Painted Dining Table Ideas to Transform the Space

A simple painted dining table can make a great impact on the whole interior. So, you don’t need to get a new one. Just paint it with a fresh new color instead. Not only it can save a fortune, but it’s also very practical.

There are a lot of ways to paint the table. It’s not just simply apply the color you like all over the furniture piece. It’s more than that. To get it easier to choose, this post will provide some of the painted dining table ideas to transform the space.

1. Country Style Kitchen with Fresh Green Table

Country Style Kitchen with Fresh Green Table

Check out the dining table in this stylish kitchen. The green color on the supporting column of this pedestal-style furniture looks so fresh. The country vibe of this cooking space gets even more interesting because of that.

The white elements around the kitchen provide a perfect canvas to contrast the shades of green. It’s a nice choice of the painted dining table to keep the area fresh and clean.

2. Eclectic Dining Room with Painted Red Table

Eclectic Dining Room with Red Table

As you can see, this dining room has a bold color scheme that is unique for space. There are three primary colors in this scene. However, it doesn’t make the area look fussy or color-cluttered.

Take a look at the dining table. It gets revamped by red paint but the legs are still in its natural color of the wood. It doesn’t seem unbalanced which is great. The green chairs can manage to balance the bold color.

If you plan to make a dining room eclectic, just splash them with some bold colors. Red is the perfect choice for the table since it makes the piece more dominant.

3. Sunshine-Colored Table Legs to Match Colored Details

Sunshine Colored Table Legs to Match Colored Details

Without the yellow color of the table legs, you won’t notice that the wallpaper on the background has a sunshine-colored detail. It’s a great technique to try when painting a dining table. Tie in with the small amount of color nearby.

In this case, the designer picks a small detail on the wallpaper image. Choosing the non-dominant color is a great way to connect the scheme in this dining space. Everything won’t seem to be matchy-matchy.

4. Black Colored Painted Wood Dining Table

Dining table with Black wood design in a white room to make it brighter

Choosing the right color for the dining table is not that hard. Just take a look around at the spot where you’re gonna place the piece. When you find the main accent colors, that should be the paint color of the table, right there.

In this case, the designer chooses to have black paint. It becomes an option since there are many dark features around this kitchen. This room has a monochrome color scheme. That would give you an easy decision for the color, right?

The wood color accent on top of the table and the drawer tie in with the countertop. There are also double sconces attached to the wall right above the dining space. It will support the brightness during dinner.

5. Updated Vintage Pedestal Table

Updated Vintage Pedestal Table to make the room more beautiful

This dinky dining spot can be a great inspiration for your traditional dining room. This space has a painted round dining table that has an updated look. The grey chalk paint applied on the base creates the effects of antique. There’s a slight distressed effect that shows the character of this piece.

The top coat of varnish gives a special contrast with the base. So, you get a gray base with a dark brown top. Both of the colors represent every element of this dining area. That’s what the main furniture should be like.

6. White Painted Dining Table

beautiful White Painted Dining Table

One of the recommended paint types to choose to apply it on the dining table is the oil-based one. This white painted dining table has three coats applied. That’s what makes it so white and glossy. The contrast that the rustic wood wall gave to the furniture area is just amazing.

It may take a couple of days to fully cover the dining table with white paint coats. You should wait until it dries. The hairpin legs complete the value of this furniture which is perfect for modern Scandinavian style.

7. Light Blue Painted Dining Table

 Light Blue Painted Dining Table with fancy chandelier

That light blue table creates such a romantic vibe to the dining room. It seems not large enough but this piece suitable for up to 6 chairs in total. All of them are in white to complement the soft blue color.

A centerpiece should be placed on this table to dim the brightness a little bit. Right above the top, you can see the fancy chandelier. It’s there as a floating decoration to create a lively atmosphere for the set.

8. Gorgeous Chalk Painted Dining Room Table

Beautiful Chalk Painting Dining Table with beautiful flower decoration

Chalk paint has become a popular option to do a makeover for furniture. This kind of coating will give a dining table a fresh new look and character. It can brighten things up in the area. People like to use it also because of the durability and easy application.

Well, what’s so great about chalk paint? Using this paint, you can skip preparation. For the full coverage, you will only need coats that are less than the traditional one. The project will be much easier and quicker. It can also be on any surface including solid wood, laminate, and so on.

9. Distressed Painted Dining Table for Shabby Chic Look

Distressed Painted Dining Table for style Shabby Chic Look

If you’re looking for another level of rustic furniture, use a certain technique to get a distressed look to your dining table. It will give you a perfect shabby chic style. You can achieve this look by using sandpaper all over the surface.

Make sure you have the paint in a light color like this one. It would give the pale shades that maximize its natural shabby pattern. Emphasize it more with a rustic centerpiece like this DIY painted dining table. Having dinner on this table would feel like eating on antique furniture.

10. Grey Painted Dining Table

Dining Table in Gray with side window

Painting the dining table with a neutral color is a safe choice to make. Grey is another good option instead of white. Take a look at this fresh design of a dining room. To balance the softness from the painted dining table, the chair’s wooden structure has a soft shade of blue.

Even though the color is different, but it complements each other. The floral pattern on the cushion of the chair adds colors to set. It gots even better with the colorful fabric as decorative covering for the tabletop and the supportive centerpiece.

11. Attractive Dining Table with Colorful Paint

Attractive Dining Table with Colorful Paint around it

This dining room looks so extraordinary. Each element of this space has its colorful charm. From the wall, you are served with two different colors, blue and green. It’s not a matching color, obviously, but it doesn’t feel awkward.

That’s because the dining table set has the corresponding color that ties everything together. Check out the attractive pattern with a colorful design on top of the table. If you’re planning to make an extraordinary dining room like this one, try using a multi-colored pattern to control the situation.

12. Painted Dining Table in Cranberry Red Scheme

Painted Dining Table with Cranberry Red Scheme

Take a look at this fantastic set of dining tables. The choice of color hue on the chair is not an ordinary one. This very specific color has a special impression that not every color has. Painting the pedestal table with cream color will take the cranberry charm to the next level.

There are a matching flower and wall decor to get everything together in this room. Chalk paint can be a good type of product to choose to copy this idea.

13. Sage Green Dining Table and Chair

Sage Green Dining Table and 4 Chair

This four-seater dining table has a fresh sage green color that looks perfect for the outdoor eating area. It’s a piece of nice furniture for your patio or backyard. The clean and modern design is just what every home needs.

If you’re confused about choosing the green shades for the furniture, sage green is probably a good option to try. It’s not just for the table, the chairs need to be in the same color too. That would set the pieces as one.

14. Navy Blue Pedestal Dining Table

Navy Blue Pedestal Dining Table with ornate walls

Choosing such a bold color to paint the table should be done after some considerations. There’s an issue with that. Since it’s the color of the main furniture in the dining room, you have to make sure that the wall in the area has matching colors.

In this case, the wall has the same color as the dining table. There are also some splendid wallpapers to tie with the chairs. Besides using the matching one, you can have it contrast with the bold element in the center. Just leave the wall in neutral colors like white. That would be okay.

15. Painted Dining Table and Chairs

Dining Table and Chairs with Colorful Paint

To add great interest to the dining table, leave the paint neutral, and play with the chairs. As you can see, the whole part of the table has a white color. That’s enough to let the chairs shine brighter in this dining room.

All the chairs have different colors. They are, blue, pink, orange, light blue, green, and yellow. The white painted dining table becomes the perfect canvas for colorful surroundings. Add a minimal centerpiece to let the colors speak louder.

16. Yellow Painted Dining Table with Pink Chairs

Yellow Dining Table and Pink Chairs with black walls

Yellow and pink are a combination that looks different and fresh. This pair of colors is not something you see often in a dining room. The energetic and romantic vibe gets together in such a stylish way. The dining table has a vintage design architecture that fills the space with valuable character.

Covering it with a yellow coat of paint gives the furniture piece a transformation it deserves. Instead of using a neutral color, the designer chooses hot pink to accompany the yellow.

That’s a brave decision but surprisingly successful. It is not an idea for everyone, but it provides an amazing vibe.

17. Red Dining Table with Colorful Scandinavian Chairs

Red Dining Table with Colorful Scandinavian Chairs

Judging by the looks and choice of colors, it’s a playground for kids. Well, it’s not.

This one is a dining room design of a real house. That bold red color is dominating the entire colorful dining room. The amount of light that comes from the outside exposed the bold impression.

That herringbone pattern on the area rug makes the space more and more interesting. There’s a lot of things going on in this dining room. Those Scandinavian chairs have various colors to improve the festivity in this area. Don’t forget about the decoration on top of the table and the background.

18. Purple Painted Dining Table

Purple Painted Dining Table with map wallpaper

Purple is an uncommon choice for a dining table. It doesn’t mean that it’s not a good pick. It can be a great choice if you know how to deal with it. In this dining room, the table color is in line with the detail on the map wallpaper.

As said before, it’s a technique of tying the color of the wall and table together as one. So, the room would feel harmonious. To complete, the classic chairs have an industrial-style structure that is also in line with the industrial. So, is purple a good choice for a table?

19. Boraam Shaker Dining Table Idea

Boraam Shaker Table Ideas with a simple design

This one could be a nice idea for your next painting project. Orange should be a nice color to choose if you have wooden flooring and a white wall. Orange also has a vibe of natural wood. The key is to pick the right shade of orange just like this one.

For your information, this multiple-colored dining table set is a product on Walmart. The name of this furniture is the Boraam Shaker dining table. It’s only about 365 dollars. The simple design allows you to repaint it to the desired color you want.


Finally, it’s time to transform the space with a painted dining table. With a simple makeover, you can make a significant change to the atmosphere. Make sure the chairs are also in line.

The Essentials and Ideas for White Oak Flooring

White oak flooring is one of the materials to choose if you are installing or refinished the hardwoods. There will be tons of choices in the market. In this post, we’d like to focus on the specific one.

White oak hardwood is known as one of the more durable materials. It’s a great choice of element for a modern style of interior. More information about it is coming right up.

1. Why You Should Choose White Oak Flooring

beautiful white oak flooring

There are many benefits you can get in having white oak as the main material of the hardwood floor. This material has been growing in popularity so fast. It seems to be taking over the red one. Here are the reasons why:

One of the main reasons people like to have white oak in their house is because It offers a modern and contemporary look. That’s because it has less graining compared to the red oak. A more uniform flow gives the surface a sleek finish that deserves to be in an up to date style.

White oak wood flooring is harder and more durable than the red ones. It’s a bit more resilient too. Both of them are hard enough to manage the traffic in your house.

If you aim to have the hardwood floor with gray, white, and dark stain color, white oak flooring is the best option.

The price is reasonable since you get a great quality of the material. However, between red and white, it’s not so significant. So, consider the brand you choose. For a character grade, the white oak is a winner.

2. White Oak Flooring Suits Many Styles

 floor space covered with white oak

People love getting their floor space covered with white oak because of its very natural looking. This species has enough versatility to suits many design styles. Compared to the red oak, this one is slightly darker and it’s more yellow and brown too. You will get no pink undertones with it.

With this hardwood, you can easily stain it in many shades. That’s why it’s perfect for any kind of interior style. Set the white oak to be very light to match with the rustic styles inside the house. We’ll some of the ideas of how to deal with this flooring.

That is why white oak hardwood flooring is widely popular. The versatility that it has attracts many people who want to design a trendy interior.

3. Red and White Oak Flooring Grades

red oak hardwood flooring

Many people don’t realize that all oak flooring is not the same. There are 3 main grades for this kind of hardwood: Select, Number 1 Common, and Number 2 common.

The grade of select is the highest one since it has the least variation of color. This is the most expensive one among other grades. The most common color variation and occasional knots more than the select.

As for the second one, there will be a lot more knots and color variations. Technically, the wood quality is all the same. What differs the grade is the look and natural pattern. For the higher color consistency, a select grade would be the choice.

You should know that other grades have their charm and use. So, there’s no right or wrong here. The key is to understand the preference you have.

4. Choosing Engineered Types of Hardwood Over Solid

hardwood flooring over the solid one

Many designers are likely to recommend homeowners to choose the engineered hardwood flooring over the solid one. Both of them have their benefits from the style options to ease of installation. Here are some of the reasons why you should go with the engineered one:

  • Sustainability and Cost. Engineered hardwood is made of a layer that sits on top of high-quality plywood. That’s why it can be cheaper than the solid white oak flooring. It’s a more sustainable option for home and environment since it takes less solid wood to make.
  • Ease of Installation. The engineered White oak flooring wide plank would be easier to install. Besides stapling and nailing the hardwood, you can also just float or glue it. Avoid installing the material in the rooms with moisture issues.
  • Better Moisture Resistance. The solid hardwood is easier to get excessive moisture and water damage. The engineered one doesn’t warp as easily. The plywood material in the base makes it more stable.
  • All Hardwood Benefits. Having this type of hardwood for your white oak flooring is a great choice. You will get all the benefits such as beauty and durability.

5. Tips for Choosing White Oak Flooring Stains

with oak flooring with light wood stain

When choosing the species of hardwood you are about to install, you have to select it based on the natural appearance without the stain applied. It’s very important because this is a lifelong investment in the house.

For the white oak flooring, it’s not an economical option to stain it. It’s because of the brown and yellow natural look. The difference will not be as significant as having the red oak. But, it’s always a good thing to have it stained.

Go with the light wood stain for less maintenance. The dust and dirt are almost invisible. It can also conceal the scratches, imperfections, and dents seamlessly.

If you are looking for something timeless and never out of style, use the lighter neutral wood stain. The classic vibe adds value and appeal to the interior.

What about the darker stain? Well, it’s a good choice of stain too. People say that it’s easier to go darker than lighter. Before choosing it, you have to know that it will be very difficult to go bright once you go too dark.

6. White Oak Flooring Ideas

1. Sophisticated Country Kitchen

Beautiful Sophisticated Country Kitchen

Check out this traditional style kitchen. The incorporation of the white oak flooring adds more elegance to space. The sophisticated country vibe gets even stronger with it. The choice of stain is also remarkable.

The hardwood floor creates an astonishing dark atmosphere. The warm feeling from richly stained elements works simultaneously with all rustic decors. The white oak flooring used in this kitchen is the 7-inch beveled one.

2. White Oak Flooring in Midcentury Kitchen

White Oak Flooring in Midcentury Kitchen

This midcentury kitchen has an outstanding configuration. There’s also a large dining area right at the back. It comes with some custom cabinets that connect with the ceiling color. The only contrast we see in this cooking space is the flooring.

The light hardwood flooring in this kitchen plays an important role. It’s the only element that saves this room from being muted and boring. The neutral grey color all over the elements works well with the natural wood flooring.

3. Beach Style Bedroom White Oak Flooring

Beach Style Bedroom White Oak Flooring

This bedroom has all the elements you need for a beach style. The medium tone of white oak flooring becomes a perfect base for this space. The wood floor looks like it had a whitewash finish applied. The distressed and rustic wooden bed is just what this space needs.

The beige walls get in line with the White oak flooring unfinished effect of the oak hardwood flooring. With minimal colors and decorations, this bedroom looks so comfortable.

4. Oak Flooring in Contemporary Hall

Oak Flooring in Contemporary Hall

This hallway has a trendy medium tone on the wood floor. Take a look at the ceiling. It features a flush mount ceiling lighting.

The material of the floor is rift and quartered white oak. It’s the same one used for the accent wall on the left. It’s a great addition to add character to the wall instead of having it all white.

As you can see, there’s a nice carpet that covers some parts of the white oak flooring. It’s a good decision to make. It gives more color to the floor and attractive too.

5. Cottage Living Room

Cottage Living Room for gathering

This beach style living room has a Quartersawn white oak flooring that looks so impressive. It blends well with the ambiance which the homeowner gave. A warm and relaxing area for gathering. Without a massive window and a lot of outdoor lights, space still looks stunning.

As seen, this living room is small but it has an equally impressive package. The rocky fireplace mantle emphasizes the cottage style of this space.

6. Farmhouse Dining Room with Country Medium Tone

Farmhouse Dining Room with Country Medium Tone

The dining space is part of a large open room. The entire space has a rustic style white oak flooring. All the furniture in this room has a vintage charm. Those lovely chairs of the dining set are visually attractive.

Meanwhile, the wooden beam ceiling is what makes the white oak flooring at the right place. The farmhouse style of the dining table is enough to tie the room together.

7. Beachwood Style White Oak Flooring

Beachwood Style White Oak Flooring

This contemporary living room seems to be out of this place. This space uses a vintage french oak engineered wood. All the space is separated by carpets or rugs. That leaves the walking area for the wooden flooring.

The room contains some neutral colors. If you notice, the oak flooring is the only rustic vibe that this room has. The brown carpets on each side of the space take the tone to match the scheme.

8. Open Concept Light Wood in Small Apartment

Open Concept Light Wood in Small Apartment

The white oak flooring is also a great option for the apartment. As you can see, the space is very limited and a Scandinavian style is needed around here. It’s a great choice to have such flooring since it supports the minimalist style.

This open concept room is perfect for such a small apartment. It needs light wood to maintain the light it needs. The cabinets and wooden bedroom walls connect with the flooring as a whole.

9. Scandinavian Living Room with Light Hardwood

Scandinavian Living Room with Light Hardwood

The light hardwood flooring looks great in this Scandinavian living room. There’s a sectional sofa right in the middle of the space. It manages to be the focal point. The minimalist coffee table has a reclaimed wood top.

This open space contains, living, dining, and kitchen area. It opens up just off the staircase. The amazing skylight ceiling is something you won’t see coming.

10. Contemporary Kitchen with Rich Hardwood

Contemporary Kitchen with Rich Hardwood

The richly stained white oak flooring takes over the entire ambiance of the space. All-white cabinetry goes together with the wall and ceiling. It lights up the cooking area in a stunning way. The hardwood floor was standalone until a wood plank bar ties it to the kitchen area.

While the reclaimed beam bar has a statement-making character over the contrast cabinetry. The addition of stools completes the bar elements. They have brushed visually spacious steel structures.

11. European White Oak Floor

European White Oak Floor

This European style of open kitchen has a nice herringbone pattern. It looks different and attractive. The contrast between the white scheme in this room seems very obvious. That’s why you should incorporate furniture that has the same look as the flooring.

Take a look at that dining table. Its simple design complement the minimalism in this kitchen space. The Scandinavian chairs come as a supportive element that represents the whole color scheme.

12. Living Room with Dark Brown Flooring

Living Room with Dark Brown Flooring

These hardwood floors offer a beautiful dark brown color that’s perfect for your European style living room. This traditional space has a neutral ambiance that pops a neutral color scheme. It creates a truly stand-out scene for the entire area.

That shiplap ceiling is a complement to the rest of the elements. It’s got a slightly lined texture that spread a charming look as well as bright lighting.

13. Fantastic Shaw White Oak Hardwood Flooring

Fantastic Shaw White Oak Hardwood Flooring

Check out this attractive white oak flooring. The walkway of this cooking area looks stunning on its own. The grades look like a lot of things going on.

So, it’s best to keep everything in a neutral color and let it shine for itself. It’s a great choice of hardwood for you who want to make only one element stand out.

7. Conclusion

To conclude, white oak flooring is a better choice compared to the red one. We already explained all the reasons why. Choose the right grades, stains, and types of hardwood according to the budget and style of the interior.

DIY Pedestal Table Ideas and The Essential Guide

Many people would think that a DIY Pedestal Table in a room is too old fashioned. They thought that this special element is not trendy enough for today’s interior designs.

Eating on the pedestal table can be very special for a lot of people who already know how awesome this furniture piece is. The design of this table has a strong statement. Just one thing can change the landscape of the space.

It’s such a great idea to incorporate this table with a cabinet, cupboard, and many others. Mostly, you will see a pedestal table in the dining room and living room. However, it can be flexible for other various locations such as the library, office, and so on.

In this post, you will find out how to deal with the DIY pedestal table and some ideas to support. Let’s take a look at them.

What You’re Dealing With

outdoor brown pedestal table with a side wall

Pedestal tables are useful, stylish, architectural furniture that is dear to our hearts. Some of the characteristics are the round, square, or oval top, the supporting column, and the low-lying DIY pedestal table base. All of the elements are what describes this thing.

Typically, the pedestal table has two size categories. For the one that’s around 19 to 30 inches, it’s the side table. The full-size table will be around 50 to 60 inches across. Choose which size suits your needs.

Why Choosing DIY Pedestal Table

a traditional small dining table and chairs in the room

There’s a reason why this vintage element become popular lately. Many people like to have this kind of table for their dining table. You can also use it for other spaces like an entryway. This furniture piece has a strong silhouette and balanced lines. It will stand out in foyers.

That compact space is notoriously difficult to decorate. Just top the table with a bunch of big flowers to emphasize the distinctive profile. Besides functional entryway, you can use a DIY pedestal table as a desk.

An office room would look less formal with this furniture piece. It’s a great idea for you who seek for a fashion-forward desk. Another purpose of the DIY pedestal table is a coffee table. The design is proven to be flexible for many various places.

As a small piece, you can have pedestal tables as nightstands or side tables. One more thing, the use of this furniture is according to the size and design too.

DIY Pedestal Table Ideas with Round Top

1. White Round Farmhouse Pedestal Table

White Round Farmhouse Pedestal Table next to the kitchen

Well, many homeowners decided to use the table as a breakfast nook because it won’t take a lot of space. There will be a lot of areas for legs for comfortable eating. Having it right next to the kitchen would make it cooler and more eye-catchy.

In this kitchen scene, the pedestal table has a rustic and vintage look. It’s got some contrasting chairs to give a bolder vibe around it. The table’s color complements the kitchen set which makes a good connection with the dining area.

Those blue metal chairs look so inviting. Choosing the soft color tone makes an outstanding bright effect around the space.

2. Rich-Colored Wood Pedestal Table

Wooden pedestal table in brown color with decorative lights in the living room

Want to incorporate a stunning elegance into your dining area? This one is the choice. Set it next to the fireplace, you will feel like you are in a different era. The atmosphere of the past spreading in this room. It’s a cozy breakfast zone that you can have for your house.

This one can be a great DIY pedestal table idea for your next project. Supported by the surrounding, this simple element becomes an amazing focal point.

3. Round Pedestal Table in Coastal Style

Round Pedestal Table with Coastal Style in a white room

With a pedestal table, you can go with a lot of styles including coastal. Take a look at this breakfast nook. It’s placed right beside the upholstered windowsill bench on the window. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy the meal.

The natural light in the morning would go inside the house and let you enjoy your breakfast. Add some chairs to support the seating. Prepare some DIY pedestal table plans to get a decent result.

Lavender in a vase as a centerpiece will incorporate a charm of natural beauty as part of the nook. White is the right color for this style. One more thing, a chandelier on the windowsill? That’s clever.

4. Scandinavian Pedestal Table for Modern House

Scandinavian Pedestal Table for Modern Home with painting on the wall

At a glance, you can even notice that this whole set is a Scandinavian style. The modern design of the round pedestal table is friendly to minimalism. The thin tabletop is perfect for minimalist house. It doesn’t have a leg. There’s only a column to support the structure.

This simple DIY pedestal table blends perfectly with the woven rug that covers the wooden flooring. It’s like the table is built-in to the floor. Some Scandinavian chairs support the theme of this space. It’s gonna be a nice project idea to choose from.

5. Large Vintage DIY Round Pedestal Table

Large Vintage Round Table with lamps beside it

If space is not an issue in your house, why don’t you go with the large pedestal table with thick wood material? Check this one out, it’s a large vintage wooden table with a round top and rustic look. To showcase the natural texture, don’t cover it with paint or any other form of a coating.

Just let it be natural. This DIY round pedestal table could spend quite some time to make. As you can see, that oval column right under it. That needs an advanced woodworking skill to make but it’s still DIY friendly.

There are some vintage black chairs to complement the table’s natural color. As a whole, this furniture becomes so eye-catchy.

6. Redwood Elegant Pedestal Table Library

Elegant Pedestal Table in the room with a classic wall clock on the side

There are many ways to display or use your round pedestal table. One of them is to use it in the library. If you have that kind of space inside the house, this table would be a perfect element to include.

If you don’t have, why don’t try making a DIY pedestal table that can be a small version of the library? Take a look at this gorgeous vintage redwood furniture. It’s got a lot of drawers as storage for knick-knacks and any sort of clutters.

Right on top of it, arrange some collection of books. It provides a sort of entertainment for book lovers. That flower centerpiece completes the luxurious touch of this elegant table.

7. Shabby Chic Side Pedestal Table

Table Pedestal Green color with flower decoration on top

Besides a large pedestal table, there is also a small version of this furniture. Take a look at this one. The shabby chic style will draw attention. A little charm that it has, is enough to bring joy to those who sit on that comfy chair.

This adorable side pedestal table has a little drawer on it. It’s very functional to keep all the little knick-knacks. Those two elements are enough to set a nice and comfortable reading space for everyone in the house.

8. Fancy Pedestal Table Idea

Table ideas with a luxurious concept in the living room

If you want something out of the ordinary, this refined pedestal table can be a great idea. That brass accent on the supporting column of this furniture makes it more impressive and valuable. Let it stand out in the middle of the hallway.

This wood pedestal table base DIY would surely become the center of attention. Place it right in the entryway. It would give a nice impression to guests that enter the house. It will represent the fancy image of the whole house.

9. Pedestal Table with Leaf DIY

a pedestal table in the living room with greenery on it

This is another way to impress the guests that are about the walk through the hallway. Seeing this piece of furniture will amaze them. It expresses a great number of interests in plants or greenery.

It’s something you don’t see very often in a house. As seen in this picture, this house doesn’t have a decoration on the wall. This greenery could be the only decorative piece in this space. That’s why the owner wants it to be big and significant.

The wooden pedestal table becomes a perfect display table for such an amazing focal point. The idea is very simple and it works so effectively.

10. Side Pedestal Table with Vintage Vibe

Corner shelves that change home decor become more beautiful

To fill the awkward corner at the side of the sofa in the living room, a side table like this one would be a great pick. It provides a chic idea for any interior and it looks so cool. The vintage wood look match beautifully with the black wood flooring.

It’s also functional as a display table for the living room decorations such as photos, books, succulents, table lamps, and many more. This compact furniture doesn’t take a lot of space both literally and visually.

DIY Pedestal Table Ideas with Square Top

1. Square Solid Wood Pedestal Dinner Table

Solid Wood Square Tavern Dining Table with white curtains

Besides the round top, square one is also an option. Just like the previous idea, it’s also quite flexible for many purposes. In this case, the pedestal table is used as a dining table. It’s made of poplar solid wood material which has a 12-step multilayer process for the finish.

It’s an heirloom piece of furniture. The black-colored wood makes this table easy to get over. Balance the pale dark tone with the chairs and light fixture above it.

2. Cozy Corner Breakfast Nook

cozy corner room for breakfast

A square pedestal table seems to be the right choice to complete this custom corner breakfast. That’s because of its right angle that allows the homeowner to fully make use of that tight space. For the seating, the built-in benches are just perfect.

There’s no need to add more chairs for the seating. That benches are large enough to accommodate a few people. It’s a smart idea for a house with limited space. Right under the bench, there’s a storage space to keep anything.

3. Corner Dining Nook with Pedestal Table

Corner room with a pedestal table inside

It’s different from the previous ideas. This DIY pedestal idea has a bit of industrial vibe which is great for contemporary houses. As you see, it doesn’t have an exactly square top, it’s a bit rectangular. The black steel structure is what makes this furniture piece special.

Despite all the contemporary elements around the table. That structured leg has an industrial vibe that matches that unique lighting fixture above it.

4. Large DIY Pedestal Dining Table

Large Dining Table with green chairs by the window

This contemporary furniture is called a regent square table. It’s an ideal statement-making piece for the house. The majestic and grand feeling will be ready for your large dining room. For all members big family, this dining table would provide the comfort and style they need.

The design is very simple and easy to copy. What’s make it so comfortable is the open and spacious area for the legs. That’s why many people just love this piece of furniture.

5. Reclaimed Elm Square Pedestal Table for Dinner

square pedestal table with 4 latifa chairs

Enjoy dinner or breakfast in such a different style of furniture. The reclaimed elm square table with matching woven Latifa chairs. A nice flower as the centerpiece creates a good vibe to the ambiance. You can just get rid of the decor items if you want more space on it.

It’s such a great concept to copy for your DIY pedestal table projects. There are a few reasons why people choose the round top over the square one. One of them is the corner edges. If the piece is small or medium then there are only four spaces for the chairs.

The Pros and Cons of Pedestal Table

large dining table with cream colored chairs in the room


  • Allow more seating space around the table especially the round top.
  • Looks more interesting than legs.
  • Various styles are available.


  • The price will be higher, that’s why it’s great to build one yourself.
  • There’s no support in the corners.
  • The legroom is not that comfortable.


Overall, whether it’s round or square, a pedestal table has its charm. Decide to choose the furniture piece you want according to the style and space you already have in your house. Of course, those ideas are great for the DIY pedestal table project.

The Steps, Ideas, and Other Essentials Of Concrete Porch Painting

A concrete porch painting is something to deliver if you want to transform the ugliness into a good looking landscape. A simple painting to the concrete flooring can make a tremendous difference to the whole space.

By seeing the result then, you will regret you didn’t do this project sooner. On this page, there will be some guides on how to paint the concrete porch the right way. There are also some ideas as inspiration for the next project.

Preparing the Tools and Materials for Concrete Porch Painting

Painting tools and materials for your concrete terrace

You will need:

  • Power Washier
  • Paint Sprayer
  • Small Paint Roller
  • Two Painters Tape with Different Sizes (Regular and 1/8 inch)
  • Laser Level
  • Olympic Maximum Stain and Sealer (Corundum and Stonehedge)
  • Ruler

In this tutorial, the paint product we’re using is the Maximum Stain and Sealer from the Olympic brand. It’s a recommended paint that we got from a good amount of research. It’s important to do a bit of research before choosing the right concrete paint for your space.

Choose the one that can hold up to the elements and daily traffic. It should be an essential consideration. Besides this Olympic product, you can also use the Behr granite grip for a different look. We’ll explain the recommended paint products more later.

The goal of this concrete porch painting is to make it look like wood planks. It’s something that you might choose to paint a shiplap wall.

Olympic Maximum is a stain that comes in colors much like paint. For this tutorial, we are using the Corundum that has a darker shade and the Stonehedge for the light one.

Things to Do Before Painting

clean the concrete terrace from dirt before painting

Before beginning the process of concrete porch painting, make sure everything is clean and free from any dirt.

First of all, set the porch area free from everything. So, you have to remove all the chairs, tables, toys, decor items, etc. Move all of them to the other areas of the house. Make sure the porch is empty.

Then, use pressure water to clean all the dirt or anything that has been growing on the surface. If you don’t have the tools, you can remove it by hand. Next, take a look at all the cracks and repair them all. Fill them with clack filler to make the holes smooth again.

Instead, you can use a product that can also fix the cracks while applying the paint. Don’t forget to cover the plants nearby since the paint might damage them. If the surface already has old paint and dirt, clean them all first.

After it dries out, it’s about time to begin the process of concrete porch painting.

Painting Concrete Porch Steps

The First Coat of Paint

preparation for the first coat of paint on your patio

Before applying the paint, do a thorough sweeping. Don’t forget to use painters tapes to protect the house. Stick them all around the area you want to protect. The painting process should be done using a paint sprayer.

If you don’t have one, you can rent it from someplace to save a budget. Using a roller or a brush can also be an option but it would take forever and waste a lot of time. After the sweeping and taping, you can begin spraying whenever you want.

Use the Corundum, the darker shade as the first coating. After the entire concrete surface is covered with the first coat, you will see there are some flaws. It’s not entirely covered. Well, you can fix those during the second spraying.

paint the concrete terraces to make them look like wooden planks

Wait for about six to seven hours to let the coat dry. After that, use the 1/8 inch thick painters tape over the painted concrete surface. Use a ruler to space the tape evenly just like in the picture. Use a laser level for an easy application.

The Next Layer of Paint

process of peeling the paint on the concrete terrace so that the results are good

After all the tape is done, the next thing to do is to paint another thin layer of paint over the painter’s tape. Use a small roller to do it. It would be very helpful to seal the tape to make a crisper line. It’s a genius trick to do instead of using the spray method again.

When that thin layer dries, it’s about time to begin the second coat of paint. Use a sprayer for this step for a proper result. Apply it carefully and make sure it covers every part of the concrete surface. Don’t let any flaws appeared.

Next, when it’s done, wait about several hours until it’s dry enough to walk on it. Next, you can begin the concrete porch paint peeling process. You should peel up the skinny painters tape slowly. It’s gonna be a very satisfying process.

Because of the painter’s tape, you will get an outstanding finished surface. The grooves you get on the concrete paint looks like a shiplap wall in the bedroom.

As seen, concrete porch paint with texture looks so realistic. After you remove all of the tapes, let the floor dry for 24 hours.

add furniture in your concrete terrace to make it more beautiful

After that, it would be safe for you to return the furniture. There you have a nice looking concrete porch. It looks like a shiplap wood but it’s stronger and more durable.

The Importance of Decoration

terrace floor with additional decorations to make it more attractive

The last step for an outstanding finishing is to add some significant decor items. Remember that the design and color of the pieces shouldn’t be taking over the texture that the concrete already has. So, use some of these ideas.

front concrete terrace with door mats

First, try adding a welcome mat. It will feel ordinary if you just use it all alone on the flooring space. Well, you can add an outdoor rug on the bottom as a double background. It’s gonna be extraordinary.

To accompany all the furniture on the porch, decorate the space with some houseplants, garden, welcome signboard, hanging plants, and an antique mirror. It will be the most stylish outdoor space on the block.

The Best Products for Concrete Porch Painting

Best Product for Painting Concrete Terraces in your home

For an advance explanation about the recommended products for Painting concrete porch floors, here are some of the best ones on the market. You can explore all of the options and make sure to choose the one that fits the budget.

These are the other options besides the Olympic Maximum paint that we use in the tutorial.

BEHR Granite Grip

anti slip protection for your concrete terrace

This product features an anti-slip coverage which can decrease any risk of falling on the floor or other kinds of slipping accidents. If you want the porch to improve its safety, BEHR granite grip is a good paint to try.

The water and dirt resistant feature will list for a long time. The great-looking color will last for years. It’s not easy to damage because of the solid material. It’s a nice option for your 3 car garage floor plans.

Rust-Oleum Decorative Concrete Painting

best durable paint for concrete for a more decorative finish

If you want a more decorative result, this is a great product for you. It’s considered as the best durable paint for concrete. Get a nice and smooth result with this one. It will cover the flooring or your porch with the nice Sunset color to please everyone’s eyes.

The bright color of the concrete will last for a long time. However, the price will be higher than the other products but it’s worth the money.

KILZ Over Armor Textured Concrete Paint

floor coatings to treat cracks and holes in your patio

For a more affordable option, choose the KILZ floor coatings. It’s not only designed for concrete but also wooden flooring. The special thing about this product is the ability to take care of the cracks and holes in the porch.

The color that this paint has a vintage look that would please your eyes. The durability of this product is what people like about this product.

All of those products are not the best ones but they received a lot of good reviews from the users. So, all of them are good, including the Olympic Maximum. Make sure you choose it based on the style you want to have on the porch.

Concrete Porch Painting Ideas

Concrete paint floor terrace painting ideas with attention to dimensions

In this part of the post, you will explore some other ideas of how you can design the flooring of your porch or patio. All of the space here is using a concrete surface. The methods are all different from the tutorial.

The method used in the tutorial is all about the basic one. These ideas will be more advanced. Explore all of them to get more inspirations of how to make the space more interesting.

Simple Stripes on Concrete

The outdoor gray concrete floor with the furniture is more beautiful

Using two different colors on a concrete floor will make the space more interesting. As you can see, the tones are still in the same color. The paint is applied in stripes. The gray shades are still in line with the outdoor’s surroundings.

Having them in the middle of the grassy ground looks like a mat. The greyish concrete floor in this outdoor space makes a great base for all the furniture.

Stunning Concrete Patio with Monochrome Pattern

outdoor concrete terrace with monochrome pattern

This gorgeous looking concrete paint would be looking hard to copy. Believe me, if you know the right method, you will find it so simple. This monochrome pattern looks like it’s taking over the whole patio space.

It makes everything on the floor invisible. The impressive geometric pattern all over the space is a risky idea. Make sure there are no more additional statement-making pieces on this concrete floor.

Rustic Farmhouse Vibe with Stenciled Floor

Terrace with Stencil Floor in Country House

It’s gonna be a good option for concrete porch painting in a rustic house. The pale-colored pattern compliments the rustic and distressed pergola roof on this porch. Setting up for a romantic dinner just outside the house would an ideal thing to do.

There’s gonna be some different methods involved in applying this piece of art. It looks like a tile flooring but it’s concrete.

Decorative Faux Rug Concept

concrete terrace floor with concrete posts at the ends

Check out this concrete porch floor paint. The creative pattern will spruce up the outdoor space you have in your house. The designer creates decorative flooring using paint and stencil. It’s an affordable idea to freshen up the old concrete space of the house.

Choose the paint for outdoor use for a long-lasting finish. As you can see, the entire flooring space looks like a faux rug.

Faux Tile Floor DIY Idea

Concrete patio painting ideas with geometric patterns at home

This concrete porch painting idea is so decorative. This technique steals the decorative look of cement floor tiles. The geometric-inspired pattern is applied using a home stencil. Using oil-based paint pens, you can have this durable and long-lasting decorative concrete floor.

Surely, it’s way better than the plain gray surface. For a beginner, it’s not gonna be an easy job. If you have an advanced skill of decorating, this one won’t be a trouble. This concrete porch painting is something that improves the curb appeal.

DIY Faux Tile Floor Concrete Painting

terrace with stripes in the room

This clever method is not so hard to apply. It’s a great one to try for beginners. This concrete porch gets covered with stain. The steps would be similar to the basic tutorial at the beginning of this post. The lines are there because of the painter’s tape.

It needs asymmetrical applications with the right measurement before sticking the tape over the floor before the first coating.

Clever Idea for Colorful Concrete Flooring

Ideas for Colorful Concrete Floors to add beauty

This method allows you to make the concrete floor full of colors. The finished surface would look like a colorful mat. There will be a different vibe in a porch area. It creates a fun vibe for the area. For a house with kids, they will love to play in this space.

concrete terrace with colorful concept in the room

The DIYer chose a soft shade of color to keep a calming vibe. If DIY painting concrete porch is all in bold colors, that would be out of place. The entire space will look so awkward. There’s gonna be too many things happening. Such a disturbance.


There are good reasons why you should do a concrete porch painting. It’s an easy method to update this special space in the outdoor.

Stained Glass Window Designs That Will Captivate You

You probably find your home lifeless and dull. If that is the case, add color and personality to it with our magnificent stained glass window designs. Those works of art have been bringing beauty into various spaces.

Typically, stained glass windows are associated with mosques, churches, and other religious buildings. They also decorate cultural structures, airports, hotels, department stores, and private homes.

The artworks are built from tinted glass pieces sitting inside of a frame. In case you plan to replace your old windows with the new ones, take a gander at these gorgeous stained panels.

1. Stained Glass Window Pattern

beautiful windows pattern for your home

Searching for contemporary stained glass window designs? This vivid tinted panel can be your source of inspiration. It was installed on the exterior door.

Furthermore, the stained glass window panel is constructed with a nice combination of tinted and clear glasses. It boasts an abstract geometric pattern that displays squares, circles, and rectangles.

The abstract pattern adorns the exterior door and entrance’s floor when the sunlight captures the right incidence angle. Meanwhile, crystal clear pieces accentuate different textures and hues of multicolored glasses.

2. Stained Glass Window Film

budget windows design with faux films

You are on a budget but want fabulous stained glass window designs. Don’t despair. Create tinted panels yourself with faux films. They are great for both architectural and ornamental applications.

Moreover, the films give you the look of a tinted glass window at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. Also, they can be directly applied to your windows easily.

In this example, sheets of floral patterned film adhered to frosted glass windowpanes. They lend period charm to space in no time while offering privacy and natural light.

This DIY project works well on divided-light windows like those on the front door or in the bathroom. However, it is suitable for any windowpane since the films can be custom made to your precise measurements.

3. Stained Glass Transom Window

Transom windows are normally decorative

Transom windows are normally decorative. They complement the architectural style of the home. Most homeowners place them over the top of the door’s horizontal beam.

If you are looking to bring transom light into your living space, we have one of the most amazing stained glass window designs. In this picture, the salvaged windowpane instantly elevates the room.

As the image shows, the transom windowpane was nicely suspended by chains in front of the existing window. It provides the tinted glass effect without lots of work. What else could you want?

4. Stained Glass Window Designs for Bathroom

Stained Glass Window Designs for Bathroom

Do you plan on remodeling your master bath? It is seriously advisable to incorporate a custom-made stained glass bathroom window into the area.

Here, the tinted glass windows carry color to the neutral bathroom. They spruce up the area in a jiffy and invite natural light while maintaining the homeowner’s privacy.

The stained glass windows reinsure the area with a renewed Victorian vibe, plus they repeat the room’s color scheme of green, white, yellow, and brown. Wood vanity, flooring, and mirror frame radiate unparalleled warmth.

5. Stained Glass Window Shapes

various forms of windows for home decoration

There is a wide selection of stained glass window designs to select from. Also, those artworks come in various shapes. They can be customized to any color and size for your home project as well.

In this example, the round tinted glass window panel employs hibiscus flowers and hummingbirds. It injects character and invigorating pops of color to your lovely home for certain.

Moreover, this circular colored glass window panel will be an impressive focal point in any room. The unit still enables sunlight to pass through without surrendering your privacy.

6. Stained Glass Window Art

Stained Glass Window Art

You might feel overwhelmed with different stained glass window designs. To make your space more lively, include this stunning panel. The iron chain itself allows easy setup.

This window panel comprises 15 excellent cabochons and 162 tinted glass pieces. It showcases 10 birds sporting their vibrantly colored feathers while perching together on a wire.

The panel looks delightful in the window. It delivers artistic whimsy and energy to the otherwise plain room.

Furthermore, the stained glass window screen carves a cheerful atmosphere. The piece uses various colors and textures to craft a detailed display. It certainly takes complete advantage of natural light.

7. Stained Glass Windows That Open

Stained Glass Windows That Open

Awning windows open outward. They enable good ventilation without allowing falling leaves or rain in. If your home has them, you need to steal this idea.

As the image shows, this awning stained leaded-glass window fills the space with sunlight and vintage charm. It also offers privacy and gives the room a bold splash of color.

The window provides an appealing break away from your home’s modern styling. Clear glass pieces let small blue circular tiles steal the spotlight. Meanwhile, a white-painted frame develops an open ambiance.

8. Stained Glass Window Drawings

plesiosaur tinted glass window

The tinted glass window is created of glass pieces connected with lead strips. Moreover, the handcrafted panel is certainly a lengthy process and requires many stages.

Furthermore, the sketch itself is the first of many-colored glass window steps. This preliminary stage serves as the project’s master plan.

First, the stained glass window designs are determined. After that, the job is to make freehand drawings of them. The sketches are drawn as their miniature versions.

Pictured above is a finished drawing of a plesiosaur tinted glass window. It features bold colors and abstract patterns.

9. Stained Glass Ideas for Old Windows

old window frame is crafted of whitewashed wood

Before you embark on your building or remodeling project, pick the best-stained glass window first. The artwork can inject daylight and character into it. Furthermore, the sunlight will play off the tinted surface within its gaze.

There are many stained glass window designs available. They let you customize your living space brilliantly and strikingly.

Here, the old window frame is crafted of whitewashed wood and beautifully covered with tinted glass. The panel comes in ravishing colors of white and blue. It enlivens the space without blocking the outdoor views.

10. Simple Stained Glass Window Ideas

Simple Stained Glass Window Ideas

If you love minimalistic stained glass window designs, this one wins your heart for certain. As the picture shows, the panel features a simple rose surrounded by a pale yellow frame.

Furthermore, the traditional style panel is constructed with a combination of stained and transparent glass pieces. It brings a sophisticated feel and an antique look to your home.

The metal window frame imbues the space with rustic charm. You can get this salvaged stained glass panel from businesses specializing in reclaimed building materials.

11. Craftsman Stained Glass Window Designs

craftsman style tinted glass window

Here, we show you a craftsman style tinted glass window. It commemorates detailed craftsmanship as well as clean simplicity. The unit is such a great piece of ornamentation for anyone who admires multi-colored elements.

This stained glass window panel helps enhance your interior’s ambiance in a split second. The art form comes in the palette of white, amber, orange, and dark green. Those warm colors allow it to match various designs.

You can place this colored window panel in the entry door. Moreover, it has a geometric pattern that consists of squares, triangles, and rectangles. Those shapes give the room a modern flair.

12. Stained Glass Window Designs for Kitchen

Stained Glass Window Designs for Kitchen

Neutral colors come together in this contemporary kitchen. They generate a tranquil ambiance and welcoming vibe. Meanwhile, dark-toned wood cabinets take the chill off metallic hardware and white subway tiles.

The sink windows are built of tinted glass. They coordinate nicely with pendant lights and granite countertop. Additionally, the stained panels serve as the centerpieces.

Furthermore, stained glass windows have eye-pleasing tones of amber, white, blue, and green. They quickly make the kitchen more attractive.

These tinted glass window panels are both stylish and colorful. Each of them showcases a ginkgo leaf motif in the center.

13. Door with Stained Glass Window Designs

Door with Stained Glass Window Designs

This tinted glass window panel was once dirty, drab, and leaning against the flea market’s wall. Now, it becomes a focal point in the laundry room. The piece teams perfectly with gray-painted barn door, too.

Moreover, the stained glass window in the barn door undoubtedly represents a vintage design. Not only does it boost the room’s ambiance, but also exudes a bit of extravagance and classic charm.

Since this vintage window panel is opaque enough, the piece won’t surrender privacy. It enables the homeowner to obtain some daylight from the skylights into her half bath. The bathroom itself adjoins the laundry room.

14. Stained Glass Window Panel Valance

the stained glass panel valance

If you get tired of your existing window, consider installing the Tiffany style tinted glass panel as a curtain valance. It adds an antique flair to the room in a jiffy. The item can be incorporated into a home office or kitchen.

In this example, the stained glass panel valance was hung in front of a clear window. It creates a dramatic and alluring spectacle of sparkling sunlight passing through.

The window panel has a solid glass construction. There are tiny diagonal and round tinted glass pieces embedded in it. Meanwhile, the yellow and dark red hues of the valance warm up the area.

15. Salvaged Stained Glass Window Designs

Salvaged Stained Glass Window Designs

Do you admire antique stained glass window designs? If so, purchase a salvaged panel. It carries sunlight, rich personality, and visual interest to your remodeled bath or kitchen.

You can find salvaged tinted glass windows at your local antique stores or businesses that specialize in construction demolition. Do not forget to consult with an artisan or restoration specialist before the cleaning process.

Keep in mind that the salvaged panel is different from safety glass. It doesn’t provide protection. Before utilizing the item as an architectural element, be sure you contact with your building code officials.

16. Stained Glass Window Designs for Living Room

Stained Glass Window Designs for Living Room

This space features a living room and a social zone with a pool table. The white ceiling and windows create an airy atmosphere. Dark brown leather L-shaped sofa gives the area a classy look as well as optimum comfort.

The stained glass arched window lends the dual-purpose room a charming pattern and an instant classic appeal while inviting natural light. It works as a focus of attention, too.

Since the tinted glass arched window is huge, it doubles as the background for the wood billiard table. The unit also continues the living room’s palette of white, blue, green, and yellow.

17. Interior Stained Glass Window Designs

Interior Stained Glass Window Designs

The large windows offer ample sunlight. Wood furniture pieces impart a sense of intimacy. Meanwhile, indoor potted plants bring the outside inside. They naturally add color to the area as well.

Two white-framed interior stained glass windows act as a space divider between the dining area and living room. They generate privacy in a small home.

The interior tinted glass windows jazz up the otherwise sterile walls. Moreover, they coordinate well with wood furniture and houseplants.

18. Stained Glass Window Designs for Staircase Landing

Stained Glass Window Designs for Staircase Landing

If your existing windows do not bring enough sunlight into the hallway, no worries. Just implement this idea.

Here, awning stained glass windows lend vivid pops of color to the otherwise boring hallway. The pieces invite natural light without compromising your privacy, plus they inject a renewed Victorian flavor.

Moreover, the colorful tinted glass windows sparkle elegantly over the staircase landing and produce different lighting effects. Striped stair carpet adds warmth and visual appeal to the area.

19. Stained Glass Window Ideas for Modern Kitchen

Stained Glass Window Ideas for Modern Kitchen

This kitchen has a neutral color palette. White dominates the culinary space and sets an open, airy environment. The furniture units carry a modern vibe to the area in no time. Black accents offer dimension and sophistication.

Furthermore, the huge stained glass window provides outdoor views and a good amount of light. It reinsures the kitchen with vibrancy as well as a Gothic spirit.

The tinted glass window’s colors translate into more modern lighting designs, including hanging industrial light bulbs and wall sconces.

There is also a smaller Gothic-style stained glass window. It brightens the otherwise monotonous dining area.

Since the Medieval Period, the ornate panels have embellished many buildings. They continue to steal the hearts of the architects today. That’s the reason you should implement those stained glass window designs.

20 Ingenious DIY Closet Doors You Can Build Today

DIY closet doors are probably one of the most popular things you can try nowadays. This element is mostly functional. If you get the right one, space would get more unique. Many homeowners don’t think about it much.

Well, it’s a door but it’s not just it. You are about to see the reasons why. A change to the door of the closet could change the entire scheme of the room. So, it won’t be just a door.

There are many types of closet doors out there. Here, we’ve gathered the best ideas that are friendly for DIYers like you. Let’s explore.

1. Old Shutters Closet Door

Old Shutters Closet Door with grey color

This closet door is a great idea as a start. The sliding concept for this material would make the space so unique. This old-style element has a big statement for the room with its vintage vibe and rustic texture.

If you have some unused old shutters, this one is a great concept, to begin with. It looks extraordinary. Such a unique element could draw every attention that passes through it.

Even though it looks perfect for rustic room style, it would also work well with just about any style of decor. One more thing, it won’t take a lot of money to make.

2. Barn Door Style with Galvanized Material

Barn Door Style with Galvanized Material

There’s a reason why people love to have rustic decor in their house, even with modern style. Well, one of them would be because of its big statement. It’s easy to drive attention with a rustic element like this one.

Matching it with the reclaimed wood on the ceiling, this DIY rustic closet doors will slide just right. The galvanized material emphasizes the strength that this element already has.

3. Stylish and Sweet Curtains

Curtains Stylish and Sweet with a coat hanger on the side

Beside wooden doors, fabric material like this curtain can be a good option too. It would be a winner for practicality, flexibility, and budget. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to make one.

A curtain would give a different result. You can get a unique and stylish scene that covers the closet. In this picture, the color of the fabric matches the scheme. There’s an option to showcase what’s inside. Just type each side of the curtain just like that.

4. Budget Closet Doors with Burlap

Jute Wardrobe Door in a minimalist bedroom

This clever idea of the DIY closet door is perfect for beginners. It would only take about 45 dollars of the total cost. Seeing at the finished product, you will love how the natural color of the burlap fabric stands out against the white wall.

Add a little bit of greenery to bring life inside this room. It will also keep the emptiness away from this minimalist bedroom. The side table is there to connect with the closet door.

5. DIY French Door for Closet

Brown French door for the Closet

This is a nice example of a french door for the closet. The structure of this element contains arched glass on top and raised panels. It’s a perfect fit to not entirely cover the closet towards the bedroom.

The arched glass allows you to see through what’s inside the closet. No need to paint it for matching, just leave it with the color of the wood. It will be looking more elegant and natural. The bedroom would feel fresh and alive.

6. DIY Closet Doors with Cork Board

DIY Wardrobe Doors with Cork Board in gray color

Corkboard on a door is probably a new thing in your imagination. Well, it can be a functional element to your bedroom. Instead of having an ordinary covering, the addition of this useful material is something to try.

This door is a finished product of refurbished yellowed doors. That framed corkboards make a big impact and make it more functional. You can use the surface to pin something like reminders, notes, schedules, etc.

7. Four-Panel Door for Narrow Space

The narrow Four Panel Door near the bedroom

The concept of this closet door is designed for a bedroom that has limited space. It’s a great idea to try to save a little space on the floor of your room. As you can see, there’s a total of four panels on it. The style of this door design is quite common in Europe and Canada.

In the store, this one will cost you about 150 bucks. In the world of DIY, there’s always a way to build it yourself. Use ¾ inch pure bond Plywood to make one. With some advanced woodworking skills for this project, the finished product would be nice and clean.

8. Blue Folding Closet Door with Trim

Green Folding Wardrobe Door with black floor

The folding concept for this closet door looks so interesting and entertaining. The way it opens and closes is the result of smart design. It also saves some floor space inside the room. One special thing about this element is the trim detailing.

Such trim elevates the quality of the covering of your closet. It also gives a charming Parisian feel around the space. The choice of color is also important to make the element stands out even more.

9. Pink French-Style Door

Pink French style door in room

Painting the closet door with such sweet and soft color is very effective to change the look that affects the entire atmosphere. This french style door has its charm even without the pink. The color brings out the beauty.

Check out the brass handles. It surely adds a glamorous effect to the door. The white wall makes a perfect canvas for the room. You should leave them empty and fill the room with matching colors.

10. Wallpaper Coverings on Mirror Closet Doors DIY

Covering Wallpaper in Mirror Closet Doors DIY in the room

The easy step to make the plain closet door more interesting and colorful is to add wallpaper. As you know, it’s an element that will deliver a big statement to any room. So, choose the pattern you like with colors that match the room’s scheme.

It’s also a great option for the bedroom if you don’t want to cover the entire walls with wallpaper. Just create an accent wall with the closet door surface. Many products of wallpaper are self-adhesive. You can easily stick it and strip it anytime you want.

11. Chalkboard Closet for Kids Bedroom

Chalkboard Cabinets in Children's Bedrooms

It’s something that will drive your kid’s attention especially if they love to draw. Turning the closet door into a chalkboard is a clever but risky move. It’s quite easy to do, you can just use chalkboard paint to achieve it.

For your information, it doesn’t need to be just black, there are a few other options to try. There is a wide range of bright colors for the chalkboard surface.

The step is as simple as painting the door. Let them dry for a few days. Now, it’s ready as a canvas for the kids to build Picasso scribbles or learning alphabets.

12. Decoupage Closet Door DIY

DIY Decoupage Closet Door with colorful material

This one is a great way to make use of leftovers. You can create decoupage using prints, fabric scraps, gift wrap, scrapbooking paper, and many other lightweights, flat materials. Just glue them to the entire space of the door.

The entire door will get covered with interesting and colorful material. That would automatically create a centerpiece or focal point for the room. After that, add painted molding to surround it. You just need to cover one pair of sliders to make an impact.

To make it more interesting, make sure all the pattern is different. Such a colorful twist in a white bedroom will draw attention.

13. Medallions Addition to Closet Door

Added a medallion that surrounds the wardrobe door knob

It’s one of the most fantastic DIY closet doors to copy. The ideas are very simple. You can see that there are decorative ceiling medallions. Typically, this element is a focal point of ceiling design. It’s something that you often see.

The addition of medallion surrounding the knobs of closet doors is a smart move. The position is symmetrical. Painting it all with light green color would make it to be more than just a closet door but it’s special.

14. Upholstered with Nailhead Trim

geometric pattern door at the tip of the nail in the room

Check this one out. This closet door will guarantee compliments from visitors. The upholstery is a concept that many people love. Then, it also has a geometric pattern in the nailhead. It’s such an amazing way to add color and elegant style into the room.

That deep green color is only an option. If you don’t want to make it different, just choose the one that’s matching with your color scheme. Adding the nailhead with its signature pattern is great to improve the scene.

15. Colorful Washitape on Closet Doors

Washi ribbon with colors on the closet door

It’s another simple addition to redecorate the closet door. Washi tape is an easy choice to gives color to the door. You just need a few rolls of washi tape with different colors. It’s a simple way to give colors to the white unused doors.

There is also a range of ways to stick the tape on the closet doors. You can apply it vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or any other style you want. This one can be considered as the DIY closet doors cheap.

16. Faux Shiplap Design for Closet

the best folding wardrobe door design for you

On this bi-fold french closet door, there’s a rustic and chic texture to spread all over the atmosphere. It instantly adds a barn style to the room. You don’t have to create an actual shiplap texture because it may take a lot of time to make.

Just make the faux one for an easy shortcut to get an outstanding character to the door. Use some plywood strips cut and install them symmetrically. This idea is one of the Easy DIY closet doors to copy. Apply chalk paint on the surface to make it look aged.

17. Elegant Barn Door Idea

Elegant design DIY barn style wardrobe doors with room color palette.

Who said a barn style door can’t be elegant? This one is proof that everything is possible in the world of DIY. This closet door is a perfect pick for the room who wants to embrace a variety of themes. As you can see, this modern has a few different designs that go together very well.

That elegant design of the DIY barn style closet door looks fabulous. Well, most people love to leave this kind of element with its natural color and texture. The others would want to make it different and trendy to enhance the color palette of the space.

18. Pink Closet Door for Girly Bedroom

girls room with a feminine touch to the room

This one is one of the sweetest DIY closet doors that ever installed in a bedroom. It’s a perfect girl’s room since the color offers a feminine touch to space. The gorgeous design fits the aesthetics in there.

Choosing that coral pink color is a great move. It’s impossible to ignore the beauty. The symmetrical design of the closet door stands out stunningly in the middle of the white canvas. Balance the charm with other decor items such as flowers, colorful wall arts, and so on.

19. Distressed Door for Shabby Chic Lovers

sliding door concept with rustic look elements

If you love an element with extreme rustic look like this one, you are in for a treat. As you see, this shabby chic closet door looks out of place. However, some people would just love to have a unique piece like this one.

The barn-style DIY sliding closet doors concept is enough to balance the distressed look. The white scheme of the room gives a great chance for the element to dominate the charm.

This door is not something you pick from the garbage. The distressed look is made on purpose using some techniques. It’s quite easy to achieve this appearance. You can just use chalk paint and age it by distressing the layers.

20. DIY Closet Door Makeover Using Painter’s Tape

ideas for remodeling your closet doors to make it more beautiful

There’s a technique you can learn in painting a surface using painter’s tape. Take a look at this closet door. It looks so fantastic and simple. This one uses to be an ordinary door with plain white color. Then, the DIYers worked some magic to it.

You can have this as your idea to makeover your closet door. No need to buy or even build a new one, just use painter’s tape and make it like this one.


It’s not that hard to decide which DIY closet doors that are perfect for your space. Make some considerations before choosing them. You should think about how difficult the project is going to be, the materials, and of course the style of the room.

20+ Fantastic Traditional Living Rooms You Could Have

Traditional Living Rooms have a distinct look. Hence, you can easily differentiate them. Two main ingredients of this style are the elegant design and overall continuous decoration. Everything seems to match with the others.

It’s pretty easy to incorporate a traditional interior style to the living room. It can also be a combination of two styles. Design the space to match your personality and character. Make sure everything is going in the same direction and all the things need to be in harmony.

There are so many ideas and inspirations you can get out there. Hereabouts are some most excellent ideas. So, a lot of times of searching would be saved. Choose one interior design that comforts your feelings.

1. Traditional Rug in Earthy Color

Traditional Rug in Earthy Color in living room

Check out this traditional living room idea. This french style space looks outstanding and comfortable. As seen, the earthy color palette all over the area is a quite dominating scene. Meanwhile, the classic carpet brings the room completely.

Well, carpet or rug is like the specific element of traditional decor. The most living room has one right in the middle. Choose the one with a distinguishable pattern that complements the scheme color of the entire living room.

2. Living Room with Vintage Vibe

Living Room with Vintage Vibe and sofa

All the decor items come in a perfect portion. That vintage sofa with a floral pattern that matches the window valance. The rest of the accent colors serve the traditional living room to a whole new level. Check out the fireplace and its surroundings.

Above the wooden mantel, there’s a couple of flower plants and houseplants on pots. There are some other elements including that outstanding window. Some pink flowers colorize the entire space.

3. Bright Scheme with Textures

Bright Scheme with Textures with rug and sofa

As you see, there are some textural lines on the wall, some kind of moldings. It’s a fantastic combination of elements. All of the architectural touches on the wall make a great background for the artworks.

Some abstract artwork projects blend beautifully with the entire elements. Both of the masterpieces can go side by side on the wall to a maximum background for them. Take a look at the beige sofa. It went perfectly calm to any other things on it.

Right at the couch, you can have pillows as many as you want. You should think about the precise arrangement and “how it’s gonna be”.

4. Classic Traditional Living Room with Fur

Classic Traditional Living Room with Fur

The element right in front of our very eyes is part of the living room. It’s an extra seating with furry cushion for a large group of people in your house. It’s got an inviting ambiance with a bright white scheme all over the room.

You can feel the traditional style from the decor choices and all the furniture connects. Check out that tall centerpiece right in the middle. It highlights the statement of this living room.

5. Cool Living Room Color Scheme

use earthy color element on living room

The choice of color combinations is also key to a successful traditional living room. Use the earthy color elements. That is enough to show a traditional character to space. To make it cool and comfortable, choose the softer shades.

Some patterns can be a nice decor to balance the other ones. As you can see, the pattern on the armchair match with the one on the rug. A little bit of color on the wall artwork is also an effort to give harmony to the entire room.

6. Symmetrical Living Room Design

traditional design with symmetrical element

One of the features you can get in traditional living rooms is the symmetry. Well, it’s not a must-have one but it’s great to see the symmetrical elements. It would make the space super pleasing to the eyes.

Just pair things up to create symmetry sense inside the room. As you can see, there are two twin elements here. You’ve got the industrial bookshelf and leopard-patterned stools.
The perfect choice to balance since the bookshelf looks like a cage for each of the leopard. Right in the center, you can see the classic elegant drawers with a mirror above it.

7. Modern Traditional Living Room

black and white scheme looks better on modern design

Combining traditional with modern style is not something impossible to do. Many people just love it how the designer put each element together. The french style door with rounded upper appears to be looking so stunning as the backdrop.

It creates an astonishing scene from this point of view. The twin doors are not too much. It’s just showing people about balancing all the furniture. It gives a massive and strong statement all over the space. The black and white scheme looks better with the bronze-framed artwork. It
The white wall and ceiling make the bold-colored elements becomes the star of this modern traditional living room.

8. Traditional Living Rooms with Classic Vibe

Traditional Living Rooms with Classic Vibe

Check out this classic living room. The elegance is out of this world in this one. Take a look at that chandelier. That element sparks the traditional style of this space. The choice of color seems so warm with the candle lights decor scheme.

Some more elegances are served in this living space. As you can see, the vintage furniture spread all over the room. Making it looks so classy with a classic vibe.

9. Calm and Cool Living Room

 Calm and Cool with elegant color

There’s a reason why this living room is calm and cool. That’s because of the existence of blue color in the middle of a calm color scheme. That riveted sofa becomes the star of the area despite the architectural wall as the background.

The artwork right at the back of the sofa also using cool tones that match with the sofa. It’s the effort to keep the cool vibe right in the center.

10. Traditional Room with Reclaimed Wood Beams

Traditional Living Room with Reclaimed Wood Beams

This living room has an enormous architecture. There’s a majestic reclaimed wood beam all over the space. That super tall white wood panel emphasizes the fireplace’s existence in this space. It’s a fantastic masterpiece of an amazing designer.

This house features the 2.5 story windows that give an awe-inspiring rustic space. In this traditional living room, you can get the feeling of farmhouse style, too. Two simple words to describe this one is “absolutely stunning”.

11. Elegant Small Living Room

small room is looking elegant with this color

A combination of chocolate, white, and blue looks so interesting in this small traditional living room. This style allows you to mix some colors but the earthy colors need to be the main scheme in the space. Add some coolness with blue tones and some interests with certain patterns.
An area rug right in the middle could be a complete addition to space. It decides the traditional be the main attraction. As you can see, there’s some light going inside the space through those big windows. It’s not too bright but it’s enough to light up the area a bit.

12. Balanced Traditional Style Scene

traditional style room with sofa and fireplace

The balance is very important in traditional style. If you want to add a bold element at one side of the space, then add the same piece to the other side too.

There are a lot of traditional home living rooms that use this method to complete the stylish scene of the space. As seen, the balance comes from each side of the fireplace. The designer decided to fill the wall with a built-in cabinet.

13. Luxury Traditional Living Rooms

luxury traditional living room with elegant sofa

It’s quite easy to find a luxurious house with a traditional living room. That’s because the elegance and classic elements are what luxury needs. That majestic artwork on the background wall is lighted with LEDs.

There’s also a light fixture right above the living space area and its furniture. The chairs and sofa design have all the elegance you need for luxury The green sofa in the middle connects with the background.

14. Traditional Space with Colors

Traditional Space with Colors and flower

Who said a traditional room can’t go colorful? Mostly, space would like to have a muted color scheme or more with earth colors. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t pop some colors in there.

You have broad options to do this. One simple thing is to use the pillows. Use the colorful coverings for them. Make sure they’re all in bold and balance them with other accessories like the centerpiece of a coffee table or wall artwork.

15. Traditional Living Room Furniture with Details

traditional style with furniture and elegant sofa

The detail in furniture is one of the essential things you need to achieve for the traditional style in the living room. In this luxurious house, the sofa has exposed carved wood frames that are perfect for such a style.

It elevates the luxury scene in this traditional style living room. The antique design of the chandelier matches the carved wood frames persona While the white wall and ceiling provide a great canvas for the elements.

16. Living Room with Clashing Patterns and Texture

Decorating Room with Clashing Patterns and Texture

People love to have a traditional room because furniture and decorative pieces can be individual. Just go with the restrained, color-coded design that won’t be a problem even though it doesn’t match. Decorating traditional living rooms is not as hard as you think.

The only thing that matters is the main color scheme. It has to be something neutral or earthy. So, it’s a great chance to embrace different colors and patterns you like to have. This living room has it all. Look at that velvet sofa. It stands out in this space.

17. Traditional Cottage Farm

Traditional Cottage Farm with plant

Are you interested in a cottage, farmhouse style? if you are, this one can be something fun. It features a unique fireplace that has a wood-burning stove. It’s enough to spread the heat all over the room.

This traditional living room has a nice cottage-style charm. It’s also filled with some plants that emphasize its botanical scheme. Pairing the cottage charm with plants is always a winner. On the wall, add flower images to strengthen the style.

18. Living Room with Low Ceiling

Traditional Living Room with Low Ceiling and source of lighting

For you who face an issue with a lower ceiling in a cottage style house, you may like this idea. It’s probably a great solution to try to compensate for it. Apply a bright shade like this one.

Don’t use dark colors. The light ones like white will give a reflecting effect on space. More importantly, the source of lighting. During the day, make sure a lot of lights come inside the living room. At night, the light fixture should cover this all up.

19. Coffered Ceilings in Traditional Space

 Coffered Ceilings in Traditional Space and significant furniture

The texture on the ceiling is the true classical element of this living room. It’s what drives people’s minds to amaze with the design. Incorporating such a strong impression inside a room is very risky. It would take over the entire interior scene.

On the contrary, the owner fills this living room with significant furniture. That creates a bit of balance to the ceilings. You have a lot of texture up there and many pieces of furniture down here.

20. Small Livingroom with Deep Gray Wall

Small Living room with Deep Gray Wall

Another idea for a small living room, you will love how this space arranged. The deep gray wall keeps the room away from being too bright. There’s only one window to support the sunlight during the day. It gives a nice warm atmosphere to space.

The rounded mirror on the wall looks so lonesome. There’s no other element of decor to accompany. Well, it’s done to keep the right amount of brightness that enters the space.

21. Tufted Elements in Bright Living Room

Tufted Elements in Bright Traditional Living Room with sofa

Check out the amount of brightness from the outside that is complemented by the sleek white color scheme. It becomes a perfect surface to colorize the living room and make it more special. The tufted seating brings out the elegance of this room.

The blue elements in this scene dim the brightness a little bit. The furniture design is the key to keep the space away from being too bright. This elegant traditional living room has enough elegance it needs.


There are many traditional living rooms you can choose to be your inspiration in designing the center of a house. All of those ideas are enough to get you ready welcoming such elegant style.

How to Apply the Rustic Wood Countertops Idea in a Modern Kitchen

The rustic wood countertops have reaped the pros and cons of interior room experts. Although it was quite common in traditional rural areas, this concept is considered no longer appropriate for modern society. For several reasons, many people considered it as a bad idea.

However, people have never completely abandoned the concept of rustic wood countertops because of its aesthetic value. Besides, along with the technological developments, the experts have succeeded in improving the various disadvantages ​​of using this furniture.

Therefore, it can be said that the use of rustic wood countertops in modern homes today is no longer impossible. Anyone can use it as part of home decor. However, before applying it, you first need to learn the ins and outs of it. Let us go with the discussion.

1. Understanding the Rustic Wood Countertops Style

brown kitchen table with decorative lights for wooden table and dining table with white walls for rustic wood countertops

The countertop is a flat surface like table used as the place of doing all kitchen activities. When cooking, this part is used for preparing food, chopping, placing all ingredients, and so on. Therefore, we need to use the best quality material for this part.

A Countertop should be heavy-duty, resistant to liquids, heat, sharp objects, and anything watery. Ideally, people use something like natural stone, marble, granite, quartz, or another solid surface. Natural stone is considered the best because of its hardiness.

Meanwhile, in rustic design, all modern things will be out. The room arrangement uses natural materials such as wood or stone as the main component. As it brings the concept of simple, natural, and has an earthy feel, most of the furniture is half-finished.

The same thing applies to the kitchen arrangement concept. The rustic wood countertops are often in the form of live edge wood slabs with irregular shapes. Its distinctive feature is performing furniture in natural shapes and appearance.

We will also find the same case for stone-based furniture. As the shape is a bit rough and unpolished, we will find it different from everything in contemporary kitchens. Broadly speaking, the concept of rustic design has the following points.

  • Prioritize natural nuances
  • There is no modern feel
  • Rustic-themed furniture is handmade but with a comfortable design.
  • Carrying natural color, and certainly predictable.
  • The furniture is made roughly or semi-finished. We can see this on the Rustic live edge table, which is irregular in shape.
  • Has a warm feel and gives a friendly impression to make anyone feel comfortable.

Those are some points that illustrate the concept of rustic. Using this style means, you can enjoy a variety of exclusive designs in furniture. Because it is handmade, you might not find two things in the same shape.

2. Pros and Cons of Rustic Wood Countertops

wooden table with brick accents

However, not everyone agrees that the rustic wood countertops design is suitable for modern society needs. Apart from the art value carried, many people think that this is not a good material to use. Here are some considerations before choosing rustic wood countertops.

The Benefits of Using Rustic Wood Countertops

kitchen table with a sink on the side

Before discussing the minus value of rustic wood countertops, it is better to review the positive things of this furniture. The following are things you may get:

  • Environmentally friendly – Because it is made from natural materials, the rustic wood countertops have environmentally friendly properties. It is biodegradable and can be recycled without giving a negative impact on the environment.
  • Having high art value – Most rustic wood countertops are handmade so they still include various features related to nature. Visible wood fibers are probably the reason that many people want to add it as a collection.
  • Emit peace and warm feel – Natural colors, such as brown or pastels, have the power to provide a warm and peaceful impression. The wood furniture, along with the rustic designs, will make you easier for you to feel calm.
  • Ease of material – The material used to make rustic wood countertops can be obtained easily in nature. It is different from the other materials such as quartz, marble, or granite that require a long process to be processed into furniture.
  • Exclusive design – Generally, rustic wood countertops are handmade. Despite the unfinished and unpolished shape, you will not find two of a kind of them. Besides the shape, you will not the same color and motives.

The Disadvantage of Using Rustic Wood Countertops

wooden table and dining table with white walls for rustic wood countertops

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, several things make rustic wood countertops considered less suitable for use in this era. Here are some reasons.

  • Limited material choices – Not all wood can be used as good countertops. To get the best results and performance, you must use special materials, both for wood and stone. They must have maximum durability because of their heavy usage.
    Some types of woods for countertops that are widely used are oak, teak, Brazilian cherry, walnut, and several others. The above materials not only have good resistance but also are also easy to process.
  • Need extra care – The intense use of countertops is considered a threat to this kind of material. Too many heavy-duty activities we will do on it. Fire, water, heat, cold, and all the cooking processes may decrease its quality over time.
    Besides, wooden material is not easy to clean so you have to use some special cleaners. Hence, caring for Rustic kitchen tables may be far more difficult. People sometimes add a special coat on the rustic wood countertops to make it waterproof.
  • Cannot stand with water and temperature – Wood is not a waterproof thing. However, the rustic wood countertops must accept contact with various liquids and temperature. Damage might not be seen in the beginning, but over time, the water seepage will cause various problems.
    Any damages that may appear because of water and temperature changes are ranging from weathering, mold, discoloration, and so forth. You may give a special coat on to it, but it will not completely solve your problems.
  • Stains appear easily – As we know, the countertops bear a heavy burden during the lifetime. The various processes carried out will bring up stains that cannot be lost easily. Any knives, foodstuffs, heat, and so on will meet and create annoying stains in the kitchen.
  • Vulnerable damage when shipping – Not just a matter of use, problems also arise even from the start. As rustic wood countertops are usually handmade, you might have difficulty in the shipping process. Apart from being unable to fold, many things could be happened, such as bad weather.
  • The complex manufacturing process – Related to the handmade process, most of the tasks are made naturally without a machine. This is not as easy and requires a long journey. Even if it is fast and practical, usually the quality of the rustic wood countertops produced will not good enough.
  • The price is also expensive – Based on various considerations, starting from the manufacturing process, shipping, and so on, you will find that the price to be paid is quite expensive.
    When compared as a whole, then the money spent will be equivalent to countertops made with other better materials such as quartz and natural stone.

Those are some of the pros and cons of using rustic wood countertops. Indeed, behind beauty, there may be a price to pay. However, even if you have to bear several negative values, there are still solutions that can be taken.

3. Choosing the Types of Woods for Countertops

This type of wood has a strong endurance

After understanding various things about rustic wood countertops, now you can determine whether you want to apply it at home. If you are an art enthusiast and want to bring the rustic concept to the home, then you need to learn some strategies, including how to choose a material.

For wood selection, you will be faced with several choices. Choose the right material to keep your rustic wood countertops longer. However, there is not much wood you can use for this furniture as not all kinds of wood have durable enough to do kitchen tasks.

As explained above, several recommended types of wood are oak, teak, Brazilian cherry, maple, and walnut. Because their amount is limited, maybe you will have a little difficulty when getting it.

In addition to using wood material above, reclaimed wood countertops are also quite commonly used. In this case, the wood used is recycled. However, the use of this material is reaping the debate, but at least it can be a solution to the lack of raw materials problem.

4. Which Rustic Countertops Style Should You Choose?

advantage rustic wood has many wooden designs

One advantage of using rustic wood countertops is that you have many choices of wood to enhance your design. Each wood style will give a different feel to the result. The following are some of the commonly used.

Reclaimed Wood Countertops

This reclaimed wood has the same strength as marble

The reclaimed wood countertops are one that has a distinctive appearance because it is a blend of recycled ones. This type of wood has been developed since the 1980s by using high technology.

Although made from recycled materials, it is known to be strong enough for various purposes. This wood is claimed to have the same strength as marble or granite. You cannot only apply it as rustic wood countertops for kitchens but also for bars or others.

Rustic Wood Slab Countertops

wooden slabs can be used for furniture

Another material that is also worth considering is wood slabs. It is the part of wood produced when logs are cut for the first time, which make the shape is irregular; one side is flat because of cutting while the one is round following the original shape of the wood.

Because of its irregular shape, initially, this piece of wood will be discarded or used for other purposes. However, over time, wood slabs began to be used for furniture. Rustic wood slab countertops are also an attractive choice for beautifying your home.

Rustic Live Edge Wood Countertops

wood edge life is usually less flexible with curved shape

Another design is the rustic live edge. For these countertops, you will use wood with its natural form. It makes the shape also look irregular because it adjusts its nature.
This design is artistic because it will be different from the others. However, the rustic live edge is usually less flexible about placement. The curved shape does not always fit to place anywhere.

Rustic Butcher Block

This wood material is a combination of several types of wood

Another design that is no less cool is the rustic butcher block. The material used is a combination of several types of wood at once, including maple, teak, birch, or walnut. Each kind of wood is formed into blocks and then combined with advanced technology.

This type of wood is known to have strong resistance so that it is used widely in the butcher business. However, now its use is quite common in homes as a part of rustic wood countertops ideas.

5. Applying Rustic Wood Countertops into Purposes

Implement Rustic Wood Countertops into your Goals

Despite all the advantages and disadvantages, rustic wood countertops remain an attractive choice for kitchen interiors or other parts. You can choose which materials and designs are suitable for your needs.

Rustic Wood Countertops for Kitchens

Wooden Countertops for Kitchen with decorative plants

For this purpose, you must choose one that has endurance. Reclaimed wood countertops can be an attractive choice because the materials are considered very strong. Even so, it is good you still provide a coating to last longer.

Besides, rustic butcher block is also a choice for decorating your kitchen. It is a kind of heavy-duty wood, which enables you to use some materials at the same time. The design is also beautiful enough.

Rustic Bar Ideas

rustic wood countertops Ideas with beautiful lamp decoration

Rustic bar ideas are also not a bad idea. Although most of the bars now prefer a modern theme, you can just adopt another to make it more interesting. Applying something old-fashioned will give some new nuances.

For this purpose, you might be able to choose Rustic live edge or use wood slabs to give a traditional feel. In this way, you will feel like you were in an old-age drinking place. It is a good idea, right?


The review of rustic wood countertops is interesting to observe. Before this, you may not think that these natural materials can transform into extraordinary masterpieces. This concept can be an inspiration for your artist residences later.

All About The Garage Window Inserts, Designs, Tips, And Ideas

If you’re looking for a garage door window inserts replacements and more information about them, this is the right page to read. Everyone would agree with the statement “Good windows make good garage”.

Windows are like the essential part of a garage. They allow the light inside and it becomes the main ventilation of the space.

You will need window inserts to incorporate the element. It’s something that will make this garage connect with the house.

1. What are Window Inserts

window insert method leaves the original components in place

These are a fully operational window installed withing the existing sill and trim. You can change them without disturbing the old interior and exterior trim. Those remain intact. Having this feature in a garage would give you an easy update to space.

So, what’s the distinction between using full-frame windows and inserts? It’s in the install or replacement methods.

The window insert method leaves the original components in place. It’s to maintain the architectural integrity of the house. It also gives an improvement to the energy efficiency in opening the windows in your hose.

For the full-frame window, the method of replacement will include removing and interior and exterior trim and replacing them. But, it’s a more extensive design. Everything is removed which makes it feels like a new home construction.

2. The Benefits of Installing Garage Door Windows

instaling garage door window inserts will penetrate the natural light

When choosing the windows for the garage doors, you should consider the exterior appeal. It has to be the main factor in buying the products. For the interior, the main concern shouldn’t be on the look. It should be about the brightness of the space.

A window in a garage door will enhance curb appeal. Explore some design ideas that match the entire house’s exterior. Besides, it can also reduce energy use. The existence of the window will penetrate the natural light to get inside the room during the day.

There are three fundamental circumstances you will get to install the windows to your garage door. The first thing is a complete replacement of the current door. Then, upgrading the look of the paneled door. The third one is swapping out the damaged panels in the door.

Choose the design of the windows based on the affordability and the condition of the current door. You’ll know whether you need to change the entire element or just the windows.

The use of Ideal garage door replacement window inserts will make the replacement a lot easier.

3. What You Should Consider

pay attention to the room to be installed garage window inserts

When choosing window inserts for your garage doors, there are few things you should consider. As you know, this element will add extra curbside appeal to the exterior of the whole house. It’s like giving the scene from the outside a facelift.

There are different reasons why people choose to have it on their garage doors. Some people might have perceptions that are not the same as others. Thankfully, window inserts come with a wide array of styles.

There are styles for every need. If you want more visual appeal, the number one priority is how the window inserts match or complement the current frames. It will improve the appearance of the stage you desired.

If you plan to turn the garage into living space such as an art studio, exercise room, and other functions, you will need a lot of natural lights. So, choose the window inserts that allow a lot of brightness goes inside the space.

The plain glass insert is the best choice for this. It will fill up space with the light it needs. The garage area will fill more inviting and welcoming.

4. How to Pick the Right Window Inserts

choose the inserts that suit the garage doors profile

Focus on choosing the inserts that suit the garage door’s profile. So, the curb appeal would be in its maximum performance when it gives concern to the preexisting style.

If you have a sectional ranch profile garage doors, you may need larger window inserts. Probably, the measurement of large rectangular panels should be about 1.2m wide. Go with the plain style for those who simply want a lot of natural sunlight.

For the traditional style of a house, choose the curved Sherwood style. Another good choice is the four-panel wide Sunray.

But, for a garage with sectional Standford profile, there will be only three or six panels wide. Traditional Sunrise and the rectangular Colonial style should be on the list.

The sectional heritage profile garage doors will feature small rectangular panels that will need smaller windows. Suitable styles will be Sherwood and Sunray. What about the custom one?

Well, it will fit any style you desire since you work with a blank canvas. There is a freedom to pick windows with any types, sizes, and styles.

Another thing to consider is the full measurement of the garage doors. Any detail will give an impact on the entire structure. Pay attention to the spring system. You probably need to change it because it has the potential to damage the door.

5. How To Do Garage Door Window Inserts Replacements

window inserts replacement can be done without the aid of professionals

The question remains, “Can you replace window inserts yourself?” Yes, you can. You can safely do the replacement by yourself. However, some window inserts need professional help.

Some window inserts replacement can be done without the aid of professionals. To do it, you should use these steps. To make the job easier and reduce accidents, ask someone helping you out.

In doing this replacement, you will expose some sharp edges and broken glass. Be careful and wear protective gloves for your safety.

  • After choosing the right styles for the garage door, you should have someone to help you out. Ask them to hold the window from the outside. Then, you can begin to remove screws from the inside with a screwdriver.
  • Next, pull the inside retainer while someone is still holding it from the outside. Be careful with any broken glass.
  • After that, you can insert the new glass pane.
  • Have someone holding the outside frame again. Then, you can begin to reinsert the screws you’ve already removed before. Secure them with a screwdriver. Make sure everything is sealed securely.

6. Options for Privacy and Light

solution for privacy and lights is window frosting

If you want the window to provide lights and privacy too, there are options to pick. It’s understandable for those who want such features. The point is to keep the garage as a safe place for the vehicles and the related items that are expensive.

There are things you should do to handle this situation. Placing the window inserts on the top space of the door will make sure no one can see what’s inside. It has to be above eye level of people with average heights.

So, you will have the number of lights you need to go inside the space while managing the privacy well.

But, if you think it’s not a good option for you, you may want to try using blinds or curtains to improve its privacy. It’s practical but very effective. This idea is only great when you use the garage as a living space.

The addition of blinds and curtains will give you the freedom to control both the lights and the privacy of the garage space.

Adding a decorative window film is also a good option to try. It’s an element to add personality to the garage door. It’s a quick and easy solution for privacy. However, the number of lights you will get will be less than the other treatment.

Similar to window film, the tinting treatment is not only giving out privacy but also decrease heat and protects fading. You can even combine the tinted glass with window film.

Another type of solution for privacy and lights is window frosting. There two ways to do it, through sandblasting and applying a frosted glass film.

Both elements offer a similar result. There are still other treatments to choose but those 5 ideas are the best.

7. The Cost of Windows on Garage Door

One of the costs for making garage window inserts is the size

There is a wide range of styles for the window for many profiles of garage doors. The cost can be based on the quality of the material, the design, and the size. For example, the garage door plastic window inserts will cost less expensive.

If you need professional help in installing the window, there will be an extra cost to prepare.

We were doing a little bit of research. You can buy some garage window inserts online. It comes with various levels of prices. Once again, it’s according to the material used to structure the window. If you want more features, add some treatments to meet the needs.

For the installation and replacement, it may cost about between 25 to 55 dollars per window. If you’re installing the regular glass, it may cost lower. However, the double-pane insulated windows could cost a lot more money.

Is it possible to have DIY garage door window inserts? Well, it’s hard to make it from scratch since most products are professionally manufactured. However, if you have the skills and materials, you can make it yourself.

8. Some Useful Ideas for Garage Windows and Doors

One of the garage window designs inserts to keep the space energy efficient

Besides focusing on the garage window inserts, you have to choose the right design to keep the space energy efficient.

  • The shape of the garage door will still be square. The arched opening is the key to design detail.
  • Glass doors can be a nice option to consider. It will eventually give a smart look to your modern house.
  • Beside flat and raised panels, there’s a choice to have the tongue and groove ones. However, it’s gonna be quite vital for the custom design. It can be in vertical, herringbone, and horizontal configuration.
  • Consider having Garage door window trim inserts. Whether it’s in V, X, or cross rails, try out different designs on canvas.

9. Choose the Window Styles for Garage

choose the perfect design for the exterior look

There are tons of styles to fit the garage window inserts. You may need some tips or guides to choose the perfect design for the exterior look.

The first thing you have to do is determining the reason you want windows for the garage. If the goal is only adding lights into space, you just need a simple glass window with a clean-cut looking.

Next, you need to concern the architectural style. You should pick that one that reflects what the home has. It has to match the design aesthetic so the garage would become one with the entire house.

If you want it to be purely decorative garage door window inserts, avoid installing the regular ones. Pay attention to the design detail that brings the styles to affect the entire exterior look.

Energy efficiency should be one of the main reasons for installing windows. Make sure you achieve all the features you desired to have for the garage.

10. Faux Window Inserts for Decoration

Faux Window Inserts for Decoration

There are so many garage door window inserts kits available in online stores. You can choose the products and brands based on the good reviews they get. It’s gonna be easy to decide.

At online stores, you can find some faux products that look like a real garage window. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have a budget to install the real one.

The first recommended one is from the Coach House Accents. It’s a signature decor simulated window for the garage door. This product is made in the USA.

It’s designed for a single-stall garage door. According to the reviewers, it needs at least two people to install. It surely adds lots of character to your garage. The installation is quick which took about 30 minutes to apply 4 Garage door window panel inserts.

As seen, it looks so realistic. You have to look closely to know that’s not a real window. The price is so affordable and it offers a total of 15 years for the warranty.

The great durability is what makes this faux window so popular. You will still see its original white color a year after installation.

Even though it looks like a window from the outside, it’s still not a real one. You won’t get all the features your garage needs.

11. Conclusion

Overall, garage window inserts are an important part of the exterior. You should pick the right design that will benefit both inside and outside the space.

The Gothic Living Room Design Strategies, Exploring the Dark Without Spooky

Talking about a gothic living room, you might imagine a dark and scary situation. You might shudder even more horrified to think entering a house whose owner has a frightening hobby. Your mind will drift to the Dracula story that has already claimed many victims.

Well, that is normal, as we are crammed all the time with scary stories about the horror in Victorian buildings. Yet if we study further, we will see that this concept holds greatness and beauty. Indeed, dark elements are dominating this style but are not like what you think.

To make no longer feel scared, we will discuss the gothic living room design and its application in the modern home decor. However, as an introduction, of course, you need to understand some natures and features inside.

1. Understanding the Gothic Concept

the concept of Victorian Gothic style in the room

Before focusing on the living room design, we have to understand more about the definition of the Victorian Gothic style. As we know, many people think that the gothic style is identical to the gloomy impression. However, that is not true.

The Gothic style was popularly used during the 12th to 16th centuries and was used mainly for cathedrals and churches. Afterward, it was considered tasteless and lacked artistic taste as it deviated from the existing rules. These are some general characteristics of the gothic building.

  • There are one or more towers located on the front or back of the building.
  • Gothic architecture applies the proportion of impressive architecture.
  • It has rib vaulting, which is a roof resembling a membrane and has an architectural element as a relic of Gothic architecture.
  • It has thickened columns/poles as reinforcement of building structures.
  • There is a rose window in the building.
  • It has the stained glass art (clear story) mounted on the walls of buildings.
  • Has a picture on the stained glass, which tells the history of religion and influential figures.

If applied to the room, the Gothic style also has some typical characteristics. To be clear, here are some characteristics you should know:

Colors and Styles

Color and Style in the living room

Many people love to apply a monochrome theme, black and white, but another color will be accepted. For example, you design a completely black gothic living room. To eliminate the darkness impression, they insert a combination of grey to avoid gloomy and dark nuances.

Contrary to what most people think, the colors applied to this style are not even always dark. Some people can still adopt this style with bright colors, like dark chocolate, dark purple, gray, to bright red.


decorating the living room with a frame on the wall

Carrying the gothic style means, you have to prepare a series of luxury, antique, and vintage furniture. Magnificent room decoration is one important thing. Therefore, Gothic can also integrate with other styles that also have a similar concept.

One concept similar to it is the Victorian style, which is known for its majestic and luxurious nuances. This architectural style was popular from the Middle Ages to the end of the 19th Centuries.

As the name implies, it emerged during the reign of Queen Victoria. The term Victorian referred to the designation for building design and furniture construction. It also represented British and French custom to name anything based on monarchical power.

Victorian Gothic Living Room

Victorian style house with large and beautiful rooms

A Victorian-style house is generally built on large land and displays the grandeur of the building. It has a large yard with beautiful gardens. The building consists of many rooms, including several bedrooms, lounge areas, dining rooms, and a large kitchen area.

Another characteristic is the steep roof whose cone-like top equipped with a cupola. The top is sticking up between the roofs and resembling a tower. To be clear, you might be able to see it in the Palaces that stand in England today.

The Victorian-style emerged after the rise of the Gothic era in the 19th century, because of technological developments. While Gothic still uses many natural materials, Victorian adds some new modern components to building construction.

The Victorian also adopted the magnificent Gothic concept. This is reflected in the fashion, architecture, and furniture choice, which emphasizes beauty rather than function. However, these two classic concepts began to be devoid of interest since the 1990s.

This concept is considered everlasting as it lasts up to two centuries, before fading in the 1990s. It was displaced because of the limited land problem that makes people choose more concise spatial planning. However, Gothic and Victorian always became glorified.

2. Designing Gothic Themed Living Room

Design a Gothic Themed Room with wooden floors

After comprehending the discussion above, of course, you begin to understand the concept of this style. Therefore, it is time we move on to the design of the gothic living room. To build a magnificent room, you need to understand the following steps.

Starting the Gothic Living Room Décor

Gothic Living Room Decoration with bookshelves on the side

Designing a living room is easy but difficult at the same time. In any design concept, this room does play an important role and has always been a top priority. The reason is, this room is the center of almost all activities.

Besides the bedroom, you might spend a lot of time here so that the design and comfort must be considered. Generally, the living room is a reflection of the personality, tastes, and character of the residents of the house.

Before applying the Gothic style living room, we must first do spatial planning. First, set the style that you will choose. Some people may like the dark nuances inside their living room, but some others will prefer brighter shades.

For example, you want to design a dark gothic living room that emphasizes mysterious and elegant nuances. In this case, you cannot just change the paint to black and insert the all-dark furniture.

Instead, you have to make a concept to combine style and beauty without reducing the intentions and goals. After setting the desired theme, do not forget to describe the design of the room that you will create.

However, designing is not only about space arrangement. You also need to think about every detail, such as color, decoration, selection of accessories, even all aspects that can affect the harmony in your room.

Choosing Gothic Living Room Furniture

Gothic Living Room Furniture with black and white concept

In space design, furniture selection is one of the important things. What you place in the room will determine the harmony and impression of the style you choose. A pure gothic living room will insert some magnificent things like furniture.

Some common furniture in the gothic living room is the sofa, table, and lounge chairs. Those all furniture will give you a proper medieval. This concept also likes a variety of materials made of wood because it can always display the luxury impression in every inch.

For the furniture selection, the most preferred woods are Cherrywood, rosewood, walnut, or teak because they are considered to have strong resistance. It means that they can be used for generations.

Most of the gothic lovers will not mind placing large and heavy furniture as long as it has artistic value to exalt. Therefore, it is important to place some artistic objects decorated with beautiful carvings, as it will beautify the room.

When designing a gothic living room, you cannot ignore the fabric materials used in furniture. Each piece of fabric must have aesthetic value, along with the materials. Some recommendations to choose are plush silk, velvet, cotton, or satin.

Some fabrics such as damask, jacquard, or brocade also work well with the gothic shades. You can use any decorations with the above materials to enhance the beauty of your living room. Do not forget to choose the deep color to make it perfect.

The Gothic Living Room vs. Other Concepts

gothic living room with lights on it

However, you do not have to adopt the concept of the gothic living room purely. As mentioned above, the architectural style that best supports this concept is Victorian, because both of them were born and then grown together. Even so, you can still adopt other concepts.

You can try to integrate it with rustic concepts that generally reject modern concepts. The similarity between the two concepts is the use of natural materials such as wood as the main component. You can add artistic furniture from rustic style to perfect your gothic living room.

However, you do not always have to combine this concept with something similar. The concept of gothic can also be bumped into things that might not be in line. To make it easy, we will discuss the furniture selection for a modern gothic living room.

While gothic has a classic style and adore beauty, modern concepts emphasize function rather than art. Nevertheless, there is still a middle way to enable you to design a favorite living room with both concepts at once.

You might not be able to limit the aesthetics demands as the main components of the gothic style. However, you can add the function values ​​to your furniture. For example, you can place a dressing table storages to make efficiency and concise in the room.

The dressing table is not only equipped with storage in a modern style but also has a vintage design, complete with a large and classic mirror on it. You can even make room at the back of the mirror for storage or other practical purposes.

Besides, many other tricks can be done to create a gothic living room following the times. Do not hesitate to explore because you will not know what can happen when you do the experiments.

Some Accessories for Your Gothic Living Room

Some interesting Accessories for your Gothic Living Room

In the concept of spatial planning, every object in the room plays an important role. Not only furniture, but even each accessory will also contribute. One characteristic that is commonly found in the gothic living room is the use of very long curtains.

The gothic living room curtains usually have a deep color, such as deep red, with a long size that touches the floor. The pattern must also have the impression of luxury but mysterious. You can also use black, but do not forget to combine it with other colors.

In case you choose black, combining color is also important to avoid dark nuances. The reason is that a completely dark room will not provide beauty but tightness and uncomfortable heat.

As beauty is the main key, any luxurious objects will be the right decoration. For example, the rug is always in the gothic living room. The material used also must prioritize aesthetic and luxurious nuances, such as silk.

You can place the gothic living room rug as a carpet or put it on the wall. In the classic theme, you can choose the darker color, while the millennial spectrums are suitable for modern choice.

A gothic living room usually inserts some small decorations functioned as beauty. For example, large flowers or antique vases are very popular. You can also add a chandelier inside the room to add artistic value.

If you look at a gothic living room as a whole, you will find that each room is arranged in such a way as to display the artistic side. The partly dim color combination is considered as a comfort for the residents.

Some Tips to Enhance the Beauty of Your Gothic Living Room

Tips for Enhancing the Beauty with awesome lamp

In addition to the concepts discussed above, you can also add the following elements to strengthen the beauty of your gothic living room.

  • Choose a large room to make a perfect gothic living room. Considering its beauty concept, you need more space to display various aesthetic decorations in it.
  • The dark color must remain a part of your gothic living room. You do not have to use it for the whole room and can combine it with other colors as long as it does not cover the dark impression.
  • Pay attention to the lighting. Dim lights will work well with the gothic living room because they give a warm impression. Use bright lights only when needed.
  • You can use chandeliers with artistic designs. Its light does not need to be over bright.
  • You can also use other decorative lights that have artistic value.
  • Use furniture that has engraving and has aesthetic value. Room decoration like a statue can also add a gothic impression.

A gothic living room can be an alternative for home decoration. However, before adopting this style, do not forget to take into account all aspects related. Do not let you miscalculate so the results are not as expected.