Fireplace with Bookshelves On Each Side: What You Should Do and Do Not

Fireplace with bookshelves on each side might sound unique to common people. While most of us try to keep the literature collections away from fire and other dangerous substances, some others combine them in a unified decoration.

However, this is precisely the uniqueness that we will discuss this time. Fireplace with bookshelves on each side is not something impossible, but a breakthrough in the decoration field. This concept will give a different look and nuance to your room.

A fireplace room is known as a warm spot at home to relax. In classical culture, this location is a family gathering place for mutual care and affection. On the other hand, the reading room is a place for the learning process with a serious atmosphere.

Both bookshelves and fireplaces have a role on their own in creating a home atmosphere.

We can see that the two concepts are certainly contradictory, but now they will be put together in a concept named ‘fireplace with bookshelves on each side’.

Apart from its original function, the combination of the two had succeeded in creating a unique feel that would make anyone feel at home in it. Previously maybe no one had imagined that bookshelves could be the perfect decoration for a room full of warmth.

Broadly speaking, applying fireplace with bookshelves on each side concept means placing shelves and their beautiful decorations around the heater. To make it harmonious, the furniture was placed flanking a fireplace.

1. Why Using Fireplace with Bookshelves on Each Side

Fireplace with Bookshelves in the room

As mentioned above, the fireplace with bookshelves on each side is a unique concept now applied in home decor. This method was previously less common because many people consider it unsafe, particularly to flammable goods.

Over time, because of supporting technological developments, new ideas began to emerge. Some of them are trying to combine things, which are initially impossible to be a unique breakthrough. That is what applies to the fireplace with bookshelves on each side concept.

In ancient times, a fireplace might have been considered a dangerous place. Flammable things will be easily burned only by the splashes of ashes. Excessive heat was another problem as too many furniture or item melted or damaged because of it.

Now the fireplace technology has developed so much that splashes of fire or heat will no longer interfere with the comfort of the house. Besides, modern fireplaces have also developed systems to prevent the adverse effects of combustion.

The modern fireplace has the frame around, equipped with improved security, and tidied up the exhaust system. Now we can say that the current technology will make the concept of the fireplace with bookshelves on each side is no longer impossible.

2. Applying the Main Concept of the Fireplace with Bookshelves on Each Side

Main Concept Fireplace in the room to make it more beautiful

The concept of fireplace with bookshelves on each side is only a guideline. In the end, everything will depend on each taste. You can adopt any style that suits your interests and the conditions of your home.

However, if you want to apply a fireplace with bookshelves on each side concept to your home, several steps should be taken. In this case, we will not talk technical, but rather the work patterns that must be followed. Here we go.

  • Draw your Spatial Plan

Layout Plan for your bookshelf to make it look attractive

Always start anything with planning. When you plan to do a fireplace with bookshelves on each side remodel, an initial overview must be prepared. This is very necessary so that you are not stuck in the middle of work.

First, draw the design of the fireplace with bookshelves on each side concept you want to create in the room. How do you place items? What does your room look like? What objects will be used as decoration? Try to depict them in detail.

  • Look and Observe

fireplace design with bookshelves that you make perfect

After finishing sketching, it’s time to compare with the conditions in your home. In this case, many things need to be considered so that the fireplace with bookshelves on each side design you make is perfect. Here are some things that need to be observed:

– Location of electrical and cable connections
– Aesthetics
– Minimize waste
– Color of the room
– Shape the room
– Cost
– Work Duration

  • Prepare the Equipment

various carpentry tools to make bookshelves and all

If everything is ready, the next step is to prepare all the equipment. Besides wood, plywood, and other basic materials, you will also need a variety of carpentry tools to make bookshelves and everything. Here are some items you should prepare:

– Electric tools: Saw, table saw, air compressor pancakes, nail gun, and so on

– Hand tools: Tape measure, paint brushes, paint roller handle, roller pan, carpenter’s pencils, stud finder, nails and so on
– Lumber

  • Do It Now

cutting and mounting process in the form of shelves for good results

Now is the time to make your fireplace with bookshelves on each side. Cut materials that have been prepared according to the desired shape. Pair and unite it into a work that you will admire after this. Do not forget to be careful during the process.

  • Finish It

fireplace with tv on it in the room

After a long hard work, finally the view you aspire to come true. Now, you have successfully adopted the concept of the fireplace with bookshelves on each side very nicely. However, of course, the task has not been completed.

The frame you made still needs a little touch to make it more beautiful. Try to apply a coat of varnish to make it more durable. You can also give other colors according to taste and desire. However, if everything is finished, do not forget to tidy up the equipment.

  • Give Decoration

beautiful fireplace decoration with bookshelves

Finally, yet importantly, you can put a decoration on your work. Put books on the shelves as much as you want.

Nevertheless, in case you do not want it too crowded, you can add other items like vases with flowers, dolls, ceramic decoration, or anything else. Just make sure that everything is great.

The work process and the results obtained will be different for each person. The reason is, each design requires a different treatment. Besides, a person’s experience of working also determines everything. Just never stop trying and doing.

3. Some Strategies for Fireplace with Bookshelves on Each Side Remodel

brick fireplace with bookshelf in the living room

The application of fireplace with bookshelves on each side concept may differ depending on the situation and conditions. The type of heater also contributes to how we make room arrangements.

Therefore, we might need a different strategy for each type of fireplace. Although the style and tricks are similar, you might need to pay attention to the following tips.

  • Brick Fireplace with Bookshelves on Either Side

Brick Fireplace with Bookshelves on Either Side in living room

This kind of fireplace has a classic concept, which is close to mid-century modern style. The bricks materials are left, as they are to give a traditional village impression as well as peaceful nuances.

However, it is not a simple thing to make an artistic brick fireplace with bookshelves on either side concept. First, you should understand the concept of mid-century modern style. Any furniture, colors, and space arrangement cannot be done inconsequentially.

The first thing to do is deciding the color of the bookshelves. Most of the mid-century modern follower will agree to use brownish or bright color, as it is identical with the concept. Just adjust the color with the available brick fireplace at your home.

Brick fireplace with pastel color will match bookshelves with natural colors, such as tree-wood. Meanwhile, for the bricks with a bright color, like white, you can combine them with the matching one.

A bright-colored bricks actually can be combined with both natural and bright once. However, the effect will not be better than the matching combination. Therefore, for the sake of art, it is better to provide bookshelves with a similar color.

After deciding on a suitable color, it is time to choose the right furniture. To display the concept of the fireplace with bookshelves on each side with bricks materials, you must use a cabinet made of wood or something natural.

Place the chosen bookshelves on both sides of the fireplace and fill them with the right decorations. After that, you just need to add another magical touch for finishing. Some simple accessories are always welcomed.

However, for this kind of fireplace with bookshelves on each side concept, you still have to pay attention to the fireplace condition. Make sure it has guaranteed safety to avoid sparks and heat damaging your furniture.

It is good to provide a little barrier between bookshelves and fireplace. Another choice is designing the front of the fireplace to be onward than the bookshelves’. A little fireproof cover at the mouth of a fireplace can also be an option.

  • Electric Fireplace with Bookshelves on Each Side

Electric Fireplace with tv above and Bookshelves on Each Side

Of the many types of fireplaces, the electric type is indeed the most preferred at this time. In addition to the simple use, the decoration was also not going to bother. Then how is the right way to adopt a fireplace with bookshelves on each side for this one?

There are no specific rules for presenting a cozy feel in an electric fireplace room. You only need to consider the fireplace with bookshelves on each side size that will be adopted into your home.

In essence, adjust the size of the furniture and heater to make it look balanced and harmonious. Most people will use the same size bookshelves to place on the right and left side of the fireplace.

The use of bookshelves can also help cover the scattered cables around plug-in to make your room neat. As you have an electric lifestyle, do not forget to put a screen TV above. A coffee table will also be a useful decoration to make your day.

  • Stone Fireplace with Bookshelves on Each Side

classic stone fireplace in living room

Stone material has long been used for fireplaces because of its strength and durability. If you have it at home, then you need to start adopting the concept of the fireplace with bookshelves on each side right now.

This type of fireplace is easy to decorate and you can use the available materials to make it more beautiful. This fireplace has a natural impression that will certainly fit with furniture with the same impression.

Try to place wooden bookshelves on the right and left, and then decorate it as neatly as possible. Besides, the theme of stone will also be flexible iron or other materials. Put a variety of decorations and objects neatly.

You can even add a TV screen above so you can enjoy the moment reading a book while watching your favorite broadcast. The warmth from the fireplace will provide perfect comfort for your relaxing moments.

  • Gas Fireplace with Bookshelves on Each Side

Gas Fireplace with tv above in room

The use of gas is another fireplace with bookshelves on each side need to be reviewed. This kind of fuel needs extra attention because of many factors. First, make sure that the fuel tube has been placed in a safe location.

You better have some windows, doors, or air ventilation to maintain the airflow in case a leakage occurred. Also, try not to place flammable objects or electrical things around the fireplace to avoid something bad.

Despite its risks, the plus point of the gas fireplace with bookshelves on each side concept is that you can even use bookshelves to place gas cylinders. Place it strategically somewhere around the shelf and do camouflage by using various decorations.

  • Wall Insert Fireplace with Bookshelves on Each Side

Wall Insert white fireplace with a shelf on the side

In addition to some of the concepts discussed above, a wall insert fireplace with bookshelves on each side style can also be an attractive choice. As the heater is inserted into the wall, placing the two bookshelves will be more challenging.

Installing a fireplace inside the wall will save space. Instead, you can install a table with a gap in front of the fireplace. Another option is building your custom table around the heater’s mouth. The area around the custom table can be used for various purposes.

After that, just place the bookshelves. However, you do not have to install a custom table in front of the fireplace. If you want a simpler way, just plug the wall shelf around the fireplace. Thus, you can save more space and furniture.

Applying a fireplace with bookshelves on each side style is not something difficult to do. The concept remains the same, which is putting two shelves around the heater. However, this simple trick is very effective to make your mood. So, let’s try it at home.