Designing the Walk in Closet Floor Plans for Various Rooms

A walk in closet floor plans is the first thing you have to prepare before starting the space arrangement. As we know, this feature is necessary to help organize your fashion items. It will make it easier to find and care for your favorite things.

However, you may encounter many challenges while doing it. To make a walk in closet floor plans, you have to consider many things, including the condition of the room, the number of items, and the selection of furniture.

Everything must be thought carefully to avoid losses caused by the wrong prediction. The condition of the house, as well as the room inside, will have a big influence on the walk in closet floor plans. Each location may require a different strategy and approach.

Therefore, we do need to plan all the details so that your storage space can function properly. In this review, we will discuss some strategies to apply when creating walk-in closet floor plans at your home. The followings are the detailed explanations.

1. Walk in Closet Size Floor Plans

things to know while planning for a walk in closet

As an initial description, a walk-in closet is a room used for storing fashion-related objects. You can place clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, and even makeup kits. Several complementary facilities are also provided, such as dressing tables, mirrors, fitting rooms, and so on.

Because of the complex function, the design of a walk in closet floor plans must be as neat and detailed as possible. You have to consider every available space so that it can be used optimally. Then, what is the minimum size to be suitable for use?

This question is difficult to answer because it depends on the amount of space and items inside. Even a large walk-in closet will look crowded if there are too many items in it. The improper arrangement will also affect the impression.

However, according to Hunker, a walk in closet floor plans must have a minimum area and height of 4 feet each. With this size, your room will be able to accommodate at least a shelf and a hanging wardrobe. Whereas the room can accommodate a seating area, the area must be at least 6 feet.

When making a walk in closet floor plans, you must place a distance of approximately 24 inches to be a walkway for trafficking. This size is the minimum standard to be able to move comfortably in the room.

You also have to make sure the walkway can reach all storage furniture effectively. Meanwhile, according to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards, it must be able to pass at least one wheelchair size. Thus, people with disabilities can still access this room.

However, the standard of the walk in closet floor plans above is only the minimum size specified for user convenience. Of course, in reality, you can still adjust to your needs and conditions.

2. Master Bedroom Walk in Closet Floor Plans

master bedroom bathroom closet layout

The design of walk in closet floor plans for a master bedroom may vary, depending on the condition of the room itself. For a large enough room, you can place many features inside. Instead, you have to turn your brain to use the room as efficiently as possible in a narrow room.

However, everyone will try to make their bedroom as comfortable as possible by adding various features to support convenience and comfort. There will be two types of arrangements, namely for rooms with a bathroom and without it.

  • Walk in Closet Floor Plans with No Bathroom

modern master bathroom and closet

For rooms without bathroom, the walk in closet floor plans might be simple. It will consist of two parts, namely bedroom and storage space. You can choose whether the main entrance will be directed to the sleeping area or closet first.

  • Bathroom and Walk in Closet Floor Plans

Large luxury apartment with bathroom and walk in closet

We assume that most people who have a walk-in closet in the room have enough space in the room. Therefore, most master bedroom walk in closet floor plans will likely include a bathroom in it.

Thus, we have to implement some strategies to make it feel good. However, in spatial planning, people tend to place the toilet close to or close to the bathroom. It is very reasonable because most people consider the two as one unit.

The fitting and changing clothes activities are related to the bathroom, as well as everything related to makeup. The following are some of the templates that used widely in designing a walk in closet floor plans, according to Design New House.

– Bedroom-Closet-Bathroom

bedroom closet bathroom plans

In this walk in closet floor plans, the bedroom is the first destination when entering the room. A path to the toilet is in one corner, which will then have another way to the bathroom.

– Bedroom-Bathroom-Closet

bedroom bathroom closet layout

This arrangement concept is the same as before. The bedroom is the first destination. Then, you will find a path towards the bathroom. The closet is the ultimate goal of these designs that are usually well designed and luxurious.

– Bedroom-Bathroom and Closet

bedroom bathroom and closet plans

In this arrangement, the bathroom and closet are equal. After entering the bedroom, you will find two paths, each of which leads to a different destination but remains close together.

3. Designing Walk in Closet Floor Plans by Width

walk in closet floor plans by width

The spatial planning will depend on the width of the area. As stated above, the standard of walk in closet floor plans should be at least 4 feet in width and 4 feet in height. Besides, you must add the appropriate distance for the walkway in the room.

However, reality may not always be the same as the theory. Everyone has a different space area so that the strategies will be different. The following are some tips and tricks for making the walk in closet floor plans based on the size of the room.

  • Large Walk in Closet Floor Plans

large walk in fashion closet design organization

Designing a walk in closet floor plans for a large room is much more flexible because you can complete it with various additional features, such as seating areas. However, that does not mean that your job will be easier.

Managing a large space is sometimes confusing. The size of the room often makes the walk in closet floor plans even more ineffective because we forget some details for room efficiency. Therefore, you still have to be careful in designing the space arrangement.

To anticipate negligence, then you must keep in mind that storage-based furniture must be in the corner of the room. Placing the cabinet close to the wall will make the room feel spacious in the middle, while you can use it for another useful purpose.

Even if there is still a lot of space left in your walk in closet floor plans, you can use it for the dressing room, dressing table, or placing decorations that can sweeten the appearance of your room. A large mirror can also be an alternative to facilitate your activities there.

  • Small Walk in Closet Floor Plans

small walk in closet floor plans

You do not need to be sad when do not have enough space to build proper storage space. With an efficient arrangement, you can design the best walk in closet floor plans even with a small room.

In a limited space, your walk in closet floor plans will be even easier and simpler. As much as possible, make sure that your room has sufficient walkway distance for mobility. Meanwhile, the storage media will be on the right and left side.

When you have determined the right walkway distance in the middle of the room, then you need to place the right furniture to store things. Choose some small-sized cabinets or adjust them to the room.

The walk in closet floor plans in small space should use the vertical storage concept, where the use of walls is more dominant than placing furniture on the floor. You can use tall cabinets to expand the storage area, as well as some wall-mounted shelves to save space.

In this concept of the walk in closet floor plans, the use of baskets or storage boxes is also very necessary. Its use can help you organize things and place them according to type. Thus, everything will be tidier and easier to find.

The cabinet you choose should be equipped with many drawers so you can place more things inside. You can also put several supporting furniture such as a dresser or mirror in a walk-in closet floor plans, but arrange it so that it does not take up too much space.

  • Narrow Walk in Closet Floor Plans

narrow design closet for your room

In the room arrangement, you may encounter narrow space problems. This is not always a small room but this kind of room sometimes is difficult to manage. However, there is still a hope to make it useful in your walk in closet floor plans.

For this narrow room, you might only be able to use one side of it for storage space, while the other side may only be used as a walkway. However, even though this room is not large, that does not mean you cannot design the best walk in closet floor plans.

Using minimalist furniture is the only way to anticipate the narrow space. You also have to apply the concept of vertical arrangement in the walk in closet floor plans. Use some wall-mounted shelves to maximize storage space.

If you are in a room like this, try placing large mirrors or glass decorations on the wall. It will help to give a more spacious impression. Also, adjust the lighting to be bright enough. This is necessary to reduce the tightness impression inside.

4. Walk Through Closet Floor Plans

walk in closet modern wardrobes

A walk-through closet is a storage space without any door. Generally, this is a small room located behind the bed. This feature is designed to be very private so that the owner can do visit whenever needed.

However, a walk-through closet is not properly referred to as a room as it only a deliberately left space used for storage purposes. You may not find much furniture inside but a custom wardrobe, dressers, or simple closet fittings.

Some people use a big cabinet as a separator between the walk-through closet and the bed. Besides, you can also build a wall or put a curtain mounted from ceiling to floor. Because of its hidden location, you will not be able to see any other room there at a glance.

Nevertheless, a transparent separator can also be an option. Using glasses materials will be appropriate for those who apply the concept of openness. Thus, any items stored in the walk-through closet are visible.

This method can give a modern feel and a wider room impression at the same time. Whenever you look around, you will see beautiful collections that you want to visit. Besides, you can minimize the crowded impression in the bedroom.

However, if you use transparent dividers, you have to ensure that your belongings are well arranged in your walk-through closet. You do not want to see a messy arrangement behind the wall.

5. Some Additional Tips in Designing the Walk in Closet Floor Plans

tips in designing the walk in closet floor plans

Besides the explanation above, there are some other things that you can apply when designing a walk in closet floor plans. Here are a few:

  • pay attention to the lighting. The brighter the room, the more spacious the room will seem;
  • use bright-colored paints or wallpapers to give a fun impression;
  • the use of mirrors or glass materials will help give a broad nuance, even in narrow spaces;
  • all cabinets should be covered. Do not expose clothes directly to the air to avoid dust or damage; and
  • do not forget to keep it clean.

Those are some little tricks for designing a walk in closet floor plans at your home. It will be full of challenges but everything will feel fun when lived. Not to mention, you will feel pride when you see the result.

Finally, we can say that having a special storage space for fashion collections is an effective way to organize your belongings. Based on the strategies above, you can start designing the best walk in closet floor plans at your home. We wish you good luck!