The Beautiful Teal Accent Wall Ideas to Calm Your House and Mind

The teal accent wall has received a lot of attention in the design world. The combination of the blue and green spectrum was quite popular in the 1950s to 1960s and considered to provide magical nuances to those who enjoyed it.

Even in the modern world, this wall is also appropriate and never old-fashioned in the world of home décor. However, you cannot use it carelessly and need a strategy to make it perfect. That is the point of our discussion.

1. The Definition of Teal Accent Wall

teal accent wall for living room

Before talking about this accent wall, surely we need to know more about the spectrum itself. In general, this color is described as a fusion of blue and green, considered as the darker version of turquoise and cyan.

The use of the name teal is also not without reason. This spectrum can be found in the eyes of Teal birds, which is between blue and green. Then, this tint began to be introduced in English since 1917.

This unique blend is considered to have a magical feel because it produces an elegant, calm, and flexible atmosphere. Those who like this color are considered an open-minded figure. They always learn to understand the situation without having to judge.

Because of its nature that gives a calm but energizing impression, this color develops rapidly. This tint was also increasingly popular when a crayon producer named Crayola began to make it on their collections list with code # 113.

In the 1990s, teal became increasingly popular and became a basic theme used by big brands including Microsoft. Even many sports teams choose this color for their uniforms. Over time, interior art began to glance at this color.

Based on the positive qualities emitted, this accent wall began to be introduced and became a concept in interior design. This tint is adaptable to various furniture designs and colors so that people are interested in applying it to their house.

For most people, this color is a symbol of the ocean, sky, and tropical. The combination of natural nuances blends easily with various architectural styles, ranging from mid-century, rustic, gothic, and various other concepts that carry nature.

On the other hand, this glowing accent wall seems to never go out of style, classic but still in harmony with modern styles. You can even combine it with a variety of other dominant colors, ranging from gold, cream, chocolate, pink, and navy.

2. The Beauty of Teal Accent Wall Décor

the character of each accent

Each color has its character, so does the so does this spectrum. Its use as decoration will affect the atmosphere of the surroundings. To be clear, here are some of the benefits gained when applying the teal accent wall in your room:

  • Symbol of joy – A teal accent wall is considered a symbol of enthusiasm and excitement. It gives a modern feel in comfort and tranquility. The color reminds us of the atmosphere of the sea and blue sky so that you feel the aura of joy without having to feel rushed.
  • A touch of peace – The blue spectrum has always succeeded in creating a calm atmosphere. Likewise, the teal accent wall. Behind its energizing nature, this color also gives peace to anyone who stares at it. If applied to room decoration, it can help reduce stress and depression.
  • Believed to increase concentration – When you are in a hurry, anything will seem wrong. However, it will be different if you are feeling calm and comfortable. All ideas seem to flow smoothly so that our work satisfying. That is how we feel when being in a room with the teal accent wall. The calm and comfortable atmosphere created will help you think more clearly. Therefore, this color is also suitable for workspaces.
  • Easily to combine with any color – The other advantage of the teal accent wall is its flexibility in blending with any color. You can combine it with the other spectrums to produce the perfect combination. Therefore, you will not have difficulty placing any furniture or decoration.
  • Strong color – Behind the calm nuance, the teal accent wall is also quite dominant in other colors. Therefore, even if you combine it with some strong spectrums, its resulting impression will never be completely covered.

For the reasons above, the teal accent wall is applied in the art of room decor. You can use it in a variety of rooms to give an elegant feel instantly. Using the right strategy and touch, you will get the most soothing feel with this spectrum.

3. What Teal Accent Wall Should I Use?

teall accent wall with red sofa

The teal accent wall is not definite in color. Several derivatives make it possible to differ from one another. Usually, this depends on the combination of other colors. To make it easier, we will divide it into two outlines.

  • Dark Teal Accent Wall

dark teal accent wall in your bedroom

This is the color produced if you combine the teal accents with dark combinations such as deep green or navy. This color has a relaxed power but also awakens energy and creativity at the same time.

When combined with dark green, a teal accent wall will remind you of the elegance of the deep ocean under the freshwater. Meanwhile, combining it with the navy will create a classic nautical feel. In general, the dark accent will create a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere.

The advantage of using this teal accent wall is that you can easily combine it with any furniture and accessories. The gold, metallic, or deep mustard is the right choice. These colors will give a futuristic, modern, and luxurious feel.

You can also combine it with brighter colors such as dusty pink or white to give it a feminine feel. Besides, living in a dark teal accent-wall bedroom will enable you to stay peaceful and calm so that you have a nice sleep every night.

  • Light Teal Accent Wall

an attractive and cheerful living room

The light teal accent wall is that you get when you insert bright and pale shades into this color. Some spectrums that can produce this color include gray, dusty pink, yellow, white, and other bright tints.

Just like the dark one, this light teal accent wall will also give a feeling of peace and energizing. However, the bright colors will make you far more excited about doing anything. As it is more radiant, this tint is not suitable for relaxation-based rooms.

The light teal accent wall will be suitable to be placed in a room such as a bathroom, reading room, or productivity spots. However, with some strategies and the right mix, you can still make this color a choice for your bedroom.

4. Applying Teal Accent Wall for Your Rooms

teal accent wall in your kitchen

The teal accent wall will simply beautify every part of your house. However, you may need some different strategies to apply it.

  • Teal Accent Wall Bedroom

teal accent wall bedroom with chandelier

A bedroom is a place to apply the concept of the teal accent wall. This private space is intended as the most comfortable room to spend time and rest. To support this goal, of course, you need a proper space arrangement.

Selecting the teal accent wall in your room will help create a calm and productive feel at the same time, but if you are not someone, who likes to do many activities inside, then a darker shade might be more suitable.

As discussed above, the dark teal accent wall is best combined with something gold to deliver luxury and calm impressions. Anyone who stays in this room will tend to have a calm feeling and attitude.

The combination of dark teal accent wallpaper with strong colors like brown and green will also provide a beautiful atmosphere like being in the wild. Therefore, the use of this color is perfect for space designs with a mid-century or rustic concept.

On the other hand, using a light teal accent wall will give the more energizing feel. The bright colors will provide a kind of natural nuance along with an energy boost to be more productive in carrying out activities.

If you choose the teal accent wall for the bedroom, the bright lighting will be the best to create a cheerful atmosphere. Most people choose to combine this color with white or gray to give a modern feel as well as the impression of a spacious room.

  • Teal Accent Wall Living Room

living room with beautiful chandelier

A living room is arguably one of the most important places in the house. Besides homeowners, some guests may spend here during the visit. Therefore, spatial planning must also be impressive.

For this room, you can use any type of teal accent wall, both dark and light. The only thing you need to pay attention to is how to set it up to look elegant, comfortable, and classy at the same time. Furniture and decoration choices play an important role.

If you want a modern, romantic, but also mysterious nuance, just use dark colors. Combine your teal accent wall with some strong-colored furniture to give the luxury impression.

Meanwhile, if you want a more cheerful atmosphere, bright tints might be an option. That dusty pink or white spectrum will also deliver a luxury impression, as well as keep your spirit awake.

  • Teal Accent Wall Bathroom

teal accent wall for your bathroom

The bathroom is not a place that needs productivity. The use of this part of the room is only limited to cleaning yourself, and occasionally also for relaxation. It might sound trivial, but actually, you need to pay more attention to this place.

A beautiful bathroom will provide a mood-booster both before and after starting the day. Enjoying a pleasant bathroom will help you awaken your spirit and release fatigue at once. For this reason, the use of the teal accents wall is perfect for this room.

For bathrooms, the use of a light teal accent wall is more recommended than the dark one. The reason is that this spot needs better lighting for cleaning yourself. Therefore, you can also add shades of white to make it look more elegant and luxurious.

  • Teal Accent Wall Dining Room

dining room with teal accent wall and chandelier

Based on its function, a dining room does seem simple. From all parts of the house, this spot is only visited when you want to eat something. Therefore, many people do not pay too much attention to the beauty of this spot.

A dining room has a very important role in the house. Have you ever wondered why big restaurants design their places as beautiful as possible for guests? Why do so many couples and families choose to enjoy dinner at a sweet eatery on weekends?

Unwittingly, a dining room has become a spot for relaxing, and even entertainment. Then why don’t you juggle your room as beautiful as possible to make you feel like a guest at a fancy restaurant? Just use the teal-color-accent wall.

You do not have to paint, just use the teal accent wallpaper that is usually complete with a variety of patterns. You can freely choose the atmosphere to display, and then pick the color that matches your choice.

Afterward, you can decorate it with a variety of beautiful furniture to give a comfortable feel at every meal moment. You can also make it as a location to spend time with loved ones.

  • Teal Accent Wall Kitchen

kitchen with teal accent wall and blue chair

The kitchen is a part of the house with high mobility. Being a place to produce food, this spot often does not even get enough attention. A well-designed kitchen will be the beginning of enthusiasm so that you can prepare the best breakfast for a good day.

Like other parts of the house, you can also apply the concept of the teal accent wall. Leave the thought that the kitchen must have a white or neutral color. Just try using dark tint to create a more luxurious and classy atmosphere during cooking.

You can use bright colors for the backsplash, for example, pink, so the kitchen does not feel too gloomy. White color furniture can also help neutralize the atmosphere so that this spot has a high-class impression when visited.

For the next suggestion, you can use dark colors for the floor or anywhere near the stove. Do not forget to insert gold spectrums in some parts to avoid your teal accent wall look boring.

The teal accent wall is arguably the choice to enjoy calm but productive moments. With soothing soft colors, you can escape from the stress and pressure that hit every day. Buy your wallpaper or paint now; use your best to decorate your house.