The Mid Century Bathtub Ideas, an Old-Fashioned Way to Build Modern Bathroom

The mid century bathtub seems to be an alternative to beautify your bathroom. It is not a new concept but never out of date. Every little touch does matter and gives a modern impression in your space arrangement.

However, many people might find the discussion about the mid century bathtub less interesting. As many people are still reluctant to make bathroom decoration as a priority, not everyone uses this kind of furniture. Therefore, you need to read this review thoroughly.

1. Do We Need to Décor a Bathroom?

Décor a Bathroom with white beauty and two mirrors

Some people think that the bathroom is not a priority. However, based on the home décor concept, every room has the same influence in the overall house. Therefore, we cannot ignore a single inch of it, including the very private part, such as a bathroom.

As the saying goes, a bathroom reflects your personality. Its condition will show what kind of person you are. It may be the smallest room at your house but requires a little attention to make it beautiful and comfortable to use.

Besides, a clean, comfortable, and beautiful bathroom will make anyone feel at home which is good for mental health. Apart from its function as a place to defecate or clean something, many people can also find a relaxed atmosphere inside.

For example, you come home in a tired and stressed condition. Then, the entire thing you want to do is cleaning yourself. However, when you see an unpleasant bathroom, you will change your mind and choose to do it later.

It is different when you come and see the atmosphere of a clean bathroom, along with a soothing room deodorizer. The combination of warm water and scented soap will make you feel alive again. You will be calm after struggling all day with exhausting work.

For this reason, everyone must start paying attention to the overall interior design, including the bathroom. For your inspiration, let us try to discuss mid-century bathtub ideas to enhance your restroom.

2. The Characteristics of the Mid Century Style

The Characteristics of the Mid Century Style

The term mid-century is not easy to define because of its broad scope. Talk about this could refer to architecture, furniture, graphic design, or even lifestyle. However, we can still take the main points.

The concept was developed in the middle of the 20th century (between 1933 and 1965). Nevertheless, there are also several different opinions about the period. This is the time when the term ‘modern’ began to be introduced and managed to become a strong root today.

Talking about architecture things, some characters can be recognized from the mid-century style. The most striking point is the principle of effectiveness in the use of space. Here are some of them.

  • Applying the concept of openness, in which the interior and exterior arrangement always displays a wide-open view.
  • Most of the building has the form of angular details, regular geometric lines, and asymmetrical. Sometimes a flat roof also supports this style.
  • It becomes one with nature. This style reflected in the choice of colors and decorations.
  • It is dominated by glass material. The mid-century buildings usually use large doors and windows to be closer to nature and provide the widest view.
  • Prefer a minimalist design but effective in the use of space.

Despite applying the openness principle but the mid-century does not prioritize private places (such as bathrooms and bedrooms) to have a lot of space because it is not considered as a productivity space. Therefore, other strategies must be applied to designing.

3. The Mid Century Bathtub

mid century bathtub uses more natural spectrums

After learning the characters, you may think about designing a mid century bathroom. To make it happen, you must incorporate the elements of nature and make them appear as concise as possible.

The bathtub is an important component in the construction of the bathroom in any style.

Therefore, we need to explore more about it. Before talking further, you need to know the general appearance of mid century bathtub.

  • The mid century bathtub is concise and saving space. However, you can use it as a comfortable bathing place.
  • The color might not always be white. The mid century color bathtub uses more natural spectrums, such as brown or pastel colors.
  • The mid century bathtub has a unique shape, sometimes asymmetrical.
  • The mid century bathtub tends to have no metal elements.
    Although made of quality materials, the mid century modern bathtub will still highlight the natural side.

Those are some characteristics of mid century bathtub. For the sake of beauty, you have to integrate it well with the other furniture in the bathroom. How can we do it? That will be the focus of the next discussion.

4. Adopting Mid Century Style Bathtub to the Bathroom

 bathroom combines classic and modern elements at once

After talking at length about the mid century bathtub and everything related to it, now is the time to talk about technical issues. By adopting the style of the 1950s, we will build a bathroom that combines classic and modern elements at once.

Armed with selected mid century bathtub, we will provide a magical touch to make the bathroom a pleasant place. To make it perfect support it, we will also involve some furniture with the same style.

Designing Your Bathroom Style

Designing Your Bathroom Style with elite material

To build a room or building, planning is the most important thing. Even if you want to apply a mid century bathtub to the bathroom, you still have to determine the initial design. It is necessary to avoid miscalculation and uselessness.

Before drawing a floor plan and design, you also need to determine what theme is suitable for your bathroom. You do not have to adopt the pure mid-century style but can combine it with futuristic, classical, or other styles.

Even if you want to adopt the mid-century style as a whole, you still need to determine the color, material, decoration, interior, and everything important to be placed in the bathroom later.

Choosing the Mid Century Bathtub

century bathtub with the consideration of the right color and quality material

When your design is fixed, then you can begin to choose the furniture you want to use. Of course, you must prioritize its main component: the mid century bathtub. Choose a design that matches the theme you have designed.

For example, if you want to display a rustic theme, then you have to choose wood-based colors or models. Bright colors mid century bathtub like green or blue is possible, but later you have to consider its suitability with other furniture in the bathroom.

However, deciding the best mid century bathtub model might seem difficult at first. Along with the many designs on the market, you will have difficulty seeing what you need and want. To make right, you should also do the consultation with an interior expert.

Combining the Mid Century Vanity and Bathtub

bathtub face to face with the vanity

As discussed earlier, your task is not only to determine the best mid century bathtub for your bathroom. When choosing, you also need to consider the harmony and compatibility with other furniture.

Besides bathtub, another important component in the bathroom is the vanity. Rather than installing the sink, mirror, and storage separately, it is more practical. Therefore, many people consider it as the symbol of the modern mid century style.

Combining a vanity with a bathtub to be in the same style may not be as easy as you think, but if you have chosen the mid century bathtub first, then you only need to determine which one might be compatible.

For example, if you have determined rustic as the theme, and choosing the right mid century bathtub, then you only need to choose the-same-theme vanity. In the next task, you have to choose the appropriate color for the furniture.

In terms of placement, a shower spot is generally separated from other furniture. You can put your mid century bathtub face to face with the vanity but do not forget to put a barrier. You can use a curtain or a baffle made of glass to give an elegant and modern look.

Choosing the Mid Century Bathtub Tiles

this knick-knacks that will be part of the bathroom

After finding the right mix of the Mid Century vanity and bathtub, then choose other knick-knacks that will be part of the bathroom. One of them is choosing the right tile for the tub area. Once again, you have to adjust to the theme you have chosen.

For example, if you choose the rustic theme, the mid century bathtub tiles should be related to nature. Besides wooden colors, you can also choose the pastel colors to can give a warm and relaxed feel. You can also place it around the vanity.

Setting the Mid Century Lighting over Bathtub up

set the right lighting for your bathroom

After determining the various components needed, do not forget to set the right lighting for your bathroom. Some people do not think it is important but you should know that the light will give a good influence to your room, including over the mid century bathtub.

You should set the Mid Century lighting over the bathtub up to make it bright enough but not dazzle. Avoid the too dark nuance, as it will give the spooky and uncomfortable impression.

However, the lighting around the mid-century bathtub should not the brightest. Put other lamps around the vanity, as people will need a bright light there. For other parts, you can provide the lighting as needed.

The Best Wall around the Mid Century Bathtub

choose the right color for the bathroom in this section

Some people think that a wall is only a decoration, including for the bathroom. However, it cannot be denied that it brings a unique impression. Therefore, you also have to choose the right material and color for this part.

It does not always to be a white wall. For example, for rustic themes, you can choose stone material to strengthen the natural impression of your mid century bathtub. The color chosen must also give a natural impression without having to make it feel dark.

Another Decoration for the Mid Century Bathtub

beautify the bathroom with some appropriate accessories

If you have arranged the interior design well, then it is time to beautify the bathroom with some appropriate accessories. Bathroom equipment such as showers, towel hangers, or storage must also be placed neatly so that you can enjoy the fun moments.

Use the storages to put your bathing items, such as towels, soap, or else. Another thing you should note is not to forget checking and cleaning your bathroom frequently to make sure everything is well and under control.

The Power of Glasses Materials

bathroom use large glass gives a spacious and elegant impression

As discussed above, glass material does play an important role in the mid century style. The use of large glass gives a spacious and elegant impression in the space. It also applies to the bathroom space arrangement.

Therefore, it does not matter if you use glass to limit certain areas, such as shower areas, bathtubs, and doors. You can also place a large mirror on the part that you think is suitable. Do not forget to choose the best quality materials.

5. Some Tips When Doing the Mid Century Bathtub Remodel

Some Tips When Doing the Mid Century Bathtub Remodel

Remodeling is different from building from scratch. If you want to change the bathroom layout for a reason, you still have to make various considerations. For example, if you want to do the mid century bathtub remodel, these tips might be applicable.

  • If you want to change the bathtub, you have to consider several aspects such as drains. Make sure that you unload without damage.
  • Consider the available space. Do not let the remodel you do become in vain because of the miscalculation.
  • You do not need to replace all the furniture in it. Simply replace what needs to be replaced, or fix what can be fixed.
  • When choosing a theme, you do not need to apply it entirely and change all furniture. If there is a part that still fits, you do not need to replace it.
  • Furniture does have an important role in determining the atmosphere, but you can modify it through the color of paint or lights.
  • Designing space is not an exact science. You do not need any formula to get a fixed result. Sometimes, all you need to do is following your heart to get the desired results.

In the end, we can conclude that the bathroom arrangement is quite important, as it also plays an important role in living. However, even if you do not feel comfortable with the mid century bathtub concept and model, you can still find another that suits you.