Stained Glass Window Designs That Will Captivate You

You probably find your home lifeless and dull. If that is the case, add color and personality to it with our magnificent stained glass window designs. Those works of art have been bringing beauty into various spaces.

Typically, stained glass windows are associated with mosques, churches, and other religious buildings. They also decorate cultural structures, airports, hotels, department stores, and private homes.

The artworks are built from tinted glass pieces sitting inside of a frame. In case you plan to replace your old windows with the new ones, take a gander at these gorgeous stained panels.

1. Stained Glass Window Pattern

beautiful windows pattern for your home

Searching for contemporary stained glass window designs? This vivid tinted panel can be your source of inspiration. It was installed on the exterior door.

Furthermore, the stained glass window panel is constructed with a nice combination of tinted and clear glasses. It boasts an abstract geometric pattern that displays squares, circles, and rectangles.

The abstract pattern adorns the exterior door and entrance’s floor when the sunlight captures the right incidence angle. Meanwhile, crystal clear pieces accentuate different textures and hues of multicolored glasses.

2. Stained Glass Window Film

budget windows design with faux films

You are on a budget but want fabulous stained glass window designs. Don’t despair. Create tinted panels yourself with faux films. They are great for both architectural and ornamental applications.

Moreover, the films give you the look of a tinted glass window at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. Also, they can be directly applied to your windows easily.

In this example, sheets of floral patterned film adhered to frosted glass windowpanes. They lend period charm to space in no time while offering privacy and natural light.

This DIY project works well on divided-light windows like those on the front door or in the bathroom. However, it is suitable for any windowpane since the films can be custom made to your precise measurements.

3. Stained Glass Transom Window

Transom windows are normally decorative

Transom windows are normally decorative. They complement the architectural style of the home. Most homeowners place them over the top of the door’s horizontal beam.

If you are looking to bring transom light into your living space, we have one of the most amazing stained glass window designs. In this picture, the salvaged windowpane instantly elevates the room.

As the image shows, the transom windowpane was nicely suspended by chains in front of the existing window. It provides the tinted glass effect without lots of work. What else could you want?

4. Stained Glass Window Designs for Bathroom

Stained Glass Window Designs for Bathroom

Do you plan on remodeling your master bath? It is seriously advisable to incorporate a custom-made stained glass bathroom window into the area.

Here, the tinted glass windows carry color to the neutral bathroom. They spruce up the area in a jiffy and invite natural light while maintaining the homeowner’s privacy.

The stained glass windows reinsure the area with a renewed Victorian vibe, plus they repeat the room’s color scheme of green, white, yellow, and brown. Wood vanity, flooring, and mirror frame radiate unparalleled warmth.

5. Stained Glass Window Shapes

various forms of windows for home decoration

There is a wide selection of stained glass window designs to select from. Also, those artworks come in various shapes. They can be customized to any color and size for your home project as well.

In this example, the round tinted glass window panel employs hibiscus flowers and hummingbirds. It injects character and invigorating pops of color to your lovely home for certain.

Moreover, this circular colored glass window panel will be an impressive focal point in any room. The unit still enables sunlight to pass through without surrendering your privacy.

6. Stained Glass Window Art

Stained Glass Window Art

You might feel overwhelmed with different stained glass window designs. To make your space more lively, include this stunning panel. The iron chain itself allows easy setup.

This window panel comprises 15 excellent cabochons and 162 tinted glass pieces. It showcases 10 birds sporting their vibrantly colored feathers while perching together on a wire.

The panel looks delightful in the window. It delivers artistic whimsy and energy to the otherwise plain room.

Furthermore, the stained glass window screen carves a cheerful atmosphere. The piece uses various colors and textures to craft a detailed display. It certainly takes complete advantage of natural light.

7. Stained Glass Windows That Open

Stained Glass Windows That Open

Awning windows open outward. They enable good ventilation without allowing falling leaves or rain in. If your home has them, you need to steal this idea.

As the image shows, this awning stained leaded-glass window fills the space with sunlight and vintage charm. It also offers privacy and gives the room a bold splash of color.

The window provides an appealing break away from your home’s modern styling. Clear glass pieces let small blue circular tiles steal the spotlight. Meanwhile, a white-painted frame develops an open ambiance.

8. Stained Glass Window Drawings

plesiosaur tinted glass window

The tinted glass window is created of glass pieces connected with lead strips. Moreover, the handcrafted panel is certainly a lengthy process and requires many stages.

Furthermore, the sketch itself is the first of many-colored glass window steps. This preliminary stage serves as the project’s master plan.

First, the stained glass window designs are determined. After that, the job is to make freehand drawings of them. The sketches are drawn as their miniature versions.

Pictured above is a finished drawing of a plesiosaur tinted glass window. It features bold colors and abstract patterns.

9. Stained Glass Ideas for Old Windows

old window frame is crafted of whitewashed wood

Before you embark on your building or remodeling project, pick the best-stained glass window first. The artwork can inject daylight and character into it. Furthermore, the sunlight will play off the tinted surface within its gaze.

There are many stained glass window designs available. They let you customize your living space brilliantly and strikingly.

Here, the old window frame is crafted of whitewashed wood and beautifully covered with tinted glass. The panel comes in ravishing colors of white and blue. It enlivens the space without blocking the outdoor views.

10. Simple Stained Glass Window Ideas

Simple Stained Glass Window Ideas

If you love minimalistic stained glass window designs, this one wins your heart for certain. As the picture shows, the panel features a simple rose surrounded by a pale yellow frame.

Furthermore, the traditional style panel is constructed with a combination of stained and transparent glass pieces. It brings a sophisticated feel and an antique look to your home.

The metal window frame imbues the space with rustic charm. You can get this salvaged stained glass panel from businesses specializing in reclaimed building materials.

11. Craftsman Stained Glass Window Designs

craftsman style tinted glass window

Here, we show you a craftsman style tinted glass window. It commemorates detailed craftsmanship as well as clean simplicity. The unit is such a great piece of ornamentation for anyone who admires multi-colored elements.

This stained glass window panel helps enhance your interior’s ambiance in a split second. The art form comes in the palette of white, amber, orange, and dark green. Those warm colors allow it to match various designs.

You can place this colored window panel in the entry door. Moreover, it has a geometric pattern that consists of squares, triangles, and rectangles. Those shapes give the room a modern flair.

12. Stained Glass Window Designs for Kitchen

Stained Glass Window Designs for Kitchen

Neutral colors come together in this contemporary kitchen. They generate a tranquil ambiance and welcoming vibe. Meanwhile, dark-toned wood cabinets take the chill off metallic hardware and white subway tiles.

The sink windows are built of tinted glass. They coordinate nicely with pendant lights and granite countertop. Additionally, the stained panels serve as the centerpieces.

Furthermore, stained glass windows have eye-pleasing tones of amber, white, blue, and green. They quickly make the kitchen more attractive.

These tinted glass window panels are both stylish and colorful. Each of them showcases a ginkgo leaf motif in the center.

13. Door with Stained Glass Window Designs

Door with Stained Glass Window Designs

This tinted glass window panel was once dirty, drab, and leaning against the flea market’s wall. Now, it becomes a focal point in the laundry room. The piece teams perfectly with gray-painted barn door, too.

Moreover, the stained glass window in the barn door undoubtedly represents a vintage design. Not only does it boost the room’s ambiance, but also exudes a bit of extravagance and classic charm.

Since this vintage window panel is opaque enough, the piece won’t surrender privacy. It enables the homeowner to obtain some daylight from the skylights into her half bath. The bathroom itself adjoins the laundry room.

14. Stained Glass Window Panel Valance

the stained glass panel valance

If you get tired of your existing window, consider installing the Tiffany style tinted glass panel as a curtain valance. It adds an antique flair to the room in a jiffy. The item can be incorporated into a home office or kitchen.

In this example, the stained glass panel valance was hung in front of a clear window. It creates a dramatic and alluring spectacle of sparkling sunlight passing through.

The window panel has a solid glass construction. There are tiny diagonal and round tinted glass pieces embedded in it. Meanwhile, the yellow and dark red hues of the valance warm up the area.

15. Salvaged Stained Glass Window Designs

Salvaged Stained Glass Window Designs

Do you admire antique stained glass window designs? If so, purchase a salvaged panel. It carries sunlight, rich personality, and visual interest to your remodeled bath or kitchen.

You can find salvaged tinted glass windows at your local antique stores or businesses that specialize in construction demolition. Do not forget to consult with an artisan or restoration specialist before the cleaning process.

Keep in mind that the salvaged panel is different from safety glass. It doesn’t provide protection. Before utilizing the item as an architectural element, be sure you contact with your building code officials.

16. Stained Glass Window Designs for Living Room

Stained Glass Window Designs for Living Room

This space features a living room and a social zone with a pool table. The white ceiling and windows create an airy atmosphere. Dark brown leather L-shaped sofa gives the area a classy look as well as optimum comfort.

The stained glass arched window lends the dual-purpose room a charming pattern and an instant classic appeal while inviting natural light. It works as a focus of attention, too.

Since the tinted glass arched window is huge, it doubles as the background for the wood billiard table. The unit also continues the living room’s palette of white, blue, green, and yellow.

17. Interior Stained Glass Window Designs

Interior Stained Glass Window Designs

The large windows offer ample sunlight. Wood furniture pieces impart a sense of intimacy. Meanwhile, indoor potted plants bring the outside inside. They naturally add color to the area as well.

Two white-framed interior stained glass windows act as a space divider between the dining area and living room. They generate privacy in a small home.

The interior tinted glass windows jazz up the otherwise sterile walls. Moreover, they coordinate well with wood furniture and houseplants.

18. Stained Glass Window Designs for Staircase Landing

Stained Glass Window Designs for Staircase Landing

If your existing windows do not bring enough sunlight into the hallway, no worries. Just implement this idea.

Here, awning stained glass windows lend vivid pops of color to the otherwise boring hallway. The pieces invite natural light without compromising your privacy, plus they inject a renewed Victorian flavor.

Moreover, the colorful tinted glass windows sparkle elegantly over the staircase landing and produce different lighting effects. Striped stair carpet adds warmth and visual appeal to the area.

19. Stained Glass Window Ideas for Modern Kitchen

Stained Glass Window Ideas for Modern Kitchen

This kitchen has a neutral color palette. White dominates the culinary space and sets an open, airy environment. The furniture units carry a modern vibe to the area in no time. Black accents offer dimension and sophistication.

Furthermore, the huge stained glass window provides outdoor views and a good amount of light. It reinsures the kitchen with vibrancy as well as a Gothic spirit.

The tinted glass window’s colors translate into more modern lighting designs, including hanging industrial light bulbs and wall sconces.

There is also a smaller Gothic-style stained glass window. It brightens the otherwise monotonous dining area.

Since the Medieval Period, the ornate panels have embellished many buildings. They continue to steal the hearts of the architects today. That’s the reason you should implement those stained glass window designs.