The Elegant of Cinder Block Planter to Decor Your Garden

Cinder block planter is a place which made from block. The cinder block can placed in interior or exterior house. If you have a space of garden that need to give something. Planting using cinder block is the best choice to decor it. Then, to decor your garden using cinder block you do not need more budgeting in applying it. it is also easy to find in construction house store.

backyard projects cinder blocks

In applying cinder block planter of your garden you need a strongest extra to move it in one place to other place. If you find a difficult to move it, you can use borrow to recoil these block.

Before applying a cinder block planter, there are a material that you need as follows:

  • Cinder Block
  • Gloves
  • Tamper tool
  • Painting
  • Soil
  • Glue
  • Plant/ flower

There are a step create cinder block planter of your garden as follows:

1. Prepare Cinder Block of your Garden

In applying of cinder block, you can move it to the nice space of garden. Then, it arrangements to be neat. You can choose of vertical or horizontal style. Do not forget when moving it you should use gloves to prevent you from accident in planting.

2. Stick one cinder block to other

After you choose type of position cinder block in your garden, then you can stick it by glue. The function of sticks is to arrangement one block to other block to be a good planter.

3. Painting

To get the best coloring of your cinder block, you can add a color by painting. You can choose the appropriate color to your block.

4. Poor the Soil

Pouring the soil on cinder block to plan a plant of flower that you need. The important thing to poor it does not full and cover the surface block.

5. Planting plant

The last step, you can planting a plan or flower that you like. You will see a good view in your garden after applying cinder block planter of it.

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Let’s Brick Fireplace Makeover Your to Get New Atmosphere

Brick fireplace is a features of house that comfort and coveted by people. The people design fireplace to get warm impression of their house and beautiful accent. In deciding of fireplace is not show taste and match with your house decoration. It looks like not beautiful. You do not afraid about it, you can change or makeover your brick fireplace by yourself with decoration with appropriate about it.

fireplace makeovers blessed

Here the step to makeover your brick fireplace with low budget. This step is easy and you can practice it by yourself.

1. Add New Paint

If you feel bored with old impression of your brick fireplace, you can give touch new color paint of your fireplace. In choosing color paint of your brick, you can choose a light painting such as white and grey. Before you applying these color, you do not forget to apply first layer with whitewash.

2. Change your Brick to Stone.

The old brick that dirty will make your feel so bad when you are sit-down in front of brick fireplace. To get a new design, you can change with stone that has low budgeting. You can do it to stick stone of your fireplace. Then, you can give a whitewash or painting to get fresh coloring of your fireplace.

3. Add Mantel

To get a new atmosphere of your brick fireplace, you can add mantel to cover it. You can choose the mantel which appropriate with your brick fireplace. Add another accessories which match with it.

4. Think to Makeover Outside Fireplace

To makeover it you are not only change all of them of our brick fireplace, but also you can add another thing in outside of it. In above, right or left of fireplace if there are space place to add something. Let’s add bookcases or decoration that can applied in there.

5. Add More Accessories

In adding accessories can show a new beautiful view. You can add more accessories that match with your brick fireplace such as a flower in above it.
Do not afraid if your brick fireplace looks so dirty and old. Let’s makeover it depend of reference above. Prepare what you should do before makeover it.

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22 Best Wood Floor Patterns Ideas Image

A floor is a very essential element that you need to have in your house. It is the basic foundation that your house needs to have it ready. Without a floor, your house would feel incomplete. Most of the time, ceramic is used as most designs for floors. At times, it might get a little boring. This time, you can have the option of having wood floor patterns as your main design.

wood flooring patterns wide plank floors

Wood floor patterns is your main to go design. It is distinct in many aspects compared to ceramics. The feel of wood floor pattern is also different. It has the feel that some wood would provide. The texture of wood would give a different sensation to your feet. Wood floor patter also offers many designs. Different from the ceramic counterpart, it can be adjusted according to your desired design. You could have a look at the designs beforehand. After deciding it, it is to install it.

Most of the time, it is better to install the wood floor pattern prior to finishing your house. Therefore, make sure to notify the developers about applying the wood floor pattern. It is a good idea to grasp the benefits of having wood floor patter. The style of wood floor pattern must be agreed upon your decision.

The wood floor pattern gives you the feeling of being inside nature. Its natural texture provides that hard dense wooden feel. It gives you the vibe of extra comfort once you stand on it. However, apart from ceramic it needs extra care. Wood are usually easily exposed to that of mites. They can also fall apart if it is not latched on properly. You need to make sure that your wooden floor gets the right treatment. If done so correctly, your wooden floor will last long.modern wood floor patterns
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