3 Simple Corner Desk Designs for Home

Who doesn’t love a great office? Everyone wants to have a nice space where they can work at home. Corner desk designs have been an option for decades to complete your dream home. Sometimes we all have to spend time to complete our work at home. Therefore a comfortable corner desk is a great solution for you who likes to work at home.

Not all homes have much space for a full office. Today that home interior designs have developed that creates more room. The corner desk has been a people’s choice. Especially for those who live in a small home. The idea of a corner desk can be modified into working space without the need of having large rooms.

Corner desks are often identical to computer desks. The truth is that not all is considered as one. The vision of a corner desk is about that working space. This working space can be made into a small office. It can also be a much simpler desk for doing your homework. It is quite simple to create your own personalized corner desk.

To create your own DIY corner desk there are things to consider. Firstly, make sure you know your budget. Secondly, find the right interior design that suits your style and house theme. You can do research on some design ideas and home styles on corner desks. Next, figure out how much space you have at home. After that, visit the nearest home appliance and building store like IKEA to buy your materials.

This guide will help you with some DIY corner desk plans. Here are some inspirations to guide you with creating your own corner desk and small office:

1. Ideas for a Corner Computer Desk

ideas for an indoor corner computer desk

A corner computer desk should have enough space to at least put your laptop or PC there. A simple wooden desk design will give your room a warm homey look. The wood material for your desk would look more appealing in the shade of maple wood. The main function of a corner computer desk is usually for office work. Therefore, it is suggested that you have some drawers to put your files. DIY desk with file cabinets suits best for you if you’re aiming to create a small office in your home.

corner of a white computer desk with gray walls

An all-white corner computer desk looks great. Especially if you like to keep things looking simple and tidy. This simple design only has two shelves slot to put your books inside. The white color gives a clean and elegant effect to your room. You may add some table decor to add a touch of color for your desk. Try adding a wooden figure or metal pots so that it gives texture to your desk.

small corner computer desk with single keyboard drawer

Some houses or apartments only have incredibly small spaces. If you have a computer, a small corner desk is the one for you. This design is meant for small spaces yet still fulfills its function. A small corner computer desk with a single keyboard drawer to put your keyboard. Below the desk, you can add a bit of a rectangle board to put books and things. The top part of the desk is in a triangle shape so that it fits the corner of the house well.

2. Corner Desk Ideas for Bedroom

wall mounted corner table in the room

Some people like to have a separate office in a different room. Some enjoy having a working space inside their own room. The DIY wall mounted corner desk offers a unique touch as an office space. Inside your room, you can recycle leftover woods are create a wall-mounted desk. Any type of wood will work just fine. To create the wall desk you can either attach it straight away with a screw or add strings on both sides. The strings will give the hanging touch and keep the desk safely attached to the wall.

corner desk ideas with two file cabinets in white color

An L-shaped desk could also be a choice. This type of desk looks well fitted due to it’s L-shape. You may use plywood to create this type of desk. The model is a part of the DIY corner desk with two file cabinets. You can paint the cabinets white with a top of maple wood coating on top.

simple corner table with wooden ladder model

One of the simple DIY corner desk ideas is to use a ladder. You will need at least two long wood and some rectangular wood board. The amount of rectangle wood board depends on how many shelves you want to make. In order to have a bit of space to be able to put your laptop, you need a wood board that is wider.

The two long thin wood on the side is important because it makes the ladder stand. Have the color combination of oak wood and white to create a fun yet unique look. The ladder corner desk suits well for a teenage room because it creates a funky look.

corner table with rustic light wood in the room

If you are looking for a very simple look this standing wall desk is the one. This one is a really easy DIY corner desk idea. It has an L-shape base in rustic light wood color. On each left and right side, it has a wood to hold it in place. About half a meter there is a smaller L-shape wood board. You can put your action figures, photo frames, or books there.

To spice up the desk try adding some ornaments. A gold or silver desk lamp will make the desk looks expensive. Add some plants like a small cactus or succulents. A rounded wooden chair will give a great complement to the desk.

diy corner table for your bedroom with gray walls

This DIY corner desk IKEA inspired is a wonderful idea for your bedroom. If you have a grey wall or a light wall color this model will do its magic. The desk has some drawer slots to keep your papers and stationery things. If you like a minimalist look this desk type is the right one!

3. Under the Stairs Desk Ideas

There are efficient ways to save some space around the house. You can make it into a storage or desk space. Many two-story houses have lovely space under the stairs. Those spaces can be turned into a wonderful working space with the right desk decor. You can assemble and do the DIY corner desk IKEA inspired to save a grand amount of money.

The stairs are usually somewhere near the living room. Therefore it will be one of the things people look at when entering a house. Before creating an under the stairs desk, you should decide the design that suits best for your home. Here are some design examples for an under the stairs desk;

corner table ideas under white stairs

This first one is a dark grey-blue desk. The wall that covers the background is in champagne color. This color reflects the light so that our eyes are drawn to the desk. This minimalist design is a perfect combination of simplicity and style. The white chair with the fur gives it a different texture which is a great pair for the desk.

On top of the desk, there is a wooden board to put your notes there. This small yet meaningful space can be useful for studying or doing office work.

rustic wooden tables give the house a vintage feel

This second look is a mix of dark rustic ebony wood color and white. This combination gives it a vintage feel to the house. The L-shape desk fits perfectly against the wall. There are three drawers on the right side. On top of the desk, you may insert an L-shape wood board to create a bookshelf. These shelves are joined to the wall so it looks hanging. Make sure to put about half a meter distance between each shelf. As you can see that the shelf and the chair’s color matches in ebony wood color.

corner table under your stairs with whitewashed wooden planks

If you like the color blue this design is an absolute one for you! The sky blue background gives a fresh pastel look for a white desk. This one is an easy DIY corner desk for under your stairs. You will need white painted wood boards to recreate this look.

The style of this under the stairs desk is a wall-mounted desk. You will need to make a hole to attach the wood boards to the wall with a screw. There are not many assembling to do to make this type of desk. However, you need to do a lot of board cutting. The width of the desk should not fully cover the total width of the sidewall. This will create more room dimensions under your staircase.

corner table ideas between two walls

This last design is also easy. You will need some planks of wood to assemble the desk. Since the desk is in between two walls you probably only need two wood planks. The color you can choose according to the color of your staircase wall. White, champagne and broken white colors are the most commonly used because it makes space looks wider and cleaner.