The Essentials and Ideas for White Oak Flooring

White oak flooring is one of the materials to choose if you are installing or refinished the hardwoods. There will be tons of choices in the market. In this post, we’d like to focus on the specific one.

White oak hardwood is known as one of the more durable materials. It’s a great choice of element for a modern style of interior. More information about it is coming right up.

1. Why You Should Choose White Oak Flooring

beautiful white oak flooring

There are many benefits you can get in having white oak as the main material of the hardwood floor. This material has been growing in popularity so fast. It seems to be taking over the red one. Here are the reasons why:

One of the main reasons people like to have white oak in their house is because It offers a modern and contemporary look. That’s because it has less graining compared to the red oak. A more uniform flow gives the surface a sleek finish that deserves to be in an up to date style.

White oak wood flooring is harder and more durable than the red ones. It’s a bit more resilient too. Both of them are hard enough to manage the traffic in your house.

If you aim to have the hardwood floor with gray, white, and dark stain color, white oak flooring is the best option.

The price is reasonable since you get a great quality of the material. However, between red and white, it’s not so significant. So, consider the brand you choose. For a character grade, the white oak is a winner.

2. White Oak Flooring Suits Many Styles

 floor space covered with white oak

People love getting their floor space covered with white oak because of its very natural looking. This species has enough versatility to suits many design styles. Compared to the red oak, this one is slightly darker and it’s more yellow and brown too. You will get no pink undertones with it.

With this hardwood, you can easily stain it in many shades. That’s why it’s perfect for any kind of interior style. Set the white oak to be very light to match with the rustic styles inside the house. We’ll some of the ideas of how to deal with this flooring.

That is why white oak hardwood flooring is widely popular. The versatility that it has attracts many people who want to design a trendy interior.

3. Red and White Oak Flooring Grades

red oak hardwood flooring

Many people don’t realize that all oak flooring is not the same. There are 3 main grades for this kind of hardwood: Select, Number 1 Common, and Number 2 common.

The grade of select is the highest one since it has the least variation of color. This is the most expensive one among other grades. The most common color variation and occasional knots more than the select.

As for the second one, there will be a lot more knots and color variations. Technically, the wood quality is all the same. What differs the grade is the look and natural pattern. For the higher color consistency, a select grade would be the choice.

You should know that other grades have their charm and use. So, there’s no right or wrong here. The key is to understand the preference you have.

4. Choosing Engineered Types of Hardwood Over Solid

hardwood flooring over the solid one

Many designers are likely to recommend homeowners to choose the engineered hardwood flooring over the solid one. Both of them have their benefits from the style options to ease of installation. Here are some of the reasons why you should go with the engineered one:

  • Sustainability and Cost. Engineered hardwood is made of a layer that sits on top of high-quality plywood. That’s why it can be cheaper than the solid white oak flooring. It’s a more sustainable option for home and environment since it takes less solid wood to make.
  • Ease of Installation. The engineered White oak flooring wide plank would be easier to install. Besides stapling and nailing the hardwood, you can also just float or glue it. Avoid installing the material in the rooms with moisture issues.
  • Better Moisture Resistance. The solid hardwood is easier to get excessive moisture and water damage. The engineered one doesn’t warp as easily. The plywood material in the base makes it more stable.
  • All Hardwood Benefits. Having this type of hardwood for your white oak flooring is a great choice. You will get all the benefits such as beauty and durability.

5. Tips for Choosing White Oak Flooring Stains

with oak flooring with light wood stain

When choosing the species of hardwood you are about to install, you have to select it based on the natural appearance without the stain applied. It’s very important because this is a lifelong investment in the house.

For the white oak flooring, it’s not an economical option to stain it. It’s because of the brown and yellow natural look. The difference will not be as significant as having the red oak. But, it’s always a good thing to have it stained.

Go with the light wood stain for less maintenance. The dust and dirt are almost invisible. It can also conceal the scratches, imperfections, and dents seamlessly.

If you are looking for something timeless and never out of style, use the lighter neutral wood stain. The classic vibe adds value and appeal to the interior.

What about the darker stain? Well, it’s a good choice of stain too. People say that it’s easier to go darker than lighter. Before choosing it, you have to know that it will be very difficult to go bright once you go too dark.

6. White Oak Flooring Ideas

1. Sophisticated Country Kitchen

Beautiful Sophisticated Country Kitchen

Check out this traditional style kitchen. The incorporation of the white oak flooring adds more elegance to space. The sophisticated country vibe gets even stronger with it. The choice of stain is also remarkable.

The hardwood floor creates an astonishing dark atmosphere. The warm feeling from richly stained elements works simultaneously with all rustic decors. The white oak flooring used in this kitchen is the 7-inch beveled one.

2. White Oak Flooring in Midcentury Kitchen

White Oak Flooring in Midcentury Kitchen

This midcentury kitchen has an outstanding configuration. There’s also a large dining area right at the back. It comes with some custom cabinets that connect with the ceiling color. The only contrast we see in this cooking space is the flooring.

The light hardwood flooring in this kitchen plays an important role. It’s the only element that saves this room from being muted and boring. The neutral grey color all over the elements works well with the natural wood flooring.

3. Beach Style Bedroom White Oak Flooring

Beach Style Bedroom White Oak Flooring

This bedroom has all the elements you need for a beach style. The medium tone of white oak flooring becomes a perfect base for this space. The wood floor looks like it had a whitewash finish applied. The distressed and rustic wooden bed is just what this space needs.

The beige walls get in line with the White oak flooring unfinished effect of the oak hardwood flooring. With minimal colors and decorations, this bedroom looks so comfortable.

4. Oak Flooring in Contemporary Hall

Oak Flooring in Contemporary Hall

This hallway has a trendy medium tone on the wood floor. Take a look at the ceiling. It features a flush mount ceiling lighting.

The material of the floor is rift and quartered white oak. It’s the same one used for the accent wall on the left. It’s a great addition to add character to the wall instead of having it all white.

As you can see, there’s a nice carpet that covers some parts of the white oak flooring. It’s a good decision to make. It gives more color to the floor and attractive too.

5. Cottage Living Room

Cottage Living Room for gathering

This beach style living room has a Quartersawn white oak flooring that looks so impressive. It blends well with the ambiance which the homeowner gave. A warm and relaxing area for gathering. Without a massive window and a lot of outdoor lights, space still looks stunning.

As seen, this living room is small but it has an equally impressive package. The rocky fireplace mantle emphasizes the cottage style of this space.

6. Farmhouse Dining Room with Country Medium Tone

Farmhouse Dining Room with Country Medium Tone

The dining space is part of a large open room. The entire space has a rustic style white oak flooring. All the furniture in this room has a vintage charm. Those lovely chairs of the dining set are visually attractive.

Meanwhile, the wooden beam ceiling is what makes the white oak flooring at the right place. The farmhouse style of the dining table is enough to tie the room together.

7. Beachwood Style White Oak Flooring

Beachwood Style White Oak Flooring

This contemporary living room seems to be out of this place. This space uses a vintage french oak engineered wood. All the space is separated by carpets or rugs. That leaves the walking area for the wooden flooring.

The room contains some neutral colors. If you notice, the oak flooring is the only rustic vibe that this room has. The brown carpets on each side of the space take the tone to match the scheme.

8. Open Concept Light Wood in Small Apartment

Open Concept Light Wood in Small Apartment

The white oak flooring is also a great option for the apartment. As you can see, the space is very limited and a Scandinavian style is needed around here. It’s a great choice to have such flooring since it supports the minimalist style.

This open concept room is perfect for such a small apartment. It needs light wood to maintain the light it needs. The cabinets and wooden bedroom walls connect with the flooring as a whole.

9. Scandinavian Living Room with Light Hardwood

Scandinavian Living Room with Light Hardwood

The light hardwood flooring looks great in this Scandinavian living room. There’s a sectional sofa right in the middle of the space. It manages to be the focal point. The minimalist coffee table has a reclaimed wood top.

This open space contains, living, dining, and kitchen area. It opens up just off the staircase. The amazing skylight ceiling is something you won’t see coming.

10. Contemporary Kitchen with Rich Hardwood

Contemporary Kitchen with Rich Hardwood

The richly stained white oak flooring takes over the entire ambiance of the space. All-white cabinetry goes together with the wall and ceiling. It lights up the cooking area in a stunning way. The hardwood floor was standalone until a wood plank bar ties it to the kitchen area.

While the reclaimed beam bar has a statement-making character over the contrast cabinetry. The addition of stools completes the bar elements. They have brushed visually spacious steel structures.

11. European White Oak Floor

European White Oak Floor

This European style of open kitchen has a nice herringbone pattern. It looks different and attractive. The contrast between the white scheme in this room seems very obvious. That’s why you should incorporate furniture that has the same look as the flooring.

Take a look at that dining table. Its simple design complement the minimalism in this kitchen space. The Scandinavian chairs come as a supportive element that represents the whole color scheme.

12. Living Room with Dark Brown Flooring

Living Room with Dark Brown Flooring

These hardwood floors offer a beautiful dark brown color that’s perfect for your European style living room. This traditional space has a neutral ambiance that pops a neutral color scheme. It creates a truly stand-out scene for the entire area.

That shiplap ceiling is a complement to the rest of the elements. It’s got a slightly lined texture that spread a charming look as well as bright lighting.

13. Fantastic Shaw White Oak Hardwood Flooring

Fantastic Shaw White Oak Hardwood Flooring

Check out this attractive white oak flooring. The walkway of this cooking area looks stunning on its own. The grades look like a lot of things going on.

So, it’s best to keep everything in a neutral color and let it shine for itself. It’s a great choice of hardwood for you who want to make only one element stand out.

7. Conclusion

To conclude, white oak flooring is a better choice compared to the red one. We already explained all the reasons why. Choose the right grades, stains, and types of hardwood according to the budget and style of the interior.