Painted Dining Table Ideas to Transform the Space

A simple painted dining table can make a great impact on the whole interior. So, you don’t need to get a new one. Just paint it with a fresh new color instead. Not only it can save a fortune, but it’s also very practical.

There are a lot of ways to paint the table. It’s not just simply apply the color you like all over the furniture piece. It’s more than that. To get it easier to choose, this post will provide some of the painted dining table ideas to transform the space.

1. Country Style Kitchen with Fresh Green Table

Country Style Kitchen with Fresh Green Table

Check out the dining table in this stylish kitchen. The green color on the supporting column of this pedestal-style furniture looks so fresh. The country vibe of this cooking space gets even more interesting because of that.

The white elements around the kitchen provide a perfect canvas to contrast the shades of green. It’s a nice choice of the painted dining table to keep the area fresh and clean.

2. Eclectic Dining Room with Painted Red Table

Eclectic Dining Room with Red Table

As you can see, this dining room has a bold color scheme that is unique for space. There are three primary colors in this scene. However, it doesn’t make the area look fussy or color-cluttered.

Take a look at the dining table. It gets revamped by red paint but the legs are still in its natural color of the wood. It doesn’t seem unbalanced which is great. The green chairs can manage to balance the bold color.

If you plan to make a dining room eclectic, just splash them with some bold colors. Red is the perfect choice for the table since it makes the piece more dominant.

3. Sunshine-Colored Table Legs to Match Colored Details

Sunshine Colored Table Legs to Match Colored Details

Without the yellow color of the table legs, you won’t notice that the wallpaper on the background has a sunshine-colored detail. It’s a great technique to try when painting a dining table. Tie in with the small amount of color nearby.

In this case, the designer picks a small detail on the wallpaper image. Choosing the non-dominant color is a great way to connect the scheme in this dining space. Everything won’t seem to be matchy-matchy.

4. Black Colored Painted Wood Dining Table

Dining table with Black wood design in a white room to make it brighter

Choosing the right color for the dining table is not that hard. Just take a look around at the spot where you’re gonna place the piece. When you find the main accent colors, that should be the paint color of the table, right there.

In this case, the designer chooses to have black paint. It becomes an option since there are many dark features around this kitchen. This room has a monochrome color scheme. That would give you an easy decision for the color, right?

The wood color accent on top of the table and the drawer tie in with the countertop. There are also double sconces attached to the wall right above the dining space. It will support the brightness during dinner.

5. Updated Vintage Pedestal Table

Updated Vintage Pedestal Table to make the room more beautiful

This dinky dining spot can be a great inspiration for your traditional dining room. This space has a painted round dining table that has an updated look. The grey chalk paint applied on the base creates the effects of antique. There’s a slight distressed effect that shows the character of this piece.

The top coat of varnish gives a special contrast with the base. So, you get a gray base with a dark brown top. Both of the colors represent every element of this dining area. That’s what the main furniture should be like.

6. White Painted Dining Table

beautiful White Painted Dining Table

One of the recommended paint types to choose to apply it on the dining table is the oil-based one. This white painted dining table has three coats applied. That’s what makes it so white and glossy. The contrast that the rustic wood wall gave to the furniture area is just amazing.

It may take a couple of days to fully cover the dining table with white paint coats. You should wait until it dries. The hairpin legs complete the value of this furniture which is perfect for modern Scandinavian style.

7. Light Blue Painted Dining Table

 Light Blue Painted Dining Table with fancy chandelier

That light blue table creates such a romantic vibe to the dining room. It seems not large enough but this piece suitable for up to 6 chairs in total. All of them are in white to complement the soft blue color.

A centerpiece should be placed on this table to dim the brightness a little bit. Right above the top, you can see the fancy chandelier. It’s there as a floating decoration to create a lively atmosphere for the set.

8. Gorgeous Chalk Painted Dining Room Table

Beautiful Chalk Painting Dining Table with beautiful flower decoration

Chalk paint has become a popular option to do a makeover for furniture. This kind of coating will give a dining table a fresh new look and character. It can brighten things up in the area. People like to use it also because of the durability and easy application.

Well, what’s so great about chalk paint? Using this paint, you can skip preparation. For the full coverage, you will only need coats that are less than the traditional one. The project will be much easier and quicker. It can also be on any surface including solid wood, laminate, and so on.

9. Distressed Painted Dining Table for Shabby Chic Look

Distressed Painted Dining Table for style Shabby Chic Look

If you’re looking for another level of rustic furniture, use a certain technique to get a distressed look to your dining table. It will give you a perfect shabby chic style. You can achieve this look by using sandpaper all over the surface.

Make sure you have the paint in a light color like this one. It would give the pale shades that maximize its natural shabby pattern. Emphasize it more with a rustic centerpiece like this DIY painted dining table. Having dinner on this table would feel like eating on antique furniture.

10. Grey Painted Dining Table

Dining Table in Gray with side window

Painting the dining table with a neutral color is a safe choice to make. Grey is another good option instead of white. Take a look at this fresh design of a dining room. To balance the softness from the painted dining table, the chair’s wooden structure has a soft shade of blue.

Even though the color is different, but it complements each other. The floral pattern on the cushion of the chair adds colors to set. It gots even better with the colorful fabric as decorative covering for the tabletop and the supportive centerpiece.

11. Attractive Dining Table with Colorful Paint

Attractive Dining Table with Colorful Paint around it

This dining room looks so extraordinary. Each element of this space has its colorful charm. From the wall, you are served with two different colors, blue and green. It’s not a matching color, obviously, but it doesn’t feel awkward.

That’s because the dining table set has the corresponding color that ties everything together. Check out the attractive pattern with a colorful design on top of the table. If you’re planning to make an extraordinary dining room like this one, try using a multi-colored pattern to control the situation.

12. Painted Dining Table in Cranberry Red Scheme

Painted Dining Table with Cranberry Red Scheme

Take a look at this fantastic set of dining tables. The choice of color hue on the chair is not an ordinary one. This very specific color has a special impression that not every color has. Painting the pedestal table with cream color will take the cranberry charm to the next level.

There are a matching flower and wall decor to get everything together in this room. Chalk paint can be a good type of product to choose to copy this idea.

13. Sage Green Dining Table and Chair

Sage Green Dining Table and 4 Chair

This four-seater dining table has a fresh sage green color that looks perfect for the outdoor eating area. It’s a piece of nice furniture for your patio or backyard. The clean and modern design is just what every home needs.

If you’re confused about choosing the green shades for the furniture, sage green is probably a good option to try. It’s not just for the table, the chairs need to be in the same color too. That would set the pieces as one.

14. Navy Blue Pedestal Dining Table

Navy Blue Pedestal Dining Table with ornate walls

Choosing such a bold color to paint the table should be done after some considerations. There’s an issue with that. Since it’s the color of the main furniture in the dining room, you have to make sure that the wall in the area has matching colors.

In this case, the wall has the same color as the dining table. There are also some splendid wallpapers to tie with the chairs. Besides using the matching one, you can have it contrast with the bold element in the center. Just leave the wall in neutral colors like white. That would be okay.

15. Painted Dining Table and Chairs

Dining Table and Chairs with Colorful Paint

To add great interest to the dining table, leave the paint neutral, and play with the chairs. As you can see, the whole part of the table has a white color. That’s enough to let the chairs shine brighter in this dining room.

All the chairs have different colors. They are, blue, pink, orange, light blue, green, and yellow. The white painted dining table becomes the perfect canvas for colorful surroundings. Add a minimal centerpiece to let the colors speak louder.

16. Yellow Painted Dining Table with Pink Chairs

Yellow Dining Table and Pink Chairs with black walls

Yellow and pink are a combination that looks different and fresh. This pair of colors is not something you see often in a dining room. The energetic and romantic vibe gets together in such a stylish way. The dining table has a vintage design architecture that fills the space with valuable character.

Covering it with a yellow coat of paint gives the furniture piece a transformation it deserves. Instead of using a neutral color, the designer chooses hot pink to accompany the yellow.

That’s a brave decision but surprisingly successful. It is not an idea for everyone, but it provides an amazing vibe.

17. Red Dining Table with Colorful Scandinavian Chairs

Red Dining Table with Colorful Scandinavian Chairs

Judging by the looks and choice of colors, it’s a playground for kids. Well, it’s not.

This one is a dining room design of a real house. That bold red color is dominating the entire colorful dining room. The amount of light that comes from the outside exposed the bold impression.

That herringbone pattern on the area rug makes the space more and more interesting. There’s a lot of things going on in this dining room. Those Scandinavian chairs have various colors to improve the festivity in this area. Don’t forget about the decoration on top of the table and the background.

18. Purple Painted Dining Table

Purple Painted Dining Table with map wallpaper

Purple is an uncommon choice for a dining table. It doesn’t mean that it’s not a good pick. It can be a great choice if you know how to deal with it. In this dining room, the table color is in line with the detail on the map wallpaper.

As said before, it’s a technique of tying the color of the wall and table together as one. So, the room would feel harmonious. To complete, the classic chairs have an industrial-style structure that is also in line with the industrial. So, is purple a good choice for a table?

19. Boraam Shaker Dining Table Idea

Boraam Shaker Table Ideas with a simple design

This one could be a nice idea for your next painting project. Orange should be a nice color to choose if you have wooden flooring and a white wall. Orange also has a vibe of natural wood. The key is to pick the right shade of orange just like this one.

For your information, this multiple-colored dining table set is a product on Walmart. The name of this furniture is the Boraam Shaker dining table. It’s only about 365 dollars. The simple design allows you to repaint it to the desired color you want.


Finally, it’s time to transform the space with a painted dining table. With a simple makeover, you can make a significant change to the atmosphere. Make sure the chairs are also in line.