The Simple Bicycle Storage Shed Ideas for Lazy Bikers

Using bicycle storage shed is one method among bikers to keep their rides safe and sound when not in use. Along with the increase of public enthusiasm for biking, we need something practical and easy to secure our belongings.

Most people use bicycle storage shed because they do not want to keep their rides indoor. On the other hand, they want it safe from any threats like thieves and bad weather. Therefore, bikers need a space that can be accessed easily by the owner.

Of course, there are many other ways to do it. However, if you are a kind of lazy people, it will be the best way to choose. You do not need a special room or budget. There is no exhausting process only to make sure that the bicycle is safe. All you have to do is unlocking, storing, and locking again.

If you are one of the bikers with these characteristics, why not start planning to save your vehicle I the bicycle storage shed. Just a little touch, then you will not have to worry about your rides. Here are some things you should know about.

1. Keeping a Bicycle without Hassle

Maintain bicycles and supporting equipment without difficulties

Nowadays, cycling has become quite popular in our community. More than a matter of exercise and maintaining a healthy body, this activity has become a lifestyle. The reason is that it allows the intense interaction with others.

There are many following aspects such as the fashion to use, the brand of the bicycle to wear, and the person/people you hang out with that will affect a biker’s self-esteem in the eyes of others.

For this reason, almost all of the modern people have bicycles at home. Some people even decide to buy several rides at once for collection. It is nice to keep some rides with different brands and model but you might start to find problems when storing it.

If you are painstaking enough, you might do a variety of special treatments: Washing after use, protecting with a special cover, or even using a double security system. You will do the all complicated ways to secure the condition.

Unfortunately, not all people have the same patience in treating things. In case you are not a bother person, all the things you want to do is relax after cycling. You do not find it important to do those exhausting treatment immediately.

Even so, you still have to pay attention to the safety of your bicycle. No matter expensive or cheap; old or new; good or not, they are still a valuable collection to maintain. Therefore, you need to prepare a special place to store it.

2. Why Should Use Bicycle Storage Shed?

gray box outside the house to store bicycle access

A bicycle storage shed is highly recommended for lazy people. Without intending to insult but this method of storage is indeed the most simple. You just have to provide a space or box outside the house to store your rides. Here are some advantages you may get.

  • Using a bicycle storage shed will make your rides out of view to protect them from thieves.
  • It is more practical.
  • It saves your time. It is easy to take and store the items inside.
  • You can even design it as well as possible also to store all of your cycling equipment inside. Therefore, you do not have to bother searching separately when using.
  • A shed is a cheap alternative for those who do not have a bicycle storage garage.
  • You do not need to deal with the dust. As you do not bring the rides into the house, all of the dirt will stay outside.
  • Using bicycle storage shed is the best choice for those who do not wash their rides frequently.
  • You can get it custom. Just determine the size, design, material, and security system of the bicycle storage shed on your own.
  • Manage your budget. You can choose to get it cheap or expensive.

Those are some of the advantages of bicycle storage shed compared to others. Apart from those mentioned above, there might be some other benefits that can be obtained. For those who are interested in using it, try to read the further explanation below.

3. DIY Bicycle Storage Shed, Why Not?

DIY Bicycle Storage Warehouse to make it look attractive

As mentioned above, there are many advantages to the bicycle storage shed. One of them is that you can build it by yourself. The method that we will discuss this time is quite simple and certainly, anyone can do it. The following are the steps that must be taken.

Starting with Bike Storage Shed Plans

good security system for bicycle storage

First, you have to do the planning. Make sure the number of bicycles and equipment you will keep inside. Then you can start to estimate the size of your custom bicycle storage shed. Besides, you have to compare the size of the area.

After doing the calculation carefully, then you can start to design your bicycle storage shed. Note that you should adjust it to the number of bicycles and equipment to be put, land area, as well as the condition of the land.

You also have to think in detail about other things, such as the material to be used, the security system to be implemented, as well as various bad possibilities that might occur. Make sure you have the best plan before starting to work on it.

Deciding a Place to Put the Bicycle Sheds Storage Outdoor

Planning a place to store bikes outdoors

After planning and designing, another thing you should do is deciding where to place. Choose the best spot in the home area. It must be avoided from eyesight, but easy to reach. Do not forget to adjust it to the size of the bicycle storage shed made.

One more thing, you also have to make sure the location is safe from various threats, including the bad weather. If you choose the easy-damaged materials, do not place them directly under the sun. Putting a canopy will be a good idea.

Choosing the Best Material for Bicycle Storage Shed

Choosing the Best Material for Bicycle Storage Shed

The next step is to choose the right material for your bicycle storage shed. Before deciding, you first know some of the commonly used materials for storing cycling things. However, not all of them can be used for your DIY project.

Rubbermaid Bicycle Storage Shed

The Rubbermaid is a high-quality plastic material

The Rubbermaid is a high-quality plastic material produced by a well-known American company. It is designed as food-grade materials and widely used for meals and drinks. However, some bicycle storage shed products use this material.

Considered as the best bicycle storage shed plastic, it can be the right choice for bikers. Its waterproof and durable coat can protect your items. Please do not put it into direct contact with the sun and rain for long-lasting protection.

Metal Bicycle Storage Shed

Metal storage warehouse outside the room

Metal is another popular material for the bicycle storage shed. It has strong resistance, durability, and can protect the items inside. As it is not easily damaged, you can get the best security system by using this material.

Using metal will provide benefits in terms of aesthetics. Unfortunately, it is so easy to be rusty that you must treat them properly. You better do not put it directly in the sun, as well as keep it away from the rain.

Wooden Bicycle Storage Shed

Bicycle Storage Warehouse with wood material

Among the materials discussed, wood is the cheapest and easily available. While its durability is not as good as the two above, you can still get maximum benefit by taking good care of it. This material is also the only one that you can use for the DIY project.

Preparing Materials and Tools for Bicycle Storage Shed Project

Preparing Materials and Tools for Bicycle Storage Shed Project

For this project, we will use wood as the main material. Several carpentry tools will also help you during the process. Here are the materials and tools you have to prepare:

  • Wood planks, this material will be used to build the main body. Prepare them as many as you need according to your bicycle storage shed design you made.
  • Wood beam, you also need to prepare this material to create the frame of the bicycle storage shed.
  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint to coat wood
  • Door latch, padlocks, and locks
  • Door hinges

Working with Bicycle Storage Shed Project

Work with the Bicycle Storage Warehouse Project behind the house

When you are ready with all materials and tools, now we will start to build the bicycle storage shed. The process may be easy for those who are familiar with carpentry tasks, but some of you might find it difficult. However, let us follow these steps.

  • Make a frame first. There are several parts to prepare, which are length, height, and width section. Cut wood beams into four equal parts for each (4 beams for length, 4 beams for height, and 4 beams for width). You can do the cutting by sawing.
  • Assemble all the cut-off wood beams into a complete frame. Attach each other using nails. In this process, you use the hammer to sink the nails into the wood.
  • After finishing the framework, use a wood plank to cover each part. Cut to the frame size using a saw. Cover the bottom, sides, top, and back, but leave the front part.
  • As the front will be a door, it requires special treatment. It is not directly assembled by using nails. Instead, you have to put a hinge on one end and then unite it with the body of the bicycle storage shed.
  • Now you have got a bicycle storage shed with a door. Then, attach the door latch to the side opposite the hinged door. Connect the latched part with the main body. Now you can open, close, and lock it.
  • For the locking system, you can choose various types of lock.
  • Your bicycle storage shed can now be used. To expand its function, you can also add a helmet hanger or other accessories in it. You can even decorate it by adding additional shelves.
  • The final step, coat with paint to enhance the appearance of your bicycle storage shed.

Finishing Your Bicycle Storage Shed Project

Finishing Your Bicycle Storage Shed Project

Finally, a simple bicycle storage shed is available in your home area. You can place it in a safe place, which is easy for you to reach. To be more beautiful, you can add some accessories to it. Do not forget to take care and clean it regularly so that it lasts for a long time.

4. Another Option to Choose

Other options that can be chosen to store goods with a tent

However, there is a chance that it may be too difficult for you. Everyone has his or her limitation. You may not have enough time to do it or you have no idea about carpentry. You still need to calm down, as there are always choices to take.

You do not have to do everything by yourself if it is not possible. Why do not ask a carpenter to help you make a bicycle storage shed? Just hand him/her your design, then the carpenter will do the rest. Thus, you can still get a custom model without intervening.

In case you are reluctant to think about calling a carpenter, let us move to another option. Currently, there are various models of bicycle storage shed are available in stores. You can choose which one suits your needs and tastes.

Besides, the stores also provide a variety of interesting designs that will not make you bored at all. However, if you are also still not interested in using a bicycle storage shed, there are still other ways to store his. Here are a few.

Bicycle Storage Garage

Bicycle storage garage in a special and safe location

In case you have a garage in the house area, putting the bike inside will be the easiest way. Set up the special location and storage system inside to keep your rides safe.

Bicycle Feature Walls

Place a bicycle with a hanger on the wall

Some people use walls as storage. Attach the hanger to the wall and place the bike in a hanging position.

Using a Special Cabinet

Another way of storage is to use a special cupboard for bicycles

Another easy way is to use a special cupboard for bicycles. Usually, this storage is carried into the house.

Bicycle Tents

keep bikes in tents that can be placed outdoors

If you do not want to bother, just save the bike in a special tent that has been prepared. You can put it outdoors but safe from weather disturbances.

Using a Bicycle Cover

Closing a bicycle is another alternative and can be stored outside the home

Covering a bicycle can also be an easy alternative. You can store it anywhere both inside and outside the home.

That is all about bicycle storage shed and the other alternatives to keep your rides safe. Remember that your bikes are a valuable property you should maintain well. Put them in the place so you can use it longer.