19 Gorgeous Basement Kitchens Ideas You Should Try

If you have an underground room, luck is yours. Maximize the interior square footage by turning it into a welcoming kitchenette. Before creating the renovation plans, take a look at these brilliant basement kitchens ideas first.

The basement kitchenette becomes a new trend. In most cases, it is a smaller part of a more expansive living area. You might spot a family home theater, a guest bedroom, or an entertainment hub with a tiny kitchen constructed at one end.

Furthermore, the kitchenette itself is a pocket-sized kitchen mainly used for preparing basic beverages and foods. This basement culinary space also offers a place to store snacks and assist develop a homey environment.

1. Basement Kitchen Cabinet

basement kitchen cabinet design

Searching for cool basement kitchens ideas? Give this one a go. Here, the kitchenette features striking gray cabinets. Those furniture units soften the look and exude a serene atmosphere in a split second.

Moreover, the gray cabinets provide so much storage for dinnerware and snacks. Crisp white countertop and backsplash introduce a nice contrast. They keep the basement kitchen airy, too.

Metallic hardware and appliances are a great addition to the kitchenette. Not only do they coordinate well with gray cabinets, but also ooze industrial charm.

2. Basement Kitchens Ideas with Island

wood basement kitchen island and cabinetry

We fall in love with the unfinished wood basement kitchen island and cabinetry. Those furniture pieces set an inviting vibe, not to mention they lend the underground room some rustic appeal.

Black quartz countertops perfectly top the lower cabinets and island. They are not just easy to clean, but also inject sophistication and drama into the basement kitchenette.

Two wood-and-metal chairs accompany the kitchen island. In no time, they assert a sense of cohesiveness. Light gray carpet, ceiling, and walls allow wooden furniture to become centerpieces.

Window lets in a good amount of sunlight. Meanwhile, floral short curtain spices up the otherwise neutral basement kitchen.

3. Small Basement Kitchens Ideas

simple kitchen for basement

Do you have limited basement space? If yes, don’t despair. This kitchenette can be a good source of inspiration. It boasts neutral colors such as pale gray, pure white, and beige. They generate a light feeling.

Everything is kept minimal. That way, the small basement kitchenette doesn’t look stuffy. It only employs a few appliances. Laminate wood flooring delivers a visual interest to the area.

The wood accent wall serves as a backdrop for a round mirror. It fills the basement kitchen with an outdoorsy feel. Metallic pendant lights and downlight prevent the tiny culinary space from becoming drab.

4. Basement Kitchen Flooring

shiny hardwood flooring for your kitchen

Talking about basement kitchens ideas, you need to put shiny hardwood flooring into your consideration. Not only does it enhance the appearance of the room and add brightness, but also elevates the whole interior.

Moreover, rich hardwood flooring emanates a cozy ambiance. It allows a patterned area rug to be an eye-catcher. Wood is not so suitable for the basement since that area is quite humid. Also, this element is more challenging to clean.

If you want low-maintenance flooring materials, go for vinyl and tile. Compared to hardwood, they offer easier cleaning.

5. Basement Kitchen Layout

all woods cabinets shaker kitchen style showroom moose basements

We love the layout of this luxury basement kitchen. It boasts Shaker-style cabinetry painted in white for a crisp look. Metallic appliances were nicely plugged into cabinets. They lend the culinary space a trendy appeal.

A marble backsplash and countertops infuse timeless glamor into space. The black island was placed in front of the cabinets. It houses an under-mount sink and grounds the room at once.

The under-cabinet and accent lights cast a soothing glow. Meanwhile, two pendant lights over the island give the space superior illumination.

6. Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas

basement kitchen bar for your home

Speaking of basement kitchens ideas, many homeowners usually include a dry or wet bar in their kitchenette. This beverage center is not always used to prepare alcoholic drinks.

Here, the bar was furnished with wood countertop and black stools. Two metal pendant lamps bring industrial charm to the interior.

Recessed can light brighten up the room in the night. Taupe glass-front upper cabinets and white ceiling impart a sense of lightness. Multicolored backsplash tiles produce a unified feel.

7. British Style Basement Kitchen Remodel

british style basement kitchen remodel

Plan on remodeling your basement? Take inspiration from this British style kitchenette. It delightfully overlooks the terrace. The white feature wall and ceiling emanate an open atmosphere.

Round table and dining chairs create an intimate setting for family dinners. Meanwhile, wood flooring and countertop instill a comfortable environment.

Green cabinets and cream English range cooker enliven the kitchen. They also infuse some classic appeal into the room. The indoor plants bring a homey vibe to the scene. Floating shelves display spice jars, dinnerware, and ornaments.

8. Contemporary Basement Kitchens Ideas

Contemporary basement Gray Kitchen Ideas

Varying shades of gray come together in this basement kitchen. They fill the room with a calm ambiance and sophisticated feel. Moreover, the culinary space employs hidden storage to hide appliances from view.

Windows allow lots of sunlight during the daytime. Recessed lights offer adequate lighting after dark. Three conical glass pendant lights provide extra illumination. They emphasize the big island, too.

The kitchen features a large dining area with upholstered chairs. It enables the homeowner to host formal dinners. Meanwhile, open shelving showcases elegant drinking glasses and keeps the kitchen from feeling too heavy.

9. Functional and Fun Basement Kitchens Ideas

basement kitchenetter with white furniture

This basement kitchenette has a stark white door, countertop, ceiling, and cabinetry. Not only do they enlarge the space, but also create an open atmosphere. Black metal hardware contrasts with the cabinets.

Stainless steel kitchen appliances develop a trendy look. A wood arch, backsplash, and flooring carve a welcoming mood. They lend a touch of nature to the interior, too. Pale gray walls maintain the room’s relaxed feel.

The artwork prevents the wall from feeling empty. Two white-and-wood swings bring a fun appeal to the kitchenette. They help calm the children’s minds. No doubt, this basement kitchen is a perfect place after a movie or beach snacks.

10. Basement Kitchens Ideas with IKEA Furniture

basement kitchens with ikea furniture

Are you on a budget? If so, apply this idea. As the picture shows, the basement kitchenette was equipped with two-tone cabinets from IKEA. Those furniture items come in white and light gray. They ooze a stylish flair.

Moreover, this IKEA basement kitchen has a built-in storage area for appliances such as mini-refrigerator and microwave. Since the units were recessed into the lower cabinets, they develop a cleaner appearance and save precious space.

Different shades of gray on the floor and walls exhibit a tranquil ambiance. Open shelving carves provides an airy settin. Wood accents warm up the room, while the artwork acts as a head-turner.

11. Basement Kitchen Lighting

warm kitchen lighting design

The basement is normally associated with a gloomy, musty space. However, this underground kitchenette breaks the stereotype. It employs pale gray hardware-free cabinets and walls to develop a light atmosphere.

When it comes to basement kitchens ideas, you should make sure that there is appropriate lighting. Installing recessed lights and pendant lamps is such a great solution. They offer adequate illumination.

Moreover, LED strip light lends the space a decorative effect. Meanwhile, the under-cabinet lights tastefully illuminate the work surface. The layered lighting and neutral color palette create a well-lit, airy kitchenette.

12. Rustic Basement Kitchens Ideas

rustic basement kitchen ideas in your home

Generally, rustic style basement kitchens ideas use the white or gray color scheme. The neutral palette keeps the space feeling open and light. Brown carpet tops the otherwise plain floor and exhibits a homey ambiance.

Dark-toned wood cabinets look terrific against the pure white backdrop. They add a healthy dose of drama to space. The laminate backsplash does not just allow easy cleaning but also produces an updated look.

Furthermore, the exposed log beams and wood columns reinsure the kitchen with a rustic feel. The open glass shelving displays ornamental pieces. Black metal track lighting and under-cabinetry lights brighten up the kitchen.

13. Vibrant Basement Kitchens Ideas

vibrant design for your kitchen

This basement kitchenette is not spacious. However, it is both functional and fabulous. Crisp white walls send out an open ambiance. They also serve as a backdrop for appliances and cabinetry.

The blue cabinets pop against the white walls. They make the room more appealing and fresh. Black floor tiles, kitchen appliances, and dining chairs lend the culinary space a dramatic effect.

Stainless steel countertop, dining table, and cabinet handles give the kitchenette a stylish touch. The light gray rug provides comfort and warmth underfoot. A blue vase is perfectly tied into the cabinetry. Faux flowers set a cheerful scene.

14. Beachy Basement Kitchens Ideas

basement makeover ideas for your home

This is one of the most stunning beach style basement kitchens ideas. The room features blonde wood flooring and cabinetry. They instill a light ambiance and ooze rustic charm at once.

Sky blue walls and white ceiling carry a beachy vibe to the basement. The multicolored rug defines the kitchen from a sitting area furnished with a comfortable sectional sofa in muted gray upholstery.

Lighting under open shelving and downlights offer great illumination. The decorative pieces generate a focal point. Backsplash tiles and area rug create a cohesive look.

15. Basement Kitchens Ideas with Brick Walls

basement kitchen ideas with brick walls

What’s not to love about this basement conversion? Space has a white shiplap wall, light wood flooring, horse painting, and exposed beams. In an instant, they add a farmhouse feel to the interior.

Brick walls and stainless steel hardware inject some modern industrial appeal into the basement kitchenette. The bottle rack was perfectly plugged into the gray lower cabinets.

Marble countertops evoke a sumptuous air. The open metal shelving teams delightfully with a brick wall. High stools and two-tier island transform the kitchen into a perfect hanging spot.

16. Second Kitchen in Basement

secondary suite kitchen in luxury finished basement

The homeowner built a luxury second kitchen in the basement to show her love for baking and cooking. Here, the space was equipped with Shaker-style cabinets painted in white. They allow the backsplash tiles to catch the eye.

Moreover, the interior of the upper cabinetry was lit with LED lights. They add elegance and an airy feeling to the room. The cylinder pendant lamps and under-cabinet lighting illuminate the area even more.

The spacious kitchen island includes an under-mount sink and curved faucet. Black countertops exude a sense of sophistication. Meanwhile, dark wood flooring carves a warm ambiance.

17. Basement Kitchens Ideas with Dining Area

amazing of basement kitchen ad bar ideas

This neutral-colored basement employs a kitchenette outfitted with unfinished wood cabinets. The two-tier island and black high stools create a cozy place for dining as well as sitting.

Furthermore, a round table and patterned upholstered dining chairs were added to the side of the kitchen island. They infuse grandeur and comfort into the basement. The sitting area is great for movie nights with family or friends.

Stone kitchen island and accent wall along with exposed wood beams celebrate the raw beauty of nature. That can recessed lights and square pendant lamps prevent the basement from becoming dark.

18. L-shaped Basement Kitchens Ideas

modern l shaped kitchen design

As seen in the image, the L-shaped basement kitchenette boasts temperature-controlled built-in storage for various beverages. The black cabinets house snacks, utensils, and dinnerware. They lend depth to the area, too.

Light gray walls send out a peaceful atmosphere. They call attention to the dark cabinetry, while stainless steel handles and appliances produce a refined industrial feel.

That white ceiling is a crisp contrast to gray walls. While the backsplash works as a focal point. Moreover, this granite countertop perfectly complements the black lower cabinets. An open shelf lets the homeowner find his drinks easily.

19. Modern Basement Kitchens Ideas

stylish design for your kitchen

This basement employs a small kitchen that only occupies a single wall. White ceiling and pale gray walls evoke a sense of airiness. Wood flooring radiates warmth throughout the area. It prevents the space from being too cold.

The kitchen island and chairs make for a compact yet comfy dining area. Both full refrigerator and mini oven were incorporated into the cabinets. Metallic appliances as well as dark gray cabinetry develop a modern look.

Pendant lamps and can recessed lights keep the basement kitchenette well-lit. A huge black-framed mirror casts the illusion of a bigger space.

With our basement kitchens’ ideas, you can transform your underground space into a hideaway. The images above show building a functional kitchenette that does not sacrifice style is completely doable.