5 Ideas for Closet without Doors

Are you bored with the usual closet with doors design? If so, how about trying out closet without doors? If you are interested, you can now cover your closet with other alternatives! Here are some ideas that you can have to cover your closet!

Closets are usually accompanied by doors. They are the most utilized design throughout homes. However, there is a possibility that you might be bored with it. The usual design with doors can be changed. There are designs where you can use other ideas to replace the doors. Also, if you already have a door, you can also get some attachments. This guide will provide you the solutions to have closet without doors. Here are the lists of how to cover a closet without doors.

1. Closet with Curtains

Curtains is the first replacement for closet with doors. They serve the same purpose as doors. However, curtains have are softer in the context of property. You also choose a variety of colours and patterns. Staring from the light colours until the ones with the darker tone. The range prices for curtain are not that expensive, compared to a door. Therefore, aside from having more customization, it is friendly for the wallet.

gray curtains with wardrobe doors in the room

There are a few benefits that you can have with curtains. You can wash them every so often when it gets dirty. Hence, making your curtains look fresh every time you wash them. However, compared to that of a door, they are not sturdy. If not careful, you can accidentally scratch your curtains and rip them apart. Also, you must place it near sunlight, so it does not get exposed to humidity. In the end, it is good replacement if you want to have curtains instead of doors. Here are more examples of curtains that you can use for your closet.

a. Closet with Single Curtain

You can customize the closet to only have a single curtain. Instead of the usual two ways curtain, installing one is possible. The design of using single curtain is easy to set up. First you must measure the width of your closet door. The width of the door will determine the curtain’s slider bar. The bar is used to hold the curtain. After that, measure the height of the door. The height will determine the curtain’s height so that it suits perfectly. The rest of the proses is just sliding the curtain into the bar. After it is finished, the curtains can now be used a replacement for the door.

single curtain design with inner shelf wardrobe

The curtain bar can also be covered if you want to hide it. Wood panels can cover the bar. You can match the colour of the panels and the wood. They can synergize greatly. Therefore, you can theme your room as you like it.

b. Closet with Patterned Curtain

There are a lot of varieties of design that you can have on your curtains. The designs are completely up to you to decide. You can always choose a design that matches the interior of your room. For example, you can have a flower motived curtain for your room. Hence, your room will look more beautiful. Adding designs to your curtain will make your room more comfortable. It could always help you to recover after a long day of work. You can buy the designs from either your local shop or online shop. Usually, online is easier to browse because you can search it. Make sure that it has the same width and height as your closet.

closet with patterned curtains to make it more beautiful

2. Closet with folding screen

The next option you can have closet with folding screen. Folding screen is a great replacement to have besides door. They are usually made from hard and sturdy materials. For example, you can have them made from wood. They also have an interesting mechanic. You can fold and store them away if it is not used. This will allow you to have more space if it is stored away. Decoration is also available to have on the folding screen. You can paint them with patterns that you like. Hence, it will make the folding doors more colourful. The folding screen is designed to be a multipurpose screen. Aside from a closet, you can use it to make a little dressing room anywhere. Its potability may help you travel without no problem.

wardrobe with folding screen with small dressing room

Despite its benefits, the folding screen also have a disadvantage. The measurement of the screen must match your rooms interior. It means that it must fit perfectly. If not, you would not be able to set it up properly. Plenty of folding screen are up for sale. It is not difficult to get one. Hence, you can get one for yourself. It is a good replacement for the usual doors. To treat it, make sure to have it cleaned. Sometimes thermites might linger around. It could ruin the folding screen. Always check for bad bugs of your folding screen.

3. Closet Doors without Bottom Track

If you are wondering why this door is included, here is why. Technically for the third option it is a door. However, it is quite different compared to the usual door. It is different because of how it operates. This is a closer door without bottom track. The door is set differently to that of a normal door. The concept of the door is similar to sliding doors. Nevertheless, it does not have the bottom track. After all it is a closet door without bottom track. The door is easily moveable. This happens because the bottom track is removed. Hence, the purpose of the bottom track is to limit the door’s movement. Since it is removed, you can slide it to multiple directions.

closet doors without bottom track in the room

The closet door without bottom track can easily be customized. You can have it move around freely. The design is also not difficult to set. Make sure that you have the hinges installed properly. There are times where the joints can get rusty. It will disrupt the movements of the door opening and closing. Apply oil to the joints so that it is well treated. Hence, it will turn your closet in to a wonderful wardrobe.

4. Closet with Mirror Panel

Mirror panel is the next option on the list. Using closet with doors might be considered boring because of its lack of utility. The mirror panel with help the door to become more useful. Especially because how mirror is designed to accompany your wardrobe. Installing a mirror panel will grant you the utility of dressing. You can get clothes from your closet and see how they fit. Mirror panel also makes your room bigger. This happens because how the reflection of the mirror works. The reflection of your room will create this sense of wide space. Hence, your room will look more spacious. Aside from that, it could also make the room brighter. The light from your room will reflect itself on the mirror. Thus, your room have the light reflection shining across your room.

mirror panel design for your wardrobe

The mirror panels are very easy to install. All you need is the normal door instalment. You must add a mirror frame engraved in your door. After that, measure your mirror so that it fits to the mirror frame. Make sure to install it carefully so that it does not break.

5. Closet Door with Beads

Beads is a good addition to have with your closet door. As a last option, it is for you if you already have a closet door installed. There are a lot of patterns of beads that you can choose from. They are also made from various type of materials. You can have beads made from woods, plastic, carbon or even glass. The beads can be installed easily. First, you must get a thread to put your beads into. The measurement of the thread is equal to your door’s height. Then you can adjust the pattern of your beads. There are many patterns that you can have. You can also have the beads shaping an object that you like.

cupboard door with additional beads to make it more beautiful

The closet door will now look stylish because of the beads. However, you must treat them often so that it does not fall off. Make sure to also be careful so that you do not pull them. Otherwise, the beads will break as they are very fragile. This might be the cheapest option. Installing the beads is not very hard. Just hammer some nails onto the wall and the frame there. Very good option to have on your closet door.

There you have it, 5 ideas for closet without doors. These ideas vary according to your closet condition. If you happened to already have a door, then improvise it. You can attach it with a mirror or beads. Always prepare the calculations correctly so it fits. Remember to take care of the closet doors so that it stays in a good condition. Please share the articles to other media such as Facebook. Good luck with the designs!

3 Simple Corner Desk Designs for Home

Who doesn’t love a great office? Everyone wants to have a nice space where they can work at home. Corner desk designs have been an option for decades to complete your dream home. Sometimes we all have to spend time to complete our work at home. Therefore a comfortable corner desk is a great solution for you who likes to work at home.

Not all homes have much space for a full office. Today that home interior designs have developed that creates more room. The corner desk has been a people’s choice. Especially for those who live in a small home. The idea of a corner desk can be modified into working space without the need of having large rooms.

Corner desks are often identical to computer desks. The truth is that not all is considered as one. The vision of a corner desk is about that working space. This working space can be made into a small office. It can also be a much simpler desk for doing your homework. It is quite simple to create your own personalized corner desk.

To create your own DIY corner desk there are things to consider. Firstly, make sure you know your budget. Secondly, find the right interior design that suits your style and house theme. You can do research on some design ideas and home styles on corner desks. Next, figure out how much space you have at home. After that, visit the nearest home appliance and building store like IKEA to buy your materials.

This guide will help you with some DIY corner desk plans. Here are some inspirations to guide you with creating your own corner desk and small office:

1. Ideas for a Corner Computer Desk

ideas for an indoor corner computer desk

A corner computer desk should have enough space to at least put your laptop or PC there. A simple wooden desk design will give your room a warm homey look. The wood material for your desk would look more appealing in the shade of maple wood. The main function of a corner computer desk is usually for office work. Therefore, it is suggested that you have some drawers to put your files. DIY desk with file cabinets suits best for you if you’re aiming to create a small office in your home.

corner of a white computer desk with gray walls

An all-white corner computer desk looks great. Especially if you like to keep things looking simple and tidy. This simple design only has two shelves slot to put your books inside. The white color gives a clean and elegant effect to your room. You may add some table decor to add a touch of color for your desk. Try adding a wooden figure or metal pots so that it gives texture to your desk.

small corner computer desk with single keyboard drawer

Some houses or apartments only have incredibly small spaces. If you have a computer, a small corner desk is the one for you. This design is meant for small spaces yet still fulfills its function. A small corner computer desk with a single keyboard drawer to put your keyboard. Below the desk, you can add a bit of a rectangle board to put books and things. The top part of the desk is in a triangle shape so that it fits the corner of the house well.

2. Corner Desk Ideas for Bedroom

wall mounted corner table in the room

Some people like to have a separate office in a different room. Some enjoy having a working space inside their own room. The DIY wall mounted corner desk offers a unique touch as an office space. Inside your room, you can recycle leftover woods are create a wall-mounted desk. Any type of wood will work just fine. To create the wall desk you can either attach it straight away with a screw or add strings on both sides. The strings will give the hanging touch and keep the desk safely attached to the wall.

corner desk ideas with two file cabinets in white color

An L-shaped desk could also be a choice. This type of desk looks well fitted due to it’s L-shape. You may use plywood to create this type of desk. The model is a part of the DIY corner desk with two file cabinets. You can paint the cabinets white with a top of maple wood coating on top.

simple corner table with wooden ladder model

One of the simple DIY corner desk ideas is to use a ladder. You will need at least two long wood and some rectangular wood board. The amount of rectangle wood board depends on how many shelves you want to make. In order to have a bit of space to be able to put your laptop, you need a wood board that is wider.

The two long thin wood on the side is important because it makes the ladder stand. Have the color combination of oak wood and white to create a fun yet unique look. The ladder corner desk suits well for a teenage room because it creates a funky look.

corner table with rustic light wood in the room

If you are looking for a very simple look this standing wall desk is the one. This one is a really easy DIY corner desk idea. It has an L-shape base in rustic light wood color. On each left and right side, it has a wood to hold it in place. About half a meter there is a smaller L-shape wood board. You can put your action figures, photo frames, or books there.

To spice up the desk try adding some ornaments. A gold or silver desk lamp will make the desk looks expensive. Add some plants like a small cactus or succulents. A rounded wooden chair will give a great complement to the desk.

diy corner table for your bedroom with gray walls

This DIY corner desk IKEA inspired is a wonderful idea for your bedroom. If you have a grey wall or a light wall color this model will do its magic. The desk has some drawer slots to keep your papers and stationery things. If you like a minimalist look this desk type is the right one!

3. Under the Stairs Desk Ideas

There are efficient ways to save some space around the house. You can make it into a storage or desk space. Many two-story houses have lovely space under the stairs. Those spaces can be turned into a wonderful working space with the right desk decor. You can assemble and do the DIY corner desk IKEA inspired to save a grand amount of money.

The stairs are usually somewhere near the living room. Therefore it will be one of the things people look at when entering a house. Before creating an under the stairs desk, you should decide the design that suits best for your home. Here are some design examples for an under the stairs desk;

corner table ideas under white stairs

This first one is a dark grey-blue desk. The wall that covers the background is in champagne color. This color reflects the light so that our eyes are drawn to the desk. This minimalist design is a perfect combination of simplicity and style. The white chair with the fur gives it a different texture which is a great pair for the desk.

On top of the desk, there is a wooden board to put your notes there. This small yet meaningful space can be useful for studying or doing office work.

rustic wooden tables give the house a vintage feel

This second look is a mix of dark rustic ebony wood color and white. This combination gives it a vintage feel to the house. The L-shape desk fits perfectly against the wall. There are three drawers on the right side. On top of the desk, you may insert an L-shape wood board to create a bookshelf. These shelves are joined to the wall so it looks hanging. Make sure to put about half a meter distance between each shelf. As you can see that the shelf and the chair’s color matches in ebony wood color.

corner table under your stairs with whitewashed wooden planks

If you like the color blue this design is an absolute one for you! The sky blue background gives a fresh pastel look for a white desk. This one is an easy DIY corner desk for under your stairs. You will need white painted wood boards to recreate this look.

The style of this under the stairs desk is a wall-mounted desk. You will need to make a hole to attach the wood boards to the wall with a screw. There are not many assembling to do to make this type of desk. However, you need to do a lot of board cutting. The width of the desk should not fully cover the total width of the sidewall. This will create more room dimensions under your staircase.

corner table ideas between two walls

This last design is also easy. You will need some planks of wood to assemble the desk. Since the desk is in between two walls you probably only need two wood planks. The color you can choose according to the color of your staircase wall. White, champagne and broken white colors are the most commonly used because it makes space looks wider and cleaner.

How to Pick the Right Coffee Table for Sectional Sofa

When it comes to buying a coffee table for sectional sofa, finding the appropriate size, shape, and style that perfectly fits can be challenging. On most occasions, the tables are either overly small or too big.

Sofa sectionals typically receive a bad rap. They are both pretty and practical when styled correctly. Moreover, those furniture units provide many seating options as well as comfort.

However, if a sectional sofa is not teamed with the proper coffee table, the living room will feel out of balance for certain. Remember that it gives a major impact on the whole feel and appearance of your space, so check these options out!

1. Coffee Table for Sectional Couch

oscar v contemporary deep large corner sofa with coffe table

Corner or square sectionals are widely used. You can find them in many homes. They commonly come as a 3-item set and feature 2 arms on each end of the couch. These furniture pieces are suitable for small and large living rooms.

The corner sectional can be placed in the corner of the pocket-sized room or the middle of a big space. If you have this sofa, we would recommend incorporating a square or round coffee table in the area.

Make sure the coffee table does not extend beyond your sofa’s length. Additionally, you should ensure that everyone can reach it. The unit has to evenly fit the negative space, too.

The round or square coffee table for sectional must be two-thirds the sofa’s length. Also, it should be only 1-2 inches higher or lower than the seat height.

In this example, the circular coffee table pairs with sectional nicely. Since the furniture has a glass top, it creates a modern vibe. Its gold-painted metal base brings luxury to the room.

Moreover, the round coffee table generates space in small quarters. The unit allows for easier movement as well. It is child-friendly due to its lack of sharp edges.

A predominantly white living room boasts a gray-blue corner sectional. The furniture comes with a square back, so the circular coffee table assists to soften its shape. It also keeps the living room from feeling too heavy.

The striped and pastel throw pillows look terrific on the couch. Meanwhile, the off white hand-woven rug adds warmth underfoot.

There is a 3 legged side table next to the sectional. It does not only hold decorative pieces and gold table lamps but also helps balance the sofa’s proportion.

2. Coffee Table for U-Shaped Sectional Sofa

coffe table for u shaped sectional sofa

U-shaped sofa sectionals are ideal for large living rooms and offer optimum seating. They instantly make space feel cozier and inviting with its two extended sides.

Moreover, the U-shaped sectionals enable everybody to face each other. This type of sofa can encourage an easy, intimate conversation, too.

Depending on the U-shaped sectional’s length, an oval, square, or rectangular coffee table definitely will be great for it. Those tables help fill in the visual gaps.

Here, the living room was outfitted with black tufted U-shaped sectional. As the image shows, the unit looks super snuggly. It also lends the interior drama and grandeur.

The rectangular wood coffee table compliments the big and cumbersome sectional perfectly. Not only does it exude rustic charm, but also has a shelf for extra storage space.

There are square and rectangular side tables placed next to the U-shaped sectional. They successfully balance the sofa’s scale. Also, those furniture pieces accommodate bottles, books, storage boxes, and decorations.

3. Best Coffee Table for Sectional with Chaise

coffe table for sectional with chaise

L-shaped or chaise style sectionals have one common feature. One side of that furniture will be certainly longer than the other.

The chaise lounge sectionals look best matched with an oval or rectangular coffee table. It fills the elongated space well.

Sometimes, an organic, round, or odd-shaped coffee table or an ottoman will pair with the chaise style or L-shaped sectional. If there is such a sofa in your living room, then you should steal this idea.

A black chaise style sectional employs an elegant crystal tufted back. furniture produces a dramatic effect and a glamorous appearance at the same time. Plush felt throw pillows in light gray accent it delightfully.

As you see, the living room was outfitted with an oval coffee table for sectional. It features a glass top and sits on the pale gray rug.

When it comes to a rectangular or an oval coffee table for sectional, be sure the furniture doesn’t extend beyond the sofa’s arm on either side. That way, the space looks balanced, plus the foot traffic flow won’t be hindered.

Do not forget to accessorize your coffee table for sectional with an ornate metallic shallow bowl. Then, hang black-framed arts of work on the wall.

Moreover, you can put a potted indoor plant in the corner of the room. It will rejuvenate the space. Lastly, showcase your pottery pieces and books on the recessed shelf.

4. Modern Sectional and Coffee Table Ideas

u shape sofa with large windows

As you can see, the living room features both small and large windows. They allow ample sunlight to shine through and brighten up space. White walls evoke an open, airy atmosphere.

The clean-lined chaise sectional comes in light gray. It injects a modern appeal into the living room. Four throw pillows on the L-shaped sofa quickly raise the comfort of the area.

Moreover, a slim rectangular coffee table for sectional is such a great addition to space. The unit boasts a wood top and black metal base. Books and plant holder beautifully adorn it.

The rectangular-shaped coffee table suits the elongated space. It lends the living room industrial charm as well.

Here, the coffee table for sectional sofa includes a square back and arm. They were juxtaposed with a bubble pendant light. It delivers softness to the living room dominated by sharp edges and well-defined lines.

Speaking of coffee table for sectional, the ideal space between the coffee table and the sofa’s edge should be 14 to 18 inches. By following this rule, no traffic flow will be blocked.

Make sure the rectangular coffee table is proportionate to the scale and size of the L-shaped sectional. Additionally, you must consider other crucial factors such as visual weight, width, and height.

Furthermore, one of the coffee table’s sides shouldn’t jut out the sectional. If it extends over the couch, the living room will make you and your guests feel uncomfortable.

5. Coffee Table for Reclining Sectional

coffe table for reclining sectional

If you don’t like the combination of a loveseat and traditional sofa, consider adding a reclining section to your living room. The furniture offers as much seating, plus it is incredibly comfy.

As the image shows, dark gray reclining sectional carves a cozy vibe. The unit also comes with cup holders. It lets throw pillows become the focus of attention.

Moreover, the rectangular wood coffee table for sectional has black metal straps. In no time, the furniture lends a farmhouse feel to the living room.

Buying a rectangular shaped coffee table for sectional especially the reclining one is a brilliant option. It perfectly fills the living room’s negative space.

Furthermore, the large rectangular coffee table feels right situated in front of an oversized reclining sectional. The furniture can accommodate people who sit on the sofa.

The unpainted wooden side table is certainly a must to balance the big proportion of the reclining sectional. It would be better if the unit has storage space for your odds and ends.

Moreover, the walls were painted light gray for a serene ambiance. Large windows and off white curtains impart a sense of airiness. The potted houseplants give living room life.

Round tray imparts a feeling of togetherness, while distressed rug brings a classic touch to the living room. A monochrome table lamp provides extra lighting after the sunsets.

6. Size of the Coffee Table for Sectional

small coffee table for sectional

When picking a new coffee table for sectional, assessing the existing furniture in the living room with a tape measure is a necessity. This will assist you to select the one that suits your space.

We’ve had the tips to help you determine the right dimensions of the coffee table including its width, length, placement, and height. By following these, the unit will feel perfectly proportional to the sectional’s size.

The standard height of a coffee table for sectional ranges between 16 inches and 18 inches, but we suggest choosing the unit that is as high as the sofa cushion. This enables you and your guests to reach any appetizers or drinks easily.

To keep the furniture piece from overwhelming your living room, be sure it is approximately 2/3 the sofa’s length. That way, space feels more balanced and welcoming.

Before determining the right width of the coffee table for sectional, you need to know where to position it. For an easier maneuver, the appropriate space between those two furniture pieces should be around 12-18 inches.

It’s also important to create a comfortable traffic flow. You should leave about 30 inches of space between your coffee table and other furniture units such as entertainment hub and TV stand.

Talking about calculating the ideal width of the coffee table for your living room, be sure you measure the sectional to the TV stand or large desk. After that, subtract 48″ (18″ + 30″).

7. Best Coffee Table for Sectional

triangle shaped coffee table with u shaped

The triangle-shaped coffee table is certainly an uncommon living room furniture piece. It will work well with L-shaped or chaise sectional.

Moreover, the triangle-coffee table for sectional does not only fill the living room’s negative space but also brings a fun surprise touch to the interior. This unusual furniture lends the area a visual interest, too.

The triangle coffee tables are available in various styles, materials, sizes, and colors, so there must be the one that definitely will suit your home. You can either arrange the unit in front of a sectional or place it between loveseat and sofa.

Here, the triangle coffee table goes well with the gray L-shaped sectional. It employs glass top and curved lines. Those two elements grab attention in a flash and keep the furniture from looking basic.

Furthermore, this triangle coffee table works as a great conversation piece. Since the unit has an appealing extra detail, it is sure to spark a good discussion during your dinner party with friends or family.

The sectional allows a black and white checkered pattern to throw pillows to be noticeable. Meanwhile, a black floor lamp infuses a bit of vintage charm into the living room, while a brown wall and area rug set a homey ambiance.

8. Lift Top Coffee Table for Sectional

leather power reclining sectional

If the sides of the living room sectional are equal in length, buying a large rectangular coffee table is a brilliant option. It can accommodate everybody who sits on the sofa due to its big size.

In this example, the lift top coffee table teams delightfully with the white tufted sectional. It delivers convenience as well as style to the living room.

The coffee table is constructed of gray engineered wood. Moreover, the furniture boasts a two-tone ceramic top and tapered legs. It fits wonderfully in a modern living room for sure.

Furthermore, the table has two parts that can lift. They let you showcase decorations or serve drinks and food to the guests before the dinner party. Meanwhile, the storage compartments hold your serving trays or tea saucers.

9. Ottoman Or Coffee Table for Sectional

ottoman or coffe table for sectional

Another option is to use a large ottoman for your chaise style sectional. You can put a tray on top of the furniture. It will display your accessories and house drinks.

Two small-sized upholstered ottomans can be clumped together. The pieces serve as an additional seating and coffee table, not to mention they inject softness into the interior.

Here, the upholstered ottoman comes with a shelf. The element keeps newspapers, books, magazines, and remote in place. It makes your morning reading more enjoyable.

The living room is dominated by neutral colors. Since the ottoman has a gorgeous pattern and vibrant hue, it helps break up the monotony.

Before you shop a coffee table for sectional, examine the living room and take some measurements first. Bear our suggestions in mind and purchase the one that truly works with your existing sofa.

19 Gorgeous Basement Kitchens Ideas You Should Try

If you have an underground room, luck is yours. Maximize the interior square footage by turning it into a welcoming kitchenette. Before creating the renovation plans, take a look at these brilliant basement kitchens ideas first.

The basement kitchenette becomes a new trend. In most cases, it is a smaller part of a more expansive living area. You might spot a family home theater, a guest bedroom, or an entertainment hub with a tiny kitchen constructed at one end.

Furthermore, the kitchenette itself is a pocket-sized kitchen mainly used for preparing basic beverages and foods. This basement culinary space also offers a place to store snacks and assist develop a homey environment.

1. Basement Kitchen Cabinet

basement kitchen cabinet design

Searching for cool basement kitchens ideas? Give this one a go. Here, the kitchenette features striking gray cabinets. Those furniture units soften the look and exude a serene atmosphere in a split second.

Moreover, the gray cabinets provide so much storage for dinnerware and snacks. Crisp white countertop and backsplash introduce a nice contrast. They keep the basement kitchen airy, too.

Metallic hardware and appliances are a great addition to the kitchenette. Not only do they coordinate well with gray cabinets, but also ooze industrial charm.

2. Basement Kitchens Ideas with Island

wood basement kitchen island and cabinetry

We fall in love with the unfinished wood basement kitchen island and cabinetry. Those furniture pieces set an inviting vibe, not to mention they lend the underground room some rustic appeal.

Black quartz countertops perfectly top the lower cabinets and island. They are not just easy to clean, but also inject sophistication and drama into the basement kitchenette.

Two wood-and-metal chairs accompany the kitchen island. In no time, they assert a sense of cohesiveness. Light gray carpet, ceiling, and walls allow wooden furniture to become centerpieces.

Window lets in a good amount of sunlight. Meanwhile, floral short curtain spices up the otherwise neutral basement kitchen.

3. Small Basement Kitchens Ideas

simple kitchen for basement

Do you have limited basement space? If yes, don’t despair. This kitchenette can be a good source of inspiration. It boasts neutral colors such as pale gray, pure white, and beige. They generate a light feeling.

Everything is kept minimal. That way, the small basement kitchenette doesn’t look stuffy. It only employs a few appliances. Laminate wood flooring delivers a visual interest to the area.

The wood accent wall serves as a backdrop for a round mirror. It fills the basement kitchen with an outdoorsy feel. Metallic pendant lights and downlight prevent the tiny culinary space from becoming drab.

4. Basement Kitchen Flooring

shiny hardwood flooring for your kitchen

Talking about basement kitchens ideas, you need to put shiny hardwood flooring into your consideration. Not only does it enhance the appearance of the room and add brightness, but also elevates the whole interior.

Moreover, rich hardwood flooring emanates a cozy ambiance. It allows a patterned area rug to be an eye-catcher. Wood is not so suitable for the basement since that area is quite humid. Also, this element is more challenging to clean.

If you want low-maintenance flooring materials, go for vinyl and tile. Compared to hardwood, they offer easier cleaning.

5. Basement Kitchen Layout

all woods cabinets shaker kitchen style showroom moose basements

We love the layout of this luxury basement kitchen. It boasts Shaker-style cabinetry painted in white for a crisp look. Metallic appliances were nicely plugged into cabinets. They lend the culinary space a trendy appeal.

A marble backsplash and countertops infuse timeless glamor into space. The black island was placed in front of the cabinets. It houses an under-mount sink and grounds the room at once.

The under-cabinet and accent lights cast a soothing glow. Meanwhile, two pendant lights over the island give the space superior illumination.

6. Basement Kitchen Bar Ideas

basement kitchen bar for your home

Speaking of basement kitchens ideas, many homeowners usually include a dry or wet bar in their kitchenette. This beverage center is not always used to prepare alcoholic drinks.

Here, the bar was furnished with wood countertop and black stools. Two metal pendant lamps bring industrial charm to the interior.

Recessed can light brighten up the room in the night. Taupe glass-front upper cabinets and white ceiling impart a sense of lightness. Multicolored backsplash tiles produce a unified feel.

7. British Style Basement Kitchen Remodel

british style basement kitchen remodel

Plan on remodeling your basement? Take inspiration from this British style kitchenette. It delightfully overlooks the terrace. The white feature wall and ceiling emanate an open atmosphere.

Round table and dining chairs create an intimate setting for family dinners. Meanwhile, wood flooring and countertop instill a comfortable environment.

Green cabinets and cream English range cooker enliven the kitchen. They also infuse some classic appeal into the room. The indoor plants bring a homey vibe to the scene. Floating shelves display spice jars, dinnerware, and ornaments.

8. Contemporary Basement Kitchens Ideas

Contemporary basement Gray Kitchen Ideas

Varying shades of gray come together in this basement kitchen. They fill the room with a calm ambiance and sophisticated feel. Moreover, the culinary space employs hidden storage to hide appliances from view.

Windows allow lots of sunlight during the daytime. Recessed lights offer adequate lighting after dark. Three conical glass pendant lights provide extra illumination. They emphasize the big island, too.

The kitchen features a large dining area with upholstered chairs. It enables the homeowner to host formal dinners. Meanwhile, open shelving showcases elegant drinking glasses and keeps the kitchen from feeling too heavy.

9. Functional and Fun Basement Kitchens Ideas

basement kitchenetter with white furniture

This basement kitchenette has a stark white door, countertop, ceiling, and cabinetry. Not only do they enlarge the space, but also create an open atmosphere. Black metal hardware contrasts with the cabinets.

Stainless steel kitchen appliances develop a trendy look. A wood arch, backsplash, and flooring carve a welcoming mood. They lend a touch of nature to the interior, too. Pale gray walls maintain the room’s relaxed feel.

The artwork prevents the wall from feeling empty. Two white-and-wood swings bring a fun appeal to the kitchenette. They help calm the children’s minds. No doubt, this basement kitchen is a perfect place after a movie or beach snacks.

10. Basement Kitchens Ideas with IKEA Furniture

basement kitchens with ikea furniture

Are you on a budget? If so, apply this idea. As the picture shows, the basement kitchenette was equipped with two-tone cabinets from IKEA. Those furniture items come in white and light gray. They ooze a stylish flair.

Moreover, this IKEA basement kitchen has a built-in storage area for appliances such as mini-refrigerator and microwave. Since the units were recessed into the lower cabinets, they develop a cleaner appearance and save precious space.

Different shades of gray on the floor and walls exhibit a tranquil ambiance. Open shelving carves provides an airy settin. Wood accents warm up the room, while the artwork acts as a head-turner.

11. Basement Kitchen Lighting

warm kitchen lighting design

The basement is normally associated with a gloomy, musty space. However, this underground kitchenette breaks the stereotype. It employs pale gray hardware-free cabinets and walls to develop a light atmosphere.

When it comes to basement kitchens ideas, you should make sure that there is appropriate lighting. Installing recessed lights and pendant lamps is such a great solution. They offer adequate illumination.

Moreover, LED strip light lends the space a decorative effect. Meanwhile, the under-cabinet lights tastefully illuminate the work surface. The layered lighting and neutral color palette create a well-lit, airy kitchenette.

12. Rustic Basement Kitchens Ideas

rustic basement kitchen ideas in your home

Generally, rustic style basement kitchens ideas use the white or gray color scheme. The neutral palette keeps the space feeling open and light. Brown carpet tops the otherwise plain floor and exhibits a homey ambiance.

Dark-toned wood cabinets look terrific against the pure white backdrop. They add a healthy dose of drama to space. The laminate backsplash does not just allow easy cleaning but also produces an updated look.

Furthermore, the exposed log beams and wood columns reinsure the kitchen with a rustic feel. The open glass shelving displays ornamental pieces. Black metal track lighting and under-cabinetry lights brighten up the kitchen.

13. Vibrant Basement Kitchens Ideas

vibrant design for your kitchen

This basement kitchenette is not spacious. However, it is both functional and fabulous. Crisp white walls send out an open ambiance. They also serve as a backdrop for appliances and cabinetry.

The blue cabinets pop against the white walls. They make the room more appealing and fresh. Black floor tiles, kitchen appliances, and dining chairs lend the culinary space a dramatic effect.

Stainless steel countertop, dining table, and cabinet handles give the kitchenette a stylish touch. The light gray rug provides comfort and warmth underfoot. A blue vase is perfectly tied into the cabinetry. Faux flowers set a cheerful scene.

14. Beachy Basement Kitchens Ideas

basement makeover ideas for your home

This is one of the most stunning beach style basement kitchens ideas. The room features blonde wood flooring and cabinetry. They instill a light ambiance and ooze rustic charm at once.

Sky blue walls and white ceiling carry a beachy vibe to the basement. The multicolored rug defines the kitchen from a sitting area furnished with a comfortable sectional sofa in muted gray upholstery.

Lighting under open shelving and downlights offer great illumination. The decorative pieces generate a focal point. Backsplash tiles and area rug create a cohesive look.

15. Basement Kitchens Ideas with Brick Walls

basement kitchen ideas with brick walls

What’s not to love about this basement conversion? Space has a white shiplap wall, light wood flooring, horse painting, and exposed beams. In an instant, they add a farmhouse feel to the interior.

Brick walls and stainless steel hardware inject some modern industrial appeal into the basement kitchenette. The bottle rack was perfectly plugged into the gray lower cabinets.

Marble countertops evoke a sumptuous air. The open metal shelving teams delightfully with a brick wall. High stools and two-tier island transform the kitchen into a perfect hanging spot.

16. Second Kitchen in Basement

secondary suite kitchen in luxury finished basement

The homeowner built a luxury second kitchen in the basement to show her love for baking and cooking. Here, the space was equipped with Shaker-style cabinets painted in white. They allow the backsplash tiles to catch the eye.

Moreover, the interior of the upper cabinetry was lit with LED lights. They add elegance and an airy feeling to the room. The cylinder pendant lamps and under-cabinet lighting illuminate the area even more.

The spacious kitchen island includes an under-mount sink and curved faucet. Black countertops exude a sense of sophistication. Meanwhile, dark wood flooring carves a warm ambiance.

17. Basement Kitchens Ideas with Dining Area

amazing of basement kitchen ad bar ideas

This neutral-colored basement employs a kitchenette outfitted with unfinished wood cabinets. The two-tier island and black high stools create a cozy place for dining as well as sitting.

Furthermore, a round table and patterned upholstered dining chairs were added to the side of the kitchen island. They infuse grandeur and comfort into the basement. The sitting area is great for movie nights with family or friends.

Stone kitchen island and accent wall along with exposed wood beams celebrate the raw beauty of nature. That can recessed lights and square pendant lamps prevent the basement from becoming dark.

18. L-shaped Basement Kitchens Ideas

modern l shaped kitchen design

As seen in the image, the L-shaped basement kitchenette boasts temperature-controlled built-in storage for various beverages. The black cabinets house snacks, utensils, and dinnerware. They lend depth to the area, too.

Light gray walls send out a peaceful atmosphere. They call attention to the dark cabinetry, while stainless steel handles and appliances produce a refined industrial feel.

That white ceiling is a crisp contrast to gray walls. While the backsplash works as a focal point. Moreover, this granite countertop perfectly complements the black lower cabinets. An open shelf lets the homeowner find his drinks easily.

19. Modern Basement Kitchens Ideas

stylish design for your kitchen

This basement employs a small kitchen that only occupies a single wall. White ceiling and pale gray walls evoke a sense of airiness. Wood flooring radiates warmth throughout the area. It prevents the space from being too cold.

The kitchen island and chairs make for a compact yet comfy dining area. Both full refrigerator and mini oven were incorporated into the cabinets. Metallic appliances as well as dark gray cabinetry develop a modern look.

Pendant lamps and can recessed lights keep the basement kitchenette well-lit. A huge black-framed mirror casts the illusion of a bigger space.

With our basement kitchens’ ideas, you can transform your underground space into a hideaway. The images above show building a functional kitchenette that does not sacrifice style is completely doable.

Small Victorian House Plans That Will Wow You

During the reign of Queen Victoria, the architecture was magnificent. Although this style started in the late 19th century, it remains popular among homeowners. If you admire its ornate details, read on for some small Victorian house plans.

Moreover, Victorian homes reflect the prosperous era in world history with their exquisite decorations, lavish rooflines, and elaborate trims. They also feature verandas, gables, towers, bay windows, and turrets.

Victorians are available in different sizes and shapes. Additionally, they have various subsets, from Gothic to coastal. Without further ado, let’s see our collection of small house plans that will carve a nostalgic atmosphere.

1. Narrow Victorian House Plans

house with a narrow model with a classic interior

Most Victorian-style homes have two stories. Their interiors usually showcase a more classic layout. The dining and living rooms are normally situated downstairs, while, the bedrooms are on the second floor.

Furthermore, some homeowners opt for split bedroom interior designs. The master suites are typically at the ground level. They offer modern comfort within the very distinctive traditional architecture.

Because of high land prices and density, there are also urban Victorian-style neighborhoods. Those two factors continue to force homeowners to construct on narrow lots.

If you live in an area where the property is at a premium regarding the land availability and price, consider building small Victorian house plans. Despite its tiny size, it is equally as impressive as the grand one.

In this example, we show you a one-story compact Victorian house plan. It only requires 300 square feet of land. The home itself comprises 1 bed and 1 bath. Moreover, there is no space for a garage.

This one-story small Victorian house employs ornamental exterior features like bracketed posts, gingerbread trim, and spindled railing. It also has a wraparound front porch, textured shingles, pitched roof, and symmetrical facade,

Furthermore, the exterior was painted in muted green and off-white. Those colors blend nicely with the surrounding sceneries. Meanwhile, the healthy lawn gives the tiny Victorian house a refreshing look.

2. Gothic Victorian House Plans


gothic style with wood and stone textures

When people say the word Gothic, the vision of a haunted house quickly springs to your mind. You may also find the home creepy and gloomy, especially if the building is old. It is a Victorian style’s subcategory.

The European churches in the Middle Ages greatly influence the Gothic design. It features one-of-a-kind architectural elements such as gingerbread trim, turret, adorned roofline, and textured shingle. They produce a castle ambiance.

In this example, the two-story Gothic house boasts sharply pitched roofs. The features come in irregular shapes and have an intricate gable facing the front. Meanwhile, the bracketed columns evoke a sense of grandeur.

Moreover, this small Victorian house plan allows you to have three bedrooms and 1.5 baths. As the image shows, the home has no garage. The well-maintained lawn lends the outdoor space a breath of fresh air.

This small Victorian house fills the eyes with its eye-catching mix of colors. The pale cream paint is used on the siding, gingerbread trim, columns, and windows. Plum works as an accent color for the exterior.

Furthermore, plum adds a Victorian feel to the exterior of a home without making it look creepy and dingy. Meanwhile, cream introduces a stark contrast. It also tones down the bold color.

The house exterior displays different textures. Both wood and stone blend very well with the surrounding area.

As a homeowner, you can include bay and arch windows. They help reflect the house’s character and old-world charm. Moreover, the elements give the already incredibly ornate house a visual appeal.

The sash windows let abundant natural light pass through. To assist sashes to live a gorgeous life, you should waterproof and upgrade them with double glazing.

Do not hesitate to install a trellis. It lends your window the unexpected beauty and nice European architectural accent.

3. Small Victorian Cottage House Plans

small victorian cottage home plan with a stunning and healthy lawn

Are you obsessed with cottage design? If yes, give this small Victorian house plan a shot. As the picture shows, the home is predominantly decorated in the light color scheme for an airy environment and open ambiance.

The exterior of the cottage Victorian house is commonly painted in three colors or more. Here, pale gray and crisp white develop a tranquil setting. Meanwhile, black and plum add drama to the home.

This small Victorian house is two-story high. It can accommodate three bedrooms and two baths. Unfortunately, the plan does not include a garage. To make up for its downside, the home boasts a breathtaking and healthy lawn.

As with other Victorian homes, it is perfectly complete with a wraparound porch. The element works as the extended seating area. Classic columns deliver elegance and glamor to the exterior.

Another noticeable feature is the intricate woodwork. It comes in various orientations, sizes, and shapes, lending unique patterns to the facade.

You probably think the gingerbread trim, wall surfaces, columns were beautifully hand-carved by local artisans. But, they are mass-produced. This is common for house styles in the Victorian period.

The homeowner also used stones, bricks, pitched roofs, and scalloped siding. They make her house timeless and appealing. Shiplap exterior walls carry a cottage feel to the exterior.

Vintage pendant lamps illuminate the front porch after dark. Cupola roof and sash windows let lots of daylight enter the rooms. Well, this small Victorian house is a wonder to behold.

4. Small Victorian House Floor Plans

minimalist design with different paint color combinations

Victorian houses were constructed to impress. No surprise, they typically feature sumptuous and elaborate floor plans. You can easily find cubbies, decorative interior staircases, crannies, and nooks.

Moreover, the interior rooms of Victorian homes may employ turrets and towers. They usually come in various styles and sizes. Those elements are often found in studies, libraries, parlors, or bedrooms. They exude a castle vibe.

Typically, a small Victorian house has an unusual combination of paint colors. It is usually coated in at least 3 hues. Some are more muted, while others remind you of cotton candies.

Here, coral and pure white dominate the home’s exterior. The colors generate a cheerful ambiance. Meanwhile, dark gray accents are a drastic contrast to them. High pitched roof and gingerbread trim evoke a Victorian feel.

Sash windows and entrance door with glass pane ensure the house does not feel dark and cramped. In addition to providing plenty of interior light, they give the home character and interest.

This small Victorian-style house boasts asymmetrical facades and adorned roofline. It was constructed with a distinctive, stylish, open floor plan.

The unfinished wood gates and concrete walkway imbue the house with rustic charm. Potted outdoor plants round out the front yard.

5. Old Victorian House Plans

an old house with a combination of off white paint and red bricks

This two-story old Victoria house preserves a lot of the homeowner’s youth memories. It is dainty but delightful. The off-white and autumn red color on the exterior create a terrific contrast.

The lawn instantly rejuvenates this small Victorian house. Meanwhile, the facade is splendidly covered in climbing plants. There is a huge tree next to the home. It does not only block excess daylight but also keeps the house cool.

As seen, brick walls, textured shingles, and big bracketed columns make the exterior more attractive. They also deliver a classic flair to the house. Moreover, pitched roof, asymmetrical facade, and intricate metal detailing ooze Victorian charm.

Furthermore, the combination of off-white paint and red bricks develops an excellent balance for this small Victorian house. Sash and bay windows lend the exterior a timeless appeal.

The Victorian-style home normally features big windows for daylight to shine through. However, it still does not enable the light to reach back hallways as well as bedrooms. That’s why homeowners usually hang mirrors in those rooms.

An old Victorian-style house is associated with something dim and dreary. Since it has high ceilings, the statement lighting becomes crucial. The homeowners love juxtaposing a crystal chandelier with the classic plasterwork medallion.

6. Raised Coastal Victorian House Plans

raised coastal victorian house plans with tall buildings

If you live in a flood-prone zone, put a raised house into your consideration. The structural foundation for this home design normally uses piers, stilts, pilings or concrete masonry unit block walls. They elevate the abode off the ground.

This small Victorian house probably lacks width, but the building makes up for its drawback. It is high enough to accommodate two floors with several interior rooms.

Moreover, the house includes exterior features like a textured shingle, gingerbread trim, asymmetrical facade, and beautiful slates. Those elements are identified by intricacy.

As the picture shows, the home has a neutral color palette. Both beige and pure white set the tone of the exterior. They carve a coastal ambiance. Meanwhile, gray accents offer a sophisticated feel and team tastefully with them.

Furthermore, this small Victorian house boasts combination and picture windows on the first floor. Those in the upper story come in different sizes and shapes.

Speaking of the house plan, this coastal Victorian home comprises 3 baths and 4 bedrooms. The dining and living rooms are located on the same floor for extra spaciousness. They also give you easy access to the welcoming rear porch.

The master bedroom is situated in the first story. It is equipped with a walk-in closet, dressing area, and private bath. Two bathrooms and three beds on the upper floor create a family-friend beach house.

7. Queen Anne Victorian House Plans

queen Anne style house with a beautiful combination of textures and colors

There are varying subsets of Victorian homes. However, in the U.S. Queen Anne and Italianate styles are very popular.

The Queen Anne Victorian houses typically employ tall windows, gabled roofs, rounded towers, and interesting decoration. They are normally three-story high as well.

Here, that small Victorian house in San Fransisco proudly represents the Queen Anne style. It has a marvelous combination of textures and colors. The dark gray gable roof lends the exterior an inviting vibe.

Light gray and white are the major players of the house. In no time, they send out a serene atmosphere. Wood front doors warm up the area. Spindled railing, arches, and bay windows add old period charm to the exterior.

Talking about a small Victorian house, asymmetry is certainly a must. It is one of the most important exterior elements.

The interior rooms have towers of various sizes that extend up to multiple stories. The elements are often utilized as libraries or bedrooms. They create an asymmetrical appearance from outside.

This Queen Anne style house also boasts a front entry garage. Meanwhile, scallop and shiplap sidings turn the exterior into a head-turner.

8. Small Victorian Terraced House Interior Design

small victorian terraced house interior design

The homeowner converted a Victorian terraced house from drab to fab. She used color and fabrics to turn it into a bold statement of her style.

In this example, we show you a modern Victorian house exterior. The terrace boasts honed limestone floor tiles. There are armchair, fireplace, and a potted plant, too.

Move to modern Victorian house interior design, the galley kitchen was outfitted with cabinets painted in emerald green. They bring the otherwise plain space to life. The refrigerators and freezers were concealed by them.

Furthermore, the blonde wood flooring was accessorized with a predominantly pink Turkish rug for a cozy ambiance. Gold and silvery accents evoke a sense of glamor.

Two patterned curtains complement the black metal rod. They keep out glaring sunlight. The houseplants wonderfully connect indoor and outdoor areas. Pots and fruits give the kitchen of this small Victorian house more vibrancy.

9. Italianate Victorian House Plan

home ideas in italian style

Do you have a small Victorian house? If so, opt for Italianate style. As the name indicates, it follows the villa design during the Renaissance era in Italy. The homes normally showcase wide eaves and low roofs.

Typically, the Victorian homes only have two stories. Here, the house feels complete with an asymmetrical facade, bracketed columns, slates, spindled railing, and textured shingle.

Sash windows make the exterior airy and timeless. While the wreath lends the house holiday vibes. Staircase, lawn, and walkway provide different textures.

Light green, as well as off-white, add a cheerful and airy refresh to this two-story Italianate Victorian house. Sash and arch windows allow in abundant sunlight.

Just because the homes during Queen Victoria’s rule were portrayed as being grand, doesn’t mean you can’t have a small Victorian house. Steal any of those plans and designs to create an abode of your dreams.

Designing the Walk in Closet Floor Plans for Various Rooms

A walk in closet floor plans is the first thing you have to prepare before starting the space arrangement. As we know, this feature is necessary to help organize your fashion items. It will make it easier to find and care for your favorite things.

However, you may encounter many challenges while doing it. To make a walk in closet floor plans, you have to consider many things, including the condition of the room, the number of items, and the selection of furniture.

Everything must be thought carefully to avoid losses caused by the wrong prediction. The condition of the house, as well as the room inside, will have a big influence on the walk in closet floor plans. Each location may require a different strategy and approach.

Therefore, we do need to plan all the details so that your storage space can function properly. In this review, we will discuss some strategies to apply when creating walk-in closet floor plans at your home. The followings are the detailed explanations.

1. Walk in Closet Size Floor Plans

things to know while planning for a walk in closet

As an initial description, a walk-in closet is a room used for storing fashion-related objects. You can place clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, and even makeup kits. Several complementary facilities are also provided, such as dressing tables, mirrors, fitting rooms, and so on.

Because of the complex function, the design of a walk in closet floor plans must be as neat and detailed as possible. You have to consider every available space so that it can be used optimally. Then, what is the minimum size to be suitable for use?

This question is difficult to answer because it depends on the amount of space and items inside. Even a large walk-in closet will look crowded if there are too many items in it. The improper arrangement will also affect the impression.

However, according to Hunker, a walk in closet floor plans must have a minimum area and height of 4 feet each. With this size, your room will be able to accommodate at least a shelf and a hanging wardrobe. Whereas the room can accommodate a seating area, the area must be at least 6 feet.

When making a walk in closet floor plans, you must place a distance of approximately 24 inches to be a walkway for trafficking. This size is the minimum standard to be able to move comfortably in the room.

You also have to make sure the walkway can reach all storage furniture effectively. Meanwhile, according to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards, it must be able to pass at least one wheelchair size. Thus, people with disabilities can still access this room.

However, the standard of the walk in closet floor plans above is only the minimum size specified for user convenience. Of course, in reality, you can still adjust to your needs and conditions.

2. Master Bedroom Walk in Closet Floor Plans

master bedroom bathroom closet layout

The design of walk in closet floor plans for a master bedroom may vary, depending on the condition of the room itself. For a large enough room, you can place many features inside. Instead, you have to turn your brain to use the room as efficiently as possible in a narrow room.

However, everyone will try to make their bedroom as comfortable as possible by adding various features to support convenience and comfort. There will be two types of arrangements, namely for rooms with a bathroom and without it.

  • Walk in Closet Floor Plans with No Bathroom

modern master bathroom and closet

For rooms without bathroom, the walk in closet floor plans might be simple. It will consist of two parts, namely bedroom and storage space. You can choose whether the main entrance will be directed to the sleeping area or closet first.

  • Bathroom and Walk in Closet Floor Plans

Large luxury apartment with bathroom and walk in closet

We assume that most people who have a walk-in closet in the room have enough space in the room. Therefore, most master bedroom walk in closet floor plans will likely include a bathroom in it.

Thus, we have to implement some strategies to make it feel good. However, in spatial planning, people tend to place the toilet close to or close to the bathroom. It is very reasonable because most people consider the two as one unit.

The fitting and changing clothes activities are related to the bathroom, as well as everything related to makeup. The following are some of the templates that used widely in designing a walk in closet floor plans, according to Design New House.

– Bedroom-Closet-Bathroom

bedroom closet bathroom plans

In this walk in closet floor plans, the bedroom is the first destination when entering the room. A path to the toilet is in one corner, which will then have another way to the bathroom.

– Bedroom-Bathroom-Closet

bedroom bathroom closet layout

This arrangement concept is the same as before. The bedroom is the first destination. Then, you will find a path towards the bathroom. The closet is the ultimate goal of these designs that are usually well designed and luxurious.

– Bedroom-Bathroom and Closet

bedroom bathroom and closet plans

In this arrangement, the bathroom and closet are equal. After entering the bedroom, you will find two paths, each of which leads to a different destination but remains close together.

3. Designing Walk in Closet Floor Plans by Width

walk in closet floor plans by width

The spatial planning will depend on the width of the area. As stated above, the standard of walk in closet floor plans should be at least 4 feet in width and 4 feet in height. Besides, you must add the appropriate distance for the walkway in the room.

However, reality may not always be the same as the theory. Everyone has a different space area so that the strategies will be different. The following are some tips and tricks for making the walk in closet floor plans based on the size of the room.

  • Large Walk in Closet Floor Plans

large walk in fashion closet design organization

Designing a walk in closet floor plans for a large room is much more flexible because you can complete it with various additional features, such as seating areas. However, that does not mean that your job will be easier.

Managing a large space is sometimes confusing. The size of the room often makes the walk in closet floor plans even more ineffective because we forget some details for room efficiency. Therefore, you still have to be careful in designing the space arrangement.

To anticipate negligence, then you must keep in mind that storage-based furniture must be in the corner of the room. Placing the cabinet close to the wall will make the room feel spacious in the middle, while you can use it for another useful purpose.

Even if there is still a lot of space left in your walk in closet floor plans, you can use it for the dressing room, dressing table, or placing decorations that can sweeten the appearance of your room. A large mirror can also be an alternative to facilitate your activities there.

  • Small Walk in Closet Floor Plans

small walk in closet floor plans

You do not need to be sad when do not have enough space to build proper storage space. With an efficient arrangement, you can design the best walk in closet floor plans even with a small room.

In a limited space, your walk in closet floor plans will be even easier and simpler. As much as possible, make sure that your room has sufficient walkway distance for mobility. Meanwhile, the storage media will be on the right and left side.

When you have determined the right walkway distance in the middle of the room, then you need to place the right furniture to store things. Choose some small-sized cabinets or adjust them to the room.

The walk in closet floor plans in small space should use the vertical storage concept, where the use of walls is more dominant than placing furniture on the floor. You can use tall cabinets to expand the storage area, as well as some wall-mounted shelves to save space.

In this concept of the walk in closet floor plans, the use of baskets or storage boxes is also very necessary. Its use can help you organize things and place them according to type. Thus, everything will be tidier and easier to find.

The cabinet you choose should be equipped with many drawers so you can place more things inside. You can also put several supporting furniture such as a dresser or mirror in a walk-in closet floor plans, but arrange it so that it does not take up too much space.

  • Narrow Walk in Closet Floor Plans

narrow design closet for your room

In the room arrangement, you may encounter narrow space problems. This is not always a small room but this kind of room sometimes is difficult to manage. However, there is still a hope to make it useful in your walk in closet floor plans.

For this narrow room, you might only be able to use one side of it for storage space, while the other side may only be used as a walkway. However, even though this room is not large, that does not mean you cannot design the best walk in closet floor plans.

Using minimalist furniture is the only way to anticipate the narrow space. You also have to apply the concept of vertical arrangement in the walk in closet floor plans. Use some wall-mounted shelves to maximize storage space.

If you are in a room like this, try placing large mirrors or glass decorations on the wall. It will help to give a more spacious impression. Also, adjust the lighting to be bright enough. This is necessary to reduce the tightness impression inside.

4. Walk Through Closet Floor Plans

walk in closet modern wardrobes

A walk-through closet is a storage space without any door. Generally, this is a small room located behind the bed. This feature is designed to be very private so that the owner can do visit whenever needed.

However, a walk-through closet is not properly referred to as a room as it only a deliberately left space used for storage purposes. You may not find much furniture inside but a custom wardrobe, dressers, or simple closet fittings.

Some people use a big cabinet as a separator between the walk-through closet and the bed. Besides, you can also build a wall or put a curtain mounted from ceiling to floor. Because of its hidden location, you will not be able to see any other room there at a glance.

Nevertheless, a transparent separator can also be an option. Using glasses materials will be appropriate for those who apply the concept of openness. Thus, any items stored in the walk-through closet are visible.

This method can give a modern feel and a wider room impression at the same time. Whenever you look around, you will see beautiful collections that you want to visit. Besides, you can minimize the crowded impression in the bedroom.

However, if you use transparent dividers, you have to ensure that your belongings are well arranged in your walk-through closet. You do not want to see a messy arrangement behind the wall.

5. Some Additional Tips in Designing the Walk in Closet Floor Plans

tips in designing the walk in closet floor plans

Besides the explanation above, there are some other things that you can apply when designing a walk in closet floor plans. Here are a few:

  • pay attention to the lighting. The brighter the room, the more spacious the room will seem;
  • use bright-colored paints or wallpapers to give a fun impression;
  • the use of mirrors or glass materials will help give a broad nuance, even in narrow spaces;
  • all cabinets should be covered. Do not expose clothes directly to the air to avoid dust or damage; and
  • do not forget to keep it clean.

Those are some little tricks for designing a walk in closet floor plans at your home. It will be full of challenges but everything will feel fun when lived. Not to mention, you will feel pride when you see the result.

Finally, we can say that having a special storage space for fashion collections is an effective way to organize your belongings. Based on the strategies above, you can start designing the best walk in closet floor plans at your home. We wish you good luck!

The Beautiful Teal Accent Wall Ideas to Calm Your House and Mind

The teal accent wall has received a lot of attention in the design world. The combination of the blue and green spectrum was quite popular in the 1950s to 1960s and considered to provide magical nuances to those who enjoyed it.

Even in the modern world, this wall is also appropriate and never old-fashioned in the world of home décor. However, you cannot use it carelessly and need a strategy to make it perfect. That is the point of our discussion.

1. The Definition of Teal Accent Wall

teal accent wall for living room

Before talking about this accent wall, surely we need to know more about the spectrum itself. In general, this color is described as a fusion of blue and green, considered as the darker version of turquoise and cyan.

The use of the name teal is also not without reason. This spectrum can be found in the eyes of Teal birds, which is between blue and green. Then, this tint began to be introduced in English since 1917.

This unique blend is considered to have a magical feel because it produces an elegant, calm, and flexible atmosphere. Those who like this color are considered an open-minded figure. They always learn to understand the situation without having to judge.

Because of its nature that gives a calm but energizing impression, this color develops rapidly. This tint was also increasingly popular when a crayon producer named Crayola began to make it on their collections list with code # 113.

In the 1990s, teal became increasingly popular and became a basic theme used by big brands including Microsoft. Even many sports teams choose this color for their uniforms. Over time, interior art began to glance at this color.

Based on the positive qualities emitted, this accent wall began to be introduced and became a concept in interior design. This tint is adaptable to various furniture designs and colors so that people are interested in applying it to their house.

For most people, this color is a symbol of the ocean, sky, and tropical. The combination of natural nuances blends easily with various architectural styles, ranging from mid-century, rustic, gothic, and various other concepts that carry nature.

On the other hand, this glowing accent wall seems to never go out of style, classic but still in harmony with modern styles. You can even combine it with a variety of other dominant colors, ranging from gold, cream, chocolate, pink, and navy.

2. The Beauty of Teal Accent Wall Décor

the character of each accent

Each color has its character, so does the so does this spectrum. Its use as decoration will affect the atmosphere of the surroundings. To be clear, here are some of the benefits gained when applying the teal accent wall in your room:

  • Symbol of joy – A teal accent wall is considered a symbol of enthusiasm and excitement. It gives a modern feel in comfort and tranquility. The color reminds us of the atmosphere of the sea and blue sky so that you feel the aura of joy without having to feel rushed.
  • A touch of peace – The blue spectrum has always succeeded in creating a calm atmosphere. Likewise, the teal accent wall. Behind its energizing nature, this color also gives peace to anyone who stares at it. If applied to room decoration, it can help reduce stress and depression.
  • Believed to increase concentration – When you are in a hurry, anything will seem wrong. However, it will be different if you are feeling calm and comfortable. All ideas seem to flow smoothly so that our work satisfying. That is how we feel when being in a room with the teal accent wall. The calm and comfortable atmosphere created will help you think more clearly. Therefore, this color is also suitable for workspaces.
  • Easily to combine with any color – The other advantage of the teal accent wall is its flexibility in blending with any color. You can combine it with the other spectrums to produce the perfect combination. Therefore, you will not have difficulty placing any furniture or decoration.
  • Strong color – Behind the calm nuance, the teal accent wall is also quite dominant in other colors. Therefore, even if you combine it with some strong spectrums, its resulting impression will never be completely covered.

For the reasons above, the teal accent wall is applied in the art of room decor. You can use it in a variety of rooms to give an elegant feel instantly. Using the right strategy and touch, you will get the most soothing feel with this spectrum.

3. What Teal Accent Wall Should I Use?

teall accent wall with red sofa

The teal accent wall is not definite in color. Several derivatives make it possible to differ from one another. Usually, this depends on the combination of other colors. To make it easier, we will divide it into two outlines.

  • Dark Teal Accent Wall

dark teal accent wall in your bedroom

This is the color produced if you combine the teal accents with dark combinations such as deep green or navy. This color has a relaxed power but also awakens energy and creativity at the same time.

When combined with dark green, a teal accent wall will remind you of the elegance of the deep ocean under the freshwater. Meanwhile, combining it with the navy will create a classic nautical feel. In general, the dark accent will create a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere.

The advantage of using this teal accent wall is that you can easily combine it with any furniture and accessories. The gold, metallic, or deep mustard is the right choice. These colors will give a futuristic, modern, and luxurious feel.

You can also combine it with brighter colors such as dusty pink or white to give it a feminine feel. Besides, living in a dark teal accent-wall bedroom will enable you to stay peaceful and calm so that you have a nice sleep every night.

  • Light Teal Accent Wall

an attractive and cheerful living room

The light teal accent wall is that you get when you insert bright and pale shades into this color. Some spectrums that can produce this color include gray, dusty pink, yellow, white, and other bright tints.

Just like the dark one, this light teal accent wall will also give a feeling of peace and energizing. However, the bright colors will make you far more excited about doing anything. As it is more radiant, this tint is not suitable for relaxation-based rooms.

The light teal accent wall will be suitable to be placed in a room such as a bathroom, reading room, or productivity spots. However, with some strategies and the right mix, you can still make this color a choice for your bedroom.

4. Applying Teal Accent Wall for Your Rooms

teal accent wall in your kitchen

The teal accent wall will simply beautify every part of your house. However, you may need some different strategies to apply it.

  • Teal Accent Wall Bedroom

teal accent wall bedroom with chandelier

A bedroom is a place to apply the concept of the teal accent wall. This private space is intended as the most comfortable room to spend time and rest. To support this goal, of course, you need a proper space arrangement.

Selecting the teal accent wall in your room will help create a calm and productive feel at the same time, but if you are not someone, who likes to do many activities inside, then a darker shade might be more suitable.

As discussed above, the dark teal accent wall is best combined with something gold to deliver luxury and calm impressions. Anyone who stays in this room will tend to have a calm feeling and attitude.

The combination of dark teal accent wallpaper with strong colors like brown and green will also provide a beautiful atmosphere like being in the wild. Therefore, the use of this color is perfect for space designs with a mid-century or rustic concept.

On the other hand, using a light teal accent wall will give the more energizing feel. The bright colors will provide a kind of natural nuance along with an energy boost to be more productive in carrying out activities.

If you choose the teal accent wall for the bedroom, the bright lighting will be the best to create a cheerful atmosphere. Most people choose to combine this color with white or gray to give a modern feel as well as the impression of a spacious room.

  • Teal Accent Wall Living Room

living room with beautiful chandelier

A living room is arguably one of the most important places in the house. Besides homeowners, some guests may spend here during the visit. Therefore, spatial planning must also be impressive.

For this room, you can use any type of teal accent wall, both dark and light. The only thing you need to pay attention to is how to set it up to look elegant, comfortable, and classy at the same time. Furniture and decoration choices play an important role.

If you want a modern, romantic, but also mysterious nuance, just use dark colors. Combine your teal accent wall with some strong-colored furniture to give the luxury impression.

Meanwhile, if you want a more cheerful atmosphere, bright tints might be an option. That dusty pink or white spectrum will also deliver a luxury impression, as well as keep your spirit awake.

  • Teal Accent Wall Bathroom

teal accent wall for your bathroom

The bathroom is not a place that needs productivity. The use of this part of the room is only limited to cleaning yourself, and occasionally also for relaxation. It might sound trivial, but actually, you need to pay more attention to this place.

A beautiful bathroom will provide a mood-booster both before and after starting the day. Enjoying a pleasant bathroom will help you awaken your spirit and release fatigue at once. For this reason, the use of the teal accents wall is perfect for this room.

For bathrooms, the use of a light teal accent wall is more recommended than the dark one. The reason is that this spot needs better lighting for cleaning yourself. Therefore, you can also add shades of white to make it look more elegant and luxurious.

  • Teal Accent Wall Dining Room

dining room with teal accent wall and chandelier

Based on its function, a dining room does seem simple. From all parts of the house, this spot is only visited when you want to eat something. Therefore, many people do not pay too much attention to the beauty of this spot.

A dining room has a very important role in the house. Have you ever wondered why big restaurants design their places as beautiful as possible for guests? Why do so many couples and families choose to enjoy dinner at a sweet eatery on weekends?

Unwittingly, a dining room has become a spot for relaxing, and even entertainment. Then why don’t you juggle your room as beautiful as possible to make you feel like a guest at a fancy restaurant? Just use the teal-color-accent wall.

You do not have to paint, just use the teal accent wallpaper that is usually complete with a variety of patterns. You can freely choose the atmosphere to display, and then pick the color that matches your choice.

Afterward, you can decorate it with a variety of beautiful furniture to give a comfortable feel at every meal moment. You can also make it as a location to spend time with loved ones.

  • Teal Accent Wall Kitchen

kitchen with teal accent wall and blue chair

The kitchen is a part of the house with high mobility. Being a place to produce food, this spot often does not even get enough attention. A well-designed kitchen will be the beginning of enthusiasm so that you can prepare the best breakfast for a good day.

Like other parts of the house, you can also apply the concept of the teal accent wall. Leave the thought that the kitchen must have a white or neutral color. Just try using dark tint to create a more luxurious and classy atmosphere during cooking.

You can use bright colors for the backsplash, for example, pink, so the kitchen does not feel too gloomy. White color furniture can also help neutralize the atmosphere so that this spot has a high-class impression when visited.

For the next suggestion, you can use dark colors for the floor or anywhere near the stove. Do not forget to insert gold spectrums in some parts to avoid your teal accent wall look boring.

The teal accent wall is arguably the choice to enjoy calm but productive moments. With soothing soft colors, you can escape from the stress and pressure that hit every day. Buy your wallpaper or paint now; use your best to decorate your house.

The Floating Shower Bench Ideas to Relax Your Shower Time

The presence of the floating shower bench is an innovation in the concept of bathroom space arrangement. Now you can also enjoy relaxation in the shower room. Regardless of the function, this feature also provides additional aesthetic value inside your private room.

However, as this is a relatively new concept, many people may not know it well. Others consider that installing a floating shower bench brackets on a walk-in shower is considered wasting time, space, and money.

However, you might be surprised to see how useful this feature is in the bathroom. In addition to having high functional value, there are many designs to choose from to enhance your bathroom. You can choose a floating corner shower bench, a portable one, or the other model according to taste.

The designs are also very adjustable with the current architectural concepts applied. Before you decide to install it at home or not, it helps you review the various sundries about this bench.

1. What is the Floating Shower Bench?

luxury bathroom with teak

A shower bench is a seating feature provided in the walk-in shower. The small room that previously only contained water spray and soap dish is now equipped with a seat that enables users more relaxed when enjoying the warm water.

This bench is a mounted-wall design of the seat in a bathroom, which makes a floating look. This feature is easy to install and enables you to choose the best material to stay comfortable during use.

2. Why Should We Use a Floating Shower Bench?

floating shower bench brackets

This feature inspired by the popularity of the bathtub and shower combination. While soaking, users can enjoy relaxation under the running warm water. However, it cannot always be applied because of various reasons:

  • not all bathrooms have bathtubs;
  • the bathtub installation requires more space;
  • the use of a bathtub is less flexible for some people, such as elderly people;
  • a bathtub is not suitable for busy people; and
  • cleaning the bathtub requires effort.

For these reasons, most people prefer to use a walk-in shower. Initially, this room had a simple design. Nevertheless, for several reasons, people do innovations to make users comfortable inside. The following are the benefits of using this bench:

  • it enables you to have a more relaxed time more during the shower. You can sit while enjoying the running warm water;
  • this bench helps people who cannot stand too long, such as the elderly or the sick;
  • you have the possibility of doing other activities, such as shaving legs;
  • some people also use it as a place to put toiletries;
  • it can give artistic value to the bathroom; and
  • this bench can be easily installed and dismantled as needed.

You get many other fun things when using this bench. No wonder this feature is increasingly popular among people. If you are interested in it, you should read to the rest of the discussion below.

3. The Best Material for the Floating Shower Bench Brackets

teak shower bench fold away with brackets

Putting this bench in the bathroom makes it deals directly with water and humid conditions. Therefore, for the sake of durability, it must be made of best-supporting materials. The following are some recommendations.

  • Floating Teak Shower Bench

floating teak shower bench

Wood may not be waterproof. However, many people choose the floating teak shower bench as an option. Not without reason, any wooden material is the lightest and easiest to assemble or disassemble. Besides, this material also has high artistic value.

The teak is a type of wood with high resistance compared to other materials. People believe that it can last longer. Typically, manufacturers have also coated it with special materials to maintain durability.

  • Bamboo Floating Shower Bench

beautiful bathroom with bamboo design

Like the floating teak shower bench, bamboo-based furniture can also be a choice. This wood-based material is also known to have a strong resistance to everything related to water and nature. It can last a long time even without artificial coatings.

The use of bamboo itself also has extraordinary artistic value because it looks classic and traditional. This material might be suitable for you who apply the rustic or mid-century style in the bathroom.

Another benefit of using bamboo is that it is easily available but at an affordable price. Its maintenance is not difficult because the material is not easily attacked by fungus and cannot stand with heat. One more thing, it is so easy to be processed into furniture.

  • Glass Floating Shower Bench

glass floating shower bench with frameless shower door

Another highly recommended material for the floating shower bench is glass, which is originated from quartz. As we know, this one material is quite popular in bathroom construction.

The durability of glasses material is well known so that it has been used for many purposes. The price is usually quite affordable according to quality. The following are the properties of glass materials:

  • it has a solid form,
  • the glass is a strong and translucent material,
    heat resistant,
  • it is easy to form if heated,
  • does not absorb water, and
  • it is an insulator (does not conduct electricity).

For the floating shower bench, of course, you must use a special kind of glass that is designed with a certain thickness. You do not need to worry about where to look for it because this material is already widely available in building materials stores.

  • Tile Floating Shower Bench

brown tile floating shower bench

This material is popular in spatial arrangements. Generally, this material is used as a bathroom floor and kitchen backsplash. The quality is indeed no doubt so that many people have trusted it for hundreds of years for parts of buildings that require waterproof spots.

The use of tile is also a choice because of its attractive appearance with a variety of motifs and sizes. Therefore, it makes a major contribution to the artistic side of your bathroom. You can also be more flexible in adjusting the architecture style.

Some advantages of using tile include its waterproof and heat resistance. Thus, you do not need to worry that this material will be easily damaged. Moreover, maintenance is not difficult so that makes it more efficient.

However, tile materials are easily overgrown with moss when exposed to water. Therefore, in long-term use, this material will be more slippery than before. However, moss that grows is easy to clean just by wiping and drying.

The use of tiles for a floating shower bench is also very popular in many homes. Compared to other similar materials, it is quite affordable but with a no less beautiful design and motives.

Unfortunately, this floating shower bench must be done permanently. Because of its thin shape, this material must be affixed to cement construction. Thus, you should prepare funds for minor renovations and adjustments.

  • Floating Stone Shower Bench

floating stone shower bench

Natural stone is known to have extraordinary durability so that it is widely used for furniture. Apart from marble, a floating granite shower bench is also preferable because it does bring many benefits.

Granite is generally in the form of slabs so that it is easy to form into various kinds of furniture, including the floating shower bench. With almost the same specifications, this material is easier to obtain than marble.

Granite also has a hard texture, waterproof, and heat resistant properties. This material is suitable for various purposes that require heavy-duty materials. You can freely enjoy your time under the shower without concern about your floating shower bench is damaged.

The marble and granite are easy to be dirty because of the large pores. Therefore, they need special maintenance to keep the quality. Besides, the floating stone shower bench material is known to have a high price.

Those are some materials that have been used widely as the floating shower bench. Each of them has specific characteristics, along with the advantages and disadvantages. Now you can decide which is suitable for you.

4. The Floating Shower Bench Installation

luxury marble bathroom instalation

A floating shower bench is a small but useful feature to complete your bathroom space arrangement. In case you have decided to install it into your property, you have also noted some instructions to make it perfect during construction. Here are some systematic steps to follow.

  • Designing the Floating Shower Bench Construction

cube shower bench design

Before starting the installation, of course, you have to start with a plan. As the floating shower bench design is quite diverse, you need to determine which one suits you, as well as its position and how this feature installed.

After adjusting it to the room conditions, you need to consider the usage. If you need it intensely, then choose a heavy-duty and durable material. If all is well planned, then you can move to the next stage.

  • Preparing the Floating Shower Bench Items

floating shower bench hadrware

You must have planned the concept and process of installing your floating shower bench. If you already have a picture, then it is time to start preparing everything. When buying a package of floating shower bench brackets, you may already get the equipment needed.

  • Starting the Floating Shower Bench Installation

portable shower bench with elbows

After that, all you have to do is follow the installation instructions according to the package. For the installation of a floating shower bench by elbows, you can usually do it yourself at home with a standard carpentry tool.

However, if it needs special treatment, then you should contact the expert. Unless you buy it online, the store also provides fixer services to the floating shower bench installation. Nevertheless, you can still choose whether to use it or not.

  • Do Not Forget Your Floating Shower Bench Detail

floating wood shower bench

The installation of a floating shower bench cannot be haphazard. Unless the design you choose is portable, you certainly need to pay attention to every detail of it. Make sure everything is perfect so that there is no risk of damage in the future.

  • Finishing and Enjoying Your Floating Shower Bench

diy shower with a built in bench

After going through various installation processes, now a floating shower bench has been installed well in your bathroom. Start from now; enjoy a pleasant moment of rinse under the water. You can even add various decorations to make it more beautiful.

Whatever material and design you choose, do not forget to keep caring for it to be more lasting. You certainly do not want the benefits you get from this feature to disappear because of your negligence.

That is why caring for it properly is the point to make your floating shower bench remain durable. Do not forget to follow some useful tips that we will discuss in the next section.

5. How to Make Your Floating Shower Bench Long Lasting

cube shower seat is long lasting design

Using a floating shower bench will give a new feel and sensation when bathing. It enables you to be more relaxed because of a special seat to use at any time. However, like other features in the bathroom, they also need your attention.

You have to carry out the continuous treatment to make sure it stays well. If not, the floating shower bench will break down quickly. The following are tips to make this furniture stay durable.

  • Be sure to clean it again after use, especially if your floating shower bench is a wood-based material. It is to avoid seepage and mold.
  • When washing, use mild soap with lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly, and then wipe it dry.
  • Another alternative for washing is to spray a mixture of water with vinegar. Wipe the floating shower bench and then rinse with warm water. This method can help prevent mold.
  • If mold starts to appear on your floating shower bench, then use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean it.
  • Never use bleach-containing material because it can make the floating shower bench crack and break easily.

Behind the benefits, you still have to care about your floating shower bench properly. No need to do anything troublesome, the simple ways above will make your furniture more durable for years.

Now you have learned everything about installing a floating shower bench in your bathroom. You can also apply some steps, strategies, and tips presented above. Now it is time for you to decide, design, and install this feature into your private room.

Some Simple Small Walk in Closet Design Ideas to Your Tiny Room

Applying a small walk in closet design for a house or room is sometimes problematic, especially for those who live in a narrow space. It will be a bit difficult to arrange, as you have to make it balance with other space requirements.

On the other hand, your belongings keep piling up and need more space. Therefore, you need this feature to accommodate your fashion items, not only for storing but also for maintenance needs. Now you need a tiny small walk-in closets design to fix the problem.

However, all problems have a way out. The spatial utilization for narrow spaces should be concise. You do not need to worry, as there are several tricks to turn some impossible spots into proper storage. Everything will be discussed thoroughly in this discussion.

1. What is the Small Walk in Closet Design?

picture of small walk in closet design

The walk-in closet is a room used for storing various fashion items. It is named so because this room enables you to explore every corner to find collections stored inside. Everything should be well arranged as if you are in a store.

A walk-in closet consists of some cupboards containing clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and all things related to clothing. Generally, this room is close to the bedroom to facilitate anybody to prepare himself/herself.

Ideally, a walk-in closet does not only consist of cupboards and storage shelves. There should be several items related to fashion needs, such as dressing tables, large mirrors, even dressing rooms. Some people put a bathroom or sink in it.

Theoretically, a walk-in closet should have the ideal size of 4 feet wide and 4 feet tall. Using that minimum size will make you comfortable to explore the room, as well as place the shelves and hangers precisely and neatly.

However, the reality is not as easy as the theory. When you have to deal with a narrow area, the only thing you have to do is to do the best space efficiency. You have to apply a small walk in closet design in your home to accommodate your needs.

2. Pros and Cons of the Small Walk in Closet Design

wardrobe storage white slab doors

Considering its benefits, a small walk in closet design is necessary for a home. However, many people view this as a nightmare. Before deciding to build it, here are some advantages and disadvantages of using this feature.


  • To simplify the arrangement of your fashion items so that they look neat and proper
  • To enable you to place them according to types and make them easier to find
  • To simplify the maintenance
  • It can be the center of your fashion item. The best arrangement will avoid scattering items.
  • To enable you to do all activities related to fashion in one place so that you do not need to go back and forth from one room to another.


  • It is considered wasting space.
  • Some small walk in closets design tools will cost money.
  • It looks impossible to apply in a narrow house.
  • Many people feel that a small walk-in closet is less necessary and better used for other purposes.
  • Any Inappropriate settings will only make it difficult for you to find items.

Some advantages and disadvantages above generally appear in people’s minds. However, you need to know that there are some simple tricks so that the shortcomings of using the small walk in closet design dismissed. Check out the next discussion!

3. DIY Small Walk in Closets Design

small walk in closet design ideas

If you do not want to bother, you can get cool furniture in various stores. For example, the IKEA small walk in closets design can accommodate the storage needs in narrow areas. You can even order it with a custom design to suit the room.

However, some people may be reluctant to use a small walk in closet design from stores because of various reasons. Besides the inappropriate model, the price can also be expensive. Therefore, a do it yourself activities will be an option.

Some of you might think that making a small walk in closet design is a hassle. You can make it as easy as possible. You do not need to buy new materials; recycling is possible. A simple touch will bring you a result.

If you want to make your DIY small walk in closet design at home, you need to prepare a few things. For more convenience, try to follow the following tricks.

  • Make Your Small Walk in Closets Design Plans

white closet design with hanging hooks

After you are sure about building this feature, the first step to take is to plan your small walk in closet design. You should describe the details of the arrangement you want. Doing this step will prevent some errors because of the wrong prediction.

For those who did not have this feature before, first describe the small walk in closet design you want with the narrow area you have. Do not forget to consider the width and height of the room, as well as the number of fashion items you will store inside.

You also need to plan the items, besides clothes and accessories, to include in your small walk in closet design, such as a mirror. You do not need to use big furniture. Moreover, the focus of room arrangement should be more on vertical rather than horizontal.

If you already have this feature and plan to do a small walk-in closet remodel, first think about which parts need to be removed or added. Just as before, the arrangement concept in a narrow space should be vertical-based, by using the height of the room to efficiently.

  • Choose Your Small Walk in Closet Design

wardrobe storage design for small spaces

For better results, each arrangement must begin with a design process. If you have described the plan well, now is the time to look for a small walk in closet design that is suitable for your room.

As mentioned above, the concept of arrangement should be vertically based. To save space, you should choose high-enough cupboards, which enable you to store up to the top. Thus, you can use the other horizontal parts for other things.

However, for this vertical storage concept, you will have difficulty placing and retrieving items located above. To anticipate, you should prepare a minimalist ladder (or it could be a chair) to make it easier.

Besides, you should also use the walls more than the floor. Some wall-mounted shelves are better to save more space than big cabinets. You may also need storage boxes to put the items based on their classification.

In case you are still confused about how your small walk in closet design looks like, try finding some references from cyberspace. However, to make your search easier, below are some recommendations that can inspire your design choices.

– Minimalist fitting room

minimalist fitting room with white furniture

– A small walk in closet design in your bedroom

walk in closet design for your bedroom

– The wall-mounted shelves ideas

minimalist decoration using small shelving design

– Tiny small walk in closets design

amazing small walk closet design idea white
  • Preparing the Small Walk in Closets Design Tool

beautiful closet white design

After choosing your small walk in closet design, the next step is to start building. Based on the existing plan, start preparing various needs to create a comfortable space for your favorite things. In general, these are the steps to take.

  • Before arranging your small walk in closet design, first you have to make sure of the details, such as flooring or wall decorations. If not, you will have difficulty doing it after the furniture inserted.
  • When the room is ready to use, you could place the cupboard in the most appropriate and efficient place.
  • If you plan to use wall-mounted shelves, then install them after you place the main wardrobe.
  • Put some supporting furniture, such as mirrors, dressing tables, chairs, ladders, and other objects you will need in the small walk in closet design.
  • If everything is well placed, put your fashion item into the small walk in closet design. Arrange it neatly to provide a view.
  • Give the final touch to beautify your small walk in closet design. If there are still empty spots, you can place beautiful decorations. However, it would be better if you leave space to avoid the claustrophobic impression.

4. Planning Small Walk in Closet Remodel

stylish and exciting walk in closet design

Building from scratch will certainly be different from remodeling. You do not only think about the small walk in closet design but also consider which ones to add and remove. For those who are planning to do rearrangements, there are several things to consider.

  • Know Why You Are Doing a Small Walk in Closet Remodel

original la closet design with hanging hooks

If you are just bored with the interior, you do not need to make a replacement. Decoration changes are enough to give a new feel. You can paint the wall or furniture to create a look.

When you find something broken, simply replace it as necessary. A spatial layout remodeling should be on a clear purpose. However, the new items you place must also match the conditions of the room.

On the other hand, you may do remodeling to replace the small walk in closet design. In case you feel any ineffective or inappropriate, please do the rearrangement well.

  • Consider yourself – As explained above, remodeling may not be as easy as you think. There will be some things to sacrifice. Make sure you are ready to provide the time, money, and energy.
  • Sort your stuff back – When doing remodeling, you may find old objects that you feel no longer have any use-value. It is a good idea to start getting rid of useless items.
  • Analyze again the arrangement of your small walk in closet design – When remodeling, you also have to consider whether the small walk in closet design will be better than the old one. You should also decide which one to fix and maintain.
  • Enjoy your work – If the remodeling process has completed, then you can start enjoying your new small walk in closet design. Use it as well; do not forget to continue to care for things. Keeping the room clean is also to avoid unwanted disturbances.

5. Some Tips for Better Small Walk-In Closets Design Layout

small walk in closet design layout

A small walk in closet design must also have aesthetic value. Do not treat it like a storage warehouse where you just place things without paying attention to conditions or layout. You can apply a few tips below to make it better.

  • As this room will be a home for your favorite items, please arrange the decor beautifully. Your small walk in closet design should also include a good-looking flooring plan and wall decor.
  • Choose bright or strong-colored furniture. Do not forget to use the right spectrum combination. Create a sense of harmony and beauty when you are into it.
  • The placement must be organized to facilitate search and maintenance. Put the same-type items in a neat unit. For example, down-based clothes should be put together with their friends.
  • Your furniture should provide a lot of storage space. Thus, you can make good use of it for space efficiency.
  • You have to pay attention to aesthetic value. However, do not include the useless decorations inside. Choose only those with usability and efficiency value.
  • The storage concept should be done vertically. Therefore, you should use more wall-mounted shelves rather than placing cabinets on the floor.
  • You must provide many boxes to organize your items. These objects will make it easier for you to store and find something by type. Besides, storage boxes will also prevent confusion and mix-up with the wrong items.
  • You may use open cabinets to display favorite clothes. However, do not forget to add a cover, at least a transparent one, so that your things protected from dust.
  • Make the best use of your room. Do not forget to treat, clean, and check the condition regularly. If there is something messy or wrong, clean up and return to its place immediately.

After reading the reviews above, now you know that placing fashion items in a place is neither difficult nor futile. A small walk in closet design will make organizing easier so that your favorite belongings do not heap with each other.

Adopting the White Modern House Ideas for Your Peaceful Residence

Talking about a white modern house may make us imagine various things. One thing coming across is a magnificent bright house that contains minimalist furniture with a classy feel. Some comfortable spaces inside are ready to pamper anyone who lives there.

Each person may have a different description of the definition of the white modern house. However, generally, those sentences already represent some of the nuances that arise when you live inside. Indeed, of the many architectural concepts, this design is quite popularly adopted.

However, not everyone understands what modern is. Some understandings still overlap with other architectural concepts, such as classic, contemporary, and so on. Therefore, before we adopt this concept, it is better to understand the ins and outs.

1. Understanding the Modern Concept

Understanding the modern concept

The term ‘modern’ refers to the periods of the 1900s to 1950s. Any home design in this era reflects the industrial revolution, where people want to develop new cultural norms. You can tell this through a significant difference compared to the previous style.

This era applies the concept of ‘minimum of features and a maximum function’ in its design. At that time, architects tried to use space efficiently so that every inch of space had a maximum function value. This is shown by the emergence of simple and minimalist designs.

Aside from the efficiency in arrangement design and furniture choices, most modern architects have also begun to abandon intricate decorations such as heavy textures and carvings as the use-value is a higher priority over artistic one.

Another thing, this concept also applies the principle of openness. Every space tends to have a broad view to give a spacious impression. Even if the separator does exist, any spaces inside a modern house will still be connected.

Despite trying to break the old traditions, the modern design era still applies a pattern of blending with nature. Such a minimalist spatial arrangement arranged in such a way as to keep in touch with nature.

The concept of ‘blending with nature’ has inspired the popularity of large glass doors and windows in modern homes. Compared to the thick walls, the presence of a transparent separator will allow interaction with nature while expanding visibility.

2. Are You Thinking about Adopting the White Modern House as Space Design?

Adopting the White Modern House as Space Design

Based on the concept above, the theme ‘white modern house’ has become an alternative in the space design development. The color is considered to represent the modern era because it has properties that support the principles of openness and broad visibility.

This color describes purity, peace, emptiness, and innocence. It makes space feel bigger and wider. The white colors can also a symbol of a new beginning, but describe a cold, bland, and boring feeling at the same time.

It does not always show a positive impression but the luxurious and clean nuance of white is a great attraction. Several well-known buildings have carried this theme, including The White House, which is the state-building of the United States.

However, each color requires different adjustments and treatments. To give the magnificent feel as desired, there are several strategies to apply in designing a white modern house. That will be the focus of our discussion this time.

3. Designing the White Modern House Plans

Designing the White Modern House Plans

Designing a white modern house is not something difficult as we see this concept almost every day. However, there is nothing wrong if we briefly review some of the limitations in this shelter principle.

  • The White Modern House Interior

White Modern House Interior

A white modern house must apply the principle of openness in its interior arrangement. As discussed earlier, every space must have a connection with each other even with the outside world. That is why the use of transparent materials is dominant in the space arrangement.

Glass material is generally used as a room divider or door. Not only is it to provide a wider view, but it also an effective way of giving a bigger room impression. The addition of white nuances in this concept will support the modern style.

In the room, you do not need to place many decorations or furniture. Only use them according to function because large space is the main priority in this style. However, you can still add decorations to beautify the room as long as it does not give a crowded impression.

  • The White Modern House Exterior

The White Modern House Exterior

The exterior of a white modern house also applies the principle of openness. Every room is connected through a glass barrier. However, that does not mean that you cannot keep your privacy. The cover on the terrace can be an alternative.

A white modern house also does not need too much decoration on the outside. Some people add siding to the outer wall only to protect the building from the bad weather. One more thing, this concept still prioritizes space efficiency.

  • Designing Some Rooms in the White Modern House

light filled living room with modern touches

You do not have to use this color in all parts. You simply place it as the dominant spectrum both in the white modern house material and decoration to exude the luxurious and spacious feel contained in this tint.

– Applying the Concept of White Modern House in the Kitchen

decorating with white contemporary kitchen

However, the design strategy that you apply may be different depending on each room. One of the things you should pay attention to is the design of a ,white modern house kitchen. For this room, you cannot just put white.

As a kitchen tends to get dirty due to cooking activities, the use of the white spectrum should not be for the whole section. You can use it on furniture that is not exposed by water, oil, or food.

The backsplash can also get a white touch as long as you do not use wood as materials. As for the flooring, you better use other colors to avoid a dirty impression. To replace the white color, you can use another spectrum that also contains bright shades.

– Applying the Concept of White Modern House in the Bathroom

retro modern house with white interior palette

As for the bathroom, shades of white will provide a majestic and pleasant atmosphere. This spectrum will help the lighting so that you do not need to put the too-bright lights in it. However, to avoid a boring impression, you can add decorations with other colors.

– Applying the Concept of White Modern House in the Living Room

the Concept of White Modern House in the Living Room

Another part that also fits the white modern house concept is the living room. In the design style, this room must be designed as attractive as possible as it is considered the center of activity in the house.

The area must be large enough and equipped with bright lighting. Hence, it will support this concept. Despite its size, you still need to apply space efficiency in this room.

– Applying the Concept of White Modern House in the Bedroom

Applying the Concept in the Bedroom

For a white modern house bedroom design, you do not need a too-large room, as the use of a private room is not a priority. The bright spectrum might help you feel comfortable, but you should add a few other tints to give the peace and comfort impression to rest.

Some of the theories and strategies of the white modern house above can be a reference for building your residence. Explore the concept as best as possible to make your dream home come true.

However, the design will depend on each personality. A concept will lose to taste. If you are still confused about the design, look at some inspiration discussed in the next section.

4. The White Modern House Design to Choose

The White Modern House Design

After understanding the theory, it is time to choose the right design. There are several recommendations of the white modern house that can help enhance the appearance of your residence. You can set a unique design like below.

  • White Modern Farmhouse

White Modern Farmhouse

mplementing a farmhouse design does not mean that you have to live on a farm. This concept is suitable even for city residents as the only thing you should do is arranging the space by adopting a rural atmosphere.

To make this happen, you need to include natural elements in every corner of the white modern house. Here are some things you can do.

  • Neutral colors on the walls – The reason why a farmhouse is suitable for the modern concept is the colors that are dominated by brightness. This tint is indeed the most widely used as a wall spectrum, although you can still use matching colors, such as cream, gray, or soft beige.
  • Insert a little rustic feel – Adopting the farmhouse theme is almost identical to the rustic style. Despite its clashes with modern concepts, you can still combine them into a beautiful unity. One way is to use a bead-board or shiplap in several parts of the house.
  • Adjust the lighting – The bright lighting is a character that is both found in modern and farmhouse style. Therefore, you can adopt this characteristic when building your white modern house.
  • Use many wire baskets – The wire baskets are one of the features found frequently in the farmhouses. Placing them in multiple locations will help you to reinforce the traditional feel of the white modern house.
  • White Modern Craftsman House

White Modern Craftsman House

For those who like to design and build their own homes, an artisan house is the right choice. You can fully explore your design skills for this style. Some of the characteristics of this concept include:

  • having a cover on the porch;
  • using custom or homemade furniture;
  • stone and wood handicraft decorations are dominant;
  • the building materials also use natural nuances, such as stones, woods, and bricks;
  • featuring a large fireplace placed in the living room;
  • most of the color choices are washed-out natural colors, such as brown or light green.

Applying the artisan house style to a modern white house will be very easy. The natural colors will not collide with the white dominance. You can combine these tints with the natural ones, such as light green or wood brown.

  • Modern White Siding House

Modern White Siding House

A siding concept is a breakthrough for architectural art lovers; Houses are equipped with protective materials attached to the exterior part. There are several materials used for siding or cladding, including wood, stone, plastic, asphalt, metal, and others.

The use of siding is not without reason. This layer is to protect the building from various adverse environmental influences: rain, snow, or sunlight. Bad weather can accelerate damage to buildings so that they need to be optimally protected.

Apart from the protection reasons, the siding also beautifies the buildings. Generally, the homeowners will cover almost the entire exterior of their house, from the roof to the walls. Some building materials that should be protected are wood or steel I-beams.

You can also apply this concept to your white modern house. One way is to choose siding or cladding in bright colors. This method only applies to the outside part, while you can adjust the interior according to the style.

  • White Modern Brick House

White Modern Brick House

The brick house concept can also be an option. In general, this style usually uses bricks as walls. The nuances of unfinished decoration are to give a traditional impression.

If you want to apply it to your modern house, you can give it a touch of white or something that matches the brick wall. To reinforce the traditional impression, some people also add wood accents to the furniture and frames.

However, you do not have to paint all the bricks white. Leave some parts in their original color, but still pair with a bright color. Do not forget to prioritize space efficiency in the spatial planning process.

Those are some points that you need to know about building a white modern house. Before realizing your dream home, make sure you have planned and thought through every detail well. It is necessary to do to avoid technical errors that lead to losses.

Finally, we can say that the white modern house concept is not only beautiful but also full of philosophy. With various designs and inspiration, anyone can develop a simple but comfortable residence. Are you ready to adopt this style for your new home?