Tips to Maximize Your Walk in Closet Islands and How to Build It Based on Your Style

Do you ever think about having a boutique of your own? A well-designed walk in closet islands should be the one with all beautiful accessories and clothing on display. This space will make someone easier to find his/her favorite clothes and bring an enjoyable experience while dressed.

A closet island is a dresser that offers an aesthetic appeal, functional storage, and other different purposes. You can have custom drawers for jewelry, shoes, stockings, and bags. It could also have power for charging smartwatches or phones.

Not only for large and the luxury one, but this dresser becomes more popular and starts to appear in different sizes home. You can feel glamorous nuance and enjoy extra convenience with a storage island as it accommodates all the wardrobe elements inside the closet.

Whether you are looking for some inspirations to your current storage or designing a new one, here are some tips and ways how to build an elegant and efficient walk in closet islands.

1. Planning a Closet Island

A good closet with ample storage

Space is the first consideration when it comes to walk in closet islands. You should have enough room to build those features in your room. You will need a minimum of 30 to 36 inches on all sides of the storage with the ideal width of 10 feet.

The type of walk in closet island furniture will be determined by the space sizes. It will contain shelves, drawers, cubbies, or cabinets with a countertop above. You do not have to include all of them in the storage. However, choose that will affect your final budget.

2. Customize Private Island

room with different color elements or contrast for a more beautiful appearance

Once you have decided what you need to store on walk in closet islands, match the dress to the other elements in the room. Use a different color or a contrasting countertop for an extra glam look.
Besides, a specialty or unique decorative hardware could make a real attention-grabber to space. Opt for an oval storage island and upholstered chair to create a softening look. Have drawers, cabinet doors, cubbies, shelves for more storage.

You can display vanity mirrors, nail polish, jewelry trees, and perfume on decorative trays on the island top. It can be large or small, according to the space constraints and the standard countertop heights.

3. Design a Closet Island of Yours

modern closet island beside grey chairs under beautiful chandelier

You will get exactly what you want by adding a custom closet storage system to complement the overall design. Create the perfect oasis for your accessories and wardrobe as simple pleasures in daily.

Choose the color, style, and finish walk in closet island IKEA that matches your home decor. You can also create a unique and creative space with its signature. Try to maximize it by using hanging dresser on one entire wall to prevent crushed and wrinkled.

4. Choose the Closet Island Components

wardrobe room with large walk in closet and brown furniture

Closet island components can vary in sizes depending on your room space and budgets. Just think about what you need to be placed in the storage. Here are the lists of the furniture that should be added to a wardrobe.

  • Shelves

walk in closet islands with shirts and pants

If you are on a budget, shelves are a great solution for walk in closet islands. This storage can be made in any size with a minimum of 14 inches deep. It can also accommodate folded jeans, sweaters, and shoes.

However, you can go a bit deeper like 16-inches or 20-inches to use it for footwear or folded clothing. The width of the shelves should be 30 inches maximum on each back. To prevent sagging when it is loaded, the shelf may need support for a center panel.

  • Drawers

walk in closet ideas with grey drawers

Drawers are one of the most popular and expensive types of walk in closet islands. You should think about the standard sizes that will fit dividers and organizers.

The standard size of drawers comes in 18, 24, and 30-inches wide. Besides, the storage lengths can be 14, 16, or 20-inches from front to back.

  • Cubbies

great organizing storage with cubbies

Cubbies are useful and great organizing storage for purses and shoes. However, the smaller one is also good for fashion accessories collections like scarves, belts, and many others.

These custom storage walk in closet islands are very flexible. You can size them to any dimension that works within your room space.

  • Cabinets

walk in closet furniture such as drawers also cabinet

Like drawers, cabinets are also popular furniture in walk in closet islands. This storage has the same size constraints as the shelves since it just a shelf with a door.

Therefore, you can cover the shelves with cabinet doors to hide them. It also provides security in the closet since they accept door locks.

  • Countertop

white walk in closet island with stone countertop

The material that uses for countertop will determine the height of the other components. If you build your walk in closet islands, the counter should be 36-inches in high, which means the same size as shelves, cabinets, or drawers.

Although it has the same thickness as in a kitchen if you choose a stone countertop, the closet tops do not require the same durability as a kitchen one.

5. How to Build Walk in Closet Islands

drawers and white cabinet in wardrobe room

The closet design probably takes all the worry out of how you managing the wardrobe. Many storage inspirations exist for those who create one to refresh the current look. Here are some ways on how to build walk in closet islands.

  • Choose the Right Location

white furniture in wardrobe room

The first step to build your walk in closet islands is to choose the right location. Follow the space and size requirements outlined to determine the storage dimensions.

Tools and materials walk in closet islands are also needed in this process. You can use painter’s tape to mark the location where the wardrobe building. It will not damage the flooring while removing it.

  • Place and Lock the Panels

process of installing the lock panel on the drawer

Next, you should place the end panels and lock them. The construction should be cut and finished to the size of the closet island. Place one the storage vertically to hold them in an H configuration.

Position the backer board to make the appropriate depth of the drawers or shelves to accommodate those components. For standard size materials, at least 14-inches will be needed.

  • Install the Top Shelf and the Toe Kicks

indoor white top shelves for storage units

The next step is to install the top shelf or the toe kicks. To provide support to the entire storage unit, the shelves should be placed across the top of the island. Therefore, it should be locked with locking cams and screws.

You should lock the toe kicks on the other side and install it by following the general rules for a closet system based on floor.

  • Attach the Bracket

install brackets on both sides of the wardrobe in the room

To support the bottom shelf and the toe kick, you should attach a bracket on both sides. Place the shelves and secure them in the location using screws or cams just like the process of countertop installation.

  • Mount the Countertop to Closet Island

wood of sufficient thickness to maintain quality

You can place the countertop on the top of the walk in the closet center island. After that, secure it with a flat screw through the locking shelf above. Use construction adhesive if the storage made of stone in exchange for the screws.

  • Closet Island Installation

shelves and drawers for storage for a neat arrangement

After you have finished mounting the countertop, it is time to install the shelves and drawers for storage in the walk in closet islands. The installation of components will vary depending on the type used.

For example, to install the storage shelves, you use moveable shelf pins by inserting them into the island side panels. The shelf is adjustable, so it can accommodate items in any size.

6. Tips How to Make Functional Walk in Closet

this closest become more popular in recent years

Walk in closet islands become more popular in recent years, but the only thing that matters is to keep them clean and full potential. However, these tips to make storage more functional will help you out.

  • Consider an Island

cupboard with extra storage to store things in the room

It is worth taking serious consideration when comes to an island space. The closet will provide extra storage and a surface to place commonly used items.

If you decided to build a walk in closet island dresser, it should be about 30” in space or more space around it. Therefore, it will help anyone to create comfortable walkways in the room.

  • Smart Use of Space

white makeup mirror and accessories in the room

Maximizing a walk-in closet space is the most important thing to consider. Firstly, you should plan the layout of the island that includes shelving, drawers with organizers, shoe storage, cabinets, area for hanging clothes, and accessories place.

As the tips for a custom walk in closet islands, you have to do an inventory of the items to know the one that exactly needs to store. Dresser designer probably helps to measure the space and create the best design to your home and lifestyle.

  • Seating

master closet window seat is white

It is also important to include somewhere to sit down in a walk-in closet. It could be a side chair, upholstered bench, and a window bench that can be moved around, or put it in the middle of the room. For instance, seating makes the dresser feel more cozy and helpful for putting on shoes or clothes easily.

  • Lighting

private boutique through accented lights on display shelves

Walk in closet islands probably needs task, ambient, and accent lighting to increase the space functionally. You will get a private boutique feel through the accent lights over display shelves. Have a little fun with the design can help set the mood of the room.

7. Walk in Closet Island Design and Ideas

Walk in Closet Island Design with beautiful lamp

There are many things to consider when designing a walk-in closet room, such as storage space, layout, color palette, and decor. Here are some lists of the island ideas and inspiration you need to know.

  • Add a Runner

Long walk-in closet without taking up a lot of floor space

You probably need to add a runner that has a fun pattern that suits to long, narrow, or windowless walk-in closet. Get a built-in bench to provide seating without taking up a lot of floor space in the room.

  • Deck out the Vanity

dressing table or small table in a cupboard with a mirror for a dressing room

If you have a vanity or a small desk in your closet, it is time to make it more functional. Just use any jars to store the jewelry. Do not forget to make a statement wall with wallpaper, or lean a mirror the surface for a comfortable dressing room.

  • Jewelry Wall

Prevents jewels from tangling by storing them in trays on walls and shelves

It is easy to way to prevent the jewelry from being tangled by creating a walk-in closet island kit as a custom an organizing system. Just hang them, or keep it on a tray on the wall and shelves.

  • Install Fancy Lighting

An open shelf is a great option

An open shelf is a great option so you do not have built-in cabinets on the closet. The collection of shoes and accessories on display can bring a new look to the decor scheme. Simply add a bolt of fancy lightning or a glam chandelier to make your room more fascinating.

  • Display Cabinets

storage rack to organize and present a luxurious appearance

Opt for display cabinets to make walk in closet islands feel less claustrophobic and look even bigger. The storage transparency forces you to stay organized and bring a luxurious look to the room.

  • Basket Case

Woven baskets can be used on the shelves

Woven baskets can be used on the shelves. It is a great idea to tuck away anything unsightly in the walk in closet islands. Besides, the storage will help you to stay organized.

  • Use Special Hangers

Fashionable clothes hangers for clothes

Stylish hangers could be added to make you easier to grab clothing off the rack. The clothes can shine when they got to stock up on padded or wooden hangers. Give it a splash of color in the background without taking up valuable space.

Those are the things about walk in closet islands ideas and tips you need to know. Now, it is time to fill it with all your clothes and stuff that should organize well. Make sure to keep everything in its place, like put jewelry in the drawers.

You can keep stacks of clothes on shelves or cabinets; try to add baskets or shelf dividers to organize it. Meanwhile, do not forget to fill the cubbies with some fashion collection, like watches, or jewelry.

For instance, a great closet island is a thing to bring component into a little pleasure that no other can. It just needs planning to create what suits your personality and style.