Adopting the White Modern House Ideas for Your Peaceful Residence

Talking about a white modern house may make us imagine various things. One thing coming across is a magnificent bright house that contains minimalist furniture with a classy feel. Some comfortable spaces inside are ready to pamper anyone who lives there.

Each person may have a different description of the definition of the white modern house. However, generally, those sentences already represent some of the nuances that arise when you live inside. Indeed, of the many architectural concepts, this design is quite popularly adopted.

However, not everyone understands what modern is. Some understandings still overlap with other architectural concepts, such as classic, contemporary, and so on. Therefore, before we adopt this concept, it is better to understand the ins and outs.

1. Understanding the Modern Concept

Understanding the modern concept

The term ‘modern’ refers to the periods of the 1900s to 1950s. Any home design in this era reflects the industrial revolution, where people want to develop new cultural norms. You can tell this through a significant difference compared to the previous style.

This era applies the concept of ‘minimum of features and a maximum function’ in its design. At that time, architects tried to use space efficiently so that every inch of space had a maximum function value. This is shown by the emergence of simple and minimalist designs.

Aside from the efficiency in arrangement design and furniture choices, most modern architects have also begun to abandon intricate decorations such as heavy textures and carvings as the use-value is a higher priority over artistic one.

Another thing, this concept also applies the principle of openness. Every space tends to have a broad view to give a spacious impression. Even if the separator does exist, any spaces inside a modern house will still be connected.

Despite trying to break the old traditions, the modern design era still applies a pattern of blending with nature. Such a minimalist spatial arrangement arranged in such a way as to keep in touch with nature.

The concept of ‘blending with nature’ has inspired the popularity of large glass doors and windows in modern homes. Compared to the thick walls, the presence of a transparent separator will allow interaction with nature while expanding visibility.

2. Are You Thinking about Adopting the White Modern House as Space Design?

Adopting the White Modern House as Space Design

Based on the concept above, the theme ‘white modern house’ has become an alternative in the space design development. The color is considered to represent the modern era because it has properties that support the principles of openness and broad visibility.

This color describes purity, peace, emptiness, and innocence. It makes space feel bigger and wider. The white colors can also a symbol of a new beginning, but describe a cold, bland, and boring feeling at the same time.

It does not always show a positive impression but the luxurious and clean nuance of white is a great attraction. Several well-known buildings have carried this theme, including The White House, which is the state-building of the United States.

However, each color requires different adjustments and treatments. To give the magnificent feel as desired, there are several strategies to apply in designing a white modern house. That will be the focus of our discussion this time.

3. Designing the White Modern House Plans

Designing the White Modern House Plans

Designing a white modern house is not something difficult as we see this concept almost every day. However, there is nothing wrong if we briefly review some of the limitations in this shelter principle.

  • The White Modern House Interior

White Modern House Interior

A white modern house must apply the principle of openness in its interior arrangement. As discussed earlier, every space must have a connection with each other even with the outside world. That is why the use of transparent materials is dominant in the space arrangement.

Glass material is generally used as a room divider or door. Not only is it to provide a wider view, but it also an effective way of giving a bigger room impression. The addition of white nuances in this concept will support the modern style.

In the room, you do not need to place many decorations or furniture. Only use them according to function because large space is the main priority in this style. However, you can still add decorations to beautify the room as long as it does not give a crowded impression.

  • The White Modern House Exterior

The White Modern House Exterior

The exterior of a white modern house also applies the principle of openness. Every room is connected through a glass barrier. However, that does not mean that you cannot keep your privacy. The cover on the terrace can be an alternative.

A white modern house also does not need too much decoration on the outside. Some people add siding to the outer wall only to protect the building from the bad weather. One more thing, this concept still prioritizes space efficiency.

  • Designing Some Rooms in the White Modern House

light filled living room with modern touches

You do not have to use this color in all parts. You simply place it as the dominant spectrum both in the white modern house material and decoration to exude the luxurious and spacious feel contained in this tint.

– Applying the Concept of White Modern House in the Kitchen

decorating with white contemporary kitchen

However, the design strategy that you apply may be different depending on each room. One of the things you should pay attention to is the design of a ,white modern house kitchen. For this room, you cannot just put white.

As a kitchen tends to get dirty due to cooking activities, the use of the white spectrum should not be for the whole section. You can use it on furniture that is not exposed by water, oil, or food.

The backsplash can also get a white touch as long as you do not use wood as materials. As for the flooring, you better use other colors to avoid a dirty impression. To replace the white color, you can use another spectrum that also contains bright shades.

– Applying the Concept of White Modern House in the Bathroom

retro modern house with white interior palette

As for the bathroom, shades of white will provide a majestic and pleasant atmosphere. This spectrum will help the lighting so that you do not need to put the too-bright lights in it. However, to avoid a boring impression, you can add decorations with other colors.

– Applying the Concept of White Modern House in the Living Room

the Concept of White Modern House in the Living Room

Another part that also fits the white modern house concept is the living room. In the design style, this room must be designed as attractive as possible as it is considered the center of activity in the house.

The area must be large enough and equipped with bright lighting. Hence, it will support this concept. Despite its size, you still need to apply space efficiency in this room.

– Applying the Concept of White Modern House in the Bedroom

Applying the Concept in the Bedroom

For a white modern house bedroom design, you do not need a too-large room, as the use of a private room is not a priority. The bright spectrum might help you feel comfortable, but you should add a few other tints to give the peace and comfort impression to rest.

Some of the theories and strategies of the white modern house above can be a reference for building your residence. Explore the concept as best as possible to make your dream home come true.

However, the design will depend on each personality. A concept will lose to taste. If you are still confused about the design, look at some inspiration discussed in the next section.

4. The White Modern House Design to Choose

The White Modern House Design

After understanding the theory, it is time to choose the right design. There are several recommendations of the white modern house that can help enhance the appearance of your residence. You can set a unique design like below.

  • White Modern Farmhouse

White Modern Farmhouse

mplementing a farmhouse design does not mean that you have to live on a farm. This concept is suitable even for city residents as the only thing you should do is arranging the space by adopting a rural atmosphere.

To make this happen, you need to include natural elements in every corner of the white modern house. Here are some things you can do.

  • Neutral colors on the walls – The reason why a farmhouse is suitable for the modern concept is the colors that are dominated by brightness. This tint is indeed the most widely used as a wall spectrum, although you can still use matching colors, such as cream, gray, or soft beige.
  • Insert a little rustic feel – Adopting the farmhouse theme is almost identical to the rustic style. Despite its clashes with modern concepts, you can still combine them into a beautiful unity. One way is to use a bead-board or shiplap in several parts of the house.
  • Adjust the lighting – The bright lighting is a character that is both found in modern and farmhouse style. Therefore, you can adopt this characteristic when building your white modern house.
  • Use many wire baskets – The wire baskets are one of the features found frequently in the farmhouses. Placing them in multiple locations will help you to reinforce the traditional feel of the white modern house.
  • White Modern Craftsman House

White Modern Craftsman House

For those who like to design and build their own homes, an artisan house is the right choice. You can fully explore your design skills for this style. Some of the characteristics of this concept include:

  • having a cover on the porch;
  • using custom or homemade furniture;
  • stone and wood handicraft decorations are dominant;
  • the building materials also use natural nuances, such as stones, woods, and bricks;
  • featuring a large fireplace placed in the living room;
  • most of the color choices are washed-out natural colors, such as brown or light green.

Applying the artisan house style to a modern white house will be very easy. The natural colors will not collide with the white dominance. You can combine these tints with the natural ones, such as light green or wood brown.

  • Modern White Siding House

Modern White Siding House

A siding concept is a breakthrough for architectural art lovers; Houses are equipped with protective materials attached to the exterior part. There are several materials used for siding or cladding, including wood, stone, plastic, asphalt, metal, and others.

The use of siding is not without reason. This layer is to protect the building from various adverse environmental influences: rain, snow, or sunlight. Bad weather can accelerate damage to buildings so that they need to be optimally protected.

Apart from the protection reasons, the siding also beautifies the buildings. Generally, the homeowners will cover almost the entire exterior of their house, from the roof to the walls. Some building materials that should be protected are wood or steel I-beams.

You can also apply this concept to your white modern house. One way is to choose siding or cladding in bright colors. This method only applies to the outside part, while you can adjust the interior according to the style.

  • White Modern Brick House

White Modern Brick House

The brick house concept can also be an option. In general, this style usually uses bricks as walls. The nuances of unfinished decoration are to give a traditional impression.

If you want to apply it to your modern house, you can give it a touch of white or something that matches the brick wall. To reinforce the traditional impression, some people also add wood accents to the furniture and frames.

However, you do not have to paint all the bricks white. Leave some parts in their original color, but still pair with a bright color. Do not forget to prioritize space efficiency in the spatial planning process.

Those are some points that you need to know about building a white modern house. Before realizing your dream home, make sure you have planned and thought through every detail well. It is necessary to do to avoid technical errors that lead to losses.

Finally, we can say that the white modern house concept is not only beautiful but also full of philosophy. With various designs and inspiration, anyone can develop a simple but comfortable residence. Are you ready to adopt this style for your new home?