Some Simple Small Walk in Closet Design Ideas to Your Tiny Room

Applying a small walk in closet design for a house or room is sometimes problematic, especially for those who live in a narrow space. It will be a bit difficult to arrange, as you have to make it balance with other space requirements.

On the other hand, your belongings keep piling up and need more space. Therefore, you need this feature to accommodate your fashion items, not only for storing but also for maintenance needs. Now you need a tiny small walk-in closets design to fix the problem.

However, all problems have a way out. The spatial utilization for narrow spaces should be concise. You do not need to worry, as there are several tricks to turn some impossible spots into proper storage. Everything will be discussed thoroughly in this discussion.

1. What is the Small Walk in Closet Design?

picture of small walk in closet design

The walk-in closet is a room used for storing various fashion items. It is named so because this room enables you to explore every corner to find collections stored inside. Everything should be well arranged as if you are in a store.

A walk-in closet consists of some cupboards containing clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and all things related to clothing. Generally, this room is close to the bedroom to facilitate anybody to prepare himself/herself.

Ideally, a walk-in closet does not only consist of cupboards and storage shelves. There should be several items related to fashion needs, such as dressing tables, large mirrors, even dressing rooms. Some people put a bathroom or sink in it.

Theoretically, a walk-in closet should have the ideal size of 4 feet wide and 4 feet tall. Using that minimum size will make you comfortable to explore the room, as well as place the shelves and hangers precisely and neatly.

However, the reality is not as easy as the theory. When you have to deal with a narrow area, the only thing you have to do is to do the best space efficiency. You have to apply a small walk in closet design in your home to accommodate your needs.

2. Pros and Cons of the Small Walk in Closet Design

wardrobe storage white slab doors

Considering its benefits, a small walk in closet design is necessary for a home. However, many people view this as a nightmare. Before deciding to build it, here are some advantages and disadvantages of using this feature.


  • To simplify the arrangement of your fashion items so that they look neat and proper
  • To enable you to place them according to types and make them easier to find
  • To simplify the maintenance
  • It can be the center of your fashion item. The best arrangement will avoid scattering items.
  • To enable you to do all activities related to fashion in one place so that you do not need to go back and forth from one room to another.


  • It is considered wasting space.
  • Some small walk in closets design tools will cost money.
  • It looks impossible to apply in a narrow house.
  • Many people feel that a small walk-in closet is less necessary and better used for other purposes.
  • Any Inappropriate settings will only make it difficult for you to find items.

Some advantages and disadvantages above generally appear in people’s minds. However, you need to know that there are some simple tricks so that the shortcomings of using the small walk in closet design dismissed. Check out the next discussion!

3. DIY Small Walk in Closets Design

small walk in closet design ideas

If you do not want to bother, you can get cool furniture in various stores. For example, the IKEA small walk in closets design can accommodate the storage needs in narrow areas. You can even order it with a custom design to suit the room.

However, some people may be reluctant to use a small walk in closet design from stores because of various reasons. Besides the inappropriate model, the price can also be expensive. Therefore, a do it yourself activities will be an option.

Some of you might think that making a small walk in closet design is a hassle. You can make it as easy as possible. You do not need to buy new materials; recycling is possible. A simple touch will bring you a result.

If you want to make your DIY small walk in closet design at home, you need to prepare a few things. For more convenience, try to follow the following tricks.

  • Make Your Small Walk in Closets Design Plans

white closet design with hanging hooks

After you are sure about building this feature, the first step to take is to plan your small walk in closet design. You should describe the details of the arrangement you want. Doing this step will prevent some errors because of the wrong prediction.

For those who did not have this feature before, first describe the small walk in closet design you want with the narrow area you have. Do not forget to consider the width and height of the room, as well as the number of fashion items you will store inside.

You also need to plan the items, besides clothes and accessories, to include in your small walk in closet design, such as a mirror. You do not need to use big furniture. Moreover, the focus of room arrangement should be more on vertical rather than horizontal.

If you already have this feature and plan to do a small walk-in closet remodel, first think about which parts need to be removed or added. Just as before, the arrangement concept in a narrow space should be vertical-based, by using the height of the room to efficiently.

  • Choose Your Small Walk in Closet Design

wardrobe storage design for small spaces

For better results, each arrangement must begin with a design process. If you have described the plan well, now is the time to look for a small walk in closet design that is suitable for your room.

As mentioned above, the concept of arrangement should be vertically based. To save space, you should choose high-enough cupboards, which enable you to store up to the top. Thus, you can use the other horizontal parts for other things.

However, for this vertical storage concept, you will have difficulty placing and retrieving items located above. To anticipate, you should prepare a minimalist ladder (or it could be a chair) to make it easier.

Besides, you should also use the walls more than the floor. Some wall-mounted shelves are better to save more space than big cabinets. You may also need storage boxes to put the items based on their classification.

In case you are still confused about how your small walk in closet design looks like, try finding some references from cyberspace. However, to make your search easier, below are some recommendations that can inspire your design choices.

– Minimalist fitting room

minimalist fitting room with white furniture

– A small walk in closet design in your bedroom

walk in closet design for your bedroom

– The wall-mounted shelves ideas

minimalist decoration using small shelving design

– Tiny small walk in closets design

amazing small walk closet design idea white
  • Preparing the Small Walk in Closets Design Tool

beautiful closet white design

After choosing your small walk in closet design, the next step is to start building. Based on the existing plan, start preparing various needs to create a comfortable space for your favorite things. In general, these are the steps to take.

  • Before arranging your small walk in closet design, first you have to make sure of the details, such as flooring or wall decorations. If not, you will have difficulty doing it after the furniture inserted.
  • When the room is ready to use, you could place the cupboard in the most appropriate and efficient place.
  • If you plan to use wall-mounted shelves, then install them after you place the main wardrobe.
  • Put some supporting furniture, such as mirrors, dressing tables, chairs, ladders, and other objects you will need in the small walk in closet design.
  • If everything is well placed, put your fashion item into the small walk in closet design. Arrange it neatly to provide a view.
  • Give the final touch to beautify your small walk in closet design. If there are still empty spots, you can place beautiful decorations. However, it would be better if you leave space to avoid the claustrophobic impression.

4. Planning Small Walk in Closet Remodel

stylish and exciting walk in closet design

Building from scratch will certainly be different from remodeling. You do not only think about the small walk in closet design but also consider which ones to add and remove. For those who are planning to do rearrangements, there are several things to consider.

  • Know Why You Are Doing a Small Walk in Closet Remodel

original la closet design with hanging hooks

If you are just bored with the interior, you do not need to make a replacement. Decoration changes are enough to give a new feel. You can paint the wall or furniture to create a look.

When you find something broken, simply replace it as necessary. A spatial layout remodeling should be on a clear purpose. However, the new items you place must also match the conditions of the room.

On the other hand, you may do remodeling to replace the small walk in closet design. In case you feel any ineffective or inappropriate, please do the rearrangement well.

  • Consider yourself – As explained above, remodeling may not be as easy as you think. There will be some things to sacrifice. Make sure you are ready to provide the time, money, and energy.
  • Sort your stuff back – When doing remodeling, you may find old objects that you feel no longer have any use-value. It is a good idea to start getting rid of useless items.
  • Analyze again the arrangement of your small walk in closet design – When remodeling, you also have to consider whether the small walk in closet design will be better than the old one. You should also decide which one to fix and maintain.
  • Enjoy your work – If the remodeling process has completed, then you can start enjoying your new small walk in closet design. Use it as well; do not forget to continue to care for things. Keeping the room clean is also to avoid unwanted disturbances.

5. Some Tips for Better Small Walk-In Closets Design Layout

small walk in closet design layout

A small walk in closet design must also have aesthetic value. Do not treat it like a storage warehouse where you just place things without paying attention to conditions or layout. You can apply a few tips below to make it better.

  • As this room will be a home for your favorite items, please arrange the decor beautifully. Your small walk in closet design should also include a good-looking flooring plan and wall decor.
  • Choose bright or strong-colored furniture. Do not forget to use the right spectrum combination. Create a sense of harmony and beauty when you are into it.
  • The placement must be organized to facilitate search and maintenance. Put the same-type items in a neat unit. For example, down-based clothes should be put together with their friends.
  • Your furniture should provide a lot of storage space. Thus, you can make good use of it for space efficiency.
  • You have to pay attention to aesthetic value. However, do not include the useless decorations inside. Choose only those with usability and efficiency value.
  • The storage concept should be done vertically. Therefore, you should use more wall-mounted shelves rather than placing cabinets on the floor.
  • You must provide many boxes to organize your items. These objects will make it easier for you to store and find something by type. Besides, storage boxes will also prevent confusion and mix-up with the wrong items.
  • You may use open cabinets to display favorite clothes. However, do not forget to add a cover, at least a transparent one, so that your things protected from dust.
  • Make the best use of your room. Do not forget to treat, clean, and check the condition regularly. If there is something messy or wrong, clean up and return to its place immediately.

After reading the reviews above, now you know that placing fashion items in a place is neither difficult nor futile. A small walk in closet design will make organizing easier so that your favorite belongings do not heap with each other.