Small Victorian House Plans That Will Wow You

During the reign of Queen Victoria, the architecture was magnificent. Although this style started in the late 19th century, it remains popular among homeowners. If you admire its ornate details, read on for some small Victorian house plans.

Moreover, Victorian homes reflect the prosperous era in world history with their exquisite decorations, lavish rooflines, and elaborate trims. They also feature verandas, gables, towers, bay windows, and turrets.

Victorians are available in different sizes and shapes. Additionally, they have various subsets, from Gothic to coastal. Without further ado, let’s see our collection of small house plans that will carve a nostalgic atmosphere.

1. Narrow Victorian House Plans

house with a narrow model with a classic interior

Most Victorian-style homes have two stories. Their interiors usually showcase a more classic layout. The dining and living rooms are normally situated downstairs, while, the bedrooms are on the second floor.

Furthermore, some homeowners opt for split bedroom interior designs. The master suites are typically at the ground level. They offer modern comfort within the very distinctive traditional architecture.

Because of high land prices and density, there are also urban Victorian-style neighborhoods. Those two factors continue to force homeowners to construct on narrow lots.

If you live in an area where the property is at a premium regarding the land availability and price, consider building small Victorian house plans. Despite its tiny size, it is equally as impressive as the grand one.

In this example, we show you a one-story compact Victorian house plan. It only requires 300 square feet of land. The home itself comprises 1 bed and 1 bath. Moreover, there is no space for a garage.

This one-story small Victorian house employs ornamental exterior features like bracketed posts, gingerbread trim, and spindled railing. It also has a wraparound front porch, textured shingles, pitched roof, and symmetrical facade,

Furthermore, the exterior was painted in muted green and off-white. Those colors blend nicely with the surrounding sceneries. Meanwhile, the healthy lawn gives the tiny Victorian house a refreshing look.

2. Gothic Victorian House Plans


gothic style with wood and stone textures

When people say the word Gothic, the vision of a haunted house quickly springs to your mind. You may also find the home creepy and gloomy, especially if the building is old. It is a Victorian style’s subcategory.

The European churches in the Middle Ages greatly influence the Gothic design. It features one-of-a-kind architectural elements such as gingerbread trim, turret, adorned roofline, and textured shingle. They produce a castle ambiance.

In this example, the two-story Gothic house boasts sharply pitched roofs. The features come in irregular shapes and have an intricate gable facing the front. Meanwhile, the bracketed columns evoke a sense of grandeur.

Moreover, this small Victorian house plan allows you to have three bedrooms and 1.5 baths. As the image shows, the home has no garage. The well-maintained lawn lends the outdoor space a breath of fresh air.

This small Victorian house fills the eyes with its eye-catching mix of colors. The pale cream paint is used on the siding, gingerbread trim, columns, and windows. Plum works as an accent color for the exterior.

Furthermore, plum adds a Victorian feel to the exterior of a home without making it look creepy and dingy. Meanwhile, cream introduces a stark contrast. It also tones down the bold color.

The house exterior displays different textures. Both wood and stone blend very well with the surrounding area.

As a homeowner, you can include bay and arch windows. They help reflect the house’s character and old-world charm. Moreover, the elements give the already incredibly ornate house a visual appeal.

The sash windows let abundant natural light pass through. To assist sashes to live a gorgeous life, you should waterproof and upgrade them with double glazing.

Do not hesitate to install a trellis. It lends your window the unexpected beauty and nice European architectural accent.

3. Small Victorian Cottage House Plans

small victorian cottage home plan with a stunning and healthy lawn

Are you obsessed with cottage design? If yes, give this small Victorian house plan a shot. As the picture shows, the home is predominantly decorated in the light color scheme for an airy environment and open ambiance.

The exterior of the cottage Victorian house is commonly painted in three colors or more. Here, pale gray and crisp white develop a tranquil setting. Meanwhile, black and plum add drama to the home.

This small Victorian house is two-story high. It can accommodate three bedrooms and two baths. Unfortunately, the plan does not include a garage. To make up for its downside, the home boasts a breathtaking and healthy lawn.

As with other Victorian homes, it is perfectly complete with a wraparound porch. The element works as the extended seating area. Classic columns deliver elegance and glamor to the exterior.

Another noticeable feature is the intricate woodwork. It comes in various orientations, sizes, and shapes, lending unique patterns to the facade.

You probably think the gingerbread trim, wall surfaces, columns were beautifully hand-carved by local artisans. But, they are mass-produced. This is common for house styles in the Victorian period.

The homeowner also used stones, bricks, pitched roofs, and scalloped siding. They make her house timeless and appealing. Shiplap exterior walls carry a cottage feel to the exterior.

Vintage pendant lamps illuminate the front porch after dark. Cupola roof and sash windows let lots of daylight enter the rooms. Well, this small Victorian house is a wonder to behold.

4. Small Victorian House Floor Plans

minimalist design with different paint color combinations

Victorian houses were constructed to impress. No surprise, they typically feature sumptuous and elaborate floor plans. You can easily find cubbies, decorative interior staircases, crannies, and nooks.

Moreover, the interior rooms of Victorian homes may employ turrets and towers. They usually come in various styles and sizes. Those elements are often found in studies, libraries, parlors, or bedrooms. They exude a castle vibe.

Typically, a small Victorian house has an unusual combination of paint colors. It is usually coated in at least 3 hues. Some are more muted, while others remind you of cotton candies.

Here, coral and pure white dominate the home’s exterior. The colors generate a cheerful ambiance. Meanwhile, dark gray accents are a drastic contrast to them. High pitched roof and gingerbread trim evoke a Victorian feel.

Sash windows and entrance door with glass pane ensure the house does not feel dark and cramped. In addition to providing plenty of interior light, they give the home character and interest.

This small Victorian-style house boasts asymmetrical facades and adorned roofline. It was constructed with a distinctive, stylish, open floor plan.

The unfinished wood gates and concrete walkway imbue the house with rustic charm. Potted outdoor plants round out the front yard.

5. Old Victorian House Plans

an old house with a combination of off white paint and red bricks

This two-story old Victoria house preserves a lot of the homeowner’s youth memories. It is dainty but delightful. The off-white and autumn red color on the exterior create a terrific contrast.

The lawn instantly rejuvenates this small Victorian house. Meanwhile, the facade is splendidly covered in climbing plants. There is a huge tree next to the home. It does not only block excess daylight but also keeps the house cool.

As seen, brick walls, textured shingles, and big bracketed columns make the exterior more attractive. They also deliver a classic flair to the house. Moreover, pitched roof, asymmetrical facade, and intricate metal detailing ooze Victorian charm.

Furthermore, the combination of off-white paint and red bricks develops an excellent balance for this small Victorian house. Sash and bay windows lend the exterior a timeless appeal.

The Victorian-style home normally features big windows for daylight to shine through. However, it still does not enable the light to reach back hallways as well as bedrooms. That’s why homeowners usually hang mirrors in those rooms.

An old Victorian-style house is associated with something dim and dreary. Since it has high ceilings, the statement lighting becomes crucial. The homeowners love juxtaposing a crystal chandelier with the classic plasterwork medallion.

6. Raised Coastal Victorian House Plans

raised coastal victorian house plans with tall buildings

If you live in a flood-prone zone, put a raised house into your consideration. The structural foundation for this home design normally uses piers, stilts, pilings or concrete masonry unit block walls. They elevate the abode off the ground.

This small Victorian house probably lacks width, but the building makes up for its drawback. It is high enough to accommodate two floors with several interior rooms.

Moreover, the house includes exterior features like a textured shingle, gingerbread trim, asymmetrical facade, and beautiful slates. Those elements are identified by intricacy.

As the picture shows, the home has a neutral color palette. Both beige and pure white set the tone of the exterior. They carve a coastal ambiance. Meanwhile, gray accents offer a sophisticated feel and team tastefully with them.

Furthermore, this small Victorian house boasts combination and picture windows on the first floor. Those in the upper story come in different sizes and shapes.

Speaking of the house plan, this coastal Victorian home comprises 3 baths and 4 bedrooms. The dining and living rooms are located on the same floor for extra spaciousness. They also give you easy access to the welcoming rear porch.

The master bedroom is situated in the first story. It is equipped with a walk-in closet, dressing area, and private bath. Two bathrooms and three beds on the upper floor create a family-friend beach house.

7. Queen Anne Victorian House Plans

queen Anne style house with a beautiful combination of textures and colors

There are varying subsets of Victorian homes. However, in the U.S. Queen Anne and Italianate styles are very popular.

The Queen Anne Victorian houses typically employ tall windows, gabled roofs, rounded towers, and interesting decoration. They are normally three-story high as well.

Here, that small Victorian house in San Fransisco proudly represents the Queen Anne style. It has a marvelous combination of textures and colors. The dark gray gable roof lends the exterior an inviting vibe.

Light gray and white are the major players of the house. In no time, they send out a serene atmosphere. Wood front doors warm up the area. Spindled railing, arches, and bay windows add old period charm to the exterior.

Talking about a small Victorian house, asymmetry is certainly a must. It is one of the most important exterior elements.

The interior rooms have towers of various sizes that extend up to multiple stories. The elements are often utilized as libraries or bedrooms. They create an asymmetrical appearance from outside.

This Queen Anne style house also boasts a front entry garage. Meanwhile, scallop and shiplap sidings turn the exterior into a head-turner.

8. Small Victorian Terraced House Interior Design

small victorian terraced house interior design

The homeowner converted a Victorian terraced house from drab to fab. She used color and fabrics to turn it into a bold statement of her style.

In this example, we show you a modern Victorian house exterior. The terrace boasts honed limestone floor tiles. There are armchair, fireplace, and a potted plant, too.

Move to modern Victorian house interior design, the galley kitchen was outfitted with cabinets painted in emerald green. They bring the otherwise plain space to life. The refrigerators and freezers were concealed by them.

Furthermore, the blonde wood flooring was accessorized with a predominantly pink Turkish rug for a cozy ambiance. Gold and silvery accents evoke a sense of glamor.

Two patterned curtains complement the black metal rod. They keep out glaring sunlight. The houseplants wonderfully connect indoor and outdoor areas. Pots and fruits give the kitchen of this small Victorian house more vibrancy.

9. Italianate Victorian House Plan

home ideas in italian style

Do you have a small Victorian house? If so, opt for Italianate style. As the name indicates, it follows the villa design during the Renaissance era in Italy. The homes normally showcase wide eaves and low roofs.

Typically, the Victorian homes only have two stories. Here, the house feels complete with an asymmetrical facade, bracketed columns, slates, spindled railing, and textured shingle.

Sash windows make the exterior airy and timeless. While the wreath lends the house holiday vibes. Staircase, lawn, and walkway provide different textures.

Light green, as well as off-white, add a cheerful and airy refresh to this two-story Italianate Victorian house. Sash and arch windows allow in abundant sunlight.

Just because the homes during Queen Victoria’s rule were portrayed as being grand, doesn’t mean you can’t have a small Victorian house. Steal any of those plans and designs to create an abode of your dreams.