The Steps, Ideas, and Other Essentials Of Concrete Porch Painting

A concrete porch painting is something to deliver if you want to transform the ugliness into a good looking landscape. A simple painting to the concrete flooring can make a tremendous difference to the whole space.

By seeing the result then, you will regret you didn’t do this project sooner. On this page, there will be some guides on how to paint the concrete porch the right way. There are also some ideas as inspiration for the next project.

Preparing the Tools and Materials for Concrete Porch Painting

Painting tools and materials for your concrete terrace

You will need:

  • Power Washier
  • Paint Sprayer
  • Small Paint Roller
  • Two Painters Tape with Different Sizes (Regular and 1/8 inch)
  • Laser Level
  • Olympic Maximum Stain and Sealer (Corundum and Stonehedge)
  • Ruler

In this tutorial, the paint product we’re using is the Maximum Stain and Sealer from the Olympic brand. It’s a recommended paint that we got from a good amount of research. It’s important to do a bit of research before choosing the right concrete paint for your space.

Choose the one that can hold up to the elements and daily traffic. It should be an essential consideration. Besides this Olympic product, you can also use the Behr granite grip for a different look. We’ll explain the recommended paint products more later.

The goal of this concrete porch painting is to make it look like wood planks. It’s something that you might choose to paint a shiplap wall.

Olympic Maximum is a stain that comes in colors much like paint. For this tutorial, we are using the Corundum that has a darker shade and the Stonehedge for the light one.

Things to Do Before Painting

clean the concrete terrace from dirt before painting

Before beginning the process of concrete porch painting, make sure everything is clean and free from any dirt.

First of all, set the porch area free from everything. So, you have to remove all the chairs, tables, toys, decor items, etc. Move all of them to the other areas of the house. Make sure the porch is empty.

Then, use pressure water to clean all the dirt or anything that has been growing on the surface. If you don’t have the tools, you can remove it by hand. Next, take a look at all the cracks and repair them all. Fill them with clack filler to make the holes smooth again.

Instead, you can use a product that can also fix the cracks while applying the paint. Don’t forget to cover the plants nearby since the paint might damage them. If the surface already has old paint and dirt, clean them all first.

After it dries out, it’s about time to begin the process of concrete porch painting.

Painting Concrete Porch Steps

The First Coat of Paint

preparation for the first coat of paint on your patio

Before applying the paint, do a thorough sweeping. Don’t forget to use painters tapes to protect the house. Stick them all around the area you want to protect. The painting process should be done using a paint sprayer.

If you don’t have one, you can rent it from someplace to save a budget. Using a roller or a brush can also be an option but it would take forever and waste a lot of time. After the sweeping and taping, you can begin spraying whenever you want.

Use the Corundum, the darker shade as the first coating. After the entire concrete surface is covered with the first coat, you will see there are some flaws. It’s not entirely covered. Well, you can fix those during the second spraying.

paint the concrete terraces to make them look like wooden planks

Wait for about six to seven hours to let the coat dry. After that, use the 1/8 inch thick painters tape over the painted concrete surface. Use a ruler to space the tape evenly just like in the picture. Use a laser level for an easy application.

The Next Layer of Paint

process of peeling the paint on the concrete terrace so that the results are good

After all the tape is done, the next thing to do is to paint another thin layer of paint over the painter’s tape. Use a small roller to do it. It would be very helpful to seal the tape to make a crisper line. It’s a genius trick to do instead of using the spray method again.

When that thin layer dries, it’s about time to begin the second coat of paint. Use a sprayer for this step for a proper result. Apply it carefully and make sure it covers every part of the concrete surface. Don’t let any flaws appeared.

Next, when it’s done, wait about several hours until it’s dry enough to walk on it. Next, you can begin the concrete porch paint peeling process. You should peel up the skinny painters tape slowly. It’s gonna be a very satisfying process.

Because of the painter’s tape, you will get an outstanding finished surface. The grooves you get on the concrete paint looks like a shiplap wall in the bedroom.

As seen, concrete porch paint with texture looks so realistic. After you remove all of the tapes, let the floor dry for 24 hours.

add furniture in your concrete terrace to make it more beautiful

After that, it would be safe for you to return the furniture. There you have a nice looking concrete porch. It looks like a shiplap wood but it’s stronger and more durable.

The Importance of Decoration

terrace floor with additional decorations to make it more attractive

The last step for an outstanding finishing is to add some significant decor items. Remember that the design and color of the pieces shouldn’t be taking over the texture that the concrete already has. So, use some of these ideas.

front concrete terrace with door mats

First, try adding a welcome mat. It will feel ordinary if you just use it all alone on the flooring space. Well, you can add an outdoor rug on the bottom as a double background. It’s gonna be extraordinary.

To accompany all the furniture on the porch, decorate the space with some houseplants, garden, welcome signboard, hanging plants, and an antique mirror. It will be the most stylish outdoor space on the block.

The Best Products for Concrete Porch Painting

Best Product for Painting Concrete Terraces in your home

For an advance explanation about the recommended products for Painting concrete porch floors, here are some of the best ones on the market. You can explore all of the options and make sure to choose the one that fits the budget.

These are the other options besides the Olympic Maximum paint that we use in the tutorial.

BEHR Granite Grip

anti slip protection for your concrete terrace

This product features an anti-slip coverage which can decrease any risk of falling on the floor or other kinds of slipping accidents. If you want the porch to improve its safety, BEHR granite grip is a good paint to try.

The water and dirt resistant feature will list for a long time. The great-looking color will last for years. It’s not easy to damage because of the solid material. It’s a nice option for your 3 car garage floor plans.

Rust-Oleum Decorative Concrete Painting

best durable paint for concrete for a more decorative finish

If you want a more decorative result, this is a great product for you. It’s considered as the best durable paint for concrete. Get a nice and smooth result with this one. It will cover the flooring or your porch with the nice Sunset color to please everyone’s eyes.

The bright color of the concrete will last for a long time. However, the price will be higher than the other products but it’s worth the money.

KILZ Over Armor Textured Concrete Paint

floor coatings to treat cracks and holes in your patio

For a more affordable option, choose the KILZ floor coatings. It’s not only designed for concrete but also wooden flooring. The special thing about this product is the ability to take care of the cracks and holes in the porch.

The color that this paint has a vintage look that would please your eyes. The durability of this product is what people like about this product.

All of those products are not the best ones but they received a lot of good reviews from the users. So, all of them are good, including the Olympic Maximum. Make sure you choose it based on the style you want to have on the porch.

Concrete Porch Painting Ideas

Concrete paint floor terrace painting ideas with attention to dimensions

In this part of the post, you will explore some other ideas of how you can design the flooring of your porch or patio. All of the space here is using a concrete surface. The methods are all different from the tutorial.

The method used in the tutorial is all about the basic one. These ideas will be more advanced. Explore all of them to get more inspirations of how to make the space more interesting.

Simple Stripes on Concrete

The outdoor gray concrete floor with the furniture is more beautiful

Using two different colors on a concrete floor will make the space more interesting. As you can see, the tones are still in the same color. The paint is applied in stripes. The gray shades are still in line with the outdoor’s surroundings.

Having them in the middle of the grassy ground looks like a mat. The greyish concrete floor in this outdoor space makes a great base for all the furniture.

Stunning Concrete Patio with Monochrome Pattern

outdoor concrete terrace with monochrome pattern

This gorgeous looking concrete paint would be looking hard to copy. Believe me, if you know the right method, you will find it so simple. This monochrome pattern looks like it’s taking over the whole patio space.

It makes everything on the floor invisible. The impressive geometric pattern all over the space is a risky idea. Make sure there are no more additional statement-making pieces on this concrete floor.

Rustic Farmhouse Vibe with Stenciled Floor

Terrace with Stencil Floor in Country House

It’s gonna be a good option for concrete porch painting in a rustic house. The pale-colored pattern compliments the rustic and distressed pergola roof on this porch. Setting up for a romantic dinner just outside the house would an ideal thing to do.

There’s gonna be some different methods involved in applying this piece of art. It looks like a tile flooring but it’s concrete.

Decorative Faux Rug Concept

concrete terrace floor with concrete posts at the ends

Check out this concrete porch floor paint. The creative pattern will spruce up the outdoor space you have in your house. The designer creates decorative flooring using paint and stencil. It’s an affordable idea to freshen up the old concrete space of the house.

Choose the paint for outdoor use for a long-lasting finish. As you can see, the entire flooring space looks like a faux rug.

Faux Tile Floor DIY Idea

Concrete patio painting ideas with geometric patterns at home

This concrete porch painting idea is so decorative. This technique steals the decorative look of cement floor tiles. The geometric-inspired pattern is applied using a home stencil. Using oil-based paint pens, you can have this durable and long-lasting decorative concrete floor.

Surely, it’s way better than the plain gray surface. For a beginner, it’s not gonna be an easy job. If you have an advanced skill of decorating, this one won’t be a trouble. This concrete porch painting is something that improves the curb appeal.

DIY Faux Tile Floor Concrete Painting

terrace with stripes in the room

This clever method is not so hard to apply. It’s a great one to try for beginners. This concrete porch gets covered with stain. The steps would be similar to the basic tutorial at the beginning of this post. The lines are there because of the painter’s tape.

It needs asymmetrical applications with the right measurement before sticking the tape over the floor before the first coating.

Clever Idea for Colorful Concrete Flooring

Ideas for Colorful Concrete Floors to add beauty

This method allows you to make the concrete floor full of colors. The finished surface would look like a colorful mat. There will be a different vibe in a porch area. It creates a fun vibe for the area. For a house with kids, they will love to play in this space.

concrete terrace with colorful concept in the room

The DIYer chose a soft shade of color to keep a calming vibe. If DIY painting concrete porch is all in bold colors, that would be out of place. The entire space will look so awkward. There’s gonna be too many things happening. Such a disturbance.


There are good reasons why you should do a concrete porch painting. It’s an easy method to update this special space in the outdoor.