Let’s Brick Fireplace Makeover Your to Get New Atmosphere

Brick fireplace is a features of house that comfort and coveted by people. The people design fireplace to get warm impression of their house and beautiful accent. In deciding of fireplace is not show taste and match with your house decoration. It looks like not beautiful. You do not afraid about it, you can change or makeover your brick fireplace by yourself with decoration with appropriate about it.

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Here the step to makeover your brick fireplace with low budget. This step is easy and you can practice it by yourself.

1. Add New Paint

If you feel bored with old impression of your brick fireplace, you can give touch new color paint of your fireplace. In choosing color paint of your brick, you can choose a light painting such as white and grey. Before you applying these color, you do not forget to apply first layer with whitewash.

2. Change your Brick to Stone.

The old brick that dirty will make your feel so bad when you are sit-down in front of brick fireplace. To get a new design, you can change with stone that has low budgeting. You can do it to stick stone of your fireplace. Then, you can give a whitewash or painting to get fresh coloring of your fireplace.

3. Add Mantel

To get a new atmosphere of your brick fireplace, you can add mantel to cover it. You can choose the mantel which appropriate with your brick fireplace. Add another accessories which match with it.

4. Think to Makeover Outside Fireplace

To makeover it you are not only change all of them of our brick fireplace, but also you can add another thing in outside of it. In above, right or left of fireplace if there are space place to add something. Let’s add bookcases or decoration that can applied in there.

5. Add More Accessories

In adding accessories can show a new beautiful view. You can add more accessories that match with your brick fireplace such as a flower in above it.
Do not afraid if your brick fireplace looks so dirty and old. Let’s makeover it depend of reference above. Prepare what you should do before makeover it.

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