5 Ideas for Closet without Doors

Are you bored with the usual closet with doors design? If so, how about trying out closet without doors? If you are interested, you can now cover your closet with other alternatives! Here are some ideas that you can have to cover your closet!

Closets are usually accompanied by doors. They are the most utilized design throughout homes. However, there is a possibility that you might be bored with it. The usual design with doors can be changed. There are designs where you can use other ideas to replace the doors. Also, if you already have a door, you can also get some attachments. This guide will provide you the solutions to have closet without doors. Here are the lists of how to cover a closet without doors.

1. Closet with Curtains

Curtains is the first replacement for closet with doors. They serve the same purpose as doors. However, curtains have are softer in the context of property. You also choose a variety of colours and patterns. Staring from the light colours until the ones with the darker tone. The range prices for curtain are not that expensive, compared to a door. Therefore, aside from having more customization, it is friendly for the wallet.

gray curtains with wardrobe doors in the room

There are a few benefits that you can have with curtains. You can wash them every so often when it gets dirty. Hence, making your curtains look fresh every time you wash them. However, compared to that of a door, they are not sturdy. If not careful, you can accidentally scratch your curtains and rip them apart. Also, you must place it near sunlight, so it does not get exposed to humidity. In the end, it is good replacement if you want to have curtains instead of doors. Here are more examples of curtains that you can use for your closet.

a. Closet with Single Curtain

You can customize the closet to only have a single curtain. Instead of the usual two ways curtain, installing one is possible. The design of using single curtain is easy to set up. First you must measure the width of your closet door. The width of the door will determine the curtain’s slider bar. The bar is used to hold the curtain. After that, measure the height of the door. The height will determine the curtain’s height so that it suits perfectly. The rest of the proses is just sliding the curtain into the bar. After it is finished, the curtains can now be used a replacement for the door.

single curtain design with inner shelf wardrobe

The curtain bar can also be covered if you want to hide it. Wood panels can cover the bar. You can match the colour of the panels and the wood. They can synergize greatly. Therefore, you can theme your room as you like it.

b. Closet with Patterned Curtain

There are a lot of varieties of design that you can have on your curtains. The designs are completely up to you to decide. You can always choose a design that matches the interior of your room. For example, you can have a flower motived curtain for your room. Hence, your room will look more beautiful. Adding designs to your curtain will make your room more comfortable. It could always help you to recover after a long day of work. You can buy the designs from either your local shop or online shop. Usually, online is easier to browse because you can search it. Make sure that it has the same width and height as your closet.

closet with patterned curtains to make it more beautiful

2. Closet with folding screen

The next option you can have closet with folding screen. Folding screen is a great replacement to have besides door. They are usually made from hard and sturdy materials. For example, you can have them made from wood. They also have an interesting mechanic. You can fold and store them away if it is not used. This will allow you to have more space if it is stored away. Decoration is also available to have on the folding screen. You can paint them with patterns that you like. Hence, it will make the folding doors more colourful. The folding screen is designed to be a multipurpose screen. Aside from a closet, you can use it to make a little dressing room anywhere. Its potability may help you travel without no problem.

wardrobe with folding screen with small dressing room

Despite its benefits, the folding screen also have a disadvantage. The measurement of the screen must match your rooms interior. It means that it must fit perfectly. If not, you would not be able to set it up properly. Plenty of folding screen are up for sale. It is not difficult to get one. Hence, you can get one for yourself. It is a good replacement for the usual doors. To treat it, make sure to have it cleaned. Sometimes thermites might linger around. It could ruin the folding screen. Always check for bad bugs of your folding screen.

3. Closet Doors without Bottom Track

If you are wondering why this door is included, here is why. Technically for the third option it is a door. However, it is quite different compared to the usual door. It is different because of how it operates. This is a closer door without bottom track. The door is set differently to that of a normal door. The concept of the door is similar to sliding doors. Nevertheless, it does not have the bottom track. After all it is a closet door without bottom track. The door is easily moveable. This happens because the bottom track is removed. Hence, the purpose of the bottom track is to limit the door’s movement. Since it is removed, you can slide it to multiple directions.

closet doors without bottom track in the room

The closet door without bottom track can easily be customized. You can have it move around freely. The design is also not difficult to set. Make sure that you have the hinges installed properly. There are times where the joints can get rusty. It will disrupt the movements of the door opening and closing. Apply oil to the joints so that it is well treated. Hence, it will turn your closet in to a wonderful wardrobe.

4. Closet with Mirror Panel

Mirror panel is the next option on the list. Using closet with doors might be considered boring because of its lack of utility. The mirror panel with help the door to become more useful. Especially because how mirror is designed to accompany your wardrobe. Installing a mirror panel will grant you the utility of dressing. You can get clothes from your closet and see how they fit. Mirror panel also makes your room bigger. This happens because how the reflection of the mirror works. The reflection of your room will create this sense of wide space. Hence, your room will look more spacious. Aside from that, it could also make the room brighter. The light from your room will reflect itself on the mirror. Thus, your room have the light reflection shining across your room.

mirror panel design for your wardrobe

The mirror panels are very easy to install. All you need is the normal door instalment. You must add a mirror frame engraved in your door. After that, measure your mirror so that it fits to the mirror frame. Make sure to install it carefully so that it does not break.

5. Closet Door with Beads

Beads is a good addition to have with your closet door. As a last option, it is for you if you already have a closet door installed. There are a lot of patterns of beads that you can choose from. They are also made from various type of materials. You can have beads made from woods, plastic, carbon or even glass. The beads can be installed easily. First, you must get a thread to put your beads into. The measurement of the thread is equal to your door’s height. Then you can adjust the pattern of your beads. There are many patterns that you can have. You can also have the beads shaping an object that you like.

cupboard door with additional beads to make it more beautiful

The closet door will now look stylish because of the beads. However, you must treat them often so that it does not fall off. Make sure to also be careful so that you do not pull them. Otherwise, the beads will break as they are very fragile. This might be the cheapest option. Installing the beads is not very hard. Just hammer some nails onto the wall and the frame there. Very good option to have on your closet door.

There you have it, 5 ideas for closet without doors. These ideas vary according to your closet condition. If you happened to already have a door, then improvise it. You can attach it with a mirror or beads. Always prepare the calculations correctly so it fits. Remember to take care of the closet doors so that it stays in a good condition. Please share the articles to other media such as Facebook. Good luck with the designs!