Shiplap Bathroom Wall Ideas and Details for Budget-Friendly Home Decoration

Aside from simple installation, the shiplap bathroom wall has become a popular home décor element due to its revitalizing look. This panel shares type similarity with inter-locking board unless for overlapping and tighter fit.

Shiplap can seal effectively, thus it becomes highly popular along with another reason that it fits many home styles, from rustic to modern. That is why many designers have gotten creative when it comes to using shiplap walls effectively.

Bathroom ship lapping can be subtle and large in scale. The beauty of this panel brings a hardy diminished effect following its size whether it is an entire wall or vanity background. These panels could be a great solution for those who want to have a unique vibe inside the house.

If you are looking for shiplap bathroom wall ideas, here are the details and examples to help inspire your updates.

1. What is Shiplap?

Shiplap originally made from a wooden board that used exterior for construction purposes

Shiplap originally made from a wooden board that used exterior for construction purposes, like on outdoor buildings, barns, and sheds. This panel fits together with a tongue-and-groove application, which gives a beautiful, beachy theme, or rustic look.

However, the ultimate result of the shiplap bathroom wall depends on the type of the board, the colors used, and even both half or full installation. These wooden boards have become a popular décor element that commonly uses also in kitchens.

2. What You Need to Know Before Installing Shiplap Wall

apply a clear sealer or a coat of mildew-resistant paint to the boards

Installing a shiplap bathroom wall is safe to do, but you will not want to use it frequently exposed to water places. To give them an additional moisture protection layer, try to apply a clear sealer or a coat of mildew-resistant paint to the boards.

If you are using pre-painted shiplap boards, those steps are not necessary but it is recommended to apply wood sealant on any exposed seams or edges to ensure the resistance of moisture. Do not forget to get your bathroom properly ventilated to protect against wear and tear.

3. Bathroom Upgrade

shiplap in the bathroom which gives more comfort effect

Your shiplap can be a great idea feature when it is applied as a ceiling, accent wall, sink backsplash, or wainscoting application in a bathroom. It will give a large dimension, texture, and color for minimum money and time.

Shiplap bathroom wall might be a solution to your upgrade project since it is a budget-friendly.

4. Easy Tutorial and Tips Shiplap Bathroom Wall

 tutorial and tips shiplap bathroom wall will help you

Putting wooden panels on the walls may seem intimidating at first, but it is not a big problem of getting the boards cut, nailing, sanding, and painting. This tutorial and tips shiplap bathroom wall will help you to get the look easier.

Cut the Plywood Boards

Start to rip the wooden sheets strips using a table or circular saw

The first thing to do before installing a shiplap bathroom wall is to figure out how many plywood you need to cover the whole room. Start to rip the wooden sheets into 6” to 8” strips using a table or circular saw.

Cut the strips for about 6” wide but it depends on the kerf of the saw blade. Besides, ask for help from a worker at the home improvement store to cut the plywood for you.

Mark the Studs

boards with straight cuts for vertical placement on bathroom walls

After removing the baseboards and crown molding, it is time to mark the studs that help to know where to nail the boards in. You can use a straight edge to do it vertically on the shiplap wall bathroom.

You can also use a magnetic stud finder with no batteries and it sticks to the shiplap bathroom wall once find it one. Just keep it attached to the side of the metal toolbox while doing it.

Start to Cover the Wall from the Ceiling

The next shiplap is the ceiling

The next shiplap bathroom wall instructions are to start the planks from the ceiling. To cover up the least amount of board, you can start to run of boards 1–1/2” down from the top.

Before nailing the boards, make sure that the materials are perfectly level. It is not recommended to use construction adhesive in this process.

Space the Boards and Cut the Holes

cut it straight and make sure it is also completely flat

To space the row of the roads, you can use a nickel. Make sure to recheck that rows are perfectly level. Then, cut the holes for lights and outlets by other shiplap-bathroom wall material like a jigsaw. A hole saw is used for a smaller one that fits the wall-mount faucets.

Stagger the boards

shiplap in the bathroom needed a wider board

You will need to stagger the boards for a shiplap bathroom wall wider than 8 feet. Cut it if it is possible so they end at a stud.

Keep in mind that studs sized in an inch and half wide. So, make sure that the end joint on the shiplap boards meets it on the halfway.

Fill the Nail Holes and Caulk

wood filler to cover nail holes on the bathroom shiplap

The shiplap-bathroom wall tools used to fill the corners and around windows and doors are caulks. Meanwhile, use wood filler to cover nail holes and any knots. Then, lightly sand the part where the materials are filled.

Prime and Paint

Shiplap with paint and wait for it to dry

You should spot prime over the knots to seal and prevent it from sap bleeding. For the rest of the shiplap bathroom wall, use an all-purpose exterior/interior primer. Then, roll it on using a brush or paint sprayer to get between the cracks.

In this process, give it a full 24 hours for any kind type of paint like waterproof shiplap for bathroom dry before using the shower. It gives them time to cure and prevents streaking.

5. Shiplap Bathroom Ideas

shiplap bathroom wall is known for its affordable

The shiplap bathroom wall is known for its affordable and easy to install materials. These wooden panels will create the classic rustic look that is become everyone’s favorite. Here are some ideas and inspiration you should know.

Full Installation Bathroom Wall

farmhouse shiplap-bathroom walls and rustic designs

Covering the entire bathroom wall in a full installation will help you to transform the look completely. This is one of the most popular in farmhouse shiplap-bathroom walls and rustic designs.

The bathroom also gives off a country vibe with white countertops and recessed-panel cabinets. Add shiplap boards on the walls that make it more expansive and bright. It is also complemented by artificial and natural lighting.

Half Shiplap Wall

Half Shiplap Wall is easy makeover that will still look brand new

You can do half installation to give shiplap bathroom wall easy makeover that will still look brand new.

If you are on a budget, it is recommended to use a shiplap accent bathroom wall as a decoration. Just do the space measurement for installation and choose the part to be highlighted. Make sure to pick an area that will not get too wet.

Powder Room Shiplap

Powder Room Shiplap with color according to decoration

It might be daunting to shiplap a big space. You can start to do a small process in a powder room. Choose colors that match the décor theme like light green or blue to incorporate a beachy vibe.

Ceiling Shiplap

Shiplap installation to cover the dirt on the walls and ceiling

Since you can install shiplap on most surfaces, now try to place it to cover up dirty walls or marred ceilings. This installation will make space looks larger, a chandelier could be attached for an elegant finish.

Painted Shiplap Wall

shiplap bathroom wall to present a beautiful appearance

White might be the most common choice for a shiplap bathroom wall, but you can choose any color to be applied. Try to discover a shade that suits the quirky personality and style.

To bring a gorgeous coastal look, you can remodel the bathroom with the navy blue shiplap. Add the drop-ink, dark wood cabinets, and elaborate textures for a more luxurious feel.

Sometimes, you need a splatter of tone to increase the proper character amount to the shiplap bathroom.

White Shiplap Bathroom

the choice of a suitable color is crucial

Choose white color as an option if the color is not your thing. It is not only timeless and string, but matches the fixtures of the bathroom.

You can paint the board white to create a classic rustic shiplap-bathroom wall look that makes other features stand out and astonishing.

Wallpaper and Shiplap Bathroom

wallpaper probably an easy and inexpensive way to add patterns to the room

As an alternative, wallpaper probably an easy and inexpensive way to add patterns to the room. Try to use a shiplap bathroom wall to balance out the design.

The best recommendation for the arrangement would be wallpaper for the upper half of the wall and shiplap for the lower part. It gives a bright and stylish design with a combination of blue floral pattern and boards.

Meanwhile, the striking combination of various patterns will create a relaxing and charismatic atmosphere in the bathroom.

Geometric Shapes

creative with vanity lights to add more character to the walls

Adding geometric shapes can break up the horizontal lines throughout the bathroom. Put a big oval, or a pair of rectangular mirrors against the shiplap walls to add a different dimension.

You should be creative with vanity lights to add more character to the walls. Geometric shapes in the floor tile can also offset shiplap bathroom wall materials and bring a new look to the room.

Contrast Color Bathroom

shiplap bathroom will give a dramatic effec

Adding a bold contrast color will make your shiplap bathroom wall stand out. Dark tiled flooring, a boldly painted door, and dark-colored counters or cabinets will give a dramatic effect.

It can also be used as a focal wall since it does not seem to offers a purpose or looks out of place. You can add a piece of wall hanging out when the background painted with a bold contrast color.

Shiplap Wall and Dual Vanities

wooden shiplap wall with country style

You can choose a white, wooden shiplap bathroom wall to gives country style in vanity, which complements the cabinets.

Shiplap and Wood Rustic Wall

A traditional painted shiplap wall with boards to the ceiling

A traditional painted shiplap wall becomes another growing trend, but it still leaves other nearby materials such as beams flooring and rafters, unpainted and rustic. The two types of wood combinations are particularly inviting. You can also add the boards to the ceiling.

Friendly Bathroom Shiplap

Friendly Bathroom Shiplap with the right washing machine and cabinet

Shiplap boards are watertight and can be used in the bathroom once it is properly installed. The paneling process also keeps the bathing space from looking austere or too cold.

6. Benefits of Shiplap Wall

You can use a variety of colors for give a more rustic look

There are many choices to pick from when it comes to the shiplap bathroom wall since it does not only give a whole new look. You can use a variety of colors and textures instead of the basic white ones.

You can go with the latest trend by using light pastel colors, or stripped and stained wood boards. It will give a more rustic look and vibe to your bathing area.

7. Will Moisture Affect Shiplap in Bathroom?

ventilation is used to regulate exposure to incoming light

The shiplap bathroom wall can be affected by moisture, but it is highly dependent on a few factors. If you are using material made from PVC, it is not a big problem.

Ventilation also plays a big role in affecting the boards’ ability to hold up against exposure in the bathing space. It will not have any problems in a well-ventilated room with molds or warping on their shiplap walls.

Lastly, there should not be many problems if the material has been installed with proper filling, sanding, finishing, and sealing. To help hold up against moisture, you can choose a marine-grade acrylic enamel or any other durable paints.

8. How to Protect a Shiplap Wall

shiplap wall on bathroom must stay awake to keep it dry

You will help prolong and protect the shiplap bathroom wall to make sure of a proper finish and sealing process. Keep the materials dry will not protect it from possible warping or mold build-up. Therefore, it is important to get the right installation steps.

A primer and semi-gloss paint are used to cover and give minimum protection to the wood. However, it is recommended to use marine-grade polyurethane that can be found on the local home improvement store for adding the materials against moisture

That is all the things about shiplap bathroom wall ideas and how to install it easily in your home. These wooden panels are the most used materials in the house. Not only brings beautiful vibes, but it can inspire you every day.

Choosing the right decoration can make the room warm, cozy, and welcoming just like a living room and kitchen. Shiplap elements can also bring a focal point in your bathroom walls.

For instance, the shiplap wall is a perfect solution for you who want to put them in the bathroom. The materials made from wood, which is budget-friendly and gives an aesthetic yet stylish look. Get yourself to a home improvement store to find those supplies.