating. Having it right next to the kitchen would make it cooler and more eye-catchy.

In this kitchen scene, the pedestal table has a rustic and vintage look. It’s got some contrasting chairs to give a bolder vibe around it. The table’s color complements the kitchen set which makes a good connection with the dining area.

Those blue metal chairs look so inviting. Choosing the soft color tone makes an outstanding bright effect around the space.

2. Rich-Colored Wood Pedestal Table

Wooden pedestal table in brown color with decorative lights in the living room

Want to incorporate a stunning elegance into your dining area? This one is the choice. Set it next to the fireplace, you will feel like you are in a different era. The atmosphere of the past spreading in this room. It’s a cozy breakfast zone that you can have for your house.

This one can be a great DIY pedestal table idea for your next project. Supported by the surrounding, this simple element becomes an amazing focal point.

3. Round Pedestal Table in Coastal Style

Round Pedestal Table with Coastal Style in a white room

With a pedestal table, you can go with a lot of styles including coastal. Take a look at this breakfast nook. It’s placed right beside the upholstered windowsill bench on the window. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy the meal.

The natural light in the morning would go inside the house and let you enjoy your breakfast. Add some chairs to support the seating. Prepare some DIY pedestal table plans to get a decent result.

Lavender in a vase as a centerpiece will incorporate a charm of natural beauty as part of the nook. White is the right color for this style. One more thing, a chandelier on the windowsill? That’s clever.

4. Scandinavian Pedestal Table for Modern House

Scandinavian Pedestal Table for Modern Home with painting on the wall

At a glance, you can even notice that this whole set is a Scandinavian style. The modern design of the round pedestal table is friendly to minimalism. The thin tabletop is perfect for minimalist house. It doesn’t have a leg. There’s only a column to support the structure.

This simple DIY pedestal table blends perfectly with the woven rug that covers the wooden flooring. It’s like the table is built-in to the floor. Some Scandinavian chairs support the theme of this space. It’s gonna be a nice project idea to choose from.

5. Large Vintage DIY Round Pedestal Table

Large Vintage Round Table with lamps beside it

If space is not an issue in your house, why don’t you go with the large pedestal table with thick wood material? Check this one out, it’s a large vintage wooden table with a round top and rustic look. To showcase the natural texture, don’t cover it with paint or any other form of a coating.

Just let it be natural. This DIY round pedestal table could spend quite some time to make. As you can see, that oval column right under it. That needs an advanced woodworking skill to make but it’s still DIY friendly.

There are some vintage black chairs to complement the table’s natural color. As a whole, this furniture becomes so eye-catchy.

6. Redwood Elegant Pedestal Table Library

Elegant Pedestal Table in the room with a classic wall clock on the side

There are many ways to display or use your round pedestal table. One of them is to use it in the library. If you have that kind of space inside the house, this table would be a perfect element to include.

If you don’t have, why don’t try making a DIY pedestal table that can be a small version of the library? Take a look at this gorgeous vintage redwood furniture. It’s got a lot of drawers as storage for knick-knacks and any sort of clutters.

Right on top of it, arrange some collection of books. It provides a sort of entertainment for book lovers. That flower centerpiece completes the luxurious touch of this elegant table.

7. Shabby Chic Side Pedestal Table

Table Pedestal Green color with flower decoration on top

Besides a large pedestal table, there is also a small version of this furniture. Take a look at this one. The shabby chic style will draw attention. A little charm that it has, is enough to bring joy to those who sit on that comfy chair.

This adorable side pedestal table has a little drawer on it. It’s very functional to keep all the little knick-knacks. Those two elements are enough to set a nice and comfortable reading space for everyone in the house.

8. Fancy Pedestal Table Idea

Table ideas with a luxurious concept in the living room

If you want something out of the ordinary, this refined pedestal table can be a great idea. That brass accent on the supporting column of this furniture makes it more impressive and valuable. Let it stand out in the middle of the hallway.

This wood pedestal table base DIY would surely become the center of attention. Place it right in the entryway. It would give a nice impression to guests that enter the house. It will represent the fancy image of the whole house.

9. Pedestal Table with Leaf DIY

a pedestal table in the living room with greenery on it

This is another way to impress the guests that are about the walk through the hallway. Seeing this piece of furniture will amaze them. It expresses a great number of interests in plants or greenery.

It’s something you don’t see very often in a house. As seen in this picture, this house doesn’t have a decoration on the wall. This greenery could be the only decorative piece in this space. That’s why the owner wants it to be big and significant.

The wooden pedestal table becomes a perfect display table for such an amazing focal point. The idea is very simple and it works so effectively.

10. Side Pedestal Table with Vintage Vibe

Corner shelves that change home decor become more beautiful

To fill the awkward corner at the side of the sofa in the living room, a side table like this one would be a great pick. It provides a chic idea for any interior and it looks so cool. The vintage wood look match beautifully with the black wood flooring.

It’s also functional as a display table for the living room decorations such as photos, books, succulents, table lamps, and many more. This compact furniture doesn’t take a lot of space both literally and visually.

DIY Pedestal Table Ideas with Square Top

1. Square Solid Wood Pedestal Dinner Table

Solid Wood Square Tavern Dining Table with white curtains

Besides the round top, square one is also an option. Just like the previous idea, it’s also quite flexible for many purposes. In this case, the pedestal table is used as a dining table. It’s made of poplar solid wood material which has a 12-step multilayer process for the finish.

It’s an heirloom piece of furniture. The black-colored wood makes this table easy to get over. Balance the pale dark tone with the chairs and light fixture above it.

2. Cozy Corner Breakfast Nook

cozy corner room for breakfast

A square pedestal table seems to be the right choice to complete this custom corner breakfast. That’s because of its right angle that allows the homeowner to fully make use of that tight space. For the seating, the built-in benches are just perfect.

There’s no need to add more chairs for the seating. That benches are large enough to accommodate a few people. It’s a smart idea for a house with limited space. Right under the bench, there’s a storage space to keep anything.

3. Corner Dining Nook with Pedestal Table

Corner room with a pedestal table inside

It’s different from the previous ideas. This DIY pedestal idea has a bit of industrial vibe which is great for contemporary houses. As you see, it doesn’t have an exactly square top, it’s a bit rectangular. The black steel structure is what makes this furniture piece special.

Despite all the contemporary elements around the table. That structured leg has an industrial vibe that matches that unique lighting fixture above it.

4. Large DIY Pedestal Dining Table

Large Dining Table with green chairs by the window

This contemporary furniture is called a regent square table. It’s an ideal statement-making piece for the house. The majestic and grand feeling will be ready for your large dining room. For all members big family, this dining table would provide the comfort and style they need.

The design is very simple and easy to copy. What’s make it so comfortable is the open and spacious area for the legs. That’s why many people just love this piece of furniture.

5. Reclaimed Elm Square Pedestal Table for Dinner

square pedestal table with 4 latifa chairs

Enjoy dinner or breakfast in such a different style of furniture. The reclaimed elm square table with matching woven Latifa chairs. A nice flower as the centerpiece creates a good vibe to the ambiance. You can just get rid of the decor items if you want more space on it.

It’s such a great concept to copy for your DIY pedestal table projects. There are a few reasons why people choose the round top over the square one. One of them is the corner edges. If the piece is small or medium then there are only four spaces for the chairs.

The Pros and Cons of Pedestal Table

large dining table with cream colored chairs in the room


  • Allow more seating space around the table especially the round top.
  • Looks more interesting than legs.
  • Various styles are available.


  • The price will be higher, that’s why it’s great to build one yourself.
  • There’s no support in the corners.
  • The legroom is not that comfortable.


Overall, whether it’s round or square, a pedestal table has its charm. Decide to choose the furniture piece you want according to the style and space you already have in your house. Of course, those ideas are great for the DIY pedestal table project.