Gooseneck Tiny House, Everything You Need to Know Before Living In

A gooseneck tiny house is a right choice if you want to stay comfortable while traveling. You do not need to bother packing with large suitcases because all you have to do is carrying the house and everything inside with you.

The idea of ​​carrying a mobile home around is quite popular among modern people. Some people only use it when traveling overland, while others even use this property as a home. What could be more fun than exploring the world without fear of trouble sleeping?

Like the other mobile homes, most of the gooseneck tiny house is built with features as a decent shelter, while some others are even more luxurious than ordinary homes. Building and designing this property is everything about taste, as well as budget.

1. What is the Gooseneck Tiny House?

the concept of building a small house drawn by a truck

The gooseneck tiny house is a type of mobile homes whose building part is attached to a truck bed, instead of a bumper. The shape inspires the name, where one of its ends looks floating like a swan’s neck.

People may find it weird, but this unique design is not without reason. Moving a gooseneck tiny house has the same concept as towing a car. The building is loaded on a heavy-duty trailer and then pulled by a truck.

However, you need more than ordinary equipment to load a full-furnished house. A gooseneck trailer is the most appropriate as this truck can load up 30,000 pounds weight. It uses a ball-type setup and has a structure, which is similar to a swan’s body.

The bottom is flat and equipped with wheels, but one side is raised to adjust to the shape of a truck’s head. The gooseneck tiny house trailer is equipped with a hitch that can be easily attached and removed to a vehicle.

This different way of working makes it different from other mobile properties like a caravan. As it is attached to a hitch, the building can be removed and reattached. The truck and building are separate parts, so if one is damaged you do not need to remodel it on a large scale.

2. The Parts of a Gooseneck Tiny House

As mentioned below, moving a gooseneck tiny house is the same as towing cars or motorbikes in large numbers. Instead of vehicles, this is a complete property with furniture. In brief, you should know three parts of the structure.

The House

Craft Tiny house with a Simple House Exterior

The main part of a gooseneck tiny house is, of course, the property itself. Design, architecture, space arrangement, and art will all blend into a beautiful work you called home.

However, building a tiny house cannot be done haphazardly. You have to choose the lightest materials for both buildings and furniture as the total weight of this house must not exceed the carrying capacity of the vehicle that is pulling it.

Besides, as this house moves by towing, the size must also fit the trailer transporting it. In this case, we have a 10×22+7 pattern. It means that the property should be approximately 10 feet wide, 29 feet long, and 7 feet extra-long for the main body.

Gooseneck Tiny House Trailer

footage of a small house on a truck bed

This part connects the house with the vehicle, as well as bears the overall load of the building. As we are transporting property, a trailer should be heavy-duty in strength. The gooseneck trailer is the best as it can load up to 30,000 pounds.

This trailer consists of the body to place loads and lifted parts called tongue. The tongue is approximately 5-10 feet long, while the sits are about a few feet above the main deck. The function of this part is connecting itself to the hitch receiver located in the bed of a truck.

Heavy-Duty Vehicle

this concept is interesting with transportation vehicles

The third component that is no less important is the transport vehicle. You cannot tow by any vehicle. It must have the best durability. For example, if the vehicle is too light, it will be able to pull a ten-of-thousands-pounds house.

Many vehicles are for towing, but for this purpose, some recommended ones are the RAM 3500 Heavy Duty Pickup and the Ford F-450. Each of them can pull loads up to 31,200 pounds and 32,500 with a gooseneck trailer.

3. The Advantages of the Gooseneck Tiny House

good idea with the advantages of living in a small house

Before deciding to build or buy a gooseneck tiny house, you should learn everything about it. Living inside a gooseneck tiny house will be a good idea as there are some advantages you get compared to the other mobile home. Here are some points you need to know.

Bigger Than the Other Tiny Houses

Bigger Than the Other Tiny Houses for you

Compared to the other mobile homes, a gooseneck tiny house enables you to build a property with more spaces. You do not even worry about unpleasant shaking during the trip as the trailer makes it perfect for you.

More Stability

the idea of a small house on the slopes of the mountains

The biggest problem with mobile homes is the unstable and uncomfortable shake during the trip, but with the towing system, the gooseneck tiny house will be more stable and less shaking because the property is placed on the trailer, instead of pulled by a vehicle.

More Space

storage space with more space in it

A good thing from the gooseneck tiny house is the possibility of getting more space inside. As the trailer has a tongue on the seat, extra space is available. You can build a loft above and use it for any purpose, such as bedrooms or storage rooms.

High Maneuverability during the Trip

Small house ideas with brown walls

Besides the stability, the towing system also gives high maneuverability while moving. You can still be comfortable when passing U-turns or sharp turns. Everyone will have a nice sleep in any condition.

Practicality Matters

simple little house behind the house

As it has a larger size, it will be better for a family to live in. You can still be comfortable with four people inside as this gooseneck tiny house is still wide enough for two bedrooms, a dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom, even a storage room.

4. The Disadvantages of the Gooseneck Tiny House

the concept of a gooseneck tiny house with wood siding

After understanding the concept, structure, and the advantages, you should also know that nothing is perfect. Here are some disadvantages of building and living inside a gooseneck tiny house:

Budget Problem

a small house with a car concept

There is no gain without pain. With all the advantages given, of course, there is a price to pay if you want to get a gooseneck tiny house. You do have to spend a lot of money to build this mobile home.

Apart from the expensive building materials, you also have to spend money to provide a gooseneck tiny house trailer. As is known, this trailer is the best type with the biggest loading capacity among others. However, it is also the most expensive one.

The other thing, we need a good vehicle to pull this gooseneck tiny house. It must have high specifications to withstand the weight of the building and trailer at once, as well as having a good engine capability. Just check your account before deciding.

Require Very Large Vehicle

Requires Very Large Vehicles to facilitate movement

The vehicle problems are not limited to quality and price matters. You also need a very large trailer and vehicle to transport this gooseneck tiny house. Its large size may cause slight difficulty in terms of placement and movement

Difficult to Park

need a large place to park a small house

A too-big thing will certainly cause problems. You might enjoy a pleasant moment during the trip: Beautiful scenery, stable vehicles, and complete facilities. Everything feels perfect at first. Then trouble comes when you reach the destination.

This large property will certainly not be easy to park. After those exhausting times during the trip, you will not be able to rest right away. It takes a hard struggle to park it properly in the desired location. Not to mention, finding the right lot for parking could be another problem.

Losing Space

Build a small house in a parking area

Building a gooseneck tiny house means that having more space and losing space at the same time. While having additional space to build a loft, but you cannot use the spot under the tongue of the trailer. Even if you move the vehicle, you can only use it not permanently.

5. Building a Tiny House on a Gooseneck Trailer

Build a Small House Gooseneck Trailer in the yard

After taking some considerations, now you have decided to have your gooseneck tiny house. Surely, you have already imagined what the design is like, what features are in it, and most importantly how much money will be spent. Of course, everything needs a plan.

Considering that the gooseneck tiny house has become more popular currently, many developers provide the services. You can choose which house is right for you. Many beautiful designs are ready to pick, just like a pick a dream home to stay.

The Wansley custom gooseneck tiny house is one of the best choices. They allow you to build a dream house according to your wishes, design, and even budget. Everything is well arranged and all you have to do is waiting, see, and finally occupy.

Start with the Gooseneck Tiny House Plans

Start the Gooseneck Tiny House Plans with floor

As mentioned above, start everything with planning. As you are planning to build a property, everything must be perfect. Now, the first thing you might have to think about is the gooseneck tiny house interior.

The interior design should be fit the 10×22+7 pattern or less. The constructor should have advised you how to deal with that size well. For the sake of comfort, there will be only a few rooms built inside: Bedroom, kitchen, dining room, toilet, and a loft.

You can draw the design first, along with the estimated size. Do not forget that a gooseneck tiny house enables you to build a loft above. Most people use it as perfect bedrooms as it has high stability during towing as well as the best to enjoy on the road.

Despite its narrow size, you can still build a gooseneck tiny house toy hauler in case you need to keep your vehicle or else. Another thing you should consider when planning is electricity, sanitation, and waterways.

Find the Best Materials

Find the best ingredients and quality

It will be different from building a permanent house. As your property should not exceed 30.000 pounds, including all the things inside, you have to use the lightest materials you can find. Besides, everything should be portable and movable.

In addition to preparing materials and furniture, you also have to buy a gooseneck tiny house trailer. Do not forget to test its strength and condition because this will be a foundation for your home.

The important thing that you must also prepare is a vehicle for towing. As discussed above, you can use the RAM 3500 Heavy Duty Pickup or the Ford F-450 for this purpose. These needs are indeed more expensive but be assured that it is for the sake of your goodness.

Build Your Gooseneck Tiny House

Build Your Tiny Gooseneck Home behind the house

Finally, we come to something very technical. For the building process, you do not need to do it yourself unless you do have experience as a contractor. Leave it to the experts while all you have to do is watch and wait. Some suggestions are allowed during progress.

Put Your Furniture

craft tiny homes living room humble

The development process may take a little time, but when everything finished, then happiness is yours. A gooseneck tiny house you desire has finally stood tall in front of you.

However, the task has not completed yet. Now it is time to finish everything based on the gooseneck tiny house floor plans that you have made. Start to realize your design by filling in some furniture.

As explained above, everything in your gooseneck tiny house should be practical, portable, and moveable. Start placing one at a time until everything is in the right place.

Enjoy It!

room to enjoy your cellular time inside

The result is finally before your eyes. A gooseneck tiny house is ready to use. While the process is a bit difficult and expensive, you should appreciate it.

You can start to beautify your gooseneck tiny house with various decorations to make you feel home. Move your daily items into it, but remember not to exceed the load capacity. Now, enjoy your mobile time inside!

After those long considerations, plans, and even struggles, finally, you have your gooseneck tiny house. Just like living in a permanent building, you should maintain it properly. Do not forget to check and clean it regularly. Repair it immediately if you find any damage to avoid getting worse.