20 Ingenious DIY Closet Doors You Can Build Today

DIY closet doors are probably one of the most popular things you can try nowadays. This element is mostly functional. If you get the right one, space would get more unique. Many homeowners don’t think about it much.

Well, it’s a door but it’s not just it. You are about to see the reasons why. A change to the door of the closet could change the entire scheme of the room. So, it won’t be just a door.

There are many types of closet doors out there. Here, we’ve gathered the best ideas that are friendly for DIYers like you. Let’s explore.

1. Old Shutters Closet Door

Old Shutters Closet Door with grey color

This closet door is a great idea as a start. The sliding concept for this material would make the space so unique. This old-style element has a big statement for the room with its vintage vibe and rustic texture.

If you have some unused old shutters, this one is a great concept, to begin with. It looks extraordinary. Such a unique element could draw every attention that passes through it.

Even though it looks perfect for rustic room style, it would also work well with just about any style of decor. One more thing, it won’t take a lot of money to make.

2. Barn Door Style with Galvanized Material

Barn Door Style with Galvanized Material

There’s a reason why people love to have rustic decor in their house, even with modern style. Well, one of them would be because of its big statement. It’s easy to drive attention with a rustic element like this one.

Matching it with the reclaimed wood on the ceiling, this DIY rustic closet doors will slide just right. The galvanized material emphasizes the strength that this element already has.

3. Stylish and Sweet Curtains

Curtains Stylish and Sweet with a coat hanger on the side

Beside wooden doors, fabric material like this curtain can be a good option too. It would be a winner for practicality, flexibility, and budget. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to make one.

A curtain would give a different result. You can get a unique and stylish scene that covers the closet. In this picture, the color of the fabric matches the scheme. There’s an option to showcase what’s inside. Just type each side of the curtain just like that.

4. Budget Closet Doors with Burlap

Jute Wardrobe Door in a minimalist bedroom

This clever idea of the DIY closet door is perfect for beginners. It would only take about 45 dollars of the total cost. Seeing at the finished product, you will love how the natural color of the burlap fabric stands out against the white wall.

Add a little bit of greenery to bring life inside this room. It will also keep the emptiness away from this minimalist bedroom. The side table is there to connect with the closet door.

5. DIY French Door for Closet

Brown French door for the Closet

This is a nice example of a french door for the closet. The structure of this element contains arched glass on top and raised panels. It’s a perfect fit to not entirely cover the closet towards the bedroom.

The arched glass allows you to see through what’s inside the closet. No need to paint it for matching, just leave it with the color of the wood. It will be looking more elegant and natural. The bedroom would feel fresh and alive.

6. DIY Closet Doors with Cork Board

DIY Wardrobe Doors with Cork Board in gray color

Corkboard on a door is probably a new thing in your imagination. Well, it can be a functional element to your bedroom. Instead of having an ordinary covering, the addition of this useful material is something to try.

This door is a finished product of refurbished yellowed doors. That framed corkboards make a big impact and make it more functional. You can use the surface to pin something like reminders, notes, schedules, etc.

7. Four-Panel Door for Narrow Space

The narrow Four Panel Door near the bedroom

The concept of this closet door is designed for a bedroom that has limited space. It’s a great idea to try to save a little space on the floor of your room. As you can see, there’s a total of four panels on it. The style of this door design is quite common in Europe and Canada.

In the store, this one will cost you about 150 bucks. In the world of DIY, there’s always a way to build it yourself. Use ¾ inch pure bond Plywood to make one. With some advanced woodworking skills for this project, the finished product would be nice and clean.

8. Blue Folding Closet Door with Trim

Green Folding Wardrobe Door with black floor

The folding concept for this closet door looks so interesting and entertaining. The way it opens and closes is the result of smart design. It also saves some floor space inside the room. One special thing about this element is the trim detailing.

Such trim elevates the quality of the covering of your closet. It also gives a charming Parisian feel around the space. The choice of color is also important to make the element stands out even more.

9. Pink French-Style Door

Pink French style door in room

Painting the closet door with such sweet and soft color is very effective to change the look that affects the entire atmosphere. This french style door has its charm even without the pink. The color brings out the beauty.

Check out the brass handles. It surely adds a glamorous effect to the door. The white wall makes a perfect canvas for the room. You should leave them empty and fill the room with matching colors.

10. Wallpaper Coverings on Mirror Closet Doors DIY

Covering Wallpaper in Mirror Closet Doors DIY in the room

The easy step to make the plain closet door more interesting and colorful is to add wallpaper. As you know, it’s an element that will deliver a big statement to any room. So, choose the pattern you like with colors that match the room’s scheme.

It’s also a great option for the bedroom if you don’t want to cover the entire walls with wallpaper. Just create an accent wall with the closet door surface. Many products of wallpaper are self-adhesive. You can easily stick it and strip it anytime you want.

11. Chalkboard Closet for Kids Bedroom

Chalkboard Cabinets in Children's Bedrooms

It’s something that will drive your kid’s attention especially if they love to draw. Turning the closet door into a chalkboard is a clever but risky move. It’s quite easy to do, you can just use chalkboard paint to achieve it.

For your information, it doesn’t need to be just black, there are a few other options to try. There is a wide range of bright colors for the chalkboard surface.

The step is as simple as painting the door. Let them dry for a few days. Now, it’s ready as a canvas for the kids to build Picasso scribbles or learning alphabets.

12. Decoupage Closet Door DIY

DIY Decoupage Closet Door with colorful material

This one is a great way to make use of leftovers. You can create decoupage using prints, fabric scraps, gift wrap, scrapbooking paper, and many other lightweights, flat materials. Just glue them to the entire space of the door.

The entire door will get covered with interesting and colorful material. That would automatically create a centerpiece or focal point for the room. After that, add painted molding to surround it. You just need to cover one pair of sliders to make an impact.

To make it more interesting, make sure all the pattern is different. Such a colorful twist in a white bedroom will draw attention.

13. Medallions Addition to Closet Door

Added a medallion that surrounds the wardrobe door knob

It’s one of the most fantastic DIY closet doors to copy. The ideas are very simple. You can see that there are decorative ceiling medallions. Typically, this element is a focal point of ceiling design. It’s something that you often see.

The addition of medallion surrounding the knobs of closet doors is a smart move. The position is symmetrical. Painting it all with light green color would make it to be more than just a closet door but it’s special.

14. Upholstered with Nailhead Trim

geometric pattern door at the tip of the nail in the room

Check this one out. This closet door will guarantee compliments from visitors. The upholstery is a concept that many people love. Then, it also has a geometric pattern in the nailhead. It’s such an amazing way to add color and elegant style into the room.

That deep green color is only an option. If you don’t want to make it different, just choose the one that’s matching with your color scheme. Adding the nailhead with its signature pattern is great to improve the scene.

15. Colorful Washitape on Closet Doors

Washi ribbon with colors on the closet door

It’s another simple addition to redecorate the closet door. Washi tape is an easy choice to gives color to the door. You just need a few rolls of washi tape with different colors. It’s a simple way to give colors to the white unused doors.

There is also a range of ways to stick the tape on the closet doors. You can apply it vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or any other style you want. This one can be considered as the DIY closet doors cheap.

16. Faux Shiplap Design for Closet

the best folding wardrobe door design for you

On this bi-fold french closet door, there’s a rustic and chic texture to spread all over the atmosphere. It instantly adds a barn style to the room. You don’t have to create an actual shiplap texture because it may take a lot of time to make.

Just make the faux one for an easy shortcut to get an outstanding character to the door. Use some plywood strips cut and install them symmetrically. This idea is one of the Easy DIY closet doors to copy. Apply chalk paint on the surface to make it look aged.

17. Elegant Barn Door Idea

Elegant design DIY barn style wardrobe doors with room color palette.

Who said a barn style door can’t be elegant? This one is proof that everything is possible in the world of DIY. This closet door is a perfect pick for the room who wants to embrace a variety of themes. As you can see, this modern has a few different designs that go together very well.

That elegant design of the DIY barn style closet door looks fabulous. Well, most people love to leave this kind of element with its natural color and texture. The others would want to make it different and trendy to enhance the color palette of the space.

18. Pink Closet Door for Girly Bedroom

girls room with a feminine touch to the room

This one is one of the sweetest DIY closet doors that ever installed in a bedroom. It’s a perfect girl’s room since the color offers a feminine touch to space. The gorgeous design fits the aesthetics in there.

Choosing that coral pink color is a great move. It’s impossible to ignore the beauty. The symmetrical design of the closet door stands out stunningly in the middle of the white canvas. Balance the charm with other decor items such as flowers, colorful wall arts, and so on.

19. Distressed Door for Shabby Chic Lovers

sliding door concept with rustic look elements

If you love an element with extreme rustic look like this one, you are in for a treat. As you see, this shabby chic closet door looks out of place. However, some people would just love to have a unique piece like this one.

The barn-style DIY sliding closet doors concept is enough to balance the distressed look. The white scheme of the room gives a great chance for the element to dominate the charm.

This door is not something you pick from the garbage. The distressed look is made on purpose using some techniques. It’s quite easy to achieve this appearance. You can just use chalk paint and age it by distressing the layers.

20. DIY Closet Door Makeover Using Painter’s Tape

ideas for remodeling your closet doors to make it more beautiful

There’s a technique you can learn in painting a surface using painter’s tape. Take a look at this closet door. It looks so fantastic and simple. This one uses to be an ordinary door with plain white color. Then, the DIYers worked some magic to it.

You can have this as your idea to makeover your closet door. No need to buy or even build a new one, just use painter’s tape and make it like this one.


It’s not that hard to decide which DIY closet doors that are perfect for your space. Make some considerations before choosing them. You should think about how difficult the project is going to be, the materials, and of course the style of the room.