Which One of These mid Century Modern Flooring Concepts Suits You

Mid century modern flooring is a term, which is frequently mentioned recently. In the world of architecture, these words are indeed quite popular even for decades. The term itself refers to the floor arrangement system, which until now has been widely used by the public.

However, for some people, mid century modern flooring style maybe is just a style choice to adopt in home décor, but if we talk globally, there is a greater concept in which many philosophies, interesting things, and inspiration to understand.

However, understanding the concept will not be easy if we do not know the basics. Therefore, we first need to learn the nature of the modern mid-century. More than a space building style, but there are history, characters, meaning, and various aspects lying inside.

Therefore, before discussing the mid century modern flooring style and its various applications much, you need to know the basics. After that, you can find your character to be applied in your home décor.

1. Understanding the Concept of Mid-Century Modern

Understanding the Concept of Mid-Century Modern

In general, modern concepts refer to the function of space that supports needs and lifestyles. Therefore, most of these styles use minimalist style components where each part is designed to provide maximum comfort for the occupants.

Meanwhile, an open-plan concept is a spatial arrangement whose purpose is to provide flexibility, comfort, and ease of access between spaces. Circulation flow is very important so that every room will be merged.

Finally, a combination concept of the two has been emerged, known as the mid-century modern style. The main characteristic of this concept is the openness, where both the exterior and interior will merge in a wide viewing distance.

According to Greenberg (1983), a mid-century modern is a style of architecture, interior design, and product design that illustrates the development of the 20th century, particularly from 1945 to the 1980s. Here are some characteristics you should note.

  • The building has characteristics such as flat roof, angular details, regular geometric lines, and asymmetrical appearance.
  • As mid-century modern design integrated outside atmosphere into the room, wide glass and open spaces become an important part of this residential style.
  • The glass materials are dominating and allowing natural light to enter from various angles. Sliding glass doors is very popular.
  • Various views on the outside exist.
  • Warm and natural colors, like olive green, mustard, orange, yellow, or trendy colors, such as pink, gray, turquoise, and black are used.
  • Smaller but efficient restrooms and bedrooms are constructed.
  • Chandeliers, bubble lamps, Arco floor lamps are typical types of mid-century modern items to give a dramatic impression on the room.
  • Small kitchen filled with striking, shiny, and bright-colored cooking utensils. Simplicity is key.

The concepts above are then applied to various aspects of home architecture where the room is designed to be efficient and full of comfort. Even the application of mid century modern flooring will also rely on the characteristics.

The concept used was not without purpose. Space effectiveness, color selection, and all aspects are intended for one purpose, namely to build a positive personality.

One example is the selection of glass materials in many parts of the room. This is intended so that residents can interact with nature and cultivate healthy behaviors and habits. People will begin to interact with nature to reduce stresses.

Another example is the use of a bedroom that is not too broad. In the modern mid-century concept, these rooms are only limited to sleeping place sleep. One will not need to spend too much time on it.

Instead, the living room was expanded so that many family members gathered and spent time together. This is considered important to build harmony. Besides, there is a lot of rule whose purpose is to bring positivity to your house.

2. What is Mid Century Modern Flooring?

Modern Flooring with the right arrangement and high humidity

Flooring is one of the installation systems in a house, where its application must pay attention to all aspects that exist. In this case, we will discuss mid century modern flooring.

When it comes to style, everything will be relative, but if you decide to implement mid century modern flooring, then several standard rules must be obeyed.

Several styles in the modern mid-century concept have been discussed above. Now, it is time for us to adopt it in the flooring system. In essence, colors, materials, and everything must continue to support this popular theme in the 1950s.

In the mid century modern flooring concept, you have to choose everything carefully based on function. Beauty may be inserted but still, you must pay attention to the effectiveness. One of them is in terms of the selection of floor colors.

You cannot just choose a dark color for one room without reason. First, you should consider whether the color matches. The example is determining mid-century modern kitchen flooring. As the kitchen is easy to get dirty, bright color selection is not recommended.

Another case if you choose the reading room flooring. This location requires adequate lighting without having to waste energy. Therefore, in addition to the use of large windows, bright floor colors will also be very helpful.

In addition to color, material selection is also worthy of attention. You will not be able to use low-quality flooring like laminate flooring in the bathroom. High humidity there will quickly damage the floor.

For locations that are easily dirty or damp due to water, you should use waterproof materials, such as concrete or terrazzo. However, for space that is not used for many activities, you can choose cheaper materials.

If you have considered various aspects of choosing mid century modern flooring, then it is time to start working. Start to be creative with your home and create a comfortable home atmosphere in your style.

3. Matching Your Mid Century Modern Flooring to the House Items

Matching Your Mid Century Modern Flooring to the House Items

After installing the floor correctly, the next step is to combine it with the right furniture. As beautiful as any floor, if you do not make it harmonious, then everything will be in vain. The following are some suggestions that can be done to build a comfortable atmosphere at home.

Brownish Taste

The interior design of the mid-century modern style is dominated by brown furniture, from the sofa to the coffee table. However, it will look good if you put another brownish taste on the floor. You should not use the same color, but just make it harmonious.

Pair with a Beautiful Carpet

To support the modern feel, use decorations like downy carpets with herringbone motifs in soft colors. Do not hesitate to use a sofa bed and a regular sofa with different shapes and colors in one room.

Make It Feel Blue

Besides brown, another color that also supports this style is bright blue. You cannot only apply that color to the furniture, but also the floor. If you do not like to feel blue, you can also choose another like white.

Illuminates Them All

Bright nuance is one thing that must be present. When choosing floor colors, you should also consider this factor. Bright colors will energize anyone in the house.
Perform each step carefully so that the results are satisfying. You do not need to do it in a hurry. Change the spatial planning gradually to find the right mix and match. You can also change the design at any time if you start to get bored.

4. Additional Tips for Mid Century Modern Flooring

Additional Tips for Mid Century Modern Flooring

In addition to the points outlined above, there are some additional tips to make you feel comfortable with your mid century modern flooring. The following are some of them.
Leave It Broad

A broad view is one thing that should not be lost. Therefore, do not put too much stuff on the floor. Only place a few important and effectively arranged objects.

Don’t Paint the Unpainted

One of the main characters in mid century modern flooring design is to use nature themes. Therefore, you must keep it like that. If there are parts that are left natural, such as wood patterns, then leave them like that.

Do not be too hasty to change the existed colors and patterns. Let everything look natural.

Keep It Old

The next rule is keeping everything old. As mentioned above, we should let everything look natural. Not only the floor, should you not even rush to replace old furniture in the house. Let the classic atmosphere take root every day and give the impression of being one with the earth.

Don’t Be Too Shiny

Mid century modern flooring concept is all about nature and matte. Therefore, never put too much glossy paint on your floor. Your choice should be modern but never take it too shiny.

Don’t Be Too Trendy

Not intended to prohibit progress, but the classical style is one important rule. As mentioned above, let natural nuances manifest in the room. Overly change the furniture will disturb the natural impression inside your house.

5. Everlasting Mid Century Modern Flooring Ideas to Choose

Medieval floors with beautiful shapes and attractive arrangement

After understanding the techniques of mid century modern flooring, it is time to choose the right material for your home. The following are some of the most popular choices that are timeless. Let us see which one suits you!

Mid-Century Modern Hardwood Floors

This is also one best wood floor for mid-century modern. Aside from its natural look, it is capable to optimize heat transfer through the floor. This choice will bring durability, warmth, and great appearances at your home.

One of its advantages is being able to lock in the heat so that it will provide warmth when winter arrives. Besides, his appearance was also very attractive and gave the impression of luxury.

Mid-Century Modern Concrete Floors

The concrete is one of the good choices for those developing mid century modern flooring. Mid-century modern concrete floors also have exceptional resistance to scratches and other disturbances.

Because of its durability, maintenance is also not difficult. Mid-century modern kitchen flooring will be best suited to this one as it is easy to be cleaned. However, the quality is still inferior to terrazzo.

Mid-Century Modern Vinyl Flooring

The use of vinyl, or also known as VCT, is also highly recommended for mid-century modern floors. With an affordable price, you can get good quality. It is strong enough for various scratches, almost the same as terrazzo.

Mid-Century Modern Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is often compared to vinyl in terms of quality and durability. Longer lasting in nature, but the price is certainly more expensive. However, linoleum is vulnerable to water damage if the installation is not proper.

Mid-Century Modern Terrazzo Flooring

Among other types, mid-century modern terrazzo flooring is the best in quality. Any house with this type of floor will have a high luxury value. In addition to a slick appearance, it is also able to hold and drain heat to create a fresh and warm atmosphere in the house.

The process of making terrazzo is almost the same as concrete, where all the mixtures are blended with other materials such as glass and stone. Afterward, then it is polished to form a hard, strong, durable, smooth, and comfortable surface.

Mid-Century Modern Laminate Flooring

A laminate floor is one of the right choices for a mid-century modern home. It looks like ordinary wood but has a very different manufacturing process. This floor is made of solid wood layered by four different parts.

During the process, the four layers are stacked and put together through very high pressure and temperature. Each part has an important role to make a durable but beautiful appearance for mid century modern flooring style.

When it comes to quality, this type of mid century modern flooring is somewhat less good. Despite its aesthetically pleasing look, they are more susceptible to scratches, dust, dirt, and other disturbances. However, the price is much cheaper than ordinary wood.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there might still be several other options to try in your mid century modern flooring design. Relax; you can get many quality materials at low prices.
Those are the broad explanation about the mid century modern flooring style. This concept is indeed quite extensive and unique to explore. Now is the time for you to be creative in designing cool houses.