The Best Thing to Whitewashed Exterior Brick Your Home

Whitewashed exterior brick gives advantages such as temperature control that good and value of your house. The brick of house has a natural and unique. If you want to restore your exterior brick, you can choose whitewashing to cover your exterior brick.

whitewash brick exterior traditional

The reason of using whitewashed exterior brick can protect of your house. It also has a aesthetic value if you want to sell your house. If you want to cover brick of whitewashing you can start to sand brick before applying it. The function to do sand of your brick is smooth the surf brick.

Maybe you will think that why we should cover exterior brick using whitewashing. You think that to cover interior brick of house is reasonable, but if you should cover it in exterior is no need for you. There are the important thing why we should use whitewashing to cover your exterior brick as follows:

1. Aesthetic

The application brick of your house, there is a rustic impression that never goes for a way. The processing whitewashing of exterior brick will capture a rustic appearance. It also makes your house look a new and lighting from outside. The best quality of painting that apply of brick will soon fade and peel off, then you need to increase your cost to mainenance it. It is different with whitewashing that only need less budget to treatment and keep your experience and it does not peel off from your brick.

2. Protection

If the weather condition are extreme or humid, the bricks will easy to absorb water that will raise hole in your building. It will insect enter of hole. You do not be afraid if your exterior brick has applied of whitewashing. The application of whitewashing will protect of insect and extreme weather. The way of whitewashing to protect your building from insect is they drive out of insect when insect want to enter of your building.

Based on the explanation above, it concluded that the applying of whitewashing has many function. It is not only to cover of your brick, but also give aesthetic and protect from insect. The, whitewashing is not peel off.

check out this whitewashed exterior brick for your inspiration!

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brick chalk paint painter with cypress trees and flowers on the lawn
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whitewash brick exterior traditional with dormen windows

Circular Driveway Landscaping for Your Home Exterior Design Ideas

Driveway is an essential pathway to have at your house. Having a goo driveway can help you navigate your vehicles freely. Even so, there are driveway designs that you can implement for your house. For this article, you can have circular driveway landscaping.

Circular driveway landscape is applicable for your house. Its design is viable for anyone to use. The benefit of the driveways comes in handy. Aside from its functionality, aesthetic of this driveways is wonderful.

To have circular driveways landscape installed, you must understand the landscape of your house. The ideal planning that you must measure is whether it is viable or not to have it. The circular driveway landscape is quite big to install. You can not have it if the front yard of your house is too small. If it is big enough, you can go ahead and apply it.

The beauty of circular driveway landscape is its customization. The circle part of the driveway can be decorated according to your imagination. For instance, you could have a mini garden inside the circular landscape. You could plant different types of flower to enhance the beauty. Getting a lamp post is also worth it. It could light up the scenery at night to make you driveway a bliss. Planting a statue is also an option. It would show that your driveways have values for its beauty.

The perks of having the driveways comes from its circular design. The circular design allows you to drive around it. It eases the access of your car to your house. You can also make turns by driving through the driveway. For instance, if you want to go the other direction, just drive through it. The design of the circular driveway landscape is completely up to you. Always check on its viability before you plan to get one.

Here are some ideas for those of you who want to create circular driveway landscaping

circular driveway landscape design home
highway traditional landscape brick concrete driveway circular ground
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Ideas for Living Room without Sofa Images

Living Room without Sofa is a unique idea that you can apply. This idea might suit the home decor for those of you who don’t want a living room sofa. The sofa in the living room can be replaced with an ordinary chair or carpet. Kemdian beside it can be given a bookshelf or cupboard, and maybe it could also be focused on television. On the walls more beautiful are also given some stickers such as wall stickers or wall hanging boards.

Here are our selected ideas in Living Room Without Sofa:
living room with bookshelves and books ready to read
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