How to Pick the Right Coffee Table for Sectional Sofa

When it comes to buying a coffee table for sectional sofa, finding the appropriate size, shape, and style that perfectly fits can be challenging. On most occasions, the tables are either overly small or too big.

Sofa sectionals typically receive a bad rap. They are both pretty and practical when styled correctly. Moreover, those furniture units provide many seating options as well as comfort.

However, if a sectional sofa is not teamed with the proper coffee table, the living room will feel out of balance for certain. Remember that it gives a major impact on the whole feel and appearance of your space, so check these options out!

1. Coffee Table for Sectional Couch

oscar v contemporary deep large corner sofa with coffe table

Corner or square sectionals are widely used. You can find them in many homes. They commonly come as a 3-item set and feature 2 arms on each end of the couch. These furniture pieces are suitable for small and large living rooms.

The corner sectional can be placed in the corner of the pocket-sized room or the middle of a big space. If you have this sofa, we would recommend incorporating a square or round coffee table in the area.

Make sure the coffee table does not extend beyond your sofa’s length. Additionally, you should ensure that everyone can reach it. The unit has to evenly fit the negative space, too.

The round or square coffee table for sectional must be two-thirds the sofa’s length. Also, it should be only 1-2 inches higher or lower than the seat height.

In this example, the circular coffee table pairs with sectional nicely. Since the furniture has a glass top, it creates a modern vibe. Its gold-painted metal base brings luxury to the room.

Moreover, the round coffee table generates space in small quarters. The unit allows for easier movement as well. It is child-friendly due to its lack of sharp edges.

A predominantly white living room boasts a gray-blue corner sectional. The furniture comes with a square back, so the circular coffee table assists to soften its shape. It also keeps the living room from feeling too heavy.

The striped and pastel throw pillows look terrific on the couch. Meanwhile, the off white hand-woven rug adds warmth underfoot.

There is a 3 legged side table next to the sectional. It does not only hold decorative pieces and gold table lamps but also helps balance the sofa’s proportion.

2. Coffee Table for U-Shaped Sectional Sofa

coffe table for u shaped sectional sofa

U-shaped sofa sectionals are ideal for large living rooms and offer optimum seating. They instantly make space feel cozier and inviting with its two extended sides.

Moreover, the U-shaped sectionals enable everybody to face each other. This type of sofa can encourage an easy, intimate conversation, too.

Depending on the U-shaped sectional’s length, an oval, square, or rectangular coffee table definitely will be great for it. Those tables help fill in the visual gaps.

Here, the living room was outfitted with black tufted U-shaped sectional. As the image shows, the unit looks super snuggly. It also lends the interior drama and grandeur.

The rectangular wood coffee table compliments the big and cumbersome sectional perfectly. Not only does it exude rustic charm, but also has a shelf for extra storage space.

There are square and rectangular side tables placed next to the U-shaped sectional. They successfully balance the sofa’s scale. Also, those furniture pieces accommodate bottles, books, storage boxes, and decorations.

3. Best Coffee Table for Sectional with Chaise

coffe table for sectional with chaise

L-shaped or chaise style sectionals have one common feature. One side of that furniture will be certainly longer than the other.

The chaise lounge sectionals look best matched with an oval or rectangular coffee table. It fills the elongated space well.

Sometimes, an organic, round, or odd-shaped coffee table or an ottoman will pair with the chaise style or L-shaped sectional. If there is such a sofa in your living room, then you should steal this idea.

A black chaise style sectional employs an elegant crystal tufted back. furniture produces a dramatic effect and a glamorous appearance at the same time. Plush felt throw pillows in light gray accent it delightfully.

As you see, the living room was outfitted with an oval coffee table for sectional. It features a glass top and sits on the pale gray rug.

When it comes to a rectangular or an oval coffee table for sectional, be sure the furniture doesn’t extend beyond the sofa’s arm on either side. That way, the space looks balanced, plus the foot traffic flow won’t be hindered.

Do not forget to accessorize your coffee table for sectional with an ornate metallic shallow bowl. Then, hang black-framed arts of work on the wall.

Moreover, you can put a potted indoor plant in the corner of the room. It will rejuvenate the space. Lastly, showcase your pottery pieces and books on the recessed shelf.

4. Modern Sectional and Coffee Table Ideas

u shape sofa with large windows

As you can see, the living room features both small and large windows. They allow ample sunlight to shine through and brighten up space. White walls evoke an open, airy atmosphere.

The clean-lined chaise sectional comes in light gray. It injects a modern appeal into the living room. Four throw pillows on the L-shaped sofa quickly raise the comfort of the area.

Moreover, a slim rectangular coffee table for sectional is such a great addition to space. The unit boasts a wood top and black metal base. Books and plant holder beautifully adorn it.

The rectangular-shaped coffee table suits the elongated space. It lends the living room industrial charm as well.

Here, the coffee table for sectional sofa includes a square back and arm. They were juxtaposed with a bubble pendant light. It delivers softness to the living room dominated by sharp edges and well-defined lines.

Speaking of coffee table for sectional, the ideal space between the coffee table and the sofa’s edge should be 14 to 18 inches. By following this rule, no traffic flow will be blocked.

Make sure the rectangular coffee table is proportionate to the scale and size of the L-shaped sectional. Additionally, you must consider other crucial factors such as visual weight, width, and height.

Furthermore, one of the coffee table’s sides shouldn’t jut out the sectional. If it extends over the couch, the living room will make you and your guests feel uncomfortable.

5. Coffee Table for Reclining Sectional

coffe table for reclining sectional

If you don’t like the combination of a loveseat and traditional sofa, consider adding a reclining section to your living room. The furniture offers as much seating, plus it is incredibly comfy.

As the image shows, dark gray reclining sectional carves a cozy vibe. The unit also comes with cup holders. It lets throw pillows become the focus of attention.

Moreover, the rectangular wood coffee table for sectional has black metal straps. In no time, the furniture lends a farmhouse feel to the living room.

Buying a rectangular shaped coffee table for sectional especially the reclining one is a brilliant option. It perfectly fills the living room’s negative space.

Furthermore, the large rectangular coffee table feels right situated in front of an oversized reclining sectional. The furniture can accommodate people who sit on the sofa.

The unpainted wooden side table is certainly a must to balance the big proportion of the reclining sectional. It would be better if the unit has storage space for your odds and ends.

Moreover, the walls were painted light gray for a serene ambiance. Large windows and off white curtains impart a sense of airiness. The potted houseplants give living room life.

Round tray imparts a feeling of togetherness, while distressed rug brings a classic touch to the living room. A monochrome table lamp provides extra lighting after the sunsets.

6. Size of the Coffee Table for Sectional

small coffee table for sectional

When picking a new coffee table for sectional, assessing the existing furniture in the living room with a tape measure is a necessity. This will assist you to select the one that suits your space.

We’ve had the tips to help you determine the right dimensions of the coffee table including its width, length, placement, and height. By following these, the unit will feel perfectly proportional to the sectional’s size.

The standard height of a coffee table for sectional ranges between 16 inches and 18 inches, but we suggest choosing the unit that is as high as the sofa cushion. This enables you and your guests to reach any appetizers or drinks easily.

To keep the furniture piece from overwhelming your living room, be sure it is approximately 2/3 the sofa’s length. That way, space feels more balanced and welcoming.

Before determining the right width of the coffee table for sectional, you need to know where to position it. For an easier maneuver, the appropriate space between those two furniture pieces should be around 12-18 inches.

It’s also important to create a comfortable traffic flow. You should leave about 30 inches of space between your coffee table and other furniture units such as entertainment hub and TV stand.

Talking about calculating the ideal width of the coffee table for your living room, be sure you measure the sectional to the TV stand or large desk. After that, subtract 48″ (18″ + 30″).

7. Best Coffee Table for Sectional

triangle shaped coffee table with u shaped

The triangle-shaped coffee table is certainly an uncommon living room furniture piece. It will work well with L-shaped or chaise sectional.

Moreover, the triangle-coffee table for sectional does not only fill the living room’s negative space but also brings a fun surprise touch to the interior. This unusual furniture lends the area a visual interest, too.

The triangle coffee tables are available in various styles, materials, sizes, and colors, so there must be the one that definitely will suit your home. You can either arrange the unit in front of a sectional or place it between loveseat and sofa.

Here, the triangle coffee table goes well with the gray L-shaped sectional. It employs glass top and curved lines. Those two elements grab attention in a flash and keep the furniture from looking basic.

Furthermore, this triangle coffee table works as a great conversation piece. Since the unit has an appealing extra detail, it is sure to spark a good discussion during your dinner party with friends or family.

The sectional allows a black and white checkered pattern to throw pillows to be noticeable. Meanwhile, a black floor lamp infuses a bit of vintage charm into the living room, while a brown wall and area rug set a homey ambiance.

8. Lift Top Coffee Table for Sectional

leather power reclining sectional

If the sides of the living room sectional are equal in length, buying a large rectangular coffee table is a brilliant option. It can accommodate everybody who sits on the sofa due to its big size.

In this example, the lift top coffee table teams delightfully with the white tufted sectional. It delivers convenience as well as style to the living room.

The coffee table is constructed of gray engineered wood. Moreover, the furniture boasts a two-tone ceramic top and tapered legs. It fits wonderfully in a modern living room for sure.

Furthermore, the table has two parts that can lift. They let you showcase decorations or serve drinks and food to the guests before the dinner party. Meanwhile, the storage compartments hold your serving trays or tea saucers.

9. Ottoman Or Coffee Table for Sectional

ottoman or coffe table for sectional

Another option is to use a large ottoman for your chaise style sectional. You can put a tray on top of the furniture. It will display your accessories and house drinks.

Two small-sized upholstered ottomans can be clumped together. The pieces serve as an additional seating and coffee table, not to mention they inject softness into the interior.

Here, the upholstered ottoman comes with a shelf. The element keeps newspapers, books, magazines, and remote in place. It makes your morning reading more enjoyable.

The living room is dominated by neutral colors. Since the ottoman has a gorgeous pattern and vibrant hue, it helps break up the monotony.

Before you shop a coffee table for sectional, examine the living room and take some measurements first. Bear our suggestions in mind and purchase the one that truly works with your existing sofa.